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We are a group of bright, knowledgeable, eager and young…err, relatively young… professionals that aim to present you with the best gaming related content you’ll ever find on this enchanting, diverse and exciting World Wide Web. Now, before you exclaim “What a cheek!” here are some things that we believe we possess that no other site in this part of Milky Way has. First of all, (for all you math buffs out there), if we sum it up, our accumulated gaming experience would total about half a millennia of computer-related knowledge, which is no mean feat, If we do say so ourselves. Then, in addition to our unsurpassed theoretical as well as practical understanding of the mobile gaming world, most of us were in some way personally engaged in the gaming industry as game designers, screenwriters or narrative designers – in fact, some of us still continue to make games to this day.
We are extremely passionate about gaming and mobile world in general and live and breathe mobile phones – some of us even literarily. That’s why our greatest wish, creed, and mission in life is to create a vibrant community of like-minded people with BMG site as a hub for gamers and mobile aficionados of all profiles. A place where you’ll always get the most accurate, up-to-the-minute information about the things we all hold dear to our hearts – and that’s games. A place where you’ll always be able to share your views, requests, and suggestions. Your place.
But in order to achieve all that and continue to grow and become even better, we also count on your help. We would like to reach out to all gamers, hardcore or casual, industry professionals, publishers, established developers, as well as those who are making their first tentative steps – come by, check us out and say hi. We welcome you to the orbit of Blue Moon!
For more information about our game Summoners Glory: Eternal Fire, visit the official game website.

meet the team

BMG Team is not just those few mugshots down there, it is a growing number of gamers, streamers, YouTubers, influencers, content creators, forum trolls, casual geniuses, and everyone else who give their gaming minds, help and advice to us every day. We love you guys, you are the true heart of BMG!

leo Dong

Founder and ceo

Verna cheng|成佳蔚

cofounder and East branch manager



BDM East Branch


nikola milosevic

cofounder and west branch manager

alec sandar

marketing specialist

Su Zhang

Technical specialist

Sasa Kovacevic

Marketing coordinator

darko aleksandrov

game designer

Uros stojakovic

support lead

Bogdan Markovic

visual designer

Milan Jankovic

creative writer

vukasin Jankovic

creative writer

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