Ever since Dota, every new MOBA which came our way added something different to the table. Sometimes they improved on something, sometimes they kept the tradition sort to speak, and sometimes even invented a whole new game mechanic. These big or subtle differences between these games of the same MOBA genre are what drives people to decide on their favorite, so I thought to explore some between Arena of Valor and League of Legends.

First of all, League of Legends is developed by Riot games, as you all undoubtedly know, while Arena of Valor is developed by Tencent. But, what you may not know is that Tencent owns the majority of stakes in Riot Games, so the developers for these two games are practically one. And, when we look at some business strategies and decisions the developers made, we begin to see the pattern.

Arena of Valor is the newest MOBA to hit the world, and it has wreaked havoc. It had over 200 million registered users in China only, prior to being released worldwide. Current figures are unknown (or incalculable), but AoV is certainly taking the world by storm. LoL was popular and it still remains one of the most popular games in any genre in the world, but Arena of Valor is threatening to become one if not the most popular games in the world!

League of Legends has been developed strictly as a desktop game, while Arena of Valor was developed for mobile phone gameplay. This difference automatically brings a set of rules the game needs to follow.
For instance, the duration of a single game of AoV is much shorter (10-15 minutes) than a game of LoL (as long as it takes). Now, this is because the developers took into account that an average mobile gamer does not have that much free time to play, while people are more inclined to dedicate more time when they are on their desktop CPU.

Furthermore, AoV has three abilities and a passive per champion, while LoL has four, plus the trait. This certainly makes mobile device playing easier, but it significantly impacts the games experience. Also, death timers are much shorter in Arena of Valor, and towers and buildings have fewer HP.

Both games use similar preparation systems, runes and stuff, but since LoL is so much older than AoV, LoL has many more champions available, naturally. With that said Arena of Valor features DC universe characters, like Batman and Superman, which added to this game’s popularity enormously. All DC characters are naturally licensed and the development team did justice to all of them, making their abilities correspond to comic books, cartoons, and movies.

When League of Legends came out, the major difference from Dota was that LoL had no minion denial possibility. Now, farming is brought down to simply being present in the vicinity of the dying minions. Again, this is obviously to make the game more engaging for mobile phone gameplay.

Both games feature in-game currencies, like most of online games today, but since Arena of Valor is a mobile game I feel it has a higher spending potential for players, than LoL. Arena of Valor also features bushes on maps, which first appeared in League of Legends, and all MOBAs have it today. Also, game modes in AoV are much similar to LoL. Besides 5v5, they both have 3v3, 1v1, 5v5 single lane mode, and some other interesting game modes.

So, I’m guessing League of Legends will always have its audience and dedicated players, but Arena of Valor is the new big thing, which is obvious because of the sheer staggering popularity the game enjoys, which grows as I write this. Both AoV and LoL have numerous other similarities and differences, like in heroes or abilities, but I’ve thought I should cover the most important game changing ones. Both games are highly addictive and exciting, so choose your poison!