AoV October 18th patch notes

Hey folks. The new batch of changes for Arena of Valor has been released by Tencent Games at 18th October.

Aside from the quality of life improvements, such as the ability to set popular/suggested build as default, recommended lane icon at the bottom-right corner of your avatar and some other, the new patch is packed with a different champion and item changes. But why stop there, the amount of gold received in the jungle is on average reduced by roughly 10%, while the growth speed of Gold from minion waves is slightly increased.
These are just some of the changes in this October patch for Arena of Valor and the patch notes can be found in HERE.
It is a large body of data that will hit at the foundation of the current metagame with such a force we will need few weeks for everything to fall in its place.
As for our champion guides, we are updating data right now and will try to keep them up to date while meta-game is shifting.
If you like simple, straightforward direction/advice on how to effectively start to play any Arena of Valor champion, then visit us here at  AoV-Heroes