Borderlands 3 patch arrives along with the developers denying the royalty checks for Gearbox

The news broke recently and, according to online sources, Gearbox employees were due royalty bonuses due to the game’s success. However, it appears that the royalty will not come as expected, or at least it will be significantly smaller, as the CEO, Randy Pitchford said in a recent statement. However, Borderlands 3 continues to grow and attract even more people, and the latest hotfix patch also brought new stuff. The Vault Hunter Moze, the Gunner, is buffed with her stats again increasing to improve survivability. The developers also said that they are not finished with tweaking her and that they will address other “trouble spots”. Iron Bear also had some changes, with the cooldown of her mech suit being reduced and the fuel tank increased, while her three abilities were also improved slightly.

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The Priest and The Ghoul arrived to Cultist Simulator mobile

Cultist Simulator’s announced DLCs are now officially here. The two new DLCs for the mobile version of the game, both Android and iOS, have arrived and they cost $1.99 each. The Priest and The Ghoul enable new gameplay mechanics, new legacy, new ascensions, and more… While they are premium DLCs, the game is now offered at a discounted price of $3.99, down from $6.99. Cultist Simulator is a unique and very interesting card game that delves into the occult and forbidden stuff, rituals, dark magic, and the afterlife.

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Door Kickers: Action Squad arrived to iOS

Door Kickers: Action Squad is dished out by KillHouse Games. It is an expansion for their acclaimed Door Kickers game, which also has a sequel in the works. This title was released in 2017 for PC, while Action Squad came out in 2018. And, the reviews are Very Positive on Steam. It is a premium game and it also comes as a premium title to the iTunes App Store. For the measly price of $2.99, you can revel in an old-school style action game, where you play as a SWAT trooper and deal with terrorists in the USA. The game boasts with a very engaging weapons mechanic system, with magazine size, reload times, recoil, and everything is crucial in this pixel-style shooting extravaganza.


Gwent Journey update is now live

Geralt finally arrives to Gwent in the latest updated titled Journey. It brings many new things, like a new progression system, rewards, quests, and other things. Any player is given access to one free tier of the Journey, while there are 100 levels for unlocking, all with rewards like avatars, vanity items, reward points, card kegs, and more. CD Projekt Red also threw in a premium tier for Journey, which unlocks legendary neutral leader Geralt’s skin along with over 50 ornaments, and more. Starting now, during the next three months, each match you play counts towards the Journey progression, so you better start early.

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final fantasy VII remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a 100GB dl???

It is confirmed and it doesn’t seem to be an April fool’s joke. It seems Square Enix was a bit overzealous with the remake and wanted to do it the best way possible. This included making every new asset custom-made, which will enlarge the game to around 100GB size. This means that it will take up around 100GB of disk space initially, with the game expanding even more with new updates and additions. However, it will be fun to see every little detail of Midgar customized and created again. The game releases officially on April 10th, although some fans already reported that they have the game and there are even photos with the hard copy of FFVII Remake online. And, yes, they all confirm its 100GB.

Another free game for your entertainment and pleasure – Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Developed by We’re Five Games and published by TinyBuild Games, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is precisely what it sounds – a totally weird game. This is not helped any further by its wacky character models, colorful visual style, or the fact that not one character speaks any words in the game. They just sigh and shout, as up to 4 players can partake in their delivery stunts…things like flying planes, jumping out of a balloon, driving a bogie, and doing what needs to be done to deliver the package to the destination. It is the sacred duty of all delivery boys, even in a post-apocalyptic world with peculiar physics.

Rick and Morty Season 4 continues in May!

Adult Swim confirms it, and if this is some sick April fool’s day joke, it is not funny. We repeat- not funny! Rick and Morty is like the best-animated series in the past 200 years, and it’s been ages since season 3 aired. I have watched that “Pickle Rick” episode 50 times or more, and we all want more. The worst thing about it all is that only half of Season 4 aired in late 2019. After facing some delays, we now have the reassurance. However, we are only getting 5 more episodes or something, which is not much I admit, but at least the entire show is aiming for 70 or something, so there will be more content.


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