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Welcome gamers! On this page, you will find our recommendations for the Arena of Valor Heroes tier list. Have in mind that tier lists and best champions can differ from one player to another, and this is not meant to be a strict way of deciding what to do in the game, this is meant to give you a guideline throughout the game. Please follow the instructions and enjoy!

arena of valor tier list

Our tier recommendations and champion top picks…

arena of valor review, guides, tips, tricks


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  • Have fun and enjoy the game

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arena of valor heroes

Take a look and our AoV Heroes guides, tips and tricks…

arena of valor review, guides, tips, tricks


Zata is a mage-type assassin, specialized in poking and bursting down his opponents…

Zata is a mage-type assassin, specialized in poking and bursting down his opponents. His passive, Windstorm, enhances every third Zata’s normal attack to deal bonus magic damage and hit all enemies along the path. Also, whenever Zata’s abilities collide with each other, Windstorm will trigger, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. This will also reduce the cooldown of his ultimate. Zata’s first ability, Eagle Screech launches a missile that deals damage to all enemies along its path and explodes for bonus damage upon reaching its destination. His second ability, Twister, summons a magical cyclone at targeted location that moves towards the spot where Zata casted it. The twister will deal damage to all enemies along its path and slow them down for a few seconds. This ability also has two charges, which makes it ideal for both poking and bursting down enemies. Lastly, Zata’s ultimate, Ascend, allows him to dash to targeted direction, dealing damage to all enemies along the path. If he contacts an enemy or one of his abilities while dashing, he will dash again, up to three times. Upon dashing the third time, Zata will soar into the air, become untargetable, and start firing projectiles at nearby enemies. This ability’s cooldown will vary, depending on the number of times Zata dashed. If he only dashed a few times, the cooldown will be reduced. This ability is amazing for the team fights since it allows Zata to deal high amounts of burst damage and also become untargetable while soaring.


  • Amazing poke. Both of Zata’s normal abilities are excellent for poking his lane opponent as well as clearing waves of minions quickly.
  • Great burst damage. If executed correctly, Zata’s abilities can deal enormous amounts of burst damage, which makes him exceptionally deadly.
  • Good mobility. Other than bursting enemies down, Zata’s ultimate can also be used as an escape tool since its cooldown will be significantly reduced if Zata doesn’t soar into the air. 


  • Very squishy. Like most mages, Zata is fairly squishy, and if caught off guard, he can be annihilated in a matter of seconds.
  • Extremely skill dependent. In order to fully utilize Zata’s skillset, players will need to learn to execute his abilities flawlessly. 

Skill priority: Prioritize leveling Twister First, followed by Eagle Screech. Rank up Zata’s ultimate, Ascend, whenever it is available.

While playing Zata, you want to poke your lane opponent as much as possible. Generally, you want to start with Twister, and then hit them with Eagle Screech just as the Twister is passing through them. This will trigger the Windstorm, and also enhance your next basic attack. It takes some practice, but once you master it, you will be able to deal incredible amounts of damage to your lane opponent. Bear in mind that you can use Ascend as an escape tool, and you can also use it to escape ganks and move over obstacles if needed. During team fights, you want to poke enemies with your abilities and wait for the opportunity to dive their back line with Ascend. It is extremely important to fully utilize Ascend and soar into the air for maximum burst damage. This will also make you untargetable for a short period of time, which will allow your teammates to follow up and make a short work of your enemies.


Rouie is a support hero, specialized in buffing her allies and teleporting them around the map…

Rouie is a support hero, specialized in buffing her allies and teleporting them around the map. Her passive skill, Floating Light, grants Rouie and one closest friendly hero bonus to their movement speed. Her first skill, Holy Light allows Rouie to create the field of light at the targeted location that silences all enemies within and deals continuous damage to them. She can then reactivate the skill to summon a pair of wings that flies in a targeted direction, dealing damage to enemies and knocking them back. These wings will also leave a lingering trail that will speed up Rouie and her allies if they pass through it. With Void Portal, Rouie can create a circle that teleports her and any friendly heroes back to the spawning point if they stay inside the circle for a few seconds. This will fully restore their HP, and grant them a massive increase to their movement speed for a short period of time. Lastly, Rouie’s ultimate, Sacred Ground will create a large area on the ground that will deal damage to the enemies and increase the attack speed of any friendly units standing within it. Also, all friendly heroes will get the option to teleport to the Sacred Grounds for several seconds after Rouie uses it. This allows her to quickly gather her teammates and enable interesting objective plays on the map.


  • Great Buffer. Rouie can greatly buff her allies with her abilities, and grant them bonuses to their movement and attack speed. 
  • Decent Poke. With her Holy Light, Rouie is able to poke enemies from the safe distance and also help out with wave clearing.
  • Amazing objective control. With her ultimate, Rouie can set up plays and ensure that her teammates have objective control over the enemy.


  • Fairly squishy. Like most other supports, Rouie is also very squishy. If caught off-guard, she can easily be deleted by the enemy team.
  • No mobility. While she does have some good movement speed increasing skills, Rouie doesn’t have any mobility tool, which can make it difficult to deal with enemy divers.
  • Requires good amounts of coordination. In order to utilize her to full potential, players will need to coordinate with their teammates to successfully surprise enemies and gain control over neutral objectives.

Skill priority: Max out Holy Light first. Take ranks in ultimate whenever it is available.

While playing Rouie, you want to poke your lane opponents as much as possible with Holy Light. Try utilizing the Void Portal to quickly return to base if needed, preferably after pushing the minion wave. Upon learning your ultimate, you will be able to set up ganks or gain control over some neutral objectives, so coordinate it with your team and use it to your advantage. During team fights, you can place Void Portal followed by Sacred Ground. This will allow low HP allies to instantly get back to base, and then teleport back to the Sacred Ground with full HP and gain a hefty bonus to their movement and attack speed. Placement and timing of your skills are extremely important, and that will make you win or lose some of the team fights.


Laville is a marksman specialized in rapidly striking his enemies…

Laville is a marksman specialized in rapidly striking his enemies. His passive, Lucky Star, grants him a stacking bonus to his attack speed whenever he hits an enemy. Once he reaches a few stacks, he will enter Lucky Star state, causing his attacks to fire three bullets, each dealing reduced damage. This allows him to rapidly fire at his enemies and quickly strike them down. Light Chaser grants him bonus to his attack damage for a short while, and if he is in Lucky Star state, he will be able to shoot his basic attacks at two additional enemies in front of him, albeit at reduced damage. Mighty Shield grants him a short burst to his movement speed and also enhances his next normal attack to slow his target. Other than that, he will gain a shield that will block the next incoming ability, making this an extremely useful defense tool. His ultimate, Double Trouble, will fire a bullet of light that will travel in a targeted direction. Upon hitting an enemy hero, the bullet will explode, dealing heavy physical damage and stunning the target. The stun duration will be longer the further the bullet travels. This allows him to initiate fights by catching an enemy off guard, but it can also be used to hit the enemies that are running away and stun them.


  • Great sustained single target damage. Laville has amazingly high single target sustained damage, allowing him to be a constant threat during team fights and also to swiftly clear map objectives.
  • Capable of avoiding enemy abilities. Thanks to Mighty Shield, Laville can avoid the next ability that would otherwise hit him, negating it completely. If timed right, this could turn the tide of battle, making him amazing in the hands of skilled player.
  • Great initiator. With his ultimate, Double Trouble, Laville can surprise enemies from far away, stunning them and allowing his teammates to follow up.


  • No escape option. Laville doesn’t have any active mobility skill, which means he is very vulnerable to ganks and dives.
  • Extremely skill reliant. His Mighty Shield requires good timing in order to avoid dangerous abilities. If timed correctly, it can win fights, but if missed, it can spell a disaster.

Skill priority: Level up Light Chaser first, followed by Mighty Shield. Rank up Laville’s ultimate, Double Trouble, whenever it is available.

Laville is best suited for playing Dragon lane. However, he can also be played as a jungler, which makes him somewhat versatile. While playing him, be aware of enemy ganks, and try to constantly shoot at minions or enemies in order to keep your Lucky Star state up. Whenever your Light Chaser and Mighty Shield is up, you should be able to fight enemies. In most cases, you should be able to out-trade them, as long as you manage to time the Mighty Shield correctly. During team fights, try to stand behind your front line, and do your best not to be too close to enemy divers. You can choose to play more aggressively, and time your Mighty Shield to avoid enemy crowd control abilities. This will allow you to deal much more damage, but is also very risky. Other than that, try using your ultimate to initiate fights and catch enemies off guard. This should allow your teammates to follow up and quickly take care of enemy you hit. Make sure to communicate with your teammates and let them know when you’re about to use your ultimate.


Paine is a highly mobile assassin, whose specialty lies in diving into enemies and chasing them down…

Paine is a highly mobile assassin, whose specialty lies in diving into enemies and chasing them down. His passive, Soul Divide, allows Paine to teleport behind his target when he uses a normal attack after using an ability. Also, his normal attacks will deal additional magic damage for a short while after using an ability, and any time he gains kill or assist, his maximum energy will increase. With Soul Tidings, Paine summons a fast moving spirit and controls it for a short while. This spirit will deal damage to any enemy it passes through, and if Paine reactivates this ability, he will teleport to the spirit’s location. This ability is great for chasing enemies or clearing waves of minions. Paine’s second ability, Elegy, allows him to deal damage in the area around him, silencing all nearby enemies for a short while. He will also regain some energy after a few seconds if he is near the area where he used this ability. On top of that, this will also passively cause Paine to heal for a portion of all the magic damage he receives. Lastly, Paine’s ultimate, Acknowledge, lets him jump into the targeted direction, dealing heavy magic damage to any enemy he lands on, and also reducing all of the damage he takes for a short period of time. The range of his ultimate is immense, which allows him to easily catch his targets off guard.


  • Great chasing potential. Paine has several abilities that allow him to dive into the enemies and stick close to his target.
  • Decent wave clearing. Paine can use his abilities to clear minion waves effectively, which makes him great for pushing the lanes and defending against enemy pushes.
  • No mana. Instead of mana, Paine uses energy as a resource, which is much easier to manage.


  • No escape options. While Paine has amazing diving abilities, when it comes to escape, his options are quite limited. Most of the time, his dives will be one-way tickets, either to victory, or defeat.
  • Very squishy. Like most assassins, Paine is very squishy, and because of his toolkit, he needs to be close to his enemies to fully utilize his potential. Because of this, any misplay will likely end up fatal for Paine, which makes him very difficult to play as.

Skill priority: Prioritize leveling Elegy, followed by Soul Tidings. Take Paine’s ultimate, Acknowledge, whenever it is available.

While playing Paine, you can fit into many different lanes. He is suitable for both mid lane, jungle, or even Dark Slayer lane. This allows you to fit into many different team compositions. During the laning phase, you can easily harras your enemies with Soul Tidings and Elegy. This will pretty much guarantee you to win most of the duels, and force your enemy to play defensively or retreat to base early. During the team fights, wait for a perfect opportunity to jump into the enemy back line using your ultimate. You can then use Elegy to silence enemies and make short work of them using your passive. You should easily be able to catch any strugglers using Soul Tidings. However, in order to properly execute this, you need to communicate with your teammates and coordinate your dive with them. Otherwise, your dive might end up as a disaster.


Ata is a highly mobile tanky warrior, specialized in crowd control and initiating fights…

Ata is a highly mobile tanky warrior, specialized in crowd control and initiating fights. Thanks to his passive, all of the HP Ata loses gets temporarily buffered. Ata can restore buffered HP by damaging enemy heroes, which makes him exceptionally powerful dueler. Also, his normal attacks and skills deal additional damage based on Ata’s max HP. This makes him deal good amounts of damage even if he’s built completely as a tank. Wavewalking allows Ata to leap around and deal damage to enemies. With this skill, Ata can also jump over walls and obstacles, which makes it a good tool for escaping enemy ganks. Sea Anchor throws an ancor on front of Ata, dealing damage to enemies and slowing them. If this Anchor hits an obstacle or terrain, Ata will pull himself towards it, dealing additional damage and stunning the enemies in the process. Lastly, Ghost Ship will summon a sunken ship that will act as a terrain for a short while. This will allow Ata to split the enemy team during team fights, and also make it much easier for him to stun enemies with Sea Anchor.


  • Amazing tankiness. Thanks to his passive, Ata can be incredibly tanky, especially in small scirmishes and duels.
  • HP scaling damage. Ata’s normal attacks and skills scale with his max HP, which makes him deal a decent amount of damage even in a full tank build.
  • Great team-oriented ultimate. Ata’s Ghost Ship is an amazing tool for splitting the enemy team as well as for disengaging. This makes him incredibly useful for team fights and securing objectives.


