OnePlus New 5G Smartphone Announced

Another 5G Smartphone coming from OnePlus this year

Ever since OnePlus announced their first 5G Phone, people were wondering what’s next. Well, they just announced their second 5G Smartphone which should be available worldwide later this year. 

Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus told Financial Times that they’re planning on releasing another 5G smartphone later this year, during Q4. He said that they are planning to invest more into developing 5G smartphones, especially since the 5G technology is becoming increasingly popular and will likely dominate the phone market in the near future. 

As a reminder, OnePlus 7 Pro was generally praised for its performance and judging by Lau’s words, they are planning to make their second 5G smartphone even better. “We believe with the development of 5G technology next year we can have an even better performance. With the upcoming 5G era approaching, we are going to invest more.”

Other than that, Lau said that OnePlus has increased the number of their employees to over 1700, primarily focusing on research and development, which is a good indication they are aiming to seriously compete with other 5G Smartphone manufacturers. 

It’s also worth mentioning that OnePlus is planning to launch its first television set, which will likely support 5G in the future. Still, we have to wait and see what they have in store, but it’s good knowing they are planning to sail into television waters as well.

Compared to other 5G smartphones, the ones offered by OnePlus are significantly cheaper, and much more affordable, which is also one of the key reasons why their 7-series went so well. While for some people, the raw power and the number of features are the main factor when deciding which smartphone to buy, others put the priority on the price, which is one of the reasons why OnePlus’ popularity increased over the years. 

We’ll soon find out if their second 5G phone will be able to compete with some other 5G smartphones on the market, but judging by what Mr. Lau said, they surely aim to deliver.