Zeus Battlegrounds

Zeus’s Battlegrounds

Despite their awesome divine power, Greek gods had many essentially human flaws: they were vain, arrogant, ambitious, lecherous, envious and so on and so forth. However, If there’s one thing that we have to hand it to them is that they were also pretty liberal and open-minded, so they never had much objection to admitting heroes of human origin into their godly ranks, on the condition, that is, that the particular candidate proves his worth by achieving some majestic heroic deed. Of course, if the old myths are to be trusted, so far the only one who managed to accomplish the act of sufficient quality and join the ranks of the Olympian gods was none other than mighty Hercules.

If you have always believed that you were meant for greater things and that through your veins courses something much potent than mere mortal blood, then you definitely should pay attention on the Zeus’s Battlegrounds – because this game will provide with the chance to prove that you have what it takes to assume your rightful place at the top of the Mount Olympus. Developed by Industry Games (known for Kings and Heroes) Zeus’s Battlegrounds is the upcoming addition to the mega-popular Battle Royale genre. This will be a free-to-play melee based Battle Royale title where up to 100 fearless demigods will fight to the last to earn the favor of the Zeus himself. However, what separates this game from the other titles of this type such as Fortnite and PUBG is that it will transport you to the legendary time of ancient Greek mythology and allow you to slice and dice your competition using the huge assortment of cold weapons.

Zeus Battlegrounds in

Although this is their first game of this type, (and only their second published title so far), developers certainly know what Battle Royale buffs like the best. The trailer promises great action with a ton of different ways to pulverize your opponents, whether on foot or using things such as horses, war chariots and even wolves. There are four things that every player who intends to admire the view from the top of Olympus will have to pay a close attention: weapons, armor, consumables & charms and God Gifts. Both weapons and armor will come in three standard tiers (common, rare and epic), with the addition of God tier for those ultra-powerful items. Not only will you be required to gear up with the best equipment as fast as you can, but you’ll have to prevent your rivals from doing the same. Weapons will have many different categories (such as one-handed, two-handed, ranged, orbs and bolts), so they should cater for all possible playstyles. You’ll also be able to gain a considerable edge by using different consumables and charms. Consumables include various potions (for healing, rejuvenation, and speed), while charms will increase your basic stats. Of course, the thing that will give you a real taste what it’s like to be a divinity are God Gifts. Just as it sounds, God Gifts are game-changing powers that could be activated by praying at the altars of different Olympians. At the moment there are five of these awesome gifts (Invisibility, Destruction, Ice Storm, Lightning Bolt, and Banish). However, since developers promise that they will constantly update their game with new features, we can expect even more in the future.

Depending on your personal preference, Zeus’s Battlegrounds can be played from first and third person perspective. Its visuals even at this stage bring to mind games such as earlier God of War titles, but also on one-time hack and slash RPG hit Titan Quest. Although Delphic Oracle still haven’t passed us the word when Zeus’s Battlegrounds will be officially released, the game is currently in the beta phase, so all those who are that keen to test their mettle on the Isle of Thera and win the favor of their divine father Zeus, can sign up for beta testing.