  • Relatively short range. Most of Ata’s skills have relatively short range, so he’ll need to get very close to enemies in order to fully utilize them.

Skill priority: Prioritize leveling Sea Anchor first since it will significantly reduce its cooldown. Take Ultimate whenever you can.

Ata is a tanky warrior, best suited for Dark Slayer lane. His passive allows him to buffer any HP he loses, and dealing damage to heroes will restore some of the buffered HP. On top of that, his normal attacks and skills scale from his max HP, which makes him incredibly good dueler. While playing Ata, you’ll constantly want to engage the enemy laner in a duel. Thanks to his skillset, you can easily close the gap between you and the enemy laner, and also harrass them with Sea Anchor. Whenever possible, you should aim to hit both the enemy hero and the terrain with your anchor. This will deal additional damage and stun the enemy, which will allow you to land some extra hits and win the duel easily. During team fights, you should try to separate the enemy team with your Ghost Ship, which will grant your team a significant numbers advantage for a short while. Also, you can use the ultimate for disengaging or prevenging the enemy from reaching your team while you secure an objective.

eva / Keera

Keera has a very simple, easy to understand kit and pretty straightforward gameplay…

Keera has a very simple, easy to understand kit and pretty straightforward gameplay. Engage by using Umbra Dream (can jump over obstacles) followed by Triangle Maze. The goal is to mark the target with S1, trap it with the S2, and finally use the Umbra Dream again for the additional damage from clones and, hopefully, finish off your foe – do note that most of her dmg output comes from the second use of S1. If the Fading Phantom is available, it can be used to escape after preforming the aforementioned combo. The other way to use it would be to hide inside the walls using the Ulti, ambush the unaware opponents, and quickly burst them down. In team fights, Keera should keep on the outskirts of battle, and try to flank her foes, since she’s very vulnerable to powerful control abilities. When jungling, the ability to jump over walls using Umbra Dream really comes in handy, and the S2 follow up will ensure quick jungle clearing.


  • High burst damage and solid CC with her S1+S2+S1 combo
  • Easy to use – only two active skills and the ultimate
  • Good mobility – can jump over walls (S1), and move through them, gaining
  • Ulti is a very strong escape option and ambushing tool. It can be used to hide inside the walls and become untargetable, or to pass through the obstacles – great for pursuing and escaping


  • Very vulnerable to control. Keera can be easily eliminated if she becomes controlled.

Keera is best suited to the role of jungler. Umbra Dream enables her to jump over walls and quickly get to the monster spawn point, and her one-two combo ensures quick jungle clearing. When engaging enemy heroes, the situation is almost identical. S1 is used to jump right next to the enemy hero, followed by Triangle Maze (S2) to trap it inside the triangle, and stunning it if it tries to run away, while also confusing the foe with two clones – Keera is indistinguishable from her clones. Recasting S1 is the final nail in the coffin, and that’s usually enough to shut down most foes. As already mentioned, Fading Phantom enables her to move through and hide in walls, while also granting a large movement speed boost (further increased by upgrading the ulti), making her very good at ambushing, running away, and finishing off low health enemies. The ambushing part should be utilized to its full potential during the early and mid-stages of the game. If controlled, Keera will be in serious trouble, so extreme caution is advised when faced against heroes that have powerful CC abilities like Arum, Aleister, etc.


He’s a long-range mage specialized in poking and crowd-control…

He’s a long-range mage specialized in poking and crowd-control. While he lacks some burst damage other mages have, his control is what he excels at. Dirak has a decent wave clear and also, he is able to provide a barrier for his team thanks to his Ultimate, which can severely reduce the impact of enemy ranged heroes. Other than that, his passive will make him live longer than most other mages, which can help him stay alive during team fights.


This little fellow is support with quite unique set of abilities…

This little fellow is support with quite unique set of abilities. He can move around unnoticed thanks to his In Plain Sight skill. Not just that, but he can also deal quite a decent damage to unsuspecting enemies, as well as keep them controlled thanks to his Gravitational Pull. This also grants his allies a shield, which is amazing for team fights and skirmishes. Lastly, his Concealment can be used both for engaging, disengaging, and as a scouting tool.


Mobility. That’s one way to describe Eland’orr…

Mobility. That’s one way to describe Eland’orr. His skill set allows him to be extremely mobile and reposition swiftly in order to avoid enemy skills or chase down the ones that are running. However, his learning curve is very steep, and it takes quite a while to master his abilities. Nevertheless, once you get used to playing Eland’orr, you will get to enjoy the endless mobility his toolkit provides.


A unique marksman in the sense that she does not need to stop in order to land a normal attack…

A unique marksman in the sense that she does not need to stop in order to land a normal attack. She can also swap between two firing modes, which gives her a lot of flexibility. The fact she can move while attacking, stay at long range and lay waste to an entire enemy team was something everyone picked her up for. You can check Capheny’s place in the arena of valor tier list at the top of the page.


  • Straight-forward and simple to learn and use. Thou some may disagree with this, not having to pay attention to skill rotation/usage, opens up the time to focus on more important issues, like map awareness, enemy hero item build and so on.
  • Ability to avoid skill-shots and kite by constantly moving. It is a nightmare for aov heroes with telegraphed abilities when their target is constantly moving. Hitting such a target can prove to be nearly impossible without first using some form of control.
  • Good Team fighter. A well placed ultimate, in sync with other physical damage abilities, can dramatically influence the outcome of team-fight. Not only it deals a good amount of damage and penetrates all targets, but it is also relatively simple land.


  • No ability to control (stun, slow, knock-up…) and weak mobility. Capheny’s ability to kite cannot live up to the expectation because she is lacking any form of control.
  • Weak one-vs-one. Though excellent team-fighter, Capheny relies heavily on her team-mates which makes her highly dependant on others.
  • Lacking burst power. She delivers a stream of damage. Caphenies skill 1 and skill 2 are not direct damage abilities, instead, they enhance/change the normal attack. The ultimate is also damage over the period of time (3sec). This alone would not be the problem if not for the fact she ‘s unable to control the enemy.
  • Vulnerability to control and no escape option other than Flicker. All of the things mentioned above make Capheny extremely weak when the enemy manages to connect control ability. The only safeties she has are her teammates and the ability to dodge skill-shots.

It is recommended to go ID lane with Capheny, her early game jungle clear speed is to slow and would hinder the team, plus Flicker is her only escape option so trading it for Punish is not a good choice. Try to catch minions with Pulse Shots while they are approaching. When 2 of them die swap to Rapid Fire, finish it off and move back to “steal” the closest creep from your jungle. The goal is to reach lvl 4 as soon as possible (thou not at the direct cost of jungler). Once the ultimate is available use it on every opportunity you get… minions arrived and the enemies are behind? It’s fine, just dump the ultimate and clear the wave while damaging enemies at the same time. Don’t wait for one good team fight to use the ultimate there. Because it is extremely easy to hit enemies in a large area, use it to create an advantage before the fighting even starts.

The entirety of Capheny gameplay in team fights can be summed up in one word: Positioning. If you read the Pros and Cons of Capheny, you already have a glimpse of why this is so crucial. The good thing is Capheny doesn’t have to worry too much about other things and the ability to continuously move comes easy. The bad thing is, if you get caught even by the smallest thing, there is only Flicker to save you, nothing else. The only thing I can advise you here is to move according to the positioning of your allies. Think of them as your living and moving shield. Do not hesitate to use the ultimate as soon as team fighting starts, or even to finish off the escaping enemy (the range of ulty is huge). Remember: move around to dodge the skill shots, then focus on maintaining damage output… in that order. There is not much to it, Capheny is one of the simplest Arena of Valor heroes with only a few things to worry about, but making the slightest misstep will cost her her life.


This mage is specialized in crowd-controlling his enemies…

This mage is specialized in crowd-controlling his enemies. Two of his abilities provide AoE slow and stun, which makes him very useful in team fights. Other than that, he has very decent wave clearing capability, which is invaluable for most mid laners. His main weakness is the lack of escape tools. In other words, one needs to play super safe to avoid getting ganked by the enemy jungler.


  • Good skirmisher. Exceptionally potent in 2v2 or 3v3 fights, where he is able to lock down multiple targets for long periods of time.
  • Good for clearing minions and keeping enemies locked in place. If you team up with a tank or warrior it can lead to a really annoying combo for the enemy.
  • He has two control abilities, both stun the enemies. The first one is Magic Barrier which slows and stuns the enemies. Second is his ultimate Magic Prison, it stuns the enemy for 2.5 seconds but has to be channeled.


  • Mages, in general, have this problem – he is very squishy and can be killed in a second if the enemy catches you off guard.
  • No means of escape. If you stray too far or have to run away from the enemy, forget it. Aleister has no skills for running so you have to take Flicker or Run and hope for the best.

Prioritize Magic Barrier to reduce the cooldown so you can match it with Matrix of Woe regularly.

Use Matrix of Woe on minion waves and unaware enemies. Use your range to the max, stay back, and always cast from close to the tower. He is a defensive hero and should be played like one. Magic Barrier is cast after the Matrix of Woe to keep the enemy in it longer. Few of those combos and the enemy will run away with their tails between their legs. Try to lane with a warrior or a tank who can keep enemies at bay, while you pour magic damage from the back.

In team battles make sure you are in the back. Cast a Magic Barrier on the closest enemy followed by Matrix of Woe and keep them in place with Magic Prison. That way you’ll ensure your magic output is maximized. If the enemy has warriors or assassins who can quickly engage you, save the ulti to counter them – it will save you and the rest of your backline. Think carefully and act according to the situation.


Support hero that is extremely difficult to pin down…

Support hero that is extremely difficult to pin down. She has a wide array of control abilities which are most effective in team battles. Her damage output is low, making solo actions very undesirable. The main role of Alice lies in helping her team with buffs, while also controlling multiple enemies at the same time. If caught off-guard and alone, she can still elude her enemies thanks to many of her beforementioned control abilities. Use filters to find Alice’s placement in the arena of valor tier list.


  • Crowd control. All of her abilities have a control effect on either her or the opposing team. From speedups to stuns, slows and silences, all of her abilities are affecting how others perform on the battlefield.
  • Area of Effect. Friendship and Hissy Fit have a large radius which makes them effective and easy to use. Sunshine, on the other hand, has a smaller radius, but its flight time and low cooldown can lead to numerous occasions where you stun multiple opponents.
  • Hard to pin down. thanks to her entire arsenal of spells, Alice has lots of tools at her disposal when faced with a situation she needs to run away from.


  • One on one. unless you caught someone off guard, out of cooldowns, or out of HP, Alice can do very little in duels.
  • Squishy. if caught out of position and crowd controlled for even the shortest amount of time, she will disappear in a few seconds.
  • Team oriented. if your team does not work together or doesn’t team up at all for that matter, Alice’s effectiveness drops rapidly. Her entire toolkit is oriented toward helping her team.

Max out Sunshine first and play aggressively, rely on Friendship just for speed boost if you get in trouble. If your team gather more often than usual, consider changing focus to Friendship. Level up Hissy Fit whenever you can.

Alice is a team player already from level 2. Being able to stun multiple opponents and speed herself and her friends means she should team up early. Use Friendship for those moments when you or your teammate are in dire straits, or when any jungler is joining up in the lane. If opposing, for retreat, if not then for engaging unsuspecting prey. If your lane partner is a magic damage dealer, you should try to coordinate your ultimate with his burst/main damage spells.

Alice spells deal a decent amount of damage, but it is much more important to exert flawless control over your enemies and help allies when needed. Do not cast the ultimate if an enemy team is under long-lasting AoE stun (like Gildur’s or Grakk’s ultimate), instead wait for it to get near its completion and then chain it on top for silence and slow effect. Use Sunshine on cooldown and focus more on the target that needs to be stunned rather than doing damage. Friendship is really important to have at the right times. However, no one can tell you in advance what to do with it because it has many purposes and all are equally important. When engaging enemies, your whole team having speed will make sure that the entire team can follow through in those crucial early seconds of a fight. During the fight, when the enemy is landing huge AoE spells, it can save a teammate with the shield portion of the spell, or help him move away from, let’s say, Diochan’s ultimate. In ending stages of a fight, for chase or disengage, it can also play an important role. The major problem of Friendship is that the spell is too good. At every moment of battle you can regret already using it but at the same time, if you’re not using it often, then your time is deprived of a great tool.

Sunshine has no cast time, meaning you can cast it on the move and Alice will not stop to execute that order, which is really important when you are being chased by a stubborn foe. Adding speed from Friendship will make sure you and your friends are at a safe distance most of the time.


