Ailment Review


Ailment mobile game by Beardy Bird Games Company is an action game in a rogue-like style and pixel-art appearance. The project was unsuccessfully funded via Kickstarter but the game is still available for Android and iOS with the hopes of the players helping with feedback. So, still in development, Ailment (Unreleased) mobile game is available if you feel like you want a shot on a very fast-paced rogue.

It was developed by BeardyBird Games Company from the UK. It is an indie studio but it co-founded and CGI Generalist Ivan Panasenko has over a decade of experience in the CG industry. This is his passion project and so far it is promising. The best thing about it is that it uses the famous Unity cross-platform real-time engine and it is free to play.

You travel through space to chew bubblegum and kill the infected crew.
And, you’re all out of bubblegum…

This rogue-like Ailment mobile game is packed with insane action. The overall story takes you to your character, Jonathan, who is just a regular crew member of the Frontier-16 space transporter. The year is 2326 A.C. and this Frontier-16 Space Transporter has 67 bots and 975 other crew members, which is an important number to follow. Now, as your ship is on its way to help, something strange happens.

Status: Unclear…
WARNING: Suspicious activity on board.

Jonathan, the player-controlled character, suddenly wakes up three days later, after they were about to help the ship with the SOS signal. What he finds is disturbing, to say the least. The crew seems to exhibit some sort of an infection that turns them hostile and zombie-like. But, they do not lose their intelligence but rather use all the weapons and ship’s systems against you. Now, Jonathan is shocked, but quickly takes up arms and starts blasting his way through his now-former colleagues.

Gameplay and appearance

As mentioned, this is a pixel-art game so its pretty old school but the gameplay is quite interesting and up to the game’s reputation. It indeed does feature a quite fast action with lots of different guns. Now, one thing that is interesting is the dialogues. As you blast through waves of infected comrades, you are saying cool one-liners like ‘who’s next?’ and “time to die!”.
Additionally, in the vast arsenal of weapons, players will have all kinds of toys at their disposal, like rocket launchers, rail guns, plasma rifles, and the whole shebang. The problem is that the enemy, as mentioned, can also use weapons even though they are infected and zombified. However, you do have some utilities like shields and stuff, so the fun will be complete.



Ailment mobile game is definitely worth investing. Only a handful of people turned up to help the funding, but Beardy Bird Games studios didn’t ask much. However, this unreleased version of the game is pretty good and fun and could pass on as a finished game. But, be that as it may, its developer is insisting it still needs work so if you want to try it and like it, think about it.

7.3 Good
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 7
  • Gameplay 7
  • User Ratings (3 Votes) 8.8