Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery - Walkthrough

Year 4, Chapter 5 Walkthrough is out!

Hello everyone, we are excited to let you know that Chapter Five of Year Four of our Magical Journey Walkthrough for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out! During this one, you’ll discuss the plan for entering the Forbidden Forest with Charlie. Sadly, in order to go there, you need a broom, and that is something you don’t possess at the moment.

Because of that, you will have to find a way to obtain one without drawing too much attention. Thankfully, your friends will give you some useful pieces of advice, and they will even be willing to lend you their aid in obtaining the broom. Lucky for you, the caretaker has plenty of those in his office, and you’ll have a chance to give him a lovely present once again.

Tulip will assist you with searching Filch’s office and with her help, you should be able to find one that could get you in the Forbidden Forest. Who knows, you might even find something else noteworthy in his office.

But what if there are no brooms in there? What if you potentially get caught? Will you be able to find some other way to solve this problem? Find the answers to all those questions and more in our Walkthrough guide for this chapter. You can read it  HERE