A versatile hero with very good sustain, quite suited for laning and finishing off low-health enemies…

A versatile hero with very good sustain, quite suited for laning and finishing off low-health enemies. She is a tough nut with solid damage output but should stay away from burst heroes as her sustain might not be enough here. She doesn’t have many escape options, so caution is advised when pursuing enemies or entering the combat head-on.


  • Great lane sustain. Her 1st ability provides activate healing while 2nd increases her passive, out of the combat, life regen by a large margin.
  • Versatile champion. All- around Amily have everything in her toolkit in moderate amount, and with proper use she can adapt to almost all situations.
  • In some situations, Amily can be extremely tough. When ultimate is active she ignores a flat amount of damage effectively becoming much more resilient versus champions who’s DPS (damage per second) rely on many different sources of damage (contrary to those that burst with very large chunks of damage).


  • All-in hero, once you dive in, there is no escape tool.
  • Weak against burst champions. A big part of what Amily do is in her ultimate, ignoring a flat amount of damage. This has almost no value against high burst champions.
  • Her toughness can be misleading, sometimes you can fight effectively against two champions, other times one will do you in.
  • Because of her great sustain, Amily can stay in lane much longer than other champions, at least concerning HP. This is not the case with mana. Yes, her Combo passive helps a lot, but sometimes there is just not enough time to wait.

Depending on the role, if you are jungle go for Combo as it helps ganks be more potent. If you are in lane, focus on Kickblade, much better for harass and sustain.

In lane focus on harassing but don’t go all in. Attack and retreat, let your passive from Combo works its healing. The goal is to engage the opponent with Combo, land a few attacks, use Kickblade, and retreat while you have increased speed active. If the enemy is stronger, stay far away, harass with Kickblade and use Combo to retreat (note: when using Combo to retreat, do not attack when the ability is finished, otherwise Amily’s enhanced attack will take you back to the enemy).

In the jungle, if the enemy decides to challenge you, show him the strength of Duel – passive. Otherwise, don’t be too aggressive or invade enemy jungle. Instead, try to gank lanes where you can approach enemy champions from behind, so you can push them towards your teammates with Combo. If you can’t attack from behind, remember your Kickblade slow effect can be a huge deal when the partner follows you up on that.

Don’t be the first to dive, be patient, wait for initiation and in the meantime land as many Kickblades as you can. Hopefully, the slow from this skill will be enough to take some out-of-position enemy. Once the fight is in the way, get close, use Enrage and immediately follow up with Combo. This will take you closer, Enrage -initial damage will unleash, and you start with the enemy knocked up. Deal damage with normal attacks, use Kickblade and Combo on cooldown, but try to select the targets so the allies can have good use of slowing and knock-up effects. Although Amily can be very potent in solo situations, try not to have this inflate your ego, her true potential unlocks when there is team assistance behind her.


A versatile melee hero whose abilities offer many different playstyles, making him a suitable choice for many compositions…

A versatile melee hero whose abilities offer many different playstyles, making him a suitable choice for many compositions. He can go full tank, semi-tank, or a bruiser even. The support role is also an option. Arduin’s ability to relentlessly bait enemies into attacking him, while simultaneously healing and shielding himself, can often surprise his foes. However, he lacks solo carrying power and should be near his teammates more often than not.


  • Great ability synergy. All of your skills synergize really well. Your passive with your 2nd Ability, Ultimate with your 1st Ability and Ultimate and 2nd Ability, overall all of your skills go along with each other so combo them as you please.
  • Crowd Control. Your Ultimate (Cull) and your 1st Ability (Rend) are both solid stuns and as a gift, they are not that hard to land. Rend even stuns all heroes in front of you in a huge cone which requires a little bit of positioning, but a small price to pay for such a great stun.
  • Versatile. Arduin has many options when choosing how to play, you can go full tank or semi tank or a bruiser like even support is an option for you that’s why I put so many talent options in the description. Even the Roar is solid on Arduin as his passive has no internal cooldown. Crowd Control immunity. Again same two abilities Cull and Rend both offer CC immunity, in Cull its as description says but with Rend it’s a little bit harder, but once you get used to it there should be no problem in abusing them both.


  • Unreliable passive. Your passive ability description says “when Arduin’s HP falls below 50%” and you really can’t plan to drop down on HP, can you? Well, you can but it’s really hard… And you see where this is going. It is really hard as the game goes on to use it to its full potential.
  • Susceptible to burst. To play Arduin to his full potential you have to use all of his skills correctly, and that also applies to your passive (again). If you want to abuse your life steal and fake HP you need to fall below 50% HP and even if you have your CC immunity one hard stun or a high damage ability and you are done for.
  • Lacking solo power. Arduin has 2 stuns and 1 of them has huge AoE, but you are not really that much of an AoE powerhouse. You will need your team to take care of that business and that makes solo carrying that much harder with Arduin.

Level 1, go for Rend as AoE stun can be clutch, after that max Undying Protector for CD reduction it provides.

With this kind of item, talents and arcana set you will want Dark Slayer lane. You want to start your laning phase slowly, don’t get too eager early, once few levels kick in, get in for some favorable trades. You can harras with Rend and Undying Protector up and out sustain your opponent with your passive. You are not that susceptible to ganks but keep the lane in your favor. If you must rotate, do so with your jungler as you are best in pair with someone. You can either go for a middle lane or enemy jungler, either way is acceptable for you. Arduin himself is not much of an objective taker (towers, dragon, etc..) so getting a kill or defending tower of your own is a much better choice for you.

This is the hardest part for you, depending on your team if you have a tank go bruiser mode if not go full tank mode and stick to your “guns”. If you are a tank you go front line, start with Rend and try to land the stun on as many enemy heroes as you can. Grabbing kills is not your top priority as you serve much more as a protector than as an aggressor. Defend your hyper carries and mages disable and take skill shots for them, save Cull for either escape or for some clutch stun. However, if you go, bruiser, you don’t stand first on the front, let your tank take care of business first wait for your chance and then rush in, try to pick a target in the back (walk between fighting heroes) and reach backline with Cull and stick to the enemy as much as you can, you probably won’t be able to get a kill but for sure you will get attention of a support or another enemy and you already gave your team advantage that way as they will stay on a 4v3 scenario.


Being both tanky and a mobile warrior, Arthur is held in high regard when playing against physical damage dealing heroes in the lane…

Being both tanky and a mobile warrior, Arthur is held in high regard when playing against physical damage dealing heroes in the lane. He can often be used for initiating battles, for example by flanking the enemy team and diving into their soft back-line. His abilities do not require mana, which makes Arthur significantly less difficult for playing. On the other hand, he is susceptible to crowd control and needs the right set of items to become the desired bruiser/tank. Arthur place in arena of valor tier list can be found at the top of the page.


  • All-rounder. Arthur does not excel at anything particular, but he is overall a good hero. His ganks are good, as well as the initiating abilities.
  • He has a passive that makes him tanky against physical damage enemies. This makes him easy to use and play.
  • Good one on one. He can make the enemy “eat” all of his abilities and hits by sticking really close to them. Arthur is like a dog that never leaves your side, bouncing and running around you. Enemies can hardly run away when the fight is not going in their favor.
  • Has no mana. His abilities rely only on cooldowns, so you don’t have to worry about spamming them all the time.


  • Susceptible to crowd control. Since he needs to be on the front line with his close-range abilities, he can’t do much while stunned, frozen or controlled in any other way.
  • Weak at the beginning of the game. You need the right set of items for Arthur to become a bruiser or a tank you need.

Holy Guard is a primary skill.

Thanks to his strong one on one style Arthur can do very well in the laning stage. Early on, clear the minion waves with Holy Guard. Whenever you get a chance, poke the enemy hero with Righteous Fervor-Holy Guard combo. Do it two or three times and the enemy will be forced to leave the lane. When you get to level 4 and unlock the ultimate, use it only to ensure the kill when the enemy starts fleeing. With a laning partner by your side, you can do even better. Go for the squishy targets like marksmen and mages, they will fall like flies.

You need to engage the fights most of the time. There are two ways to do it, depending on the enemy team composition. If they have a few heroes with crowd control, don’t try to engage with Righteous Fervor, otherwise, they will stop you and make short work of it. Go with Deep Impact instead, followed by Holy Guard, and you can use Fervor to slow them down if you are confident you will prevail. Also, you can save it as an escape option, in case something goes wrong. it is way more efficient to rush in with Righteous Fervor, followed by Holy Guard. Use Deep Impact on running foes to finish them off. If something goes wrong Righteous Fervor should be recharged, so you can use it to escape.


An AP tank reliant on self-healing and control over the enemy…

An AP tank reliant on self-healing and control over the enemy. Disturbingly versatile, Arum is one of those rare heroes that can fit into any role and any team composition. You can basically play anything with her. Arum is a natural diver – be it engaging towers or just jumping into a peak of an ongoing battle – she is equipped for making casualties. Her lack of mobility abilities demands planned and coordinated team actions, otherwise, she ain’t coming home.


  • Versatile. Arum is one of those rare Heroes that can fit into any role and any team composition. You can basically play anything with it.
  • Sustain. Her passive ability, Ravenous Beasts, heals Arum for a big amount of HP, the longer the game goes – the bigger your HP pool gets, which means even more healing. You are bound to always have some Ravenous Beasts on you, with some mana regen you won’t be teleporting back.
  • Great at diving. With Snare and Ravenous Beasts, you can basically dive anywhere and still get a positive result. Be it towers or even just jumping into chaos with it will probably get you a kill or two. You might not get out alive but your mission will be done. Deceptive Health Pool. With Ravenous Beasts constantly circling around you, no enemy can predict how much you are gonna heal or how much damage will it take to kill you. Your HP will be going up and down and that leaves you some space for some really clutch plays.


  • Lack of mobility. Arum’s biggest weakness is having no mobility skills whatsoever, you are basically forced into picking Flicker talent. Once you go in, without your teammate’s assistance you are not coming out. So pick your battles carefully.
  • Unreliable CC. When you read Uncaged and Snare ability descriptions, they sound great, but they are really, really unreliable. Basically, Uncaged’s 3 jumps are very rarely going to hit, you can at most rely on hitting the 1st jump, and 50% slow is really not that great. The snare is 2.5 seconds channel, so it’s really not as good as some other abilities.
  • Solid at everything but not excelling at anything. Maybe you can fit any role and always try some new great item build, but you won’t be able to reach the potential of some other heroes. You will always do just fine, but for any role you wanna play Arum on, there will always be a better pick.

Arum is pretty much level 1 god, pick Lion Tamer as soon as the match starts and start stacking before you leave the base. You can go boots first item and bully the enemy jungler, while at the same time you can clear waves and bully enemy laners. With this much sustain early you shouldn’t really worry about losing HP since you can easily just recover by getting into the enemy’s face or standing on top of creeps. Keep clearing waves and moving around and playing risky, because of your passive you will hardly pull any ganks off pre level 4, but still, Arum can be a really big nuisance and if a fight begins early you will probably get on top.

You will always want to start with 3 Ravenous Beasts stacks, spam Lion Tamer until you get those, after that, you can either use Uncaged for some poke or to Split your enemies apart, if that happens Flicker into the squishiest enemy hero and use Snare. If that doesn’t do the job, use Uncaged again into Lion Tamer 1 more time and that should do the trick. The worst-case scenario is that you trade 1 for 1, but if your allies do their job you shouldn’t really be threatened after that, just spam Lion Tamer until the battle calms down and that should be a job well done.


A durable warrior with decent mobility, but needs to viciously farm her way through…

A durable warrior with decent mobility, but needs to viciously farm her way through. Astrid is a frontline warrior who rushes in the center of battle. She can soak quite a bit of damage, while also dealing tons of it back. Susceptible to kiting.


  • A good combination of defensive tools. Passive combined with ultimate’s immunity can provide Astrid with enough time to do her job, which is to soak up some and deal tons of damage.
  • Great front-line AoE damage. Aside from Fearless Charge, all other skills are AoE damage, combined with  Leviathan, makes Astrid a great frontline warrior who rushes in the center of the battle.
  • Added bonus effects on skills. Increasing attack speed with Spin Slash, decreasing movement speed and armor with Fearless Charge, stunning those with more HP with Dire Blow.


  • Susceptible to kiting. Astrid has just one gap closer and if she gets knocked back or hard cc’ed outside of her range, it will be a lot very hard getting back into the thick of things.
  • Too weak when behind in farm. Astrid’s role is to charge in, and she needs a lot of farm if she is to soak all that damage and survive to dish out her own.

Take 1 level in fearless charge, then focus on Spin Slash.

