Casual players possibly never ask for anything else from a certain game than time well spent on fun and playing. But, sometimes the interest of the player by far exceeds plain fun and games, sort to say. People who ask for more from a certain game they love, want to be immersed in its universe and are always hungry for more material, and it is for these people, as well as for anyone else, that FanFiction was born.

FanFiction, often called fan fic or just ff, is by its definition a work of fiction about characters or settings from an original work of fiction, but created by the fans of that work of fiction rather than its original author.
Fanfiction existed even in the first half of the 20th century, but it escalated by an incomparable degree since the wide-spread of Internet.

Fanfiction is rarely commissioned or authorized by the authors of the original work of fiction, and is also rarely professionally published. It is also creatively free from the original work, in terms that fan fic creators have their own creative liberty. This was accepted and encouraged by the original authors, but it was also rejected, and sometimes legal action was taken.

League of Legends Fan Fic

Here on our site,, we are launching the first ever (to my knowledge) fanfiction for Arena of Valor. Now, if you haven’t known, Arena of Valor is the property of Tencent, and Tencent is the primary shareholder of Riot Games, which developed League of Legends.
LoL is a well known MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game, with a highly developed fanfiction.

There are tons and tons of LoL fanfiction works archived all over the web, and new works are constantly coming out. People are even making high quality videos and illustrations, to follow up on their fan fics.

Arena of Valor FanFiction

Arena of Valor has been released in 2015 in China, but has only been released worldwide in 2017, so it has only begun to catch notice. Not to be misinterpreted here, AoV is already so popular that it is probably the fastest game to rise in popularity ever. We are only waiting for the official numbers to make it official, but so far the figures are staggering. The game had 200 million registered members, with 80 million active daily, in China only, while the numbers now are unknown but are probably sky high.

However, fanfiction has yet to begin, and so we have decided to take the first step. As we said, it is still unknown to us if anyone else done this before, we certainly haven’t been able to find any AoV fanfic out there, but this is beside the point. We are not in the race of being the first, we just want to give our own contribution and encourage people to do the same.

So, Blue Moon Game is starting this branch dedicated to Arena of Valor fan fiction, with Stevan Jevtic at the helm of the project as the lead writer and creator. Our material is still in the works, but you will soon be able to see it, and until then we encourage you to do your own and send it to us or post it on our site as you please. We need all the ideas and the help we can get!