Your Phone App

You can now make and receive calls from your PC using Your Phone App

Microsoft’s Your Phone App allows us to make and receive calls on our PC now! The My Phone calling feature demands an Android 7 Nougat or higher on your phone, and Windows 10 OS on your PC with Bluetooth support. The feature was in the test phase for a few months and Windows Insider members have reported positive feedback. It is now available for all users worldwide who use Android (the specified series), but the app will allow much more than just getting calls on PC…

With the Your Phone App, we can now have our call history on the PC, seamlessly transfer any call from phone to PC and vice versa, and much more. The main goal of this app was to save those who work on their PC from having to pick up their phone mid-work. The test phase for the app began sometime in October, when it arrived on the Windows 10 preview build 18999 and the Insiders have had a go with it for two months.

Microsoft’s announcement was made via the Windows Insider Twitter. Your Phone app call feature also allows several other exciting features, like the in-app dialer and contact list, which allows you to make calls from your PC the same way you would do via your Smartphone. You still do need a microphone attached though, but ever if now, you can seamlessly and quickly transfer the call to your Smartphone. You can also decline phone calls on your PC, send a custom text if you wish about the decline reason, and more.

Clicking on the recent number in the phone history will auto-populate that number on your dialer screen. Seamless call transfer is also reportedly really quick, so you can change devices mid-conversation without any discomfort. The full list of technical requirements states that Your Phone app needs to be installed from the Google Play on an Android 7 Nougat or higher phone. Bluetooth support on your Windows 10 PC is mandatory for this.