If you plan to gank early (before level 4) then go for Sage Golem first and start from there. When you gain a red buff go and gank the mid lane. If you plan on waiting for the level 4, then go for Might golem first, so you get additional DoT while clearing camps. Astrid ganks are not greatest as she does not have hard cc, but Leviathan jungling item complements her abilities greatly. That in addition to the advantage in levels is the main reason why she can do well in the jungle. While ganking, slow down an opponent with Fearless Charge and follow through with Spin Slash spam. Keep in mind, the best possible scenario for the ultimate is that both you and the enemy in range, have less than 60% HP.

In lane play safely, you can’t afford to lose trades. Stay behind if your foe is stronger than you. After you complete some of the major items, like Mantle of Ra, test it out and challenge your opponent, see how you stand against them and modify item build accordingly. Take boots that help you against that opponent specifically. Subsidize your lane time with near jungle monsters when you have time, for example, if you pushed minions away from the tower and you think there is enough time to do that.

Astrid’s role in a team fight is a disruptive bruiser, charging in after initiators do their thing. Make sure you have a partner when engaging, if alone and focused you won’t last long. When targeted and below 60% HP, use ultimate to soak up and deal damage. Because you don’t have hard cc, it is better to focus on taking enemy squishies out, than protecting your own.


A stealth assassin and a good skirmisher, equipped for objective control such as Abyssal Dragon or Towers…

A stealth assassin and a good skirmisher, equipped for objective control such as Abyssal Dragon or Towers. Nothing suits him better than the role of a jungler. His abilities allow him to quickly clear camps and maintain decent sustainability in these areas. Also, having a stealth assassin roaming the map can often put significant pressure on the enemy team. Note that enemies are being warned by the proximity of your presence, and from a fair distance also. Batman’s abilities revolve around diving and dealing damage, lacking any escape option. Scroll to the top to check Batman’s position in arena of valor tier list.


  • Good skirmisher. Batman’s damage increased movement speed from Caped Crusader passive and control provided by Batarang, all adds up to a very good combination of skills for decent ganks and skirmishes in general.
  • Objective control and clear speed of jungle camps. Forearm Strike dealing double damage on a random target in range, coupled with sustain from Batarang after effect enables fast takedowns and good sustain.
  • Stealth. Having a stealthy assassin roaming the map puts a lot of pressure on the enemy team.


  • No escape options. Batman’s skill set is about diving and dealing damage. There is no disengage tool in your skillset.
  • Enemies are warned when you are approaching with eyes above their heads. This activates in a large radius and it is a good signal you will appear in a few seconds.

Prioritize Forearm Strike, this is your main damage source when jungling. Take ultimate whenever you can.

AoV Batman is played in the jungle and has a lot more potential in that role than he would in any other lane. Start the normal route (blue to red) and once you reach level 4 you should start ganking. Start by going into stealth while you are still approaching the lane. Once in stealth enter the lane from behind the enemy and before they have time to react use Batarang to hit as many of them as you can. If you manage to hit multiple targets, use Forearm Strike but try to reach all those with Batarang debuff, if you cant, focus on the primary target (usually carry). Save damage part of the ultimate for either escape or finishing an opponent off. With Soulreaver completed and level 4 to 6 you can already easily solo Abyssal Drake, you should do this whenever you feel enemies have their hands full.

Later in the game, and when team fights are a must, Batman’s task is first and foremost to build up tension in the enemy team. Try to stay out of their vision even outside stealth. Enter the fight once your team starts to engage or is engaged upon, try to single out squishy heroes and land Batarang-Forearm Strike combo on as many enemies as possible. This will provide some nice damage and stun on multiple members. Immediately after you do this, reposition yourself in such a way that safety is your priority. Be extremely careful when casting the damage part of Dark Knight, because you don’t want to land in the middle of an enemy team.


A pretty tanky melee harasser who rarely melee’s…

A pretty tanky melee harasser who rarely melee’s. His strong points lie in pushing off enemy laners with his abilities and being able to survive these actions long enough on his own. Probably the hardest target to gank. He can also assist his whole team in critical situations, relieving them of any control effects. Chaugnar has no innate sustainability nor physical damage to launch an all-out attack, but he can survive living hell if targeted – allowing his teammates noticeably easier time in team fights.


  • Good harassment and survivability. Chaugnar’s first ability is great for harassing the enemy laners, since it has a huge area and is very easy to land.
  • He is very hard to gank since he has 2 ways of removing enemy crowd control, and it makes laning with him much easier. Chaos protection can help his teammates who are in trouble and save them from deadly situations, as long as it is used optimally to counter the enemy crowd control abilities.
  • He is generally pretty tanky and super annoying, so if the enemies focus him, that will allow his teammates to have a much easier time in team fights.


  • No sustain. Even though he is pretty tanky, he doesn’t have any sustain or healing ability, and that makes him vulnerable to enemy poke and harassment. One or two missteps can either result in death or being forced out of the lane.
  • No hard CC abilities. He lacks any form of hard crowd control skills, so that puts him at a disadvantage when compared to some other supports. Heavily reliant on the ultimate for team fights.

Prioritize Energy Surge, this is your main poking ability which also removes any CC abilities on yourself. Take ultimate whenever you can.

Chaugnar can be played as both solo (DS lane) or in the lane with marksman. Early in the game,  poke the enemy heroes with Energy Surge, but do not expose yourself, since you don’t have much sustainability. Whenever possible, take down some of the jungle creeps with your lane partner in order to get level 4 asap. Also, coordinate with your teammates to take down the Abyssal Dragon. Be sure to watch out for the enemy jungler’s position, and beware of ganks. When you are about to attack the enemy, try to stack up two stacks of Shockwave before going in, as it will increase your burst potential by a lot. It will also allow your Energy Surge to be cast more often when chasing the enemy down. A general rule is: Get two stacks of shockwave, and then slow the enemy down with Energy Surge, run in, cast Shockwave as much as possible and do a follow-up Energy Surge as soon as it resets. As for the ultimate, use it to remove the CC effects from either yourself or your teammate. However, keep in mind that you can remove the CC effect from yourself with Energy Surge, so don’t waste the ultimate to free yourself unless you are 100% sure that your teammate won’t be needing it.

In the later stages of the game, your role is to slow down enemies and to cleanse your squishy teammates. Keep an eye out for those that might dive your carries and time your ultimate well to remove any crowd control effects from them. Also, use the energy surge to slow enemy assassins down, and make it as hard as possible for them to dive your back line. Try positioning yourself in such a manner that your body is protecting your back line from any dangerous skill shots That way you will make it much harder for enemies to take down your carries.


A powerful skirmisher aiming to wrack havoc in enemy’s back-line, needing only a fraction of flanking opportunity…

A powerful skirmisher aiming to wrack havoc in enemy’s back-line, needing only a fraction of flanking opportunity. Combining his abilities will provide a triangle of damage, mobility, and sustainability. He is equally effective as a jungler or DS laner. Errol has a high probability of being targeted in team fights given his damage output, squishy nature, and susceptibility to crowd control effects.


  • Great Skirmisher. While Errol does suffer some armor/magic defense penalty from Berserk stacks, at the same time he is dishing out loads of damage, provides control potentially with all three skills, and have sustain that gets stronger with lower health. All this combined makes him extremely versatile with lots of playmaking potential as long as there are not too many enemies around.
  • Excellent Back-line engagement. Even with a slight flank-angle, with his ultimate Errol can easily engage the enemy back-line. This is especially potent in the meta of low mobility marksmen like Tel’Annas or Yorn.
  • Strong Wave/Jungle clear. A combination of good mobility and sustain, on top of the already great damage, Errol establishes himself as a great asset for the team. Whenever the enemy team focuses the attention on the other side of the map, take advantage by pushing your lane, or stealing the enemy jungle.


  • Susceptible to crowd control. As a relatively squishy melee warrior/assassin, Errol is vulnerable to control effects and that is why Gilded Greaves is a mandatory item.
  • Life-steal is good only when on low health. This is somewhat compensated with Hercules’ Madness which will provide more toughness and damage, yielding more time for the life-steal to kick-in.
  • It can be targeted in team-fights. While being great in skirmishes, Errol is in a tricky position when there are multiple sources of damage and control. For this reason, it is best to wait for someone else to initiate fights and/or soak the first few skills.

Boneshaver is a top priority pick for a few reasons. First, it is the only Skill Errol has to deal with targets at the distance. Second, not just because it has the strongest AD scaling but in combination with stacks from the passive (from which it scales as well (double-dip)), Boneshaver can produce some crazy levels of burst-damage.

Errol’s job in team fights is simple:

  • Lurk around in brushes, stay away from the sight and once the fighting started, use the Ultimate (Demon Claw) to engage the enemy backline (preferably low mobility squishy target). Because you engage with the ultimate during which you are untargetable and barely visible by other players, there is a high chance enemy player will ignore you, at least for a few seconds.
  • Try to land on top of the enemy and immediately follow-up with the Skill 1 while at the same time landing normal attacks for Berserk stacks.
  • Once 5 stacks are available, use Boneshaver to finish off the enemy. With good positioning, it is possible to hit several targets, which is going to help your team greatly.
  • Finally, help others in finishing off the enemy team. Important Note: In Arena of Valor Errol serves as engage-followup, which means you cast the ultimate onto the enemy back-line shortly after the initial engagement is completed. This ensures you are not the primary target and enables sneaking-up-to-the-enemy from the air.


Her specialties include very high mobility and crowd control…

Her specialties include very high mobility and crowd control. Thanks to her Shadow skill, she is able to move around the battlefield with ease. This skill can be used for engaging, and also as an escape tool. Airi’s Spin skill and her ultimate are both great for crowd controlling enemies. Her ultimate also allows her to avoid enemies’ control abilities, as well as providing her with a nice boost to her survivability in the form of a damage shield.


  • Great burst damage. With her low cooldown abilities, Airi can easily dash in and during the stun duration of her Ultimate, she can easily assassinate a poor enemy ADC, MID or Support.
  • Elusive. Her Ninja looks are not just for show, Spin’s low cooldown and great cast animation, three Shadow charges and Ryuu’s CC immunity and extra movement speed make Airi almost uncatchable. If u combo this with her great burst damage, it makes Airi a great asset to any team.
  • Crowd control. With Spin’s low cooldown and it being able to hit more than one enemy, Ryuu’s AOE stun and slow make her crowd control better than most assassins. Even if you are unable to deal a huge amount of damage or kill an enemy, you should always be able to provide your team with a slow and a stun or two.


  • Weak defense. Airi is a lot of things but not a bruiser, even though her description says Warrior/Assasin you are mostly an assassin. You will very rarely build any defense items since Ryuu’s shield scales well from your AD modifier, and that is all the defense you need/have.
  • Hard to master. You should be able to pull some assassinations with Airi after the first few games, but to push her damage to the limit will require time. With Spin’s CD being reduced by auto-attacks, and Shadow charges CC dodging with Ryuu, you won’t know what to do first. It will take time for you to be able to do it all, but don’t be hard on yourself, the experience is all you need and the time will come when you can easily manipulate Airi the way you want.

Spin is the priority. If you get invaded or if u invade, Shadow might be a better choice at level 1, but after that max Spin.

Airi is best suited for Dark Slayer lane and that’s why I prefer taking Execute. Focus on farming but whenever you cast Spin, try doing it in such a way it lands on an enemy champion. When committing to a fight, start engagement with Spin >> Shadow >> Autoattack >> Shadow >> Autoattack >> Spin >> Ryuu >> Autoattack and so on. You can even start the gank from the lane, you don’t need to flank or go from bushes, in that case, start with Spin first but the principle is pretty much the same. Airi is not really great at controlling objectives nor taking them by herself, either look for your team’s support for it or just like any other ninja, steal it. Keep harassing opponent until an opportunity presents itself to you, then commit to it and try to finish the target off (it is important not to be overly aggressive or trying to create opportunity where there is none, instead, look for enemy’s misstep and capitalize on it).

In Arena of Valor playing Airi in the team, fights can be done in a few ways. The best way is to assassinate enemy ADC or Mid laner, you should be able to go with the combo mentioned above, but still, keep your eyes open since when initiating combat you will be first to get hit, and as soon as you are in a solid position use Ryuu as that CC immunity and shield might prove essential. The other way would be to stay on the outskirts of the fight, poke with Spin and Shadow in and out a few times for even more poke, join your front line in engagement and proc Ryuu. In this position, you should be able to either shred enemy tanks or to shadow over them and go for the backline, which would depend on how the fight plays out. Usually going for the highest damage dealer is the most profitable solution.


