Thursday, November 22

“8bitWar: Origins” – As simple as a game can be


Lately, it seems like there are some games that go with the retro aesthetics just for the sake of it. Fortunately, this is not the case with “8bitWar: Origins”. Its simplicity and addictive nature go along perfectly with the 8bit look and the chiptunes sound.

8bitwarriors origins

The premise is simple enough: at the beginning of each level, you have a given amount of money that you can spend on different military units (when the game starts, all you have are Wizards, a long range shooters, Archers who are mid-range shooters and Footmen, who are just poor peasants that have been drafted and forced to join the war. You spend the money you have and put your units anywhere you want on your, left side of the screen, on a 3 by 10 grid, hit “Start” and hope for the best. That is all.

The goal is to have at least one of your units survive while eliminating all of the opponents, but the trick is that you have no idea what is the path that the enemy forces will be taking, so balancing your funds and getting a quality mix of units on your side is of the ultimate importance. Higher levels mean more powerful enemies, and a greater number of the opponents, but nothing fundamentally changes for the entire span of sixty levels. 

8bitwarriors origins

That is all there is to “8bitWar: Origins”. Its greatest quality is the fact that it looks and plays just like a game that you would spend twenty minutes trying to get to run on your 8bit home computer. Truth be told, the whole thing can be more exciting in a two-player versus mode (either on the same device or online), but not by much.

If you are the nostalgic type who finds pleasure in making their way through sixty levels of a charming, but an ultimately simple game, give “8bitWar: Origins” a try. Otherwise, wait for the game to be free to download (it happens from time to time) and try it out. Maybe its simplicity will be enough to win you over.