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Welcome to the Arena of Valor Tier list by Blue Moon Game.

Arena of Valor Tier List is consistently updated with the latest information, including all characters (AoV Heroes) and Arena of Valor updates (patches).

Arena of Valor Tier Lists by an update


Disclaimer: We are aware that Tier Lists, as they are ( and Arena of Valor is not an exception), cannot be true for every game, for every rank or player skill lvl, nor is it same for the solo/premade queue and so on. There are numerous differences however, we will average them across the board.

Also, we provided for you Arena of Valor - Tier List builder , an easy-to-use tool for creating and sharing tier list with us, your friends, community and/or team-mates. 

AoV Tier List: Tier 1 - Legendary

Florentino, Lindis, Quillen, Riktor, Sephera, Elsu,

-Very strong in almost all important aspects concerning his role in the game (tank, assassin, marksman, mage...).
-Have one or few exceptional attributes/skills or way they do the job.
-They fit into current metagame.
-Can cover its weaknesses on-his-own.

At this moment tier - Legendary consist of next AoV characters:

arena-of-valor-champion-florentinoFlorentino- Playing Florentino sometimes feel like dancing around its target, however, don't let this feeling fool you. He might be dancing and collecting flowers, but Florentino is packing tons of damage and ready to unleash on unsuspecting targets. Currently, Florentino is one of the most difficult Arena of Valor characters to deal with in DS lane.

arena-of-valor-champion-quilenQuillen - Quillen has everything - mobility, reduction of enemy damage, invisibility, healing regen, and built-in crit. However, Mobility skills have short range, invisibility is not complete because of blinking light showing his location, reduction of enemy damage is available only at maximum one target. With all that being said, Quillen is still awesome at one job... taking care of enemy squishy characters. Until teams learn how to deal with him, Quillen remains Tier 1 for now. 


Sephera- At first few weeks I played Sephera, I never taught she is anything above average. The damage was lacking burst potential and control is half decent. It always felt like she is missing something. What I was ignoring is the amount of safety she enjoys. Considering how prevalent are assassins these days, Sephera comes to as anty burst cure. She just pops her ultimate and moves back to safety, and continue poking from a distance.

arena-of-valor-champion-elsu Elsu- Insane range, great burst, very good mobility, and great vision. Everything mentioned is packed withing Elsu’s skill set at the cost of being immovable during, and less than second after the Snipe. So yes, Elsu has its flaw, but with clever positioning and proper planning you can enhance strengths and hide your weaknesses, or at least bring them down to a minimum. In the end, with Elsu, its all up to the player. Landing one good snipe, for example, onto an enemy assassin can prevent him from even entering the fight against your team.
One weakness somewhat difficult to compensate is allied team constantly rushing forward to engage and not providing Elsu the time or opportunity to find those juicy shots onto enemy marksman/mage/assassin. He can be considered one tier lower if there is not enough time to poke before a fight or is unable to effectively use Sentinels, otherwise Elsu is Tier 1.

arena-of-valor-champion-lindisLindis– If stray into the jungle where Lindis resides, you will most definitely feel why she is so high on our Tier List. Simple game mechanics, kiting/chase potential (good movement buffs and crazy range) coupled with insane amounts of damage, especially in the late game, makes Lindis one of the top picks in any ranked game. She might be in problem if invaded by the enemy team, but with proper positioning and safe approach in the early game she can overcome it. On a plus side, if invaded, the enemy team must invest a lot in preventing her from snowballing, leaving a ton of options for teammates on the other parts of the map. Lindis ability to deal huge amounts of damage, while on the move is something unique for any champion, let alone marksman that can put this to good use.

riktorRiktor – Depending on the ground he is standing, Riktor’s skill set changes. This provides a decent chunk of versatility to this assassin, like potential movement speed, knock-up or damage reduction. Combine that with on-demand immunity and true damage from the ult and the tools you need to deal with most situations is present, all it requires is a nice certain level of skill and game knowledge. So, yes Riktor requires good decision making but he pays off as he can fit in well in many team compositions and reserve Tier 1 ranking on our AoV Tier List.

