Thursday, November 22

Arena of Valor

“Arena of Valor” is sometimes referred to as “the world's most popular game that no one has heard of”, and that is a shame, but also not too far from the truth.

You see, “AoV Game” is a MOBA, (a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game that has been hugely popular in Asia ever since its release. The game has been developed by Timi Studio Group and published by Tencent Games. Its original version was released all the way back in November 2015 and called “Wangzhe Rongyao”. This game, a prototype of some kind for “Arena of Valor” was intended for mainland Chinese market, and, as such, it drew its lore and mythology inspiration from Chinese folklore and tradition. Once the game evolved into the popular title it is today, it became truly international, with a strange mix of DC Heroes and figures from European legends that all became Arena of Valor heroes. Sounds strange, but it works surprisingly well. On the DC side of things, there are all the big names, like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Joker and more, but the roster doesn’t end there. At the moment, there are more than 40 playable Arena of Valor heroes, with new AoV Heroes, game modes, and events being added regularly.

One possible reason for the smooth familiarity of this game is the fact that it strongly resembles another offering from a Tencent subsidiary, Riot games. If you’re thinking “League of Legends”, you are completely right. Even the screen layout with directional buttons on one side and skill buttons on the other. Gameplay wise, it’s a familiar 5 v 5 multiplayer where you take down towers and enemies that get in your way as you are rushing to your opponent’s base which you obliterate in order to win.

Now, none of this is a bad thing. In fact, one could say that the game only benefits from having a well-known gameplay system that has been proven to work. Add in the story that chooses only the finest myths to pick AoV heroes from (not to mention the fact that some of the AoV Heroes are already DC… well, superheroes) and you got yourself a recipe for a good time.

“Arena of Valor Game” is free to play on iOS and Android, and the upcoming Nintendo Switch port will be free as well. Sure, there are optional in-app purchases, but with some devotion, you can grind your way to your own dream selection of Arena of Valor heroes.