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Talent: Flicker
LVL priority: Focus on Bloody Fangs, it has superior base damage and scaling.
Play-sample: At lvl 1, build up 3 stacks of passive on river crab and enter the lane. Get close to the enemy, build the 4th stack and try to land passive onto an enemy champion. From this point on, try to hit the enemy with as many passive procs as possible.
If you are at 2 stacks or less, start the combat with Serpent’s Embrace, immediately followed by 1st skill. This way if you hit with Serpent’s Embrace, it will be much easier to land Blood Fangs as well, effectively stunning the target for nearly 2 seconds. However, if you have 3 stacks, first you need to spend those stacks. The reason behind this is simple, if you have 3 stacks and land Serpent’s Embrace, the 4th stack will activate the passive during which you can’t use skills, therefore the target will be able to move/escape before you can use Blood Fangs.

AoV Veres Abilities

Arena of Valor Veres passive Bloody Kiss

AoV Veres passive
Bloody Kiss

Veres gains a stack of Serpent’s Blood that lasts 10 seconds when her normal attacks land on an enemy. Bloody Kiss is triggered at 4 stacks, dealing 250(+25 per lvl) (+150% of ADphysical damage to enemies nearby and gaining 8% Life Steal if an enemy hero is hit (+0.5% per lvl, the lower her HP is, the higher this % is, up to 150%). Bloody Kiss also reduces cooldowns of Bloody Fangs and Serpent’s Embrace by 1 second, and Venom by 2 seconds. When Bloody Kiss is active, Veres can move at 35% increased movement speed and is immune to control effects.

  • it is “donut” shaped skill covering the range from 300 to 600 units.
  • cannot gain stacks by hitting towers.
Arena of Valor Veres skill1 Bloody Fangs

AoV Veres 1st skill
Bloody Fangs

Cooldown: 6 sec

Veres’ snake splits into 2 parts, which dash forward, attacking enemies in their way and deal 130/180/230/280/330/380 (+60% of ADphysical damage. The targets’ movement speed is reduced by 50% for 2 seconds. Enemies hit by both snakes are stunned for 1 second, and each enemy hero hit grants Veres 1 stack of Serpent’s Blood.

  • Max range of 600 units.
  • Targets closer than 300-400 units cannot be hit with both parts of the snake.
Veres skill2 Serpent's Embrace

AoV Veres 2nd skill
Serpent’s Embrace

Cooldown: 12/11.4/10.8/10.2/9.6/9 sec

Veres tosses her snake, pushing away nearby enemies and pulling in distant enemies. Enemies are stunned briefly and take 100/130/160/190/220/250 (+50% of ADphysical damage. Their movement speed is also reduced by 50% for 2 seconds. Each enemy hero hit grants Veres 1 stack of Serpent’s Blood.

  • max range of 750 units.
  • target will end up at the roughly 400 – 500 units.
  • target’s closer than 400 will be pushed away, while those further away will be pulled closer.
Arena of Valor Veres ultimate Venom

AoV Veres ultimate

Cooldown: 24/21/18 sec
Veres rushes to the target location and commands her snake to split and surface, dealing 300/450/600 (+12(+3 every skill lvl)(+1% of AD)% of the target’s lost HP) true damage to enemies in a frontal cone area. If an enemy hero is hit, Veres enters Enrage, increasing her attack speed by 30/45/60%, attack damage by 120/170/220 and armor pierce by 15/25/35% for 4 seconds (10 seconds if an enemy hero is killed). If Bloody Kiss is triggered, each enemy hero hit increases Enrage duration by 2 seconds.

  • jump distance is 600 units with cone spreading for an additional 500 – 600 units (making it reach of grand total 1100 – 1200 units).
  • Combined with Fenrir’s Tooth and Blade of Eternity and not even tanks are safe while their current health is under 30-40% of max value.
  • Can get you across the wall.