AoV Tier List: Tier 2 - Epic

 Airi, Baldum, Cresht, Ignis, Jinnar, Kriknak, Liliana, Marja, Maloch, Mina, Murad, Natalya, Omen, Roxie, Ryoma,  Superman, Teemee, Violet, Y'bneth, Xeniel, Zephys,

-Strong in almost all important aspects.
-Fit into current metagame.
-Many valuable strengths.
-Few weak points.

arena-of-valor-champion-airiAiri– A high mobility warrior/assassin with some nice long range control, Airi is best fit for solo lane and in team fights for disposing of an enemy back line. She has got some buff to her damage at the cost of her toughness (which in total came out to be a nerf overall). Because of good skillset, Airi is always a good pick in good hands.

arena-of-valor-champion-baldumBaldum– A towering hulk, this centaur is a very tough tank with some mobility, but the thing separating him is the potency of his control abilities. Tossing enemy over his head packed together with the ability to charge and separating one of the enemy characters was never easier.
Depending on how successful a player is with landing good ultimate and farming early game (not falling behind is very important), Baldum can easily move across the AoV Tier List.

arena-of-valor-champion-creshtCresht– A juggernaut, a mobile fortress, there are very few, if any, champion that can be described like this. Cresht will not win the laning phase by himself, but in combination with marksman and/or jungler, the situation takes a dramatic turn. In his regular form, Cresht is more of a support champion and relatively useful at that. However, once ultimate is used options open up, absorbing entire enemy team firepower, taking shots from the tower and so on. Being able to increase his own tankiness on demand is the major contributor to Cresht high rank on AoV Tier List.

arena-of-valor-champion-ignisIgnis– After the few consecutive updates, all being buffs to this old timer of a mage, Ignis has settled near the top. Being able to consistently provide damage, stuns, sustain damage and restore his health, Ignis place in a game is rock solid. One thing he is lacking is burst potential. Playing Ignis feels like you are grinding opponents instead of destroying. This place emphasis on staying relatively close to a front line for a prolonged period of time while not having any other means of escape apart from Flicker, however, diving Ignis can be extremely dangerous and he is one of the best zone controllers in the game. 

arena-of-valor-champion-jinnarJinnar- The infamous AoE machine, his ultimate gives damage reduction (both armor and magic defense) and has great AoE damage like his other skills, but Jinnar heavily lacks in control. After January 2019 Arena of Valor patch update, wave clear characters increased in value.
-If your team engage in lots of team fights in tight places, like jungle narrow passages, and Jinnar is present there, then he can skyrocket to a Legendary tier of AoV Tier List.

arena-of-valor-champion-kriknakKriknak– The combination of extremely high burst damage and mobility, enabling Kriknak to quickly zip through the jungle camps and at the same time be deadly when ganking. If provided by the decent amount of assistance from teammates, this bug is unstoppable. Consistently highly ranked Arena of Valor character.

arena-of-valor-champion-lilianaLiliana – It was a long and hard consideration, to place Liliana in the Legendary or Epic category. She is the type of hero that one can spend ages learning and mastering, but there will always be something to improve upon. Probably the champion with the highest ceiling, the problem is this champion is not for everyone. The amount of talent and practice player must invest in her in order to reach those highs is godlike… and only then she turns to be exactly that, godlike. (personal opinion: Liliana would be Legendary if not for the skill prerequisites needed to manifest that greatness).

arena-of-valor-champion-marjaMarja- She is a solo lane bruiser, able to dish out some decent damage while simultaneously regenerating her own through life steal. Although lacking in the control department, Marja's off-the-charts sustain damage and ability to become untargetable is placing her this high in Tier List AoV. This is reflected by the level of respect pro-players are showing to her in pick/ban phase.

arena-of-valor-champion-malochMaloch– a tanky bruiser, very durable with larger attack range compared to other melee characters. While his team is preparing for a fight, Maloch can stay in vicinity and farm jungle or some other objectives, while at the same time keeping an eye on the front line and if need be engage the enemy. Well equipped to deal with most situations, Maloch is not difficult nor to dependant on others, a strong pick against almost every composition. Highly positioned on all versions of AoV Tier List.

arena-of-valor-champion-minaMina– Tank/support champion, strong base stats and ability to pull enemy character in, and lock them down with Taunt. A very valuable support champ. Few things to consider, she is strong against melee champions and without means of escape from fights. In a situation where Mina is played in the well-organized team, her value rises to at Epick, but as a solo player, consider her Good pick as in solo-queue she can be hit or miss.

arena-of-valor-champion-natalyaNatalya– Lots of harass, decent control and damage no-one can be ashamed of. Natalya has the firepower of artillery and the mobility of snail. High mobility characters or the ones that can outrange her are dropping her value in team fights. The fact she has to stand her ground when casting ultimate is not helping her case for a stronger position on the board. She is a Good champion. Yes, she can be considered much stronger if the entirety of your team decides to create team fights somewhere in the jungle in narrow spaces where Natalya excels, but that is rarely the case in non-professional games.

