Sea Of Thieves Chance To Play For Free

You can try out Sea of Thieves for a limited time – but there is a catch

Life of piracy, daring seafaring adventures, and unimaginable spoils is an irresistible temptation for most PC and Xbox players. However, it seems that some of us more suspicious sea dogs who know the true worth of Spanish doubloon, even virtual ones, still need an added incentive to play even if it is an addictive action-adventure pirate-themed game such as Sea of Thieves. In order to expand its user base and turn the largest possible number of players to the life of seagoing crime, Microsoft had already on several occasions offered sweet deals to players in the form of free limited trials.

Thankfully, they’re at it again, with their latest and perhaps the best offer yet. In short, if you’re a proud owner of either physical or digital copy of Sea of Thieves game, you can acquire Friends Play Free codes which will basically allow you to invite up three of your dearest rapscallion friends to play and even assemble your very own fleet. And how you’ll do that? While it’s evidently not rocket science, it does require some navigating through the pages of Sea of Thieves official site. Luckily, were are here to draw you the map. If you’re an Xbox owner, go straight ahead to Friends Play Free page and log in to reveal your codes. After that, make your way to the store page, activate Use a Code option and voila – you’ve just got your codes. In the case you’re a Windows 10 player, you can follow a similar procedure via or Microsoft Store.

Sea Of Thieves Become A Pirate

This offer admittedly sounds pretty sweet by itself, but that’s not all. On top of everything, Friends Play Free event will grant you some new and exciting additional content called Mercenary Voyage. Although these come in several different forms, from classic X-marks-the-spot treasure search to transporting the cargo for the merchants, they do have one thing in common – they’re mighty fun and lucrative.

Sea Of Thieves Become A Legend

Now, we know just what you’re thinking right now. Will your friends be getting Sea of Thieves for keeps? Unfortunately no. As we said, there’s a catch, so this limited Friends Play Free event will only last from to February 6 to February 13. And while this, unfortunately, isn’t much for the content-packed game such as Sea of Thieves, guys from Rare and Microsoft had prepared one last parting gift for your shipmates who used this unique Friends Play Free opportunity – a nice 35% discount for all who’d like to become permanent owners of Sea of Thieves. If you’re tempted by this offer, you know what to do. Just be swift about it, because time is quickly running out and, before you know it, Friends Play Free event will come to an end.