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Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall™

Decades before the events of the TV show, Lord Commander Brynden “Bloodraven” Rivers, disappeared while ranging beyond the Wall…

Heroes and Units Walkthrough

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall mobile game was unveiled by Gaea, HBO, and Behaviour Interactive almost a year ago. This strategy RPG that features collectible characters and brings new content separate from the TV show is now finally here. While there was little left for GoT fans to do but re-watch all episodes and rant about the ending, this title brings a new story, with some of the original characters. Its narrative is set Beyond the Wall, several decades before the events in the TV series Game of Thrones.

The storyline here begins after Lord Commander Brynden Rivers disappears beyond the wall. Ser Brynden Rivers is a character known to avid readers of Song of Ice and Fire books. He is also called Lord Bloodraven or later the Three-Eyed Raven. He is King Aegon IV Targaryen’s bastard son and he has served as the hand of the king after the Blackfyre Rebellions, where he gained recognition. His brother, King Aegon V Targaryen, sent him to the Night’s Watch where he later became Lord Commander. A dark mystery unveils after his disappearance as the Night’s Watch follows in his footsteps.

Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos

In-depth info about heroes and units, best army builds and tactics, and more…

Tactics Review and Guides

And now, finally, a dream come true – a proper Heroes mobile game before us! The one which – at least in theory – should reinvent the franchise, and reintroduce it to the new generation of gamers. And not just any Heroes game, but a mobile remake of the beloved third installment of the series.

One thing is for sure: a game with a pedigree and formidable legacy such as this one must fulfill many expectations, be modern and trendy, appealing to the new audience, yet at the same time managing to satisfy the refined taste buds of longstanding – and inevitably to an extent conservative – classic Heroes fans. Certainly, a developer and publisher of Ubisoft’s high caliber haven’t taken lightly the tremendous responsibility towards Heroes fandom and this daunting task of transferring Heroes franchise to the mobile phones. Right?


Find out what are the best operators in the game and how to play them…

Best Operators Review and Guides

Arknights is a new and improved jab at the tower defense genre, which is combined with some other popular mobile gaming genres to bring engaging and satisfying gameplay but adapted to the light mobile way. It has some interesting solutions as to the mechanics and the overall mix, while it also infuses it with an engaging story, characters that we get to know, and we get an emotional stake in it all. This probably seems the reason why the game expanded worldwide, after only being out in China for about half a year, so we’ve decided to delve deeper into the game. We also composed a list of guides and tips for this competitive game in the second part of this page.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

It is one of the most popular games set in the Wizarding World currently on the market…

Complete Walkthrough

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is a narrative role-playing game, set in the Wizarding World, created by a world-renowned author J.K. Rowling. In this game, the player takes the role of a new Hogwarts student and gets to experience all seven years of Hogwarts studies. Most of the aspects of Hogwarts life are present in the game, including lessons, magical creatures, Dueling Club, and etc.

While playing the game, players will really get to experience many things Hogwarts has to offer. Most of the familiar characters are in the game, including pretty much all of the Hogwarts’ staff: the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore; Transfiguration Professor, Minerva McGonagall; Charms Professor, Filius Flitwick; Potions Master, Severus Snape, and many others. Some of the Wizarding World’s characters who were students at the time are also in the game, including William Weasley, Charles Weasley, Nymphadora Tonks, and others.


Best Teams for every segment of the game with in-depth instructions about both teams and heroes…

What Pro Players Say

The gameplay in Marvel Strike Force is quite simple and interesting. After the initial success of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, a lot of people realized that this genre is the recipe for success and tried to design similar games with other iconic characters. Some games like DC Legends or Middle Earth: Shadow of War weren’t exciting enough but Marvel Strike Force, on the other hand, had everything needed to achieve success and draw a wide variety of different persons into it. The possibility to collect Marvel iconic Heroes and to use them in combat was appealing for both Marvel fans and Gacha fans. Everything they had to do was to unlock certain Heroes, combine them using strategic thinking and then carefully decide which skills should be used and in what order to provide them the joy of victory. This concept is simple even for kids – you don’t need fast reflexes, you have enough time to think what course of action is the best and most importantly after a short time you know exactly what is needed for achieving your goals.

MARVEL Super War

How to own your lane with MARVEL heroes and villains? Come, take a look…

Meta Champions and Info

All the hallmarks of the MOBA gameplay design are present, with some small variations on the subject. As mentioned, the base game mode sees 10 players face off in 5v5 setup, with each having a Marvel comic book hero to control. In this Marvel MOBA, there are three lanes, minions, towers, and buildings, with unavoidable jungle action and many other features taken from proven recipes like League of Legends, DOTA, and similar games. This competitive online multiplayer set up allows players to not only compete in their skills but also to make their team as balanced and well-composed as it can be.

