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Leaked screenshots of Resident Evil: Resistance and Resident Evil 3 Remake Come get ‘em while they’re hot!

The world can barely wait for Resident Evil 3 remake release. The Resident Evil: Resistance multiplayer extravaganza, that’s coming along with it, will just make it that much better. The game is due on April 3rd, in a little over a month, while these screenshots were planned to be posted on Tuesday. But, alas, here they are and they look FANTASTIC! AWESOME! This looks to be exactly what we’ve prayed for, the same game just with improved visuals, more detail, and a higher resolution so we can gaze upon the gruesomeness and the monstrous in HD. Feast your eyes on this!

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Dota Underlords goes from Beta stages to Early Access… Talk about taking it slow

Dota Underlords just implemented several changes and officially moved on from the beta stage, in which they were since June 2019, and it’s now early access. The game is still now complete according to Valve, but they’ve done a soft reset and included some additional content. Players that are level 5 now get a bonus, the board has new customization, but the biggest reveal is that we leave early access on February 25th, which is when Season 1 begins. Yes, season 1 with rotations, match replay, battle pass, and more is happening according to Valve’s blog post on Steam, so that’s good news. Unfortunately, Dota Underlords have lost many players during the beta stages and we are hoping this soft launch doesn’t come too late.

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Grab Dying Light for free on Steam throughout this weekend!

Dying Light goes free for this weekend on Steam, so if you have a sweet tooth, or knife, for this sort of FPS survival action game, go for it! Just to remind everyone that this is an absolute hit game and that the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. With that said, it does pack an adrenaline punch so if that’s not your cup of tea, a fair warning. However, Techland, which is the game’s developer and publisher, did hit their mark dead on with adding parkour in this survival action zombie game, which is set in an open world environment. And just when you think things can’t get any better, it is now free of charge for two whole days, so….what are you waiting for?

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Xross Chronicle is released worldwide!

Xross Chronicle mobile RPG developed by Floppygames has just been launched worldwide. The game has its publishing services done by LINE Games and it is a tale of a war between us, the humans, and a race called Yokais. LINE is continuing their tradition to delve into potential hit games and this is a collectible RPG that has over 100 3D characters, very stylish visuals, addictive gameplay, endless replayability, and more. It is based on the previous hit title Phantom Chaser also developed by Floppygames. There is a check-in event that opened today for all of us who decide to try it out, while this title seems to already be picking up pace as it has over 10k+ installs on Android as of its first day.

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Civilization VI full game price was never lower than now

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI fans are in for a treat as the full game unlock is currently offered for $4.99. DLC is, however, still sold separately and is not included, but the full game, featuring basic gameplay is now at its lowest price. The Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions are still at their normal prices, unfortunately, but if you do not trust Aspyr Media, you can try the game out for free with a 60-turn demo. However, there can be no mistake with CIV VI as none of the series’ installments ever broke away from the successful tradition. Really, if ever there was a game series that never ever disappointed its fans, it is this one.

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Curse of Anabelle is out – the horror is here

There is a new story-driven, horror adventure/puzzle game on the chopping block, and it is Curse of Anabelle. If your inner cultist has been dormant for too long, now is the time. This game looks amazing, with a first-person perspective, a mysterious storyline, real-world myths, legends, and curses. We come in at the thick of it all, as Rocwise Entertainment developed this title to be a cult delight. We carry a book of spells, cast curses, investigate mysteries, solve puzzles, and face off unimaginable horrors. The demo for the game is offered free of charge, while the full purchase is under $20 bucks.

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Hell’s armies have invaded Earth. 
The only thing they fear… is you.

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pro headphones

Choosing headphones for gaming depends on several things equally, and we’ve tried to identify the most common aspects and criteria gamers use to choose the accessories they need.

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The BMG Play Steam
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

warhammer underworlds online

It brings the same gritty, dark, and monstrous atmosphere, and thus far everyone agree that the title does justice to the source material…

The BMG Play Indie
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


A dungeon crawler RPG

It is a one-man developed, old school classic RPG project that has over 100k installs and a 4.7-star score on Google Play. Need we say more?

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girls x battle 2

Collection of very provocative girls to play with… Talking about that game, you know…

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