arena-of-valor-champion-muradinMurad- He is an assassin you don't want to be on the other side of the battlefield. Somewhat slow early game clear speed it picks up as the game goes on, his ultimate with a ridiculously low cooldown is what makes Murad special. Thou his ultimate requires unsealing (read more on it in the guide), and with a very high skill cap, Murad is unstoppable. Now, most of the times high skill cap would be something we consider negative, well it is in this case too, but … the sheer potential of this champion is so above anything else, that we feel high skill cap is justified. 

arena-of-valor-champion-omenOmen– “Wanna One-vs-One me?” Well, hell no against Omen. High damage, very tough and with an ability to lock the enemy down. All this plays well in hand of this mighty split pusher and one-vs-one powerhouse. His utility drops dramatically in team fights, which makes him a good solo lane-split pusher.

arena-of-valor-champion-roxieRoxie- There are three things that stand out for Roxie. First, her entire toolkit is very well combined to provide enough sustain so Roxie won't ever teleport to base. Second and most important is her ultimate and ability to hook champion and drag him for the entirety of 2.5 seconds (your teammates will love you for this). Her weakness, being prone to kiting combined with recent nerfs to her overall damage and control place Roxie in the average rank of Arena of Valor Characters.

arena-of-valor-champion-ryomaRyoma - One of the best warriors in the game. From low tier to high tier players Ryoma has cemented his spot in almost any game. For a melee champion, his long-range high burst damage while also staying safe is something not many can brag about. Unless some nerfs hit this guy, the future seam steady for him.

arena-of-valor-champion-supermanSuperman– Great burst, tons of health, high movement speed, tons of control. With all of this under the belt, Superman is still only Good. Several reasons for Superman not being Legendary is his weakness to slowing effect, he can be disruptive to ally strategy by pushing enemies to far away, and somewhat clunky playstyle (the last one might not be negative for some).
-If the player is really good at playing this champ mechanically, and he knows how to work with allies to set up fights, in that case, Superman  can be Legendary, however, if player has not mastered him or an ally team is not fit to deal with lots of enemy pushbacks (heroes like Alice and Azzenka that places ultimate on the ground), in that case Superman can be more of hindrance than help.

arena-of-valor-champion-teemeeTeeMee- Extra gold for teammates, AoE stun, some mobility and to top it all a unique ultimate. All of this earns TeeMee respectable place among many characters. It can be somewhat difficult to land good ultimate, as it depends on far too many factors, and most for most of the player is not in control (how durable is ally, how much damage can enemy team deal, has ally or enemy saved some ability to escape or execute, and much more).

arena-of-valor-champion-violetViolet- Jungler or Marksman no matter the role, Violet has been at the top for a long time due to her high range, damage and ability to snipe the enemy backline without getting too far forward or having to go through tanks. By now most people learned how dangerous she is, but rarely anyone has managed to deal with it. She is permanent top half of the Tier List AoV.

arena-of-valor-champion-ybnethY'bneth– High sustain in laning phase, high toughness, high amount of control, relatively good mobility and decent damage. At the cost of being slightly prone to kiting by a very few champs, Y’bneth is a great team oriented champion, slightly less effective as a solo but certainly enough to hold his ground. He is straightforwardly strong in almost every aspect.

arena-of-valor-champion-xenielXeniel- Similar to Max, Xeniel is less of a fighter and more of a control/support kind of guy. Heals stuns and solid burst damage that makes you a threat at all times makes Xeniel a force to be reckoned with. However, the most important aspect is his global ultimate. Being able to push one lane, then jump to aid an ally on the other part of the map, Xeniel is an extremely proficient split pusher. The fact he is virtually unkillable in the late game only enforce his high status.

arena-of-valor-champion-zephysZephys- Nice amount of control, good bruiser, great mobility and jungle clear, are things that puts Zephys in this position. As health goes down the damage reduction goes up and it applies to both armor and magic defense. Zephys only weakness is against true damage, which is pretty scarce. At times it feels like he is lacking some burst, but that drawback is compensated by a good cooldown speed.

AoV Tier List: Tier 3 - Good

Aleister, Alice, Amily, Annette, Arum, Arthur, Astrid, Azzenka, Batman,  Gildur, Grakk, Lauriel, Lu Bu, Lumburr,  Krixi, Max, Omega, Ormarr, Preyta, Raz, Rourke, Slimz,  Tel’Annas, The Flash, Thane,  Tulen, Valhein, Veres, Wukong, Zuka, Zanis, Zill.

