As Fortnite mobile grows in its popularity, so does the overall skill of the players involved. I’ve checked out all over the web and I’ve found quite the extensive base of Fortnite tips and advice for a better gameplay. These Fortnite tips & tricks are only some of what I’ve managed to gather, so here they go:

1. Use spike traps

Spike traps are the only silent weapon in the game. Putting it behind a door or just above a player on a ceiling will possibly score an amazing kill.

2. Build cover fast

Build cover at the same second you get shot. Players, after they get shot, immediately try to see which direction the shots are coming, by reflex. What you should do is to immediately start building, as you move, and only after you place a good cover can you try to do something else.

3. Rushing Bases Correctly

Most players like rushing bases, especially in the wrong moment, unfortunately. When rushing bases, the ideal moment for the attack is when the building is only half done.
Build with the same material, so they won’t differentiate the sound of your and their building process.

4. Strafe even in your cover

Always stay moving because Fortnite punishes a static player harshly, even more than similar shooting games. Even when you are in your cover, you should strafe, run, jump, and always be a mobile target.

5. Outplaying 1v1 battles

If your 1v1 battle is on the open, a precise rifle with a long range is a good choice, but in a closed space, like in a house, it is better to go for the shotgun. When facing an enemy in a closed space, jump and move in a random pattern, while trying to shoot at the highest jump point, for it will be easier to score a headshot.
If you have a better position than your opponent, do not abandon it in pursuit. The enemy will almost always come to you, that’s why it is called a ‘better position’.

6. Always take the high ground

Always try to be above people, so always try to be on the high ground. It makes you harder to hit, gives you an opportunity for headshots, and gives you a better view on the battlefield.

7. Stealing weapons from another player’s chests

When you encounter a player who is opening a chest, do not try to fight them for the chest. Instead, wait for the moment they open it and run in, spamming pickup button.

8. Using SMG to shoot down drops

SMGs use light ammo, which is most common in a game, is easy to have. It only takes three clips with any SMG to shoot down a drop. Plus, if you have a silenced SMG will allow you to do this like a boss.

9. Using the RPG for more than just destroying bases

RPS is so versatile, but people rarely consider it. You can use it in a mid-range combat to score easy kills. In squads and duos, this weapon will prove priceless.

10. Harvest materials without slowing down

To do this successfully, run past a resource with your pickaxe out. Jump, swing, and switch to a gun mid-air. This allows you to not lose any momentum.