Names like Deadpool, Black Widow, Magneto, the Hulk, Star-Lord, Captain Marvel, Ice Man, and others are just the tip of the iceberg, as this is probably the first time the entire Marvel universe is included in a single title (since The old school Marvel Ultimate Alliance games that is). As with all MOBAs, some heroes will be open for everyone, some will have to be unlocked (or bought). The game follows the fast-paced setting of mobile gaming platforms, meaning the matches will be short, around 15 minutes on average or less.

RAID: Shadow Legends

Strait from one of the best Raid players in the world. See what the pro has to say…

Top-Tier Strategy

Gameplay in Raid Shadow Legends is pretty much the same as in all other games of this genre. A player is leading a team of 4 Champions who have at least 2 active skills at disposal. The speed of characters determines the playing order. Players then decide what skills will be used and when using their advantages and enemy’s disadvantages for winning the battle. Raid Shadow Legends has several different PVE and PVP segments but in the end, all comes down to winning in battles. It is important to mention that after some time certain content will become doable on auto-play which will be used a lot while the player progress through the game. This practically means that with the right team and enough power, the player doesn’t need to do anything at all for winning battles. All Champions can be geared and enhanced in 4 different ways. Their level can be upgraded, their rank can be upgraded, their skills can be upgraded and they can ascend becoming more powerful versions of themselves. As you can see Raid Shadow Legends is almost the same as a number of other Gatchas but in one thing it is totally different and that is probably the reason why it is more popular than those other games. That reason is graphics!

Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game

Think about meta heroes, counter picks, team compositions and trolling of course…

Own Your Lane

AoV falls into MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre. Its main game mode features two teams, each consisting of five players, fighting on a field of battle. Each of the teams has its own base, and the goal is to destroy the enemy’s core. The battlefield consists of three lanes and the jungle. Shortly after the match starts, waves of minions will start moving down these lanes. Each team has their own minions, and there are also neutral monsters spawning in the jungle. Killing either monsters, minions, enemy players, or destroying any of the buildings belonging to the opposing team will award you gold. You can use the gold to purchase various items in order to boost your character’s combat capabilities.

There are several different game modes present in AoV. Players can take part in Casual matches, where they can play in 3v3 or 5v5 battles against other players or bots. Those that are more interested in the competitive side of AoV can play Ranked matches.

Mobile Legends: Adventure

It brings a unique blend of RPG, strategy, IDLE battle, and hero collector genres…

Top Heroes and Guides

Mobile Legends Adventure is an Idle RPG sequel of the popular MOBA game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang made by Moonton. Mobile Legends is probably the most popular MOBA on mobile devices at the moment whose characters have already the iconic status in the community. Moonton is not the first company that came upon an idea to use legendary characters in another game but it is the first company that actually made a great game using those characters in a different genre.

ML Adventure is an amazing game in almost every segment – gameplay is interesting and demanding, graphic and art reach the high standards currently set on mobile device game market, quality of sound is high and the game is updated almost on daily basis in order to provide the player the best possible gaming experience. All those facts help ML Adventure to grow up steadily and to increase player database every day.

Girls X Battle 2

It is not just about how to get the Girls, you also need to know how to play with them…

Best Girls to Play

Do you like playing relaxing and idle games? Are you a fan of the RPG Hero Collecting genre? Do you enjoy harem Anime in which the main character is surrounded by all types of cute girls? Well, if the answer to any of these questions is yes, you might want to give GxB 2 a try.

If you are a fan of Harem or Magical Girl Anime, you will feel right at home. The overall vibe of the game is very much reminiscent of an Anime, and the game does a lot to contribute to that. Many of the girls are voiced by professional voice actress, which will immensely increase the overall Anime vibe. Also, the girls are very “vocal” during combat, which “some” players may find especially interesting. Other than that, it’s worth mentioning that the music in the game is pretty relaxed and non-imposing, and it greatly adds up to the overall atmosphere. All in all, Anime lovers will feel right at home with this game.

Brave Nine – Tactical RPG

Take a look at mercenary rankings for every segment of the game with guides and info…

Mercenaries Information

Brave Nine mobile game is a revamped and rebranded Brown Dust strategy game, which possibly marks the first time in the history of video games that this has happened. The enigma is further deepened when you realize that as Brown Dust, the game was already popular and considered being beyond solid by the players worldwide. Needless to say, our interest was heightened and we needed to learn the story behind this morph. It is also said that this new name, Brave Nine, symbolizes the character-based gameplay mechanics, but what are they changed and why the radical move? We go on an in-depth review in the first part of this page, while in the second part we will answer some FAQ by the community and do guides for the essentials.

Grand Chase

Every hero is placed within his class and rank and fully described, each and one of them…

Hero Tactics and Info

The story focuses on Kyle and Cindy, the apprentices of Kassias Grandiel from the world of Kricktria, as they embark on a journey to secure the avatars of God from the hands of darkness and retrieve the Grand Chase members who went missing in action after their battle against a group of Asmodians in a dimensional fissure.

Grand Chase is a game wherein players can attack numerous enemies with a simple tap and drag operation, a strategic team combo battle system up to a team of four members, directional skills, and various sequence combo control. Moreover, there will be new characters in the new storyline aside from the original heroes. For PvP, players need to defeat AI opponents set by other players to rank up.