-Strong in some key aspects.
-Have some glaring weaknesses but can be worked around with clever build or game style.

arena-of-valor-champion-aleisterAleister– Have seen some buffs so now his 2nd ability is unparalleled in context of sheer damage potential. However, this is not enough to place him anything higher than Good as there are no mobility bonuses and as much as his ultimate is great to control one enemy champion, it also locks Aleister in place.

arena-of-valor-champion-aliceAlice– Support supreme. Her majesty queen Alice has everything support need to have, good movement speed, multiple versions of control and safety for her allies. This safety comes coupled with significant increase in allies movement, combine that with a large radius and long duration of her ultimate that damage, slow and silence enemies (add Frosty’s Revenge and those entering will not leave it for a long time).

arena-of-valor-champion-amilyAmily– A warrior-assassin is a jack of all trades, but master of none. She has a little bit of everything, some mobility, good damage, good sustain, some toughness (strong against consistent damage, not so much against strong bursts). Because her ultimate is hit or miss, its strength depends on the type of champion Amily is facing, that is the reason she cannot be top tier champion. 

arena-of-valor-champion-anneteAnnette– With her ultimate slightly reworked, Annette is now in much better position to influence the game from the position of safety, which is everything good support need. Tons of control and great damage for support, but ultimate that can both win and loose a game. With enough practice, Annette can be considered Top pick in our Arena of Valor Tier List.

arena-of-valor-champion-arumArum– An AP tank reliant on self-healing and control over the enemy. Arum unique ultimate can be extremely potent in solo queue, but far less so in pro games. Arum is also somewhat susceptible to kiting. We placed her in category Good, but it can fluctuate up or down depending on the enemy knowledge of this champion as well as how creative is the player using Arum’s ultimate.

arena-of-valor-champion-arthurArthur– Tanky and mobile warrior, Arthur is held in high regard when played against physical damage dealing character in the lane. One of his drawbacks is the weakness against lots of control as not only he is prone to kiting outside of his first ability, but his ultimate can be interrupted mid-flight. Depending on ratio physical-to-magic damage and on an amount of control enemy team has, Arthur can move up or down the list ("up" if against more physical oriented AoV heroes, "down" if there is a large number of control abilities that can interrupt his ultimate).

arena-of-valor-champion-astridAstrid– A durable warrior with some decent mobility and added immunity for the duration of her ultimate. For solo play and solo lane, Astrid can be fun to play, however, her gameplay relies on landing one great ultimate, and that is not an easy thing to do because it is so situational. After the rework of her ultimate, Astrid has a much easier time landing a good one. Her position in AoV Tier List has improved.

arena-of-valor-champion-azzenkaAzzen'ka– One of the best mages in the game for dealing with a clumped up enemy team, Azzenka also offers some nice control however, he is lacking any sort of mobility and sustains. The reason why he is only avarage pick is a possibility the enemy will spread out and neutralize Azzenka’s strongest asset, however, in close quarter team fights Azzen'ka is top pick in AoV Tier List.

arena-of-valor-champion-batmanBatman– Here is an example of champion looking and feeling much more dangerous then he really is. Batman has good burst damage, so his jungle clear speed is great, however, because he is squishy melee assassin, his team must provide both engage and control over the enemy in order for him to be effective. Early game objective control and impact on skirmish battles is above and beyond, but once it comes to large team fights, Batman’s ability to provide, falls significantly.

arena-of-valor-champion-gildurGildur– Have interesting skill set, some mobility, decent toughness, great short range AoE control, and great long range poke/control. When considering all individual values of these skills, it seems like strange he is not in the very top of this list. Well because all of those elements are great, but the entire skill set is lacking some synergies. Like, he is a poke champion (for which he need lots of AP/damage), but his ultimate is short range and requires from him to enter the middle of an enemy team (for which he needs lots of tankiness). Long range (2nd skill) have a slight delay and activate on impact (it can be avoided and activated by anything that stands in front of an enemy, like a minion/creep). Ultimate is a channel and can be interrupted with any kind of long-range knock-up, stun or similar.

arena-of-valor-champion-grakkGrakk– With added 0.5 seconds to silence Grakk has become much more reliable pick. Overall he has decent damage, great control and a good amount of health. Grakk may not be the most picked/banned in Pro-games, but in the solo queue, the value of hooking one champion, or potentially trapping entire team in his ultimate can decide team fights. The potential of these abilities is great, however, reliability is somewhat questionable.

