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gacha life

It is finally making its way to the pages of the BMG, with the younger players building such a wide community around this gaming app, which is in fact so much more.

2020 Review and Guides

Gacha Life is undoubtedly one of the most popular, weirdest, and peculiar mobile games currently. It outgrew the title ‘game’ and became almost a movement of sorts, with movies, pictures, YouTube videos, cute animations, drawings, and various other publications that have millions of views and are being made by children, as in, actual children of around 10 or even younger. It is in big part due to the nature of Gacha Life as a game, where it is more a comprehensive animation editor app that lets you create and animate your characters, and even create animated movies, with lines, script, camera angles, and all. This game has now arrived on our pages, finally…

Since this gaming app is aimed at kids mostly and given their unsupervised access to the web, it is not thus surprising that content creation and topics often stray into the naughty section, and we mean adult material. Flooded with LGBT and liberal 18+ ideas, which are transcribed onto Gacha Life Characters, this game has already grown into parental concern. But, the game itself is an Android and iOS casual gaming app, made by Lunime. Oddly enough, it is not even in the gacha genre, only perhaps in the broadest sense of the word.

gacha life mobile game

Here, the focus is not on that, but on Gacha Life character creation, customization, and ultimately in making videos. So, the short version is, Gacha Life is a gaming app for making animations with pre-set assets, character customization, and various pre-set scenarios and mechanics. And, just in case you ever get confused by the multitude of gaming apps with the word Gacha in it, like Gacha Studio (Anime), Gachaverse (RPG), Gacha World, Anime Gacha!, Gacha Resort, Gacha Memories, and other, just know that they are all made by the same developer, Lunime. In fact, they all feature similar mechanics, which evolved and improved with each new title, and they peaked with Gacha Life, which is praised as one of the best of the series.

We did an in-depth review of the game and the entire community phenomenon, along with some guides and tutorials for the game. The community is mostly interested in tutorials about Gacha Life characters, how to animate them in different ways, making details move, drawing, making funny pictures, and all things a starter-up moviemaker would want to do in an app such as this. We’ve also rated the game through our categories and given our take on the phone community phenomenon, should it be more censored or not, is it actually harmful or beneficial to younger audiences, and similar stuff.

Game of thrones beyond the wall

Take command of the Night’s Watch to defend Westeros in an original story about the mysteries Beyond the Wall and the Three-Eyed Raven.

Walkthrough Pro Strategy

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall mobile game was unveiled by Gaea, HBO, and Behaviour Interactive almost a year ago. This strategy RPG that features collectible characters and brings new content separate from the TV show is now finally here. While there was little left for GoT fans to do but re-watch all episodes and rant about the ending, this title brings a new story, with some of the original characters. Its narrative is set Beyond the Wall, several decades before the events in the TV series Game of Thrones.

The storyline here begins after Lord Commander Brynden Rivers disappears beyond the wall. Ser Brynden Rivers is a character known to avid readers of Song of Ice and Fire books. He is also called Lord Bloodraven or later the Three-Eyed Raven. He is King Aegon IV Targaryen’s bastard son and he has served as the hand of the king after the Blackfyre Rebellions, where he gained recognition. His brother, King Aegon V Targaryen, sent him to the Night’s Watch where he later became Lord Commander. A dark mystery unveils after his disappearance as the Night’s Watch follows in his footsteps.

As the new Lord Commander, the player assembles a team of his heroes and traverses the dangerous frozen wastes, fighting giants, wildlings, and other dangers. The combat uses a turn-based strategy method with a very well organized visual setting and style. Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall mobile game is available on both Android and iOS, and we’ve made it our new feature.

Starting now, we will explore the entire Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall universe and community to try and find the best possible content in terms of guides, solutions, and answers to questions that frequently arise. We will regularly update our page with the latest updates and development, and set our content accordingly. We hope you will join us in playing it and that we may find the answers together.


It is a new and improved jab at the tower defense genre, which is combined with some other popular genres to bring engaging and satisfying gameplay…

2020 Review and Guides

Among the many popular mobile games demanded by our esteemed readers, the audience will now have the chance to participate in building the Arknights community and content on our site. We have chosen to dedicate a spot for this popular title, starting with a review and a compilation of guides that have sprung up from the community and us. We will follow up on the game closely and also go through any new developments and content that will come through from now on.

If you haven’t played Arknights, it is a new and improved jab at the tower defense genre, which is combined with some other popular mobile gaming genres to bring engaging and satisfying gameplay but adapted to the light mobile way. The game has brought some interesting solutions as to the mechanics and the overall mix, while it also infuses it with an engaging story, characters that we get to know, and we get an emotional stake in it all.

The game is developed by two studios, Hypergryph and Studio Montagne, and it is built in Unity engine. It is published by Yostar games and already enjoyed success in China for about half a year before it came out worldwide in January 2020. The game enjoys positive feedback, with 4.5 stars on both Google Play and iTunes App Stores, and over 1 million downloads on each.

