Google Photos Optical Character Recognition

You can now use Google Photos to search for text in pictures

Google Photos made a recent update especially obliging the need of Android users to enable text search on photos located in the device. Users have been praying for some kind of a search tool to help them quickly locate their targeted photos, whose long serial designations or dates nobody ever remembers. Now, this Optical Character Recognition, or OCR for short, is able to search for text within Google Photos and save users tons of time otherwise spent rummaging through albums and folders. 

This tool utilized the OCR tech radar, found in the Google Lens, which can find any images that are containing text within them. The Lens can then select and copy the desired content for you to paste it anywhere you wish also. Finding text within screenshots can be an especially useful tool, as they usually contain obviously-aligned words of important content to the user. 

The best thing about this Google Photos Optical Character Recognition tech is that it recognizes even distorted and non-standard fonts. The unveiling of the project and its release is all being done within this month. The service will, of course, vary based on devices used. Google has yet to release the full spectrum of the technology and its possibilities as well as the way it deals with the metadata.