arena-of-valor-champion-laurielLauriel- One patch one nerf and bam you drop down one tier. Lauriel was one of the best (she is still pretty good) mages in the game but such a huge nerf on her 1st ability has had a great effect on her gameplay. She is still really good mid laner, highly mobile and can build tanky (rare to happen on a mage) while at the same time is hard to gank.
- Lauriel’s position on AoV Tier List is highly dependant on how good a decision maker is a player concerning when to engage and when to stay back. Being aggressive is required, but overly aggressive can backfire. The line is not clear.

arena-of-valor-champion-lubuLu Bu- Lu Bu is a high mobility warrior with good sustain and damage. But Lu Bu does lack in crowd control department and it's really hard to be efficient with him. He requires from the player a great phone, great connection, fast fingers and a lot of practice, but if one got all those he is awesome champ. Lu Bu is great at dueling and taking objectives if that's what your team needs to go for it.
-he is a highly demanding champion and it influences his position on the list.

arena-of-valor-champion-lumburrLumburr– Tanky support that buff ally with least amount of health, can shield allies, knock up and debuff enemies and finally he can engage/disengage with very long range ultimate. Thou lacking some damage and personal safety, Lumbur still provides a great deal of utility for his team, which is always useful.

arena-of-valor-champion-krixiKrixi– Decent mobility, very good harass/poke, good stun and overall great damage dealer. Krixi is fragile but extremely hard to catch up. Most of the time Krixi players will stand far back, harass with 1st and stun with the second if someone gets close. On top of that her ultimate deals huge amounts of damage, however, if multiple targets it can be unreliable as the damage can land on a non-priority target. Being fragile, with no sustain, some movement increase (but not enough), a player must be extremely good at positioning and good at picking fights and poking, in order for Krixi to be effective.

arena-of-valor-champion-maxMax- Great bruiser and a 1v1 laner with an ultimate that lets him target enemy heroes anywhere on the map and fly to them. It all adds up to a great Dark Slayer laner. You can push towers, be a nuisance and at the same time arrive at the team fights when necessary. Depending on how good a player's map awareness and how good is the team's ability to exploit global pressure, Max can go way up or down on Arena of Valor Tier List.

arena-of-valor-champion-omegaOmega– with Winter Wonderlands update, Omega's ultimate got Knockback effect as an addition. This changes Omega's role and value significantly, pushing him more toward support role. Thou he is lacking some tanking stats, the amount of control this robot provides is now godlike. The question is for how long his bad reputation will follow him. 

arena-of-valor-champion-ormarrOrmarr– Very good mobility and control while being able to dish out lots of AoE as well as single target damage. The reason why Ormarr is down here with other Fair-ranked characters is his item dependency for skirmishes. Once team fights on the way he needs to be equipped and equipped well. Falling behind is not an option for Ormar, otherwise, in team fights, he is taken out easily.

arena-of-valor-champion-preytaPreyta– Long range and strong wave clear. Preyta can hold the ground in up-front battles while under the effect of the ultimate. Preyta is ideal wave clear champion and this aspect of the game has gained somewhat on importance ever since the 10% gold penalty is introduced for farming under the tower. 

arena-of-valor-champion-razRaz– A highly mobile, magic damage, melee assassin with one long range harass ability. Raz is a tricky champion, on one hand, the harass and burst potential is immense, the mobility is off the charts, and the amount of control is the stuff of legends. On the other hand, his mobility must be practiced to the point it becomes instinct, he is squishy and yet at some point have to dive into the enemy team, and if Raz falls behind his harass becomes irrelevant.

arena-of-valor-champion-rourkeRourke– A versatile marksman/bruiser hybrid, best suited for the jungle, if left unchecked can easily reach the point where he roams the map and easily disposes of the opposition. His ganks are sudden and deadly, often leaving the scene of battle almost unscathed. Thou lately slightly less favored by pro-players, Rourke is still effective and deserve this high rank on AoV Tier List.

arena-of-valor-champion-slimzSlimz- Is a very mobile Jungler/ADC with great attack speed and long-range skill-shot stun. Slimz needs time to scale and if he falls behind Slimz become a spear thrower, and no one likes to be a Slimz spear thrower anyway. Staying ahead at all times and successfully ganking is imperative and if managed well Slimz will definitely be a dangerous rabbit.

arena-of-valor-champion-telannasTel'Annas– An ability to increase range, for a marksman of this caliber, that sort of ability is too good. Lacking in the mobility department is compensated with long range stun and increased effectiveness playing alongside ally (anything that encourages team-play, sits well with us).
In case of the enemy team lacks mobility/is prone to kiting (these are rare situations, but they happen), then Tel’Annas value skyrocket.