While there are innovative mechanics and an engaging storyline, this game’s main allure is the tower defense action, which has been fused with RPG and card collecting, to an impressive and quite addictive result. The player community has already grown exponentially and thus we will strive to create content for the players to improve your gaming experience in Arknights.

arknights mobile game

Arknights is a brilliant way to bring back tower defense in a sci-fi environment, with many new mechanics, improved familiar gameplay elements, and a mix of genres. If you love strategy, RPG, gacha, and similar mechanics, but enjoy the engaging action tower defense brings, this is the title to try out. It is a free-to-play game, fresh on both Android and iOS, and our featured content will arrive very soon, where you can also join up and participate in the creation of the guides by commenting on your experience with the game.

dota underlords

It is a serious game made by serious people. Seeing our favorite Dota characters in action is always good and the game is true to the source material.

Review and Guides Pro Tactics

When the game that defined the genre transitioned to mobile in DOTA Underlords iteration, many were not impressed but the community was growing fast, despite the seemingly negative start. Now, it is as strong as any other title in this fresh auto chess genre and it helped define a lot of its attributes. We’ve opened up a special section on our site dedicated to the community, amassing all the guides, tips, player experiences, and following through all content and updates, which were aplenty, and it is available for all.

Valve had lengthy early access and beta stages before the game came out officially. A big part of the initial underwhelming feedback was the fact that Dota Underlords was in early access then.  The gameplay was unfinished and seriously lacking at the time, but, on February 25th, 2020, it was out officially and the game looked and felt completely different than it did in 2019. It is now a triple-A title for sure. As with Dota 2, Valve took complete charge of this title’s development and publication, nurturing the game as their baby into something successful and beautiful.

Dota Underlords is a lot more story-driven game than Dota 2 and any other auto battler for that matter. Here, the narrative is taken perhaps even more seriously as it has been combined with gameplay in several high points in the game. But, the gameplay is the focus of the experience, as with the original game and the whole multiplayer competitive allure. this is an auto battler game, or what is popularly called auto chess or chess-inspired competitive strategy. If this is the first time you’re meeting with the genre, it’s rather simple to grasp, but the entire concept requires a high mastery level.

A single battle is being waged between eight underlords (8 online players) and they all fight against each other 1 vs 1, taking turns, each turn matched with a different opponent. The last guy standing wins, which is the core experience of this kind of competitive free-for-all setting. However, there are a lot of things players can do to up the stakes and increase their chances of victory, outside of combat and within the match itself.

Dota Underlords

You earn gold, purchase heroes, combine them into stronger characters, adjust your tactics, match characters according to their respective alliances, and much more. As far as the auto-chess online competitive experience goes, this is the most engaging as it gets for now. DOTA Underlords is now widely popular and it is for that reason that we’ve dedicated this special section of our site to the ever-growing community. Feel free to participate or benefit from all the content we accumulate here, which is produced by us but also extracted from various other community sources, forums, etc…

mafia city

The Mafia has always tried to protect and expand its territory, even if violence is necessary. Whether you want to ride solo or join alliances, the rules of survival are always malleable.

2020 Review and Guides

Mafia City mobile game is a popular title, despite a somewhat controversial advertising campaign and negative feedback which followed right after its release, 3 years ago. However, it still has a very strong and wide community, and people are playing it competitively, which is why there is a need for further study. Reaching a paywall, not being able to grow your base, and similar things are happening to a lot of people who like competing in this mafia-themed game, so we will try and brief you with all the latest developments, create guides to get around many of the common problems and obstacles, and keep the community alive.

Mafia City distinguishes itself from other strategy mobile games in more ways than one. Primarily, there’s been an outburst of funny videos from gameplay footage in form of memes, which also includes other pop culture references, and some of the videos even reached a few hundred thousand views in less than a week. If you want to check them out, just Google it: ‘Mafia City meme’. Secondly, it’s mafia theme is so well incorporated into the game that it makes up for the 90% of the game’s comedy factor, while it is also the main gameplay premise.

mafia city mobile game

This game is developed and published by Yotta Games and it was dished out in 2017. As mentioned, it has had some negative feedback, and even ironic reviews, which is a thing that was started with the games that usually have a large marketing campaign but end up not reaching the set expectations. However, people still found a way to enjoy it and the developers have improved the experience since 2017.

You are the mafia boss, and you control your empire from top to bottom. You have your turn and your property, which is your home base you need to evolve in a familiar fashion from mobile strategy games. Combat is done in a real-time strategy manner, while units are comprised of various criminal archetypes, like bikers, brawlers, and such. Mafia City is visually very good, especially the Babes, i.e. your secretaries, they are some hot models of women, with a hint of anime-style animation, but mostly very attractive.

Playing as a stereotypical Mobster in a strategy game is fun and apparently has managed to reach its audience. We would like to invite all of you who love this game to participate with us in creating guides, tips, tricks, and follow up all content, old and new, as it comes out.