Zombicide now available on Android and iOS

Zombicide is launched by Asmodee Digital for mobile devices on April 23, 2019. Both Android and iOS users can now enjoy the game based off of the critically and commercially successful board game of the same title.

Asmodee Digital is among the top board game developers and they’ve made Zombiecide Mobile as a solo tactical RPG with the squad-based gameplay that mirrors the original board game franchise. Zombiecide board game reportedly earned over $18M since its release in 2012. This time around, Asmodee Digital brings a new story with new mobile-exclusive content in a familiar post-apocalyptic setting with zombies all over the place.

“Creating tactical games is a huge part of Asmodee Digital’s DNA, and the introduction of Zombicide on mobile platforms is a testament to our commitment to bringing engaging universes and experiences to players worldwide,” said Pierre Ortolan, CEO of Asmodee Digital. “Zombicide is a beloved board game franchise, so bringing this title to mobile with a brand new storyline, as well as an immense level of care, quality, and polish, is a great next step for the IP.”

The combat system in Zombicide is said to be very intuitive and simple, but deep and rewarding. The mobile game will feature forty campaign missions, over-the-top special effects, cool soundtracks, rich characters, and immersive gameplay experience.

The entire concept of Zombicide mobile gameplay will rely on 20—30min gameplay sessions in a turn-based setting, that will feature survival modes and players battling zombies to the best of their ability. The danger level increases exponentially as the players progress and the game quickly picks up its pace and produces an adrenaline rush.

Zombiecide mobile game story is set around a group of people who are among the few survivors in this post-apocalyptic world. The zombie apocalypse is a new age and the humans are the prey, as they need to work together to survive and overcome, uncovering a deadly secret along the way that raises this game to the movie horror genre.