arena-of-valor-champion-flashFlash– An extremely mobile, magic damage dealing, melee assassin. On top of this, his ultimate provides a great deal of control. On one hand Flash should be in the very top of this chart, however, players around the world learned how dangerous he is and now everyone plays much safer when he is around, or somewhere close on the map. 

arena-of-valor-champion-thaneThane- Thane is one of those defensive supports that are supposed to keep the enemy off your back. Thane has great control, nice amount of CC and great true damage ultimate (Some believe it’s one of the best in the game), but you have what all other supports have. 
-If a player can effectively use Thane’s passive, then he is higher on the Arena of Valor Tier List.

arena-of-valor-champion-tulenTulen- Mage with a great damage and mobility oppressive from the first minute to the last. A decent range on spells and triple leap makes Tulen hard to catch. While kiting or chasing he can deliver tons of damage. The one problem Tulen is facing is, in order to maximize the damage potential, he needs to be somewhat close to the target. Obviously, this by itself is not that bad, but in practice, it can lead Tulen into overextending.
-If the player is a great decision maker and keeps good track of enemy position on the minimap at every moment, for those people Tulen should be considered higher in the list.

arena-of-valor-champion-valheinValhein-Nice movement speed, one part reliable and one part RNG stun. If he were to get a yellow glaive every time Valhein would be great but that instability is his detriment. Valhein is a great champion in duels and skirmishes, 1v1, 2v2 and so on. Because of this skirmish effectiveness, Valhein is great in cooperation with ally jungler ganking the lane, therefore depending on jungler he can be considered one tier higher.

Veres - Warrior/Assassin mostly played in DS lane feature increased melee attack range, have an interesting passive and provide one of the most potent executes in game. Her skills are somewhat difficult to land, and her playstyle is somewhat weird but fun. Her value depends to a huge degree on how good is her early game, making this champion either dominating or useless.

arena-of-valor-champion-wukongWukong- One of those heroes that need to stay ahead to be strong. Gains 15% passive crit chance, have great outplay potential and strong early game but if he isn’t played to those strengths or in the worse case, he get jumped-on early by the enemy, the chances are late game will be a disaster. Wukong is somewhat a gamble and granted it can fail pick, but when it succeeds, it is a class act. 

arena-of-valor-champion-zukaZuka- Being melee tank is nothing special, melee assassin, on the other hand, requires tons of practice, skill and constant need to stay ahead in farm, levels and basically all aspects of the game. This is the case with Zuka, tons of mobility and burst damage but being squishy he is difficult to play at the maximum level, as one control ability and he can be dealt with. Depending on enemy team composition and the player skill (and time invested) Zuka can move up and down this list.

arena-of-valor-champion-zanisZanis– Very much dependant on early game, Zanis can be extremely effective if he scores some assists/kills early in the game. His first ability is a mix of Sprint and Purify can make him engage or disengage with ease, while True Damage and Knockup are great assets for almost all warriors. Zanis can be prone to kiting and is relying on passive to provide necessary attack damage. In Winter Wonderlands update Zanis got rework on his ultimate (removed damage reduction component) and on his 2nd ability (attack speed increase at the cost of reduced duration of the buff). In a sense, it can be considered nerf in tanking, but in reality, he got a strong push toward damage builds.

arena-of-valor-champion-zillZill-A mobile assassin with a good burst also being untargetable for the duration of ultimate. Highly effective when taking down squishy targets, Zill’s effectiveness drops when ultimate is off cooldown or the target is tanky (magic def in particular). If the opposition decides to build more toward magic res, Zill can be considered as one tier lower.

AoV Tier List: Tier 4 - Fair

Arduin,  Butterfly, Chaugnar, DiaoChan, Fennik, Ilumia, Kahlii, Kill’groth, Moren, Nakroth,  Peura, Skud, Taara, The Joker, Toro, Veera,  Wisp, Wiro, Wonder Woman, Yorn.

-Few strong points.
-Lacking severely in a few aspects (control, mobility, damage, safety, range, sustain...).
-Require team-effort to cover his weakness or to play to his strength.

arena-of-valor-champion-arduinArduin- We have to give props to Arduin for the versatility he offers. He does have a great set of skills that synergize well with each other but it’s hard to utilize him to his full potential. Arduin's ability to bait enemies into continual attacking while simultaneously healing and shielding himself can surprise his enemies.

arena-of-valor-champion-butterflyButterfly– A top favorite to score Mega Kill, Butterfly resets her cooldowns on scored kill or assist. This made her popular and for good reason. She can build tanky or damage, both equally effective but with different skill requirement (damage build provides more direct damage but is riskier to play). Her main weakness is her popularity. Everyone knows what she can do and so the majority of players will do whatever it takes to counter her strengths. She is particularly effective in lower brackets, up to gold league (it takes some team coordination in order to prevent her taking over the fight).