She is a support mage capable of dealing decent amount of damage while providing her team with buffs and heals…

She is a support mage capable of dealing decent amount of damage while providing her team with buffs and heals. Her Wind Cuffs skill can serve as nice crowd control, especially against diving enemies. Most importantly, her ultimate can make or break team fights, which makes Annette incredibly potent in the hands of a skilled player. Annete placement in arena of valor tier list can be found at the top of the page.


  • One of the most disruptive champions in the game.
  • Good damage, for a support champion.
  • One good Hurricane Wall can win the entire team fight.


  • One bad Hurricane Wall can lose you a game (for example pushing enemy champions outside of your ally ultimate, like Azzenka’s or Wisp and similar).
  • It is somewhat difficult to land good Wind Cuffs, especially once Annette is more popular and more people know how to position to avoid it.
  • When using her ultimate to save an ally or disrupt enemy team, Annette puts herself in a very dangerous position, yes it is outside of melee champion reach, but range ones can still attack her.

Gust Force is the top pick, it has great damage and its AoE damage is not something to ignore at any stage of the game.

If the jungler is starting on the side you and marksman are positioned, go there and help him with the 1st ability and move away immediately (We don’t want to take EXP away from the jungler). When you are back in lane, start zoning enemies, use the fact that Gust Force is dealing huge damage. Once Wind Cuff is available, have it ready in case the enemy decides to ignore your 1st skill, in that case, use 2nd ability to lock them down for the entirety of Gust Force duration, this will certainly push the fight into your advantage. Once you reach LVL 4 you have two options, either play safe and have ultimate ready to protect your marksman, or wait for your jungler’s aid, use ultimate to position yourself in between two enemy champions, Hurricane Wall will split them apart enabling your jungler/marksman to deal with only one champion. Other than that, roam between mid-lane and your marksman and assist those in need.

At this stage of the game, the enemy must be aware of you and what Annette can do. Use Gust Force at every opportunity you have to deal damage. In team fights Wind Cuffs become emergency measures, save it in case ally’s bad positioning and try to punish those who engage upon him. Hurricane Wall is especially important in team fights and the moment you decide to use it will have huge importance. A safer option would be when the enemy tries to engage upon your damage dealer and you using it as a means of protection. If you opt for a more playmaking style than you can use the ultimate to split enemy team apart and let your team deal with only a few enemies. However, this will put you in a very dangerous position and the chances you are going to pay with your hero’s life are very high, but then again reward can be great. At times when your team is engaging Drake or Dark Slayer, aside from helping with damage, you can effectively use Hurricane Wall to prevent the enemy team from reaching the objective and challenging it.


Siege-master and marksman, Brunhilda is a well-rounded marksman with strong movement…

Siege-master and marksman, Brunhilda is a well-rounded marksman with strong movement, ability to strip the enemy heroes of their armor, add a shield to herself and finally transform into the long-range artillery that poses threat to everyone in a huge radius around her. If her team focuses on creating Siege scenarios, there aren’t many heroes better suited for the job.


  • High mobility. Skill 1 has somewhat low cooldown while providing a large boost to the movement speed, which makes Brunhilda exceptionally good at traversing the map and engaging the skirmishes.
  • Tough for a marksman. The combination of Skill 2 shield and the defensive stats gained from the ultimate, makes Brunhilda one of the toughest marksman around.
  • Long-range/AoE damage while under the effect of the ultimate. Because of this Brunhilda is extremely effective when sieging the enemy, or protecting the allied tower.


  • For the duration of ultimate, she is stationary. This makes her vulnerable against multiple enemies diving in on her, or decide to use powerful control abilities.
  • Highly mobile teams. When both, ally and enemy, teams are very mobile, it becomes a problem for Brunhilda. It means the location of the team fight can easily shift so much that she is unable to attack unless removing the ultimate and move out.
  • Removing the ultimate is somewhat slow. Especially if the skill 1 is still on cooldown (it is rare, but it happens).

Start the game by picking Skill 2 and before the minions’ spawn, go with the jungler to plant one mine at the monster he is going to take first. As soon as you plant the mine, attack small creep next to your lane. While in lane place one mine on the side. Linger around that mine while clearing wave. That mine serves the purpose of deterring the enemy from diving you. If, however,  they decide to do so, cast another Sentry when the shield from the first one disappears, while retreating and attacking at the same time.

Be efficient with Sentries. It provides way more than most of the arena of valor skills. Always have one on the ground and one ready to use at moment notice. Before level 4 the prime goals are safety and experience. Once level 4, increase aggression. Make sure to punish enemies whenever they get close enough. Plan ahead where do you ‘l be when using the ultimate, and place Sentry just in front of that location. We do this in order for skill 2 to be available again while we are stationary. Don’t save the ultimate cooldown, it is fairly short and last long. Use it to push the enemy toward their tower, which creates a condition for the siege situation. Exploit the range by standing in the brush and attacking the enemy (for the duration of the ultimate).

Brunhilda is largely dependant on her team. They provide protection and control while she is dishing out loads of damage. As with every other marksman, play around her maximum range. While moving with the team keep placing Sentries on the flank where enemies can come from. Make sure to use the zoning effect of your ultimate. For example, if opponents are trying to take Dragon/Dark Slayer, place mine near you and once in range, turn on the ultimate. Brunhilda is strong at contesting objectives. However, if you decide to do so, make sure to have allies close enough, otherwise, the opposition will end you. Similar tactic applies for Towers, basically position yourself such that allies are an active barrier in between you and your targets, while you dish out damage from afar. Have skill 1 cooldown ready in case you are being engaged upon. If the particular enemy is stronger than you, hit Skill 2 (Sentry) to slow down the enemy and give you a shield, then Skill 1 and run away. However, if you are stronger then him, just plant the sentry and continue attacking (remember, you do have an increased armor/magic defense).


A juggernaut, a mobile fortress, there are very few, if any, champion that can be described like this…

A juggernaut, a mobile fortress, there are very few, if any, champion that can be described like this. Cresht will not win the laning phase by himself, but in combination with marksman and/or jungler, the situation takes a dramatic turn. In his regular form, Cresht is more of a support champion and relatively useful at that. However, once ultimate is used options open up, absorbing entire enemy team firepower, taking shots from the tower and so on. Being able to increase his own tankiness on demand is one of the major strengths of this hero. Find Cresht place in AoV tier list at the top of this page.


  • Super tanky, with Metamorphosis he becomes almost impossible to kill. That’s why you need defensive items, to boost it even further. Get items according to the enemy’s team composition (more mages – more magic defense instead of physical).
  • Good at supporting allies. Protect them directly with Aquatic Shield and use Typhoon to knock the enemies away from them or towards them for the kill.
  • When you use Metamorphosis you become good at controlling enemies since your passive gives you 50% slow each time you use the ability.


  • Metamorphosis requires a full rage bar, so you need to be aware of when to use it to maximize the effectiveness.
  • Some of his strengths are geographically limited, more specifically – on top of the tidal wave.

Played as tank/support, Cresht is there to protect allies and be their front line. Early-game, when you are without Metamorphosis, use Aquatic Shield to engage and then Typhoon for some cc and damage, then fall back. Your primary goal, besides tanking, is protecting your weaker allies. Rush to the aid of your allies with Aquatic Shield to boost their health and you can push the enemy away with Typhoon. With Metamorphosis ON, you become a fighting fortress and a beacon of slowing effects thanks to Cresht’s passive, while at the same time Aquatic Shield changes from defensive to more of an offensive tool used for engaging. In lanes always stay close to the weaker ally to give them a hand if needed. During, and even more importantly before team fights, plan your actions and play according to the accumulated Rage. Be careful in picking the moment you use the ultimate. You want your team to be ready to engage and use it in the most disruptive way you can, for the enemy team.


Insane range, great burst, very good mobility, and great vision…

Insane range, great burst, very good mobility, and great vision. Everything mentioned is packed withing Elsu’s skill set at the cost of being immovable during, and less than second after the Snipe. So yes, Elsu has flaws, but with clever positioning and proper planning, you can enhance strengths and hide your weaknesses, or at least bring them down to a minimum.


  • Exceptional range and burst. Snipe ability can reach targets up to 2400 units away. This is invaluable in every aspect of the game, and what it does is force the enemy to either constantly dodge your shots, or to engage you as soon as possible. 1st ability passive provides a bunch of armor penetration enabling Elsu to decimate even high armored champions.
  • High movement speed and ability to sneak. In true sniper fashion, Elsu can camouflage himself near obstacles, and when the enemy becomes aware of his position, he can zip across the map and quickly change position, reentering stealth again.
  • Vision. Having the ability to place 3 Sentinels on the ground and retain vision on that area is at this moment unique ability. This have so much utility, it is hard to keep track of all the situations in which it can be used. One of, if not, the most important utility is ganking prevention.


  • Exposed while using Snipe. Elsu becomes immovable for the duration of Snipe and a little bit after. This opens up all sorts of opportunities for the enemy team, like Grakk can easily pull him, Airi’s long-range stun, some assassin dive and so on. Elsu must shoot from stealth, otherwise, he risks too much.
  • The time before combat starts is when Elsu is most effective, and your team should provide you as much of it as possible. However, a typical scenario is you start to poke and impatient allies are jumping to engage, pushing the conflict to the stage where Elsu is not bad, but it’s not at his best.
  • Tremendously reliant on positioning and planning. Like with real-life snipers, playing Elsu requires planning, positioning, and coordination with the team. Neglect any of it, or make a bad judgment call and the game will go haywire for you.

At level 1 take Sentinel and then level up Snipe as a priority. As soon as the game starts, go to the important location near, or inside, the river and place Sentinels there. Let them act as gank prevention for you and the middle lane. Go to your lane and move close to some wall that is beyond enemy vision, but still in range for you to Snipe minions or harasses opponents. When moving through the jungle or repositioning, make sure to enter stealth and hug the wall while doing so. Rest of the time you stay back, far back, poke and harass whenever you can, but remember to stay in stealth when sniping so the enemy won’t see the laser sights and won’t know when to dodge the shot.

Your role here is pretty much the same, stay back, poke, harass and try to aim for squishy champions, like enemy marksman or assassin. Don’t be afraid to use Disengage to add a bit more to your burst potential. One slightly more different thing from laning phase and from other champions, in general, is the need to place those wards/Sentinels. In an early game that was not of a big issue, however, later on, it is very dangerous to move in the jungle without team escort, and team should escort you to place Sentinels to, for example, surround the Dark Slayer pit, or Dragon pit, or any objective you plan on taking. So, on one hand, you need to stay back and poke from a great distance, on the other hand, you must be up there with front-line champions when moving through the jungle. This cannot be thought in one guide, it will require some practice and experience with the champion.


A medium attack range assassin, Enzo poses a threat for every marksman that relies on kiting or feeling safe at the distance…

A medium attack range assassin, Enzo poses a threat for every marksman that relies on kiting or feeling safe at the distance. Enzo has strong jungle clear speed, that goes through the roof once he gets to level 4 and gains access to his ultimate. While he is good in solo situations, his true strength are skirmishes and the ability to toss around enemy targets, while dishing out good amount of damage. Use filters to see Enzo’s place in arena of valor tier list.


  • Gank potential. The ability to stick to the target and throw it behind himself is one of the best ganking tools available. Also, the range of skill 2 can be safely extended if cast from the safety of the brush.
  • Ability to stick to the target. With Judgment/Decapitate combo Enzo is able to close the distance multiple times, enhanced by the mobility of Amputate as well as its slow-effect and speed increase. It is extremely difficult to escape from Enzo once he gets a hold of the target with his skill 2. On top of everything, his attack range is fairly large, somewhere between melee and the range.
  • Steam-roll the fight. The moment he manages to execute the first target, the cooldown of Judgment gets reduced enabling Enzo to lock the next target and repeat the process again.


  • Weak against bruisers and tanks. At least until he builds Muramasa, Enzo’s damage on at least decently armored characters is negligible.
  • Susceptible to control. Enzo’s playstyle implies dancing at the edge of his (medium) range while being somewhat squishy. It takes only a few seconds for most heroes to kill Enzo, so if he gets controlled for at least a moderate amount of time, it is the end for him.
  • Unclear Judgment interface. Generally, it is unclear visually at what range you can throw the target or use the ultimate. It might be said that this is the part of the character difficulty, but from my point of view, this just creates an artificial gameplay obstacle, of which I am not a fan of (it is possible that I got spoiled with years of good technical solutions and simply there isn’t one for this).

Note: be careful when using Judgment on jungle creeps, especially with Amputate buff, because it can lead to unwanted resets.

