AoV Tier List

AoV Tier List – Elsu update

With the release of the new champion (Elsu) in Arena of Valor, the question of the day is how will it affect champion balance and metagame in general. For starters, we have updated AoV Tier List taking Elsu into account. It is placed high in the pantheon of AoV heroes for few reasons, and these are:
-Safety. There are very champions that can prevent ganks as good as Elsu can, and not just for himself, but for his teammates as well.
-Mobility. By optimizing movement path to touch a wall or tower, Elsu is able to quickly move from one side of the map to another, and be involved in whatever team needs.
-Burst. Combination of high attack damage and armor pierce, this guy can destroy even some heavily armored tanks. But the best thing to watch is some unsuspecting mage/assassin/marksman being depleted of huge HP chunks.
At this moment Elsu is at Demigod rank on our Tier List and we will continue to update the list with every new champion or with shifts in the metagame. For now, it is difficult to predict these shifts exactly, but what we can certainly say that competition in Arena of Valor will definitely feel the change.

If you feel our list was helpful, great we are happy for it. If, however, you feel like some of the champions are not in its proper place, do tell us in a comment below and make sure to back up it up with arguments why, so we can have a conversation.