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Talent: Flicker
LVL priority: 212 Pummel
Use 212 Pummel a few seconds before the combat start (the cooldown will start immediately. By the time you use all 3 charges and knock up on target, the next use will be ready again).
-When using 212 Maelstrom try to finish the charge at the wall or tower (destroyed towers are counted as obstacles).
-Be careful when casting the ultimate, 212 Landslide as the enemy can interrupt it with control abilities. The two standard ways of using it are either by starting the channel in the brush while the enemy is unaware of you or, the other way by releasing the channel and immediately using Flicker to get in range (for the later you need a really good internet connection and good reflexes).

AoV Wiro Abilities

Arena of valor wiro skill 212 pinnacle

AoV Wiro Passive
(Magic, Resurrect) 212 Pinnacle

Wiro’s training has reached a new level, increasing his armor and magic defense (not effective while on cooldown). When Wiro is near death, his health is restored by 60% and he is immobilized for 4.5 seconds, during which he loses 25% armor and magic defense and 3 insignias appear around him. When touched by an ally hero, each insignia restores 10% HP to Wiro and the hero. After all, 3 insignias have been activated or at the end of 4.5 seconds, Wiro deals 150 (+100% of AD) Magic damage to nearby enemies and reduces their movement speed. He also gains 50% attack speed and 30% movement speed for 5 seconds. This effect can only be triggered once every 120 seconds.

  • while passive is ready, Wiro has increased armor and magic def.
  • it doubles the amount of Armor and Magic Def
  • it only affects base Armor and Magic Def (not those from items)
    At lvl 1  Armor = 136 (18.4%), and Magic Def = 110 (15.4%).  
    At lvl 15 Armor = 411 (40.6%), and Magic Def = 299 (33.2%)
    The difference in damage reduction gained depending on passive being on cooldown or not, vary in value, 2-3% at higher levels (15) to the difference in 6-8% at lower levels. 
Arena of valor wiro skill 212 pummel

AoV Wiro 2nd Skill
(Physical, Control) 212 Pummel

Cooldown: 9/8.4/7.8/7.2/6.6/6 sec
Mana Cost: 60 (+5 x skill lvl)
Wiro resets his normal attack and enhances his next 3 normal attacks, with each strike dealing an additional 80(+10% of AD) physical damage. The 3rd strike knocks the target in the air for 0.75 seconds.

  • These counts as normal attacks and so the items like Hyoga’s Edge or more offensive Fafnir’s Talon can come handy depending on what you need.
  • Enhanced attacks have superior attack range than that of regular melee attacks.
  • From the moment it is turned on, the player has up to 4 seconds to start attacking, otherwise, the enhancement is wasted.
    Note: It would be good if the developers add some sort of notification for the duration of the enhancement, like some sort of bar or buff.
Arena of valor wiro skill 212 maelstrom

AoV Wiro 2nd Skill
(Physical, Control) 212 Maelstrom

Cooldown: 10/9.6/9.2/8.8/8.4/8 sec
Mana Cost: 80 (+5 x skill lvl)
Wiro charges toward the target direction (but will be stopped if he runs into an obstacle), dealing 100/130/160/190/220/250(+40% of AD) physical damage to enemies along the way and knocking them back. If enemies are knocked into an obstacle they take 50% additional damage and are stunned for 1 second. If Wiro runs into an enemy building, the building takes 250(+100 of AD)physical damage.

  • Cannot get you across the wall.
  • Resistance affects the duration of pushback.
  • Can be used between enhanced normal attacks, for example:
    Pummel>>Enhanced Attack>>Enhanced Attack>>Maelstrom>>Enhanced attack with knock-up.
    This is an excellent way to engage in skirmishes.
Arena of valor wiro skill 212 landslide

AoV Wiro Ultimate
(Physical, Control) 212 Landslide

Cooldown: 45/40/35 sec
Mana Cost: 120 (15 x skill lvl)
Wiro charges for a short period of time (during which he can move, and 50% of the cooldown is returned if the ability is canceled) then smashes his axe into the ground, dealing 300(+150% of AD)physical damage to enemies nearby and knocking them in the air for 1 second. The longer the charging time, the larger the range and higher the damage, up to a maximum of 1000 (+150% of AD) physical damage. Each enemy that gets knocked into the air deals an additional 50% physical damage to other nearby enemies when they land.

Passive: After learning this ability, Wiro’s abilities and enhanced normal attacks deal additional 38 (+25% of AD) magic damage to nearby enemies and buildings for 3 seconds.

  • Flicker can be used in the split second between releasing the ultimate and the animation being complete. This way you can charge the ultimate while on a safe distance and then jumping into the enemy team without giving them chance to interrupt it (note, this is extremely difficult to pull-of).
  • Holding it for the full duration and not releasing the button will cancel the ultimate.