The recommendation is to use Amputate before Judgment and not to use the second stage of Judgment (unless it’s going to finish off the target). Start the jungle from the opposite side of Dragon lane, and work your way to the other side. Pay special attention to the enemy mid lane, and punish if he overextends, try creating an advantage for your team-mate. However, don’t linger and/or leach his experience, instead proceed with clearing the rest of the jungle. Once your jungle is cleared and you are level 4, gank DS lane and depending on the success, prepare to take down the Dragon. After that, pay more attention to the strategic element of the game and the team fights.

During the late game, Enzo’s job is simple but dangerous. Lurk in the brushes (outside of enemy sight) in preparation for the fight and wait for the initiation. Wait until the enemy team uses their main control abilities and then charge-up and land Judgment onto the squishy target, immediately followed by the ultimate and normal attack. Use Amputate to take you away from the rest of the enemy team, use Judgment second time to pull the target behind you and again normal attack.

Use ultimate for the second time and again normal attack. This combo should be executed within a very few seconds, it packs a lot of burst and should take you to the safe distance, at least as safe as it can be. It is important to practice this champion a lot because it is not possible to always create skill combos, so quick thinking, good reflexes, and knowledge of the hero are all essential in order to be an effective AoV Enzo player.


A long-range objective oriented marksman, Fennik can be extremely dangerous when ahead of his enemies.

A long-range objective oriented marksman, Fennik can be extremely dangerous when ahead of his enemies. The ability to mark the objective (tower, dragon, dark slayer) and destroy it very quickly, is something everyone should be mindful of. The one big problem Fennik has is a lack of early game impact, and considering the importance of that game aspect in Arena of Valor, this comes as his major downside.


  • Versatile multifunctional hero. He can clear lanes and towers as fast as he can clear the jungle. He can “fill the hole” in any needed position. Pushing towers is a piece of cake with this little fellow.
  • High damage burst. Heroes with Thief’s Mark on and caught in the Chain Hammer Cyclone won’t survive the combo if they are not tanks. Chain them and use the Thief’s Mark after. If they try to escape try to catch up with Rolling Lightning.
  • Good range. Use that extra range that Fennik has to poke from a safe distance.


  • Low defense stats. Fennik has to be played with a full offensive build to be effective, and that leaves you pretty vulnerable. Stay as back as you can and run away as soon as you see an enemy engaging you.
  • Less effective in the early game. Fennik needs almost full build before unleashing its full potential.

In the laning stage, you can play Fennik in two ways. Stay in the jungle and gank when you get your ultimate, or the second option is to stay in lane and poke the enemy until you force him to base. After that, the tower is all yours. Killing the jungle creeps close to your lane is something to do on the side. Fennik can make the whole team go after him when they realize how fast towers are going down. If you need to gank start with Chain Hammer Cyclone, put the mark on your foe and keep attacking. His Mark is the main reason Fennik needs a lot of attack speed. When your enemy starts running chase them with Rolling Lightning, or you can use it to run away from a fight that’s not going well for you.

As in the laning stage, you have 2 options for team fights too. When you are close to finishing off the last enemy towers you could risk it, go sneak and finish the game while your team is fighting. That’s a really risky move but it’s doable. A less risky option is to go with your team and participate in the fights. Stay all the way back at the edge of your max range. Start with Chain Hammer Cyclone, Mark the closest enemy and bash him with auto-attacks. Don’t use the Rolling Lightning at any point, save it if things go wrong.


He is one of the mages with continuous damage output and great wave clearing abilities…

This old-timer still has a few tricks up his sleeve. He is one of the mages with continuous damage output and great wave clearing abilities. He also has good sustain and some crowd control, but his main flaws are mana and the lack of burst damage. In team fights, he can provide a lot of zoning for his back line, thanks to his AoE abilities. These also allow him to clear waves very effectively, which is great when defending against the enemy siege.


  • Rain of Fire is a great cc ability. Even if the foe doesn’t have the Mark on himself, he can still easily get stunned. Foes that try to avoid being stunned will need to reposition, and if they decide to ignore it then they are truly in trouble.
  • His ultimate Holy Embers have a huge area of impact and it deals True damage if the enemy has the Mark. You can easily detonate the whole team with it.


  • Squishy. Not much health or armor like any other mage.
  • No reliable means of escape either, Fire Crash is the only ability able to help you escape if the enemy already has the Mark.
  • Needs a lot of mana at the start. At the beginning of the round, you’ll have trouble recharging mana, and in prolonged fights, you’ll run out of it quickly. Having an item or two for mana management is a must.

Fire Crash is your first choice.

His most reliable means of damage dealing is Fire Crash. You’ll need to level it up first, don’t fall into the trap of going for Rain of Fire. It may seem a reasonable choice because of the cooldown reduction, but you’ll lose a lot of DPS this way.  Poke the enemy with Fire Crash, and use the minion wave to hit him with the splash it makes. Don’t try to target the hero, target the minions instead. They are stationary most of the time, and the splash radius is pretty big so it makes the hits much easier. Harass your enemies whenever you can use Rain of Fire on yourself when they dive you, it should give you enough time to escape. You can even hit them with Fire Crash to get the shield and bonus speed. Eventually, you should make the enemy leave for the fountain and lose EXP and gold. Don’t try to chase and finish off enemies, Ignis is not that type of hero.

This is his playground. Most of the abilities Ignis uses are AOE, and some of them have a rather large area of impact. First of all, stand at a safe distance and poke the enemies with Fire Crash. When the fight begins, cast Rain of Fire on the largest enemy group, followed immediately by Holy Embers. This should stun the enemies long enough for Holy Embers to activate, not giving them any chance of escaping, and as a bonus, the enemies will be marked, so True damage should apply. Use Fire Crash right after Holy Embers and keep spamming it whenever it recharges. This combo has quite the impact if you execute it right.


She is the first hero to have a proper pet, which makes her playstyle quite unique…

She is the first hero to have a proper pet, which makes her playstyle quite unique. Attacking or using Skill 1 will send Furball to attack as well. Using Skill 2 or walking away from the target, will send Furball back to Ishar. This allows you to control her pet easily and opens up a lot of possibilities. Also, Ishar has a decent crowd control in her skillset, which is another reason she is useful in team fights.


  • Control & Mobility. Skill 2 can knock-up enemies, while the ultimate will lock them in the prison-like barrier. The usual combo is Skill 1 > The ultimate > walk-in + skill 2 > run-away.
  • Safety & Vision. By having a beefy monster of a pet to stand in front and soak damage, while she stands behind and with the ability to recall it to gain a shield, Ishar is one of the safest among the Arena of Valor heroes. Also, she can send Furball to the brush, either by using ultimate or by using skill 1 to hit a hidden opponent, after which the pet will jump in thus revealing the ambush.
  • Additional target. Furball can soak some of the major skills, like Grakk hook (Devil’s Chain), or Kahlii’s ultimate, and some others. Basically, any skill that ends upon hitting the target has a good chance of connecting with Furball.


  • Additional target. There are skills in-game that thrive on additional targets, like Azzen’Ka’s Skill 2 (Dust Devil), or Jinnar’s Skill 1 (Force Orbs), so facing those opponents can be tricky for Ishar.
  • Lack of burst damage. She is similar to Sephera, Ishar consistently delivers small chunks of damage, but sometimes you‘re going to need a burst which she is unable to deliver.
  • Weak dueling power. Ishar’s skill set consists of Mobility + Shield + Control and it is great for staying safe or doing well in team fights however, she lacks the potential to execute opponents.

Midlane (solo/damage)- prioritize Skill 1 (Somnial Fungus) because it is the main damage source. Support – prioritize Skill 2 because of better utility and reduced cooldown, if you play like safety/engage/disengage support. However, if you prefer to play harass–support, prioritize Skill 1 like you are solo lane.

By looking at Strengths and Weaknesses it is a straight forward conclusion to what is the best course of action. Mainly stay behind and harass.

At level 1 take first Skill, focus on harassing opponents more so than clearing minion waves. This is done because her burst damage is weak, so Ishar can’t execute from 100 to 0 (unless the enemy is far behind in farm). It is better to harass, so either you force him back to base, in which case he is losing some gold and XP, or stay there at risk of additional shots from Skill 1 (or potential gank).

For levels 1-3, when your jungler is about to gank, make sure to be close enough to walk-in and use Skill 2 to knock-up, followed with Skill 1, then fall-back. At level 4, make sure to have an Enhanced version of Skill 1 ready to use (Skill icon turns red), then just before jungler comes out use it to slow down the enemy, use the ultimate and walk into the melee range. Once there, wait until Dreamy Circle is about to expire and use Skill 2 (Somnial Shield), then again follow up with Skill 1. This is almost 3.5 seconds lock-down which should be enough with anyone assistance to finish him/her off. This is the only reason why Flicker may be a better option for retreating to safety, however, I found Heal to be more reliable/useful overall thou.

In team fights, she is a fairly simple but impactful hero, much more so than in laning. There are two main tasks for Ishar in Teamfights:

  • Harass the enemy and follow up the initiation by locking down as many targets as possible with the ultimate.
  • Remain very close to your marksman and keep Furball alive. Once you and/or marksman are engaged by enemy melee combatant, move closer to the enemy and use Skill 2 to knock him up, then retreat (make sure Furball is not under control effects otherwise there won’t be a knock-up).


He is perfectly suited for split pushing the Dark Slayer lane…

He is perfectly suited for split pushing the Dark Slayer lane. His skill set allows him to clear waves of minions fast, he has great sustain thanks to his 2nd skill, which makes him an excellent dueler when paired with his ultimate. In most cases, it will take 2 or more enemy heroes to drive him away from the lane, which should open a lot of options for the rest of his teammates. Still, his main weakness lies in team fighting since there isn’t much he brings to the table other than raw damage and a slow effect from his Sea Spear. Use filters to check where is Kil’Groth in arena of valor tier list.


High damage. Kil’Groth can deal quite the damage with Enraging Spear. He can take out a lot of other melee heroes 1 on 1, no matter the class, especially later in the game.

Cleave. After using Enraging spear your basic attack range increases by a good margin, so you can cleave all the opponents in front of you.

High sustain. Again, thanks to the Enraging spear, he has a lot of life steal. You can always enhance this further by building some more sustain items.


  • Has only one cc/slow. Sea Spear is the only slow he has and it is really bad, slowing the foe for just 1.5 seconds. This means you’ll need to rely on items and teammates to slow or stun the running enemy.
  • Relies on the items. Since your basic damage source is normal attacks, you’ll need good items to actually deal some. The first few items are crucial for Kil’Groth and he needs to get them as quickly as possible.

Enraged Spear is your first leveling choice.

There is no laning for Kil’Groth, he must be played as a jungler. He needs all the gold he can collect, for the items and laning can’t satisfy that hunger. Scorching Wind is a must, build it as soon as you can. After you reach lvl 4 you can easily solo the dragon, and the Dark Slayer can fall at lvl 8! Not a lot of heroes can boast such capability. Start in the lane that’s diagonal to the dragon, after you clear it and the one parallel to it, go straight for the dragon. Start ganking the lanes at any time after lvl 4, you can engage and disengage quickly without the fear of being stunned or slowed.

You want to engage the enemy team backline, but only after the fight has already started. Get in using Sea Spear for the slow and surprise, follow it up with Gore Lord to make yourself immune to cc and turn on Enraged Spear. Start bashing the enemies with your normal attacks and that’s it. Note that it is really hard to run away with Kil’Groth after your ultimate is on cooldown, so if you find yourself in this kind of situation keep hitting as hard as you can. You might survive thanks to the sustain, but if you start running you are doomed for sure. When (or if) you get to the Fafnir’s Talon even the tanks will fall pretty quickly.


She is incredible at harassing her opponents from a distance…

She is incredible at harassing her opponents from a distance. Thanks to her passive, she can be very mobile, and avoid ganks with ease. Krixi also possesses plenty of AoE damage and amazing wave clearing potential, which makes her great at defending against the siege and also allows her to dish out some serious damage in team fights. Still, she can be quite susceptible to divers, so you should be extra careful when playing against such heroes.


  • Kite potential. With a long-range and her passive increasing the movement speed whenever hits the target with a skill.
  • Good damage, single target or AoE.
  • Nice poke and crowd control, even better after Frosty’s Revenge is completed.


  • No sustain of her own, relying on Arcanas and Orb of the Magi to make up for it.
  • Weak early game. Weak base damage on her abilities limits her early game potential. One additional problem may be the range at which you gain experience. So if you cast Mischief from maximum range and move away, there is a chance you won’t last-hit some minions and if they die before you return into the range, it is wasted EXP for you.
  • Extra squishy. As a poke champion, she needs to prioritize damage over tankiness, combined with weak base stats and lack of mobility before hitting a target (this is dangerous when faced against assassins that can stealth or jump over the wall and burst).