AoV Veres Pros and Cons


  • Executioner. Thanks to the ultimate true damage, its synergy with Fenrir’s Tooth, and the distance from which it can land, the potential for finishing off targets is great.
    playing vs Veres, counter: Don’t get anywhere near her while under 30% of HP.
  • Strong passive provides good sustain and control immunity. However, it goes without saying one must land a few good casts, otherwise it is worthless. This is why Veres takes some time to practice.
    playing vs Veres, counter: most of the times it is easier to avoid passive by standing on top of her.
  • Decent control and damage. The control comes from 1st and 2nd skill is good enough for solo and skirmish fights, in team fights Veres control is just enough to pick off stray targets or assist those with more potent control. The damage part comes from consecutive passive and ultimate hits.
    playing vs Veres, counter: moving sideways will significantly drop chances of being hit by Serpent’s Embrace, while not fighting when below 50% HP will drop the risk of being taken down by just one long range ability.


  • Awkward skillset. Passive is donut shaped skill, 1st skill is cup-shaped (reverse cone) skill that only hits with its thin edges (to stun the target it must be at almost exactly 400 range, no more or less), 2nd skill is extremely narrow and difficult to land if target is moving sideways, and the ultimate can easily miss targets that are very close to Veres.
  • Squishy like with other Melee assassins, Veres must balance the build, to have enough damage to burst down an enemy and to have enough toughness to survive brutal melee environment in team fights. This will require careful item-build adjustment from game to game.
  • High skill requirement, a lot of practice and good internet connection. The conditions for playing Veres at a high level goes beyond what is expected for other heroes. While for other heroes it is good enough to guess the direction and maximum distance between you and target, with Veres you have to pay attention to minimum distance as well.
    playing vs Veres, counter: engage when she has 0 – 1 stack and stay very close/on top of her. This will negate a good portion of her power.

AoV Veres Item Build

Arena of valor items mantle of ra
Arena of valor items sonic boots
Arena of valor item medallion of troy
Arena of valor items muramasa
Arena of valor items fenrirs tooth
Arena of valor items blade of eternity

AoV Veres talents and arcana

Arena of valor talents flicker

TALENT: Flicker

120-second cooldown: Teleports your hero a short distance.

aov talents execute

TALENT: Flicker

120-second cooldown: Teleports your hero a short distance.

arena of valor arcana indomitable
arena of valor arcana Guerrilla
arena of valor arcana focus

AoV Veres tips and tricks

Laning as AoV Veres: She can be played in the jungle or maybe even as support, her main position is DS lane. At start check for invading, if it’s happening, lvl up 2nd skill, help jungler if he is on your side. If the jungler is on another part of the jungle than pull the buff-monster, let it reset, and go to the lane. In lane play aggressive but safe. This may sound contradictory but it is the main reason why Veres is so difficult to play. On one hand, she is relatively squishy assassin type while melee range extremely dangerous. On the other hand, she needs to stay in melee range in order to activate the passive as much as possible. However, one thing going for her is the increased melee attack range, which is 400 units (same as Maloch). It is the same distance at which passive and 1st skill are most effective, which means: If you want to be effective Veres player, keep the enemies exactly at a maximum distance of your melee attack AT ALL TIMES (be it by clever movement or by 2nd skill). Once you get used to it, everything else falls in line perfectly and this hero becomes very powerful.


Team Fights as AoV Veres: In team fights, Veres’ job is consist of three equally important parts. First, follow up on initiation and deal as much damage as possible with Bloody Kiss (the only proper Area DMG skill). By doing so you ensure enough life steal and movement. The second part is to pick and control stray targets with 2nd and 1st skill. And finally, third is to execute targets at less than 30% HP. Focus on these three aspects while constantly maintaining a distance of 400 (Veres’ max normal attack distance), and good performance is almost guaranteed.

It will take some practice to be effective, but Veres is really really fun to play. If you want to know more about other Arena of Valor (AoV) champions, check out our Heroes section where you can find a bunch of guides, tips, tricks, and stats.

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