AoV Wiro Pros and Cons


  • Strong wave clear. 212 Pummel is enhancing normal attacks in two ways, by increasing damage and by making it AoE (area of effect). This comes as a bonus to already potent AoE arsenal in 2nd skill and ultimate. Focus on killing minions. Only harass the enemy if he/she comes into melee range. If it’s safe, push the minions away from your tower
    – Playing against Wiro: Avoid standing in the middle of minions, and try to kill them in a quick burst. Calculate how much swings Wiro made and use the mobility to disengage before the third one knock-you-up.
  • Lots of Control. All three abilities can control targets, making Wiro one of the most disruptive champions in the game. Ensure a few things, land the third enhanced attack onto an enemy, use 2nd skill so it pushes the target up against the wall. Start charging 212 Landslide while in the brush.
    -Playing against Wiro: Stay away from the walls and try to save one interrupt/control for when Wiro start to channel.
  • Good initiator. This requires one thing and that is fully charged ultimate to land on few targets. Make one of two things happen, either charge-up the ult while in the brush before an enemy interrupt it, or charge the ultimate while outside of the range, release it and use Flicker before the animation ends to enter the range.
    -Playing against Wiro: As a team, always note where is Wiro located on the map, if you can see him suspect of every brush, and if you see him charge the ultimate have control ability ready to interrupt. Also, try to get across the wall or in force him to use flicker in any way as Wiro need Flicker for good initiation and not having it will mess up his plans.


  • Susceptible to control. Both 2nd skill and ultimate are interruptible by enemy control. The 2nd skill is also the only mobility, and with it out of the way Wiro becomes kitable, thus, even more, increasing his vulnerability to control.
  • Normal-attack based melee warrior. These type of champions are always difficult to balance. On the one hand, you need damage in order to quickly dispose of the target as you don’t have unlimited time. On the other hand, you need toughness in order to survive long enough. Having balanced item build is incredibly important, yet it acts as moving target, it depends on enemy composition.
  • No real escape tool. It can be said 212 Maelstrom can get you away from danger, this is only the case in an open field where there is not a single obstacle, otherwise, it will collide with the wall/tower/remanents of the destroyed tower and so on. Also, Maelstrom will not get you across the wall, which is of huge importance when running away.

AoV Wiro Item Build

Arena of valor items mantle of ra
Arena of valor item gilded greaves
Arena of valor item spear of longinus
Arena of valor item frost cape
Arena of valor item gaias standard
Arena of valor items blade of eternity

Wiro is already naturaly tanky with his passive providin some armor, thus we can afford to take Spear of Longinus to add armor penetration. The second important item is Blade of the Eternety, which fits in nicely with Wiro’s passive, so they complement each other.

The alternative to Spear of Longinus is Fafnir’s Talon and if you do so, pick up Muramasa instead of Frost Cape, as you ‘l need armor pierce to come from somewhere.

AoV Wiro talents and arcana

Arena of valor talents flicker

TALENT: Flicker

120-second cooldown: Teleports your hero a short distance.

aov talents execute

TALENT: Flicker

120-second cooldown: Teleports your hero a short distance.

Be it for engage or disengage, Wiro need flicker to fill in the gaps in his skill set. Take Execution only if you plan on going DS lane and you are a solo type of player that love to score some kills.

arena of valor arcana indomitable
arena of valor arcana Guerrilla
arena of valor arcanas Skewer

Because he is melee hero, Wiro need some tankiness and movement speed, while attack speed is superior to attack damage. We pick Skewer to add some potency to his early game.

AoV Wiro tips and tricks

Laning: Wiro can be played in Dark Slayer lane or as support. The build we are featuring is made for DS lane. Thanks to his passive, at lvl 1 Wiro has more armor, magic res and as bonus ability to resurrect. All this makes him extremely potent lvl 1 warrior. Use it to your advantage, at start pick 212 Pummel and if there is no invade from enemies, destroy the minion wave to quickly get to lvl 2. At this point, play safe and try to bait the enemy to engage you within relative vicinity of your tower, try to get behind him and use 212 Maelstrom to push him toward the tower so he takes few shots. Other than that try using combo of 2x Enhanced normal attack into Maelstrom into knock up from a third normal attack (it will take few games to get used to this combo). Once ultimate is available if the enemy has hard control abilities that can stun/knock-up/pushback, go into the brush to charge up the ult before coming out to release it (can be useful to enter the brush few times in advance, in order create an illusion of you visiting the brush for no apparent reason).

Team Fights: The most important thing in team-fights when playing Wiro is the effectiveness of his ultimate. To ensure landing it properly practice using Flicker in the time between releasing the charge and actual damage (there is roughly less than half a second time to execute this, so good reaction and connection speed are in order). The other way to initiate fights is by channeling ult from the brush. That is fairly unreliable as it requires the enemy team to get close, which is not something we can depend upon. Past the initiating fights, Wiro’s job is to try and lock down, or at least push away, those trying to engage upon ally squishy heroes. Always try to be positioned in such way you can angle 212 Maelstrom to push enemy against the wall or tower (destroyed towers count as well).

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