Prioritize Mischief, Krixi’s main tool for damage, kiting and poking. Keep your distance, stay at max range while poking with Mischief, immediately run backward unless you are teaming up with your jungler to outnumber the enemy. When on offense, use Nature’s Wrath for setup or to chain with your ally’s cc. Otherwise, have it ready for safety, you will be targeted by assassins often and you want to have options for disengage. When returning to your lane, or ganking someone else’s, do it from the brush and use the cover to land Nature’s Wrath with more precision. Follow up with Mischief and ultimate, then try to stay in Moonfall’s range until it lands all 4 hits per enemy champion.

In essence, the same rules apply for team fights as for laning phase, stay at max range, keep poke and cc going and look for an opportunity to use Moonfall’s entire duration. With Frosty’s Revenge finished, the kiting toolkit starts to kick in. Additional movement speed combined with item’s passive and your running-away-and-dealing-damage will be much easier to perform. The best position to be as Krixi is to have enemies keep running toward you, while Mischief is being repeatedly cast in their direction.


This foxy lady is one of the hardest heroes to master in Arena of Valor…

This foxy lady is one of the hardest heroes to master in Arena of Valor. However, her skill set offers so much, and once you get accustomed to it, you will definitely grow to like it. She has incredible burst damage potential, and she is capable of single-handedly destroying any non-tank in a matter of seconds. To top things off, she has fairly good mobility too, which is great for both engaging the enemy and getting away from sticky situations.


  • Insane mobility. It makes her very difficult to catch or run away from. She can easily move to the other lanes and still come back to her own for farming.
  • All-around complete champion. AOE stun, two escape abilities (with one of them making her untargetable), seven damaging spells, short cooldowns.
  • Harasser. Decent range spells and damage to match.


  • THE POWER OF MOBILITY. With all that power in your fingers and thirst for blood, sometimes it’s just hard to stay calm and wait for the right moment! You REALLY WANT to make the moment and – death.
  • Hard to come back. If you die 2 or more times early, you have no significant influence in the game.
  • Hard mechanics. With all of the abilities, it’s really hard to use Liliana to her full potential.

The solo middle lane is the best option! Her long-range spells make her hard to gank. The First level, Shining Light can be used to harass your opponent and kill minions faster. Play safely and wait for your level 4. Once you hit level 4 Liliana becomes a Mobility Finisher hero. Use your mobility to quickly go from lane to lane and make kills happen, or pressuring advantages to take down objectives. It is crucial that you don’t have empty walks, that way you will lose a lot of experience and gold.

There are many ways how to approach the battlefield! One of your jobs is to delete low HP enemy heroes and deny their escape with your mobility. In Human Form use Blinding Light to help your teammates and stop channeling spells. All your spells in Human Form have AOE damage. When the team fight starts, keep your distance from close combat. If in Fox Form use Leap of the Fox to engage low HP enemy heroes, following with Unpredictable (Human Form) then Blinding Light and Shining Light for the kill. Reiki Shot has high burst damage and 1 second casting time, I don’t recommend using this spell in close combat. Unpredictable can be used in a split second to avoid enemy spells that can give you an advantage in fights. If your team is applying pressure Fox Form is more useful, where Human Form is best for defending.


The reason for this is because she gains great bonuses whenever she is in a brush, and thankfully, the jungle is full of those…

She is simply said, an amazing jungler. The reason for this is because she gains great bonuses whenever she is in a brush, and thankfully, the jungle is full of those. The moments she gains level 4 and unlocks her ultimate, her damage output skyrockets. Also, she can place traps at key locations on the map, and these will reveal any enemy that passes through. This can be extremely helpful for her team, and thanks to her Piercing Gaze, nobody will ever need to face-check brushes. To top things off, she has an amazing chasing potential, as long as there are brushes nearby. Use filters at the top of the page for aov tier list placements.


  • High burst damage. If you use your ultimate to properly reset auto attack animation, it will result in great burst damage. Also, procs from items such as Omni Arms or Frost Cape works with your ultimate, and boosts your burst potential even more.
  • Movement and positioning. Lindis has a great toolkit to move around the battlefield and to position herself in such a way that it is very difficult for enemies to get close to her. Utilizing her passive ability is the key to both maximizing your burst damage and for dealing damage from a safe distance and kiting enemies. She is also good at chasing down targets as her ultimate can be cast while moving, and it is great for finishing low hp running targets.


  • Weak to crowd control and burst damage. You have to be extremely careful with how you position yourself in combat. One misstep can lead to enemies bursting you down in a manner of seconds. Always be on alert when enemies are missing, and do not hesitate to use your Piercing Gaze before face-checking any brush, or you may end up dead.
  • Mobility. While Lindis has great movement speed capabilities, she lacks escape tools. If an enemy dives you, in most situations, you will end up either dead or run away with a very low health bar. Always be aware of the enemy’s position and never rush head-first into the fight.
  • Lack of poke. Other Marksman Heroes such as Violet, Tel’Annas, Yorn, Slimz or The Joker all have good poke options for laning. This is one of your disadvantages, so be very careful in the early stages of the game.

Piercing Gaze is your first choice. You should almost always play as a jungler. Playing in the lane is suboptimal because while jungling Lindis can use brushes to a great extent. Also, while ganking, make sure to use your traps to help you out with clearing waves fast, as well as harassing the enemy Hero whenever you can. Make sure to use that great amount of speed gained from entering a brush so you can come to aid to an ally. Keep in mind it also strengthened attack applies with two stacks of the Piercing Gaze debuff on the enemy, so use that to your advantage. When fighting in the lane, try to fight from the brush, since it will give you bonus movement speed and damage, and those things can be key to winning lane fights. When you spot an enemy jungler coming to gank your lane, always use traps to slow him down and buy yourself and your lane partner time to back away from the gank. When your jungler comes to gank, use traps to slow enemies down and prevent their retreat. Always help your jungler when they are killing the Abyssal Dragon since that extra Gold and XP will help the entire team. Whenever you can, kill the jungle creeps to gain some bonus experience and gold.

In team fights, you should always stay behind your tanks. Try to position yourself so that you can use the bush to your advantage and kite the enemies that might be diving you, or to chase down low HP Heroes. If the enemy is nowhere to be seen or if they have some stealth Heroes like the Batman, use your Piercing Gaze to reveal them. Never face-check the bush when enemies are missing. Always use your Piercing Gaze ahead, as it will save both you and your teammates. When attacking enemies, try to always move between attacks, and always keep the optimal distance between you and your target. As a general rule for Marksman: “Always attack the target that is closest to you in the team fight”. If you walk too much forward you will expose yourself both to the enemy front and backline, and you will most likely be CC-ed or burst down quickly. If you can choose who to target, go for the enemy assassins first, as it will prevent them from killing your backline thus giving you an edge in team fights.


Being tanky support, with strong base stats and the ability to pull enemy characters in, and lock them down with Taunt is what makes Mina a great and very valuable support hero…

Being tanky support, with strong base stats and the ability to pull enemy characters in, and lock them down with Taunt is what makes Mina a great and very valuable support hero. Still, there are a few things to consider. She is strong against melee champions and has no means to escape from fights. In a situation where Mina is played in a well-organized team, her value is incredible, but in solo play, she can be a double-edged sword since she needs her teammates to follow up whenever she initiates. Find out Mina’s position in arena of valor tier list at the top of the page.


  • Team fighting powerhouse. Rare are champions that are able to fit into almost every composition as Mina is.
  • Mina’s position can be a zoning tool. If not behind in items and levels, her presence can be enough to prevent the enemy from approaching. Not going in the range of Death Scythe is a rule of thumb for enemies.
  • Because of her strong basic stats, she can come out ahead in trading with other tanks in those early 1v1.
  • CONS:


  • Item/levels dependant. Because she needs to take damage in order to dish out some, Mina must be stacked up with items and levels. One example is her sustain, which is non-existent within abilities. Because of that Gaia’s Standard, or Crimson Banner is very important.
  • Flicker dependant. This long cooldown talent is both engage and disengage for Mina.
  • Inconsistency. You will have games where Mina dominates the game, but also games where she is completely useless.

Death Scythe is her main utility skill and should be prioritized for added cooldown speed.

Mina is played mainly as support and her role is simple, keep the targets attacking her instead of squishy allies. If solo in the lane, make sure to fight among enemy minions, they won’t hurt much but will provide an additional chance for a counter-attack. If the opportunity presents itself, Death Scythe enemy into the allied tower and use Dark Dominion. But, overall Mina is not the greatest solo laner, as her strength comes from creating opportunities and providing time for allies to do their thing. Considering how important her ultimate is, try not to waste it by overlapping with crowd control from teammates.

Staying in the midst of the fight demands that you do not fall behind in the early game. This puts great significance on Mina’s laning phase. In a team fight, you are the front line and your job is to hook enemies toward you, reposition if there is a chance to taunt even more targets, use Dark Dominion and spam Whirling Scythe. If the fight prolongs long enough so your Death Scythe comes off cooldown, use it to keep anyone from attacking your main damage dealers… Either protect them or if no one is attacking them then use it for cleaning up enemies, pull them back into the range of your carry.


A melee assassin with tons of mobility and some crowd control…

A melee assassin with tons of mobility and some crowd control. Lacking any decent defense, apart from immunity to crowd control for the duration of ultimate. It is always difficult to play squishy melee assassin in team fights and Nakroth is not an exception. For some people, Nakroth is not a great pick, but for players with good reflexes, this hero can do wonders.


  • Great mobility. Both of your normal skills are leaps and rushes with a low CD so you can cover a lot of ground quickly, you are great at chasing and escaping as well. You can jump around the map around team fights, your enemies will feel like you are everywhere.
  • Crowd Control. Nakroth has 3 AOE knock-up abilities that are not that hard to land considering his awesome mobility and movement. Also, this gives him great potential for early and late game ganks as you can lock down enemies for a solid duration of time.


  • Hard mechanics. Nakroth is hard to learn because a lot of his abilities have to be used manually. He has great mobility and great kiting capabilities but it will take you time to master them.
  • Low defense stats make Nakroth susceptible to enemy burst.
  • Late game. Late game you only become a knock up machine, you will jump here and there knock up some enemies then retreat. Fall off later greatly but don’t let that bother you as you can still assassinate some marksmen if no one catches you!

Start with the Sage buff side and clear the jungle from top to bottom. Keep an eye out for any enemy overextension and punish them accordingly. Your highest ganking potential will come when you hit level 4 so at that time look for ganks. You shouldn’t really engage the enemy jungler as most of the time in a 1v1 you will lose. Instead, play like an opportunist, punish mistakes and assassinate targets with lower HP. Hiding in a brush and starting with Jury Fury or Death Sentence is a great way to start a gank, be as efficient on the map as you can because this is the period of the game when Nakroth shines.

Later in the game, you start falling off, your main target remains some random marksmen, but they won’t be alone at this point. So focus on objectives and team fights. In team fights, you will have two choices you can either go in with your front line for some extra CC or you can spend some time waiting and lurking for the right chance to kill marksmen or finish off the low-HP enemy hero. With this kind of skillset and build you are an assassin, not a warrior so killing squishies will be easy for you.


Lots of harass, decent control, and damage no-one can be ashamed of…

Lots of harass, decent control, and damage no-one can be ashamed of. Natalya has the firepower of artillery and the mobility of a snail. High mobility characters or the ones that can outrange her are the ones she struggles against the most. Also, she requires perfect positioning since she needs to stand still while channeling her ultimate. She excels when fighting in narrow spaces because it’s much easier for her to land skills and utilize her full potential. Find Natalya place in arena of valor tier list using filter at the top of the page.


  • Good laner. From the very beginning of the round, Natalya is powerful in lane. If you hit a hero with all five Arcane Spirits it will devastate them. Combine it with Arcane Nova, slow down the enemy first and shoot Arcane Spirits behind them. The above-mentioned combo, when you add ultimate Lethal Rays to it, will melt away even the tankiest of heroes. In other words, you have a great burst combo in your arsenal.
  • Decent range. Making Natalya a nice poke hero.


  • Natalya has no means of escape, all of her skills are offense. You need Flicker or Run talents to be able to escape.
  • Her ultimate, Lethal Rays, pins you in place, and you can’t move while you channel it making the situation even worse.
  • Every mage has the same problem – too squishy. One assassin or warrior burst and you are history. You need to be extra careful about your position and surroundings.

Arcane Spirits is your first choice. She is an excellent laner. Even if she is solo in the lane she can hold off 2 heroes. Dealing a lot of damage, and having good range allows you to poke safely. You can clear the minion waves with Arcane Spirits and since it goes through minions you can poke the enemy at the same time. If he starts chasing after you, use Arcane Nova to stun and ultimate to chase him off or kill him. Arcane Nova is a good skill to initiate fights, but you can also use it as the escape tool.

