Venom and Ultron

You don’t have to wait anymore! Angry Lizard Abomination and Robotic Tyrant are here!

Foxnext surprised us with 2.0 Update earlier than we expected. They introduced a lot of new features and announced 3 new Heroes – Mystique, Venom, and Ultron (Mystique will be available later).

Now you can donate Gold or Power Cores to your alliance in order to boost up your Alliance level and earn much-needed resource for Stark Tech. In Stark Tech you can enhance primary statistics of your BIO, SKILL, TECH, MYSTIC, and MUTANT Heroes depending on your Alliance level. We will see what impact this change will have on Blitz and especially Arena since it may prove that players who donate Power Cores will become much stronger than others who donate only Gold. In other words, the game could become more p2w (pay to win) that it already is.

Other than that, you can now see a synergy between Heroes when you are making Blitz and Arena team as well as equip new, Mutant gear.

At the moment there are 2 new heroes on the roster – Venom and Ultron.

At the first look, Venom will be very hard to kill and he will be able to harass opponents with Bleed, Ability Block and Heal Block. In my opinion, he will be a decent counter for a S.H.I.E.L.D. team which is currently Meta. Venom price is only 45 shards, obtainable through Venom event and Venom Orbs.


We fought against Ultron numerous times and we are familiar with his skills. However, at the first glance, it seems that his abilities are a little bit boosted and he will definitely be one of Heroes who makes a difference on the battlefield. It is unknown what we will have to do to open Ultron but his price is 310 shards which mean that Foxnext will probably give us some Event similar to Star-Lord or Iron Man Event. In my opinion, Ultron will be a Top Tier toon.


Blue Moon Game will inform you about everything considering Marvel Strike Force in the future so don’t worry and stay tuned!


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