arena-of-valor-champion-chaugnarChaugnar– Chaos Elephant was one of the major picks in pro games for a long time. He is considered a counterpick for enemy team compositions reliant on control. When faced against those like Aleister, Toro and alike, consider Chaugnar higher on Arena of Valor Tier List.

arena-of-valor-champion-diaochanDiao Chan– With two charges on her second ability, the amount of control she can provide is immense. Coupled with a great amount of damage coming from ultimate and some slowing effect from the first ability and Diao Chan is set to rock the stage. Lacking mobility, being forced to channel the ultimate and the fact that she is one of the oldest characters (everyone learned what to pay attention when facing her) prevents her from reaching top tiers.

arena-of-valor-champion-fenikFennik– A long-range objective oriented marksmen, Fennik can be extremely dangerous when ahead of his enemies. Ability to mark the objective (tower, dragon, dark slayer) and destroy it very quickly, is something everyone should be mindful of. The one big problem Fennik has is lack of early game impact and considering how important is that game aspect in Arena of Valor, this comes as a major flaw.

arena-of-valor-champion-ilumiaIlumia– Is a mid lane mage with global ultimate. She is very weak against high mobility heroes like Tulen, Lauriel and so on. Ultimate is her main tool that aside from damage and stun, also provides a vision over the enemy characters for 3 seconds. At the cost of requiring some protection, Ilumia offers a good amount of damage and utility. 

arena-of-valor-champion-khaliiKahlii– A good wave clear, good movement speed and long range of an ultimate. In January 2019. patch meta-game shifted toward wave clear heroes and Kahlii fits in well. Kahlii suffers from bad design so the ultimate is her strongest asset and yet the chances are a good half of it will go to waste, plus she has a very strong normal attack, yet is so squishy she cannot afford to get near the fight.

arena-of-valor-champion-kilgrothKil'groth - Kil'Groth needs a lot of time and in this game that is an expensive commodity. His main strengths are fast normal attacks, immunity to crowd control for the duration of ultimate and decent gap closer. But there is nothing there to make him survive the harsh environment of melee combat, no hard controls like stuns, no defensive tool worth mentioning, not even some decent damage from his abilities. It comes down to normal attacks, and for those to be effective Kill’groth must be ahead in farm at all times. The only valuable aspect he is bringing is a clear speed. If teammates occupy enemy long enough, he can quickly dispense with jungle camps and towers. In hands of the good decision maker that plays in a well-organized team, Kill’groth can be an exceptional pick, but it requires his team to suffer lack of his presence early in the game.

arena-of-valor-champion-morenMoren– A marksman ideally played in the jungle, relatively decent in all areas, some mobility, some sustain, good control and toughness that is better than that of an average marksman (but it requires from Moren to stay in firing range for a long period of time in order to stack-up passive). Moren's value is increased in games where he is faced up against melee characters that are somewhat prone to kiting or have only one engage tool.

arena-of-valor-champion-nakrothNakroth– A melee assassin with tons of mobility and some control. Lacking any decent defense, apart from immunity to crowd control for the duration of ultimate. It is always difficult to play squishy melee assassin in team fights and Nakroth is not an exception. For most people, Nakroth is not a great pick, but for players with good reflexes, this hero can do wonders. Lately improved the position on our AoV Tier List.

arena-of-valor-champion-peuraPeura– A support with the strongest heal in the game and very potent ultimate. Peura is one of the stronger supports in the game and with the change to her ultimate (instead of channel, now it is turn-on aura) she is much more effective. She is lacking playmaking potential and she can be enjoyed only by the people that really really love playing support. Consider her tier higher when you are faced up against poke/harass enemy composition.

arena-of-valor-champion-skudSkud– A disruptive melee bruiser, Skud comes packed with good control, mobility and sustain. If ahead, he can be particularly deadly against low mobility squishy enemies. In organized teams, Skud is a great addition, excellent in skirmishes and team fights alike. However, he comes with a number of flaws but the most glaring one is the inability to specialize. His skill set is not fit for tanking or damage instead, he is a mix of both and maxing one will make him useless in other.

arena-of-valor-champion-taaraTaara– Weak before level 4, clunky passive (lots to be said about it, mostly bad), weak damage and control, Taara’s strength lays in a large amount of self-healing. The problem is it gets countered by one item and so just as she starts to gain levels a competent enemy team will build either Curse of Death or Tome of the Reaper, any of those two shuts Taara down. She would be underwhelming champion but she recently got some buffs to increase her damage and amount of HP, as well as the fact even pro-players are not building the items that counter her hard.

