A lot of tips and tricks for Arena of Valor (AoV) game can be found in this guide and more will be added in the future. From off-game (interface, currency…), champion select and in-game, we will share with you those small things everyone can do to improve.


Tip No 1:

  • Spend time on setting up an interface. Few things to recommend in “Control” settings:
  • Target Lock Mode ON. (This will open Minions and Towers option to turn on).
  • Attack Mode – Minions and Towers ON (this is an especially important option for Marksmen, as sometimes they need to focus-down tower instead of the champion).
  • Targeting Priority, Lowest HP amount ON (unless you play hero reliant on enemy percentage health, Thane and Veres are an example, in which case use Lowest HP%) (see the picture below)

Arena of Valor tips and tricks

  • Quick Buy placement – Right side ON. Sometimes every split-second can make a difference between life and death. Lifting finger from movement circle to buy an item can cost you your life or the kill. On the other hand, the right-hand finger has a lot of downtime and is open to use this function.
    On the same token, place Expanded Mini Map on the right-hand side. (check the picture below)

Arena of Valor settings trick
Tip No 2

Research the champion beforehand. Learning a few tips/tricks from different online sources can save you a lot of time. One such source is our Arena of Valor heroes – section, where you can find a large volume of useful information.

Tip No 3

Under Casual Match,>> Training Camp >> Practice, enter 1v1 game versus AI and test all champions in the game, including the ones you don’t have against the champion of your choosing. Spending 2-3 minutes testing how an ability is playing out will help you face those champions on the battlefield.

Tip No 4

Learn Item mechanics. For example, Shield of the Lost is a great item for the heroes diving the enemy, but it is almost useless for the ones staying near allied backline because the radius of this aura is very small. On the other hand, Tidecaller’s Mark also has a small radius but is buffing allies, therefore it should be only used with champions that stay back (like Peura).

Tip No 5

Under Heroes section, select champion, in Equipment department

Click on Suggested (icon on the right-hand side),

Once inside there will be few tabs on the left-hand side, click on Popular.

Here you can find 10 most used and successful builds according to the game statistics. Don’t focus on one particular build, instead, browse through all 10 builds and search for ones repeating. If there is an item present in 9 or 10 builds, this is the Core item and a must-have for this champion.

Champion select

Tip No 6

When choosing a hero, be honest to yourself about the skill lvl and quality of internet. Bad internet or slow reactions means you should play tanky supports or DS laners (junglers and Mid-laners are mostly squishy type), and avoid marksmen at all cost. Consider champions like Toro, Thane, Grakk, Cresht, Temee, and others along those lines.

Tip No 7

To reduce the chance of playing the role for the first time, learn to play well minimum 3 roles (my suggestion is to learn support, jungle, and mid-lane, as those roles have the most influence at the game outcome), but know the basics of all five roles.

Tip No 8

Adapt to team composition. A good composition has:

  • 1-2 tanky heroes
  • 1 marksman
  • 1 mage
  • 2 of the champions should have some form of hard control.
  • The team should have a mix of the damage types. Aim to have 3:2 ration of Physical to Magic (or the other way around) damage. Having all 5 physical champions, or 4 magic and 1 physical champion, is extremely bad because an enemy can itemize to counter this setup fairly easy.

Tip No 9

In ranked games pick the comfortable, tested champions, and experiment in 5v5 Grand Battle.


Tip No 10:

Avoid flaming at all costs and show encouragement and gratefulness where appropriate. Flaming not only tilt allies, but it also spoil your mood, it places entire team morale in a downward spiral and you waste time typing non-helpful things.

However, if the jungler/mid-laner/support came to help you, or you saw ally deal with the situation properly, let them know and they will make sure to repeat that. It is 101 human psychology.

Tip No 11

Map awareness and reaction. To gather information from the map and act accordingly is the most important part of any MOBA or strategy game. Practice your eye movement by looking at the minimap every 3-4 seconds. This is the first step in recognizing the threat or the opportunity. The player “mechanics” has no value without this skill, because it is prerequisite for being in the right place at the right time.

Of all the skills in a game, this one has the most influence on your rank.

Tip No 12

Protect ally jungler while he is taking the first golem, and ensure the other golem is also safe, or at least buy some time. This is the job for the entire team, no-one is free until the jungler had a safe start. If you are in part of the team on another part of the map, protect that part of the jungle, do not engage invading enemies instead, hit the golem once and retreat back to the lane. This will cause the golem to follow you and reset. This will prevent the enemy from stealing it, at least for a while, enabling your jungler to steal their part of the jungle.

Tip No 13

Don’t get complacent. One mistake can turn the game around. Yes, early game is extremely important, but after the 10th minute making one mistake (for example few people separate to get some farm) will flip the game within seconds. Team fights are more important than the farm. There are very few exceptions to this rule (mostly for champions with weak early and strong late game, like violet & kill’groth).

Tip No 14

If you win the skirmish or a team fight, make sure to take as many objectives as possible. An objective can be tower, drake, dark slayer, enemy jungle or the final building. Keep your eyes locked on part of the screen showing how many dead enemies there are, and fall back if you see them revived.

Tip No 15

Taking hits instead of minion. If you won the team fight, your marksman alive with you, and have at least one minion approaching an enemy tower, you can end game right there if that minion survives and marksman hit the tower. In order to do this, step inside the tower range (or the last building) before your minion does and take the hits. This will allow your minion to survive and remove the (70-80%) damage reduction from the building and allow the marksman to finish the game. If the minion dies, chances are there won’t be enough damage.
This looks like a very specific and rare case, but in reality, it happens way more than it seems to be.

Tip No 16

Use extensively “Attack”, “Retreat” and “Rally” commands to quickly communicate with your team. But more importantly, LISTEN to those commands as well.