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epic games done by pros

From the team of people slaving over games day and night… mostly for personal pleasure… You don’t have to be right once in a blue moon anymore, start pwning all the time. Now available at the BMG playground.

Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos

In-depth info about heroes and units, best army builds and tactics, and more…

Best Armies and Tactics

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

It is one of the most popular games set in the Wizarding World currently on the market…

Complete Walkthrough

Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game

Think about meta heroes, counter picks, team compositions and trolling of course…

Own Your Lane

RAID: Shadow Legends

Strait from one of the best Raid players in the world. See what the pro has to say…

Top-Tier Strategy

AFK Arena

This is a lovely looking hero collection RPG that is extremely fun and engaging…

Rankings and Info

for gamers and fans

more marvel please

Just like in MARVEL universe, hero deaths are not permanent in MARVEL games. Don’t let this soften you, check how pros make enemies respawn.


Best Teams for every segment of the game with in-depth instructions about both teams and heroes…

What Pro Players Say

MARVEL Super War

How to own your lane with MARVEL heroes and villains? Come, take a look…

Meta Champions and Info

beautiful graphics

top level heroes play

You like collecting champions from ever growing number of verses? Well, you are going to enjoy these games. Take a look what pro players have to say.

Mobile Legends: Adventure

It brings a unique blend of RPG, strategy, IDLE battle, and hero collector genres…

Top Heroes and Guides

Girls X Battle 2

It is not just about how to get the Girls, you also need to know how to play with them…

Best Girls to Play

King’s Raid

Top champion picks for both PvP and PvE. Take a look at complete champions rankings…

Champion Rankings

Brave Nine – Tactical RPG

Take a look at mercenary rankings for every segment of the game with guides and info…

Mercenaries Information

Grand Chase

Every hero is placed within his class and rank and fully described, each and one of them…

Hero Tactics and Info