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Arena of Valor (AoV) leaks – Veres release info

It is January 2019 and the Arena of Valor patch hasn’t cooled itself, yet we have new info coming our way. Let me start by saying these are not an official data, but rather leaked info from the somewhat reliable source, twitter user by the name AOVLEAKS (click here for tweet).
What this info is showing us is a schedule of release dates for a large number of skins, but the info we are mostly interested in are two new heroes.
One is Veres and by the looks of it, the release date for her is February 22nd. The second champion is Wiro. The situation with Wiro is more complicated because (if we understand it well) he comes as one of the rewards in Xeniel codex – season 4. We presume he come as a reward, but we don’t know much else.
The average duration of these events are 6-8 days spread across next month and the champions in question are:

  • Arum – skin “Miko” available from 25th to 31st January

arena of valor arum miko

  • Violet – skin “Golden Dragon” available from 27th January to 2nd February

arena of valor golden dragon

  • Yorn – skin “Ghost Samurai” available from 27th January to 2nd February

yorn ghost samurai

  • Natalya – skin “Leo” available from 1st to 7th of February

arena of valor natalya leo

  • Xeniel’s codex season 4 start at 4th of February and it lasts until 17th of March, containing new hero – Wiro.

arena of valor wiro xeniels codex season 4

  • Lu Bu – skin “Crimson” available from 29th of January to 4th of February

arena of valor lu bu crimson

  • From 28th of February to 6th of March, for purchasing 90 day VIP there will be a limited skin.

arena of valor skins limited

  • Amily – skin “Personal Assistant” available from 26th of February to 4th of March.

arena of valor amily personal assistant

  • Liliana – skin “Idol” available from 19th to 25th of February

arena of valor liliana idol

  • Veres – a new HERO, with the addition of “Grand Larceny” skin, at 25% discount price available from 22nd to 28th of February.

arena of valor veres

  • Arthur – skin “Love Sworn” available from 8th to 14th of February
  • Tel’Annas – skin “Love Sworn” available from 8th to 14th of February

arena of valor love sworm

  • Roxie – skin “Jazz Lovers” available from 12th to 20th of February
  • Elsu – skin “Jazz Lovers” available from 14th to 20th of February

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