arena-of-valor-champion-the-jokerThe Joker – And... the favored Villain of all times (at least Heath Ledger version), The Joker is true mischief. There is plenty of fun to be had to play this champ, with some weird but fun mechanics. Some survivability, some control, and strong poke. All of this cannot fully replace a lack of consistency in his toolkit. He has the potential to be higher on the list, with proper team setup and play-style.

arena-of-valor-champion-toroToro– One of the toughest Arena of Valor Heroes around, good mobility and great control. Toro lacks some damage, but he makes up for it with one of the best passives in the game. There is a catch to Toro, he is not effective solo and must build The Aegis as the first or at least second item. If two of those conditions are met and played around his passive (properly tanking those control abilities), Toro can be an extremely valuable team member. Personally, I consider Toro one of those underrated Arena of Valor characters and think that most players can have great fun and success with this cow.

arena-of-valor-champion-veeraVeera– After the last patch notes we thought Veera is getting a lot better but that is actually not the case. She got some cooldown reduction if she kills an enemy hero but what happens without kills? She is good against single targets, but with more enemies involved she rely on her teammates and that makes her liability. She needs a way too much to be useful, a lot of farm, long time, good ganks and a good matchup.

arena-of-valor-champion-wispWisp– Is a crit based marksman, reliant on early snowball and later punishing enemy team with massive AoE channeling ultimate. She feels like a massive potential, but it is only a feeling. In the meantime, she is not one of the contested characters and for that reason is only Fair. Players who are very precise with skill-shots (Barrel Bomb) and are great at positioning can be considered higher on AoV Tier List.

arena-of-valor-champion-wonderwomanWonder Woman – Now here is a contentious one. Wonder Woman is very strong early game warrior, able to duel and prevail against most characters on level 1. Her Ultimate has immense potential and can turn the tide of the battle. So why is she just Fair? For two reasons. First, the player must be really comfortable with her second ability, the way it works and to use it to a full extent, and that is not for everyone. Second, her ultimate thou it has a lot of potential, the opportunity to capitalize on that potential is very rare. So, if you can consistently be “in the zone”, then Wonder Woman can do great things, otherwise, there is a number of champions easier to handle and more fun to play with.

arena-of-valor-champion-yornYorn– Global range skill-shot ultimate, loads and loads of damage mixed with some control, Yorn can be shining star provided he is protected by the team. However, when that is not the case (most of the time in solo queue), he can be a very bad pick. He is extremely week against mobile assassins/warriors and those are numerous.

AoV Tier List: Tier 5 - Underwhelming


-Very few strengths.
-Severely lacking in more than a few important areas(control, mobility, damage, safety...).
-Require both him and the team to play in a certain way to cover its weak side.

arena-of-valor-champion-mgangaMganga– This mid lane/support crazy clown is damage and healing machine (if those damned team-mates only stud still for a sec). Apart from that, there is nothing else in his skill-set, no mobility, no control. It is unlikely metagame to shift so he goes up, without any decent buffs from the developer side.
With a sad heart, I place Mganga on an Underwhelming rank of Arena of Valor Tier List, as he is one of the favorite champ mines.

Disclaimer: This tier list is an attempt on representing the current metagame. As with any metagame, the status of elements involved is always shifting and depends on many factors. If you think some of the heroes are not placed correctly, let us know either in comments below, or create a build of your own via this Tier-List-Builder.

As a consequence of meta-game shift, buffs/nerfs, or gameplay changes, few characters have gone up the ladder:

Natalya (better range, and now feels a lot more oppressive), Teemee (potential great reduction in cooldown for the major ability as well as buffs to a reworked  support items which fits Teemee perfectly), Preyta (sheer amount of wave clear and push fits in the new meta insanely well), Ormarr (pushed toward tanky builds and with new support items, Ormar is not only able to control and deal damage but now to survive as well). .

In order to refine the value of this list, we have decided to make a tier list for each role (Middle, DS lane, Drake, Jungle, Support). Since we have already released Tier List builder creating a specific list is the much easier process now and following this text we are linking 5 lists for all 5 roles.
Note that these Arena of Valor Tier lists will contain only characters relevant for that specific role. We are not arguing that some other AoV Heroes cannot be played in said roles, but for reasons of simplicity and clarity we are offering distilled versions. Check out the role you are most interested in. 

Tier List AoV is updated by Vojin Obucina.