AoW3 guide

AoW3-Searching the Nautilus tournament guide release

Hey folks, its been a while since the last time we brought up Art of War 3-tournament guide to you. The last one we skipped because I felt the tactics ware not effective enough to bring very high percentage of victories and there was no reason to dilute the quality of everything written so far in order to just provide you with something to read, instead we opt for skipping that tournament and focus on Searching the Nautilus tournament. So, it is the time is right and we are back with another guide to help you grab those sweet, sweet skill points. We are providing you with a bunch of tips and tricks on “How to win Searching the Nautilus”, for both Confederate and Resistance as well as some universal tips and all can be found HERE.
Since this is a rather specific tournament, much more oriented toward the sea battles, the people who decided a long time ago to have naval units upgraded will be at some advantage. This should not discourage anyone from playing the games as there will be plenty of those that focus on vehicles and have the ships upgrades ignored. What I am trying to say, even if the people heavily invested in winning these games can most of the times crush you, there is no reason to give up before even trying.

That is it for today from us, here at Bluemoongame, hope this guide was helpful and that you are armed with new knowledge, ready for new Victories.