GameStop Trade In for Nintendo Switch

You can trade-in your old Switch for a new one with better battery for $75 at GameStop

A new version of the Nintendo Switch with improved Battery Life is now offered at the cost of $75 along with your launch model, if you got one. This is a part of a GameStop offer for a trade-in, and it is an answer to the previous two years of user feedback concerning battery life. The switch launch model is still a highly respected device but people have expressed the desire for a longer lasting battery and now Nintendo obliged and even offered a limited time trade-in deal.

Depending on which game a user would play, Nintendo Switch’s battery would give off about couple of hours of play, which isn’t a problem for people who use it at home or on the go during their everyday life. But, a plane ride, for instance, might last significantly longer than that, so an improved battery was developed which was up until recently speculated to be released with the Switch Plus model. This improved Switch’s battery now adds anywhere from 2.5 to up to an incredible 6.5 bonus hours of game time.

Nintendo, however, does not plan on making the original Switch obsolete any time soon and even if you are hesitant to pay $300 for this new model with improved battery, you can trade in your old and used model for a brand new one with only a 75 buck fee, since the launch model now stands at $225 new. Again, you would be trading in your used model, and getting up to 6.5 hours of additional battery time, so win-win? This GameStop trade-in deal is a limited time offer and it lasts until 15th of September, 2019.