Black Desert Mobile Pre-Download Phase

You can download Black Desert Mobile and customize your character now

As promised by Pearl Abyss, Black Desert Mobile download has started today, two days before the official launch. The game goes online on December 11, 2019, but you can already download it and set up your character and tweak many things. It is available for both Android and iOS and it presents the opportunity to check out one of the game’s most praised features – character customization.

Black Desert Mobile edition already surpassed four million registered users just two months after it was made available. The game has hit East Asian territories in 2018, with a limited soft launch, as well as around seven other countries this last October, but now these figures certainly look promising. The 4+ million pre-registered player number accounts for the users on Google Play Store, iOS App Store, and on the games official website

Pearl Abyss also decided to celebrate this registered user milestone by giving away prizes via the game’s official Facebook page. Fans can now leave a comment on the post pinned to the top and enter a draw. On December 11, ten random Facebook users who left a comment will be drawn and rewarded with a Black Spirit’s Bag of Goodies. The game’s exclusive gift bag includes merchandise like stress balls, figurines, phone grips, magnets, stickers, notepads, and other Black Spirit items.

As of today, we are able to create Family Names and customize characters before the grand launch. For those who still have not had the pleasure of playing this game, Family Name will serve as the in-game nickname for each Adventurer. This mobile version is said to bring exactly the same level of customization as the console and PC versions had before.

Founded in 2010, Pearl Abyss is a studio based in South Korea and this MMORPG title is its most prized and celebrated creation. The studio uses their own proprietary engine and is praised for its cutting-edge visual style and graphics, as well as an innovative take on the whole genre in terms of gameplay mechanics and everything else. The game achieved acclaim for its in-depth open-world setting, high levels of customization, both visual and in terms of playstyle, and it has broken all norms in virtually every other aspect.

We can now choose between Warrior, Giant, Ranger, Valkyrie, and Witch classes, and set up appearance, gear visuals, accessories, tattoos, and much more for your upcoming adventure. Black Desert Mobile releases on December 11, in two days time or less than 48 hours from now, and with these figures it seems that a game is looking at quite a successful jab at the western market. This opportunity to download and set up the game before the launch also serves to secure the launch from any problems many of the AAA titles have had and still have today.