AFK Arena

This is a lovely looking hero collection RPG that is extremely fun and engaging…

Rankings and Info

At its core, AFK Arena is a hero collection role-playing game, aka Gacha. It means that you can collect various heroes throughout the game, and assemble a team of several heroes to fight enemies. That’s basically the very simplified version of it. One of the reasons why AFK Arena is so popular lies exactly in its very name. Unlike many other Gachas, in AFK Arena, you don’t really control your heroes. When you start the battle, they will fight automatically, and you will only be able to control certain aspects of the battle. Firstly, you can set up your team of heroes in a formation you like. You can place them in front or back line, which will affect some of their abilities and the way they interact with their allies and enemies. Secondly, their special abilities will be displayed during the battle in the form of cards at the bottom part of the screen. Each of those will have the energy bar that fills up as the fight goes on. Once it’s filled, you can click on the card and the selected hero will use their special ability. At first glance, this does seem pretty simple, but given that there are so many team combinations you can make, and the way certain heroes interact with their teammates and enemies, the battle planning becomes very complex. However, this is exactly what makes the game so interesting and fun.

anohter eden

As far as the visuals and soundtrack go, creators of Another Eden really outdid themselves this time…

Best Heroes and Guides

As hinted by the title, Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space isn’t just your generic, off-the-rack JRPG like the ones that are mass-produced every year. No wonder: this splendid space-time adventure is actually a work of legendary Japanese game designer Masato Kato (Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VI, and Final Fantasy XI – to name just a few titles from his extravagantly rich portfolio) who once again teamed up with composer Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger) to create something truly special.

Thanks to this fact, as far as the gameplay, combat system and visual identity, Another Eden confidently walks a beaten track known and cherished by all true JRPG aficionados. At the same time, this is a slick and modern JRPG with sweet visuals, truly bewitching musical score and refreshingly unobtrusive gacha elements that won’t put off those players who aren’t inclined to spit out extra cash on something basically advertised as a free-to-play game.

King’s Raid

Top champion picks for both PvP and PvE. Take a look at complete champions rankings…

Champion Rankings

marvel and anime

The fact that Marvel movies are strongly influencing all media branches is a matter of public knowledge, while anime and art from the Far East, in general, have been doing the same for a lot longer. Now, at this day and age of the mobile gaming market, every so often a title comes out that belongs to one of the other. Either it is a game that uses Marvel comic book characters or anime characters, or at the very least anime-style visuals and art. But, while they have spread in virtually all of the genres out there, this phenomenon has had a positive effect on the entire gaming industry for sure and here is why…

masive outreach

Popularity is certainly a synonym for a good anime, let alone for Marvel comic books, animated and live-action movies. But, Marvel already crossed over to the gaming industry while their popularity was not in such a good place, in the ‘90s. Many people know that those days are marked as the lowest point in their publishing history, but somehow they endured. And, this is partly due to several well-received video game titles for consoles, featuring Marvel characters, like The Punisher for NES, Amiga, Atari ST, and DOS, or X-Men 2: Clone Wars (a personal favorite). Their first video game ever is Spider-Man, published in 1982 for Atari 2600.

Today, we have Marvel Contest of Champions, Marvel’s Avengers, Marvel Super War, and many more, predominantly mobile games, while a decade ago we’ve had PC titles that also managed to break through to wider audiences, like the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series, that was just revived with The Black Order installment, and many more. One thing is for certain, these games sure do know how to fuse a lot of different characters, playstyles, and even different fictional universes.

gacha genre

However, it was anime that has perhaps presented the greatest opportunity for fusing different characters and fictional universes into video games. This brings us to perhaps one of the most popular gaming genres on mobile, if not on all platforms, and that is a particular mix of several different gameplay mechanics and features mostly dominated by anime-style visuals and characters. That mix is composed of equal parts of hero collector, RPG, city evolution, and turn-based strategy. Together, they are all called gacha.

popular genres

Genres are all equally represented in the mobile gaming market today for sure, but it seems that gacha titles, as well as a few others, are getting more thunder. They are more popular or more widely spread if you will, and in my opinion, they owe it to two things. The first is the mentioned undisputedly well-conceived mix of genres that works well on mobiles, taking into account the control scheme and the possibilities and disadvantages of using a touch screen. The gacha mix of hero collector, turn-based combat, RPG, and even card collector genres works well on mobile platforms.

market today

The second thing that helps the popularity of these games is exactly the anime phenomenon that has been enchanting the entire world since the ‘80s. The art style, the animations, and the entire feeling of these games are as if you are inside of an anime or a manga. And, the same could be said about Marvel games today. Be it a MOBA, a hero collector, a JRPG, or any other genre, all popular Marvel games have a good representation of their characters in a genre that works well on mobiles. All this together has helped drive the mobile gaming market to a place where it is today, which is the best marketing opportunity for any kind of IT action and the widest gaming market in general.