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$500 Million For Apple Arcade So Far

According to the latest sources, the upcoming Apple’s video game subscription service, Apple Arcade, has so far amassed $500M in investments. Now, this also includes getting approximately 100 games off the ground and ready for when Apple Arcade release date finally arrives. The story broke through Financial Times which proved reliable the last time we received info about $1 Billion going into Apple TV Plus project.

A Billion and a half for what?

Apple TV is already available from Apple and on Amazon. It is Apple’s media player for direct streaming of the usual: videos, music, sports, playing games, etc… Now, it also enables subscribers to use other App via their TV set and the best part is that Apple TV naturally supports HDR and 4K Ultra HD video quality.

Now, half a billion is already being set aside for the upcoming Apple Arcade project, which as mentioned also includes funding either bringing in some popular games to the fold or possibly even developing some exclusive titles that will serve to promote the whole shebang.

Apple Arcade - Gaming Subscription

Why so enthusiastic about spending all of a sudden?

All this is happening right in the face of Disney’s recently unveiled service Disney Plus which, as it is speculated by many, poses an unprecedented threat for all similar streaming platforms and services. Disney, as most of you are aware of, has been buying everything that the people like in recent years, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic and the lot. And, now with their announcement, other companies are taking up arms and trying to fight for their peace of the pie.

To make matters worse, Disney Plus will be the only place that will stream all of Disney’s theatrical releases as soon as they are available, which was undoubtedly a stab through the heart to all other competitors. This is why Apple is upping their game and they are naturally placing their faith into the strength of their mobile devices, which have never failed them before and are targeting video gaming with this Apple Arcade games service.

Apple Arcade release date is not precisely set but it is promised to be sometime this September or October 2019. With Disney entering the ring, the gloves are off and naturally, everyone is in a hurry, as the experts are wondering will $500M be enough?