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A BMG Guide for AoV Veres released

As reported in our article from January 2019, the release date for Arena of Valor (AoV) Veres was correct (Click here to check out her guide), and on 22nd of February, the new and exciting girl is added to AoV Heroes roster.

As usual, we expected to see something overpowered, which is common practice when releasing a new champion. However, Veres strength seems justified because she demands a lot of investment from a player in order to be useful. Playing her to the full potential demands, even more, good reaction time, constant and good internet connection, and so on.
No doubt her position in the hierarchy will be extremely arbitrary because it depends on a large number of factors. Depending on the player skill she varies from useless to a legendary killer. Has a strong “snowball” effect, so the early game will be the key. And finally, it depends on how fast the player-base learns to deal with her strengths and exploit her weaknesses.
Having said that, we have released the guide for AoV Veres and here you can find everything, a bunch of tips and tricks, basic stats, additional info in her skills, arcana and talent selection, as well as laning and team-fight tactics.
We will update her status on our Tier List within the next few days as soon as we finish the research.
If there are things you like to see covered, let us know down in Discus-section. For anything else concerning Arena of Valor, check Bluemoongame-AoV home page. Stay tuned.