Not much to tell, you stay in the back behind your team and spam your combo. Start with Arcane Nova for stuns and slows, continue with Arcane Spirits, because it’s easy to hit a stunned or slowed enemy and finish with Lethal Rays. The range of your ulti will allow you to hit more heroes, try to target at least two. After you use the ultimate, your Arcane Spirits should be refreshed, so cast it again behind the enemy lines. That way you’ll make sure you are not lacking range if the enemy moves away.


He has high damage, is very tough, and possesses the ability to lock an enemy down…

He has high damage, is very tough, and possesses the ability to lock an enemy down. All of this plays well in hand of this mighty split pusher and one-vs-one powerhouse. His utility drops dramatically in team fights, but he’s extremely valuable in skirmishes. All of this makes Omen strong split pusher, and if properly utilized he can stretch the enemy team to the point of breaking.


  • Great duelist. If you like 1v1, Omen is a hero for you as he is almost unbeatable. You should be able to win your lane and give your team an advantage that way.
  • Control. Death’s Beckon and Death’s Embrace are both good control abilities. You can pull enemy heroes to your melee range or lock down one of them for you or for your team to beat them up!
  • No mana. Omen is a maneless hero, it helps a great deal as you don’t have to worry about that annoying blue bar above you.


  • Requires stacking. Having stacks is a crucial part of your gameplay and if you have none you will feel like you are naked. You depend on Thirst and falling into trance as it reduces your CD’s and gives extra AS and pure damage, without it you are nothing if you are caught without any preparation you are done for.
  • Low mobility. You have no reliable escape mechanism of any sort and your only mobility skills are Untouchable and your ultimate and both of them are not reliable at all. You need your ultimate to engage and fight, the same rules apply for Untouchable so using it to move around is not advisable. You can use Untouchable sometimes when moving around the map but take extra care because if you are caught you are left with no defensive skills.

You want the Dark Slayer lane because of your 1v1 potential, you wanna start slow and farm up until u get some levels then you will want to trade some damage here and there. It is best to engage when you are at 4 stacks of thirst use death’s beckon to get your enemy close to you then you get your passive to proc into Untouchable and you are sure to win out the damage trade. If you feel like you are getting the upper hand go all in at level 4 and bite for the kill, you should be able to win most of the lane matchups so it shouldn’t be too hard for you. Mainly focus on split push and try to attract as many enemies to your lane so u can open the rest of the map for your team to grab the advantage. Later, as dragon loses on importance, try switching lanes with your teammates so your team has more space around Dark Slayer pit.

For Omen team fights are the hardest part of his gameplay. You shouldn’t really rush in nor should you stay far back, you are not really built for the main tank so wait for your front line to go in first, then wait for your moment and try to grab a small skirmish in the fight. If you aren’t getting pressured and you don’t have your Untouchable available use flicker and wait for your CD to reset then go back in again and clean up what you can. You can also protect your backline with your Death’s beckon and keep them safe. Nevertheless, you have to play team fights really carefully and play with your gut.


This is one of the most annoying heroes to play against, and for a good reason…

This is one of the most annoying heroes to play against, and for a good reason. Qi’s skill set allows her to be very tanky. She also has a decent sustain, which means she can either go Jungle or Dark Slayer lane, and that makes her fairly flexible. Other than that, she has a lot of crowd control abilities allowing her to either prevent enemies from reaching her back line or to lock down enemy carries.


A highly mobile, magic damage, melee assassin with one long-range harass ability.

A highly mobile, magic damage, melee assassin with one long-range harass ability. Raz is a tricky champion. On one hand, his harass and burst potential are immense, the mobility is off the charts, and the amount of control is the stuff of legends. On the other hand, his mobility must be practiced to the point where it becomes instinct. He is squishy and yet at some point, he has to dive into the enemy team. Because of that, he is one of the most difficult heroes in Arena of Valor. However, this exactly makes him incredibly rewarding for any player who manages to master his skill set.


  • Good damage and poke. AP scaling of Raz’s ultimate and ability to land Power Surges from a safe distance is really shining through. There is an indirect component in Power Surge as it slows down and reduces the magic resistance of an enemy, and by doing so enabling some other team member’s skill shots to wreak havoc.
  • Mobility. Landing a skill shot on Raz during the encounter is exceptionally hard as his Passive’s built-in movement combined with a Rising uppercut and Explosive KO make him not a “moving target”, but rather an “all-over-the-place” target.
  • Crowd control. Raz in melee range of an enemy team brings absolute chaos pushing people left, right and upward.


  • Squishy. Raz is a melee assassin, which means he will dive in eventually, but considering his builds are mostly AP oriented, and no survivability built in his skills, plus he is good at diving in, not so good at falling back… all this means Raz is dancing on the edge of a blade every time he decides to use anything other than Power Surge from a safe distance.
  • Steep learning curve. Let’s not beat around the bush, Raz is extra difficult to learn to play, at least compared to other champions. A most important skill to learn is to decide when it is opportune to dive in, and in order to do that effectively, you need to know all other champions on the field as well as make tons of calculations every second before and during the fight.
  • Positioning. There is a great benefit in Raz’s passive, but sometimes it can betray and place him just under, let’s say turret range, and in crowd control range, basically spelling death for him.

Power Surge is the focus of this build, enabling you to play safely in laning phase and collect the much-needed XP and gold without too much interruption. Take the solo lane, be greedy, take as much experience as possible, squishy melee champions are not fun, or useful for that matter when playing from behind. Play it safe and abuse range of Power Surge for either minions or unrelenting harassment, build up advantages however small they are. Sometimes it is useful not to be aggressive when engaging, thus building up a picture in your opponent eyes of you being a passive one, but in actuality, you are waiting for the right moment in form of an incoming jungler or proximity to your tower, and then flipping the switch, changing from long-range artillery into an aggressive pounding predator.

Raz is an opportunist, be it on the offensive or the defensive. In the offensive, wait for your tanks and warriors to engage and take the initial fire, while you try to flank the enemy and focus on taking down enemy marksmen or mages. Try to round them up with Explosive KO and follow through with Rising Uppercut. If you have time to deliver a normal attack, do it, but not so much if your team does not have some good CC, you’ll need someone to cover your squishy a**.

On the defensive, pummel down Power Surges adding some DPS harassment and CC while waiting for the enemy to engage on to your marksmen/mage, then take them down with the help of your primary damage dealers, but only after that chase ends.

is really potent when executed by Raz. Explosive KO can put your foes in their place, at your tower or in range of an allied ultimate. Rising Uppercut can assist greatly in holding them in place.


She has tons of sustain built into her skill set. This allows her to remain in lane for prolonged periods of time…

She has tons of sustain built into her skill set. This allows her to remain in lane for prolonged periods of time. Other than that, she can easily escape ganks thanks to her second ability which provides Roxie with shield and bonus movement speed. Lastly, her ultimate can be a complete game-changer – being able to pull and drag an enemy towards your team can turn the tide of battle. Still, other than having a speed increase from her shield, Roxie doesn’t have any mobility skills whatsoever, which can leave her prone to kiting.


  • Great sustain. The combination: passive + 1st skill – for healing, and shield from 2nd skill, Roxie is equipped to take some heavy damage while maintaining high HP. On a plus note most of her abilities one way or the other scale with Max HP.
  • Great escape. 2nd skill, Blazing Shield, provides a shield and movement speed. In combination with 1st skill Roxie can get away with stuff other Arena of Valor champions can only dream off (smart enemies wouldn’t want to step on Wild Fire).
  • Ultimate. When you hit the enemy with this ability, for the next 2.5 sec it will disable a target and you can pull him/her back to your team. Every ability affecting enemy position is not to be ignored, this one in particular. If executed well it can end the team fight before it begins.


  • Ultimate. Relatively long cooldown, single target, short-mid range. With all the potency it brings, an enemy that is cautious will be extremely difficult to hit.
  • Cannot afford to fall behind because eventually, Roxie must be able to absorb huge amounts of damage. If behind in levels or items, this will be difficult.
  • No existing engage/prone to kiting. If allies are trying to engage while the enemy is disengaging, except for ultimate, there is little Roxie can do. Roxie skill-set is made for disengage, otherwise, her utility is questionable.

Prioritize Wild Fire, this is Roxie’s main damage ability and the one everything revolves around.

Avoid combat with enemy champions, not even to help allies before LVL 4. Instead, focus on clearing the lanes and in downtime take some jungle creeps, while constantly disengaging and moving away from the enemy. If some enthusiast wants to fight while moving over Wild Fire, make sure to treat them with Execute once they are under 15%. The best position for Roxie is invading and stealing enemy jungle monsters because she is constantly in a position to use her strong side, that is – escaping the enemy team. However, executing this role is also very dangerous and requires you to “read” the mini-map very well. Don’t remain in opposing jungle for far too long. It is predictable and the enemy can “read” you and set you a trap. Instead, try to push lanes and if you notice the enemy jungler on the other part of the map, hop into his jungle and clean it up. Once Ultimate (Agnie’s Grasp) is available (sync its cooldown with Execute), time to be more aggressive. If the enemy is roughly at 50% health grab and drag him across your Wild Fire and finish him off with Execute.

Approach the combat from the side of your team. Flanking can sometimes be an option as well. Coming from behind the enemy team is not the best choice because of your main role in combat, and it is a “simple” one: to hit the main target with your ultimate and drag him toward your team so they can execute on the opportunity. The mechanics of this task are simple but the responsibility is over the top. Those few seconds are almost all that is important about Roxie, as, for rest, any decent opponent will know how to handle, but being hooked and dragged toward allies is not something most champs can handle.


If you enjoy playing a support that offers a lot of safety, then Sephera is the hero for you…

If you enjoy playing a support that offers a lot of safety, then Sephera is the hero for you. She can safely poke enemies from a distance, her passive will constantly heal her teammates while damaging enemy heroes, and she also has decent crowd control abilities. But that’s not all, thanks to her ultimate, she can safely reposition whenever she’s in a dangerous situation, and provide additional healing for her team.


  • Good sustain/healing. Alongside her passive that heals an ally with lowest HP, the ultimate provide tons of damage and healing.
  • Ultimate strength. Aside from a good amount of AoE damage and healing, Tide of Life also provides 1.7 sec of invincibility (cannot be targeted) which can be used to soak up some of the major enemy abilities.
  • Simplicity – no skill shots. All of her abilities affect targets in the radius of that ability, thus all Sephera player needs to pay attention is the positioning of character and distance to the enemy.


  • Weak against burst champions. If the opponents are burst types of champions there won’t be enough time for Sephera to take them out ().
  • Bad scaling/no burst. At no point in the game will Sephera be able to burst opponents down, at best she is grinding them down.
  • Lacking some decent control. Not only she is lacking control, but the short duration control of 2nd ability is very clunky, applying in form of the large radius (but small surface) ring centered on Sephera.

Focus leveling Water Spirits. This is the main damage dealing skill, and since we are going to use this one on cooldown might as well make it the most effective it can get.

Sephera is in a strange place when considering her role. Her scaling is bad she can’t be considered pure mid lane mage, yet her skills are not providing enough of utility for her to be played as support. However, the best use of Sephera is as roaming support. In which case, the focus is on landing good Wall of Water, support with damage from Water Spirits (make sure to land 1 normal attack between every usage of this ability). If you are lvl 4, use the ultimate when both teams are at each other, to damage enemies and heal allies, and immediately retreat and repeat the routine, 1st skill – normal attack, in order to bring cooldowns down asap.

Except for one key difference, almost everything is the same in team fights. That key difference is the somewhat dangerous potential of Sephera’s ultimate. Here is what we talk about: you start the fight in a very dangerous position, slightly closer to their front line than it is safe (but ONLY if your team is with you and on the same page). This dangerous positioning will draw attention from the enemy and the engage will follow up. Here is what is dangerous: you need to use ultimate that very second and allow enemy to cast their major damage shenanigans while you are immune to it (if you plan on doing this consider using Purify talent instead of Heal). Might not seem like much but in the grand scheme of things those abilities will not land on your allies and the amount of damage prevented is insane. This might not show up on statistics as healing done or something else, but the impact on team fight will be great and victory will be much closer.


Great burst, tons of health, high movement speed, tons of control…

Great burst, tons of health, high movement speed, tons of control. Still, slow effects are his Kryptonite, and sometimes, his knockbacks can bring more harm than good. However, if the player is really skilled at playing this hero mechanically, and knows how to work with allies to set up fights, in that case, Superman can be truly amazing. Scroll to the top to find Superman in arena of valor tier list.


  • Best roamer in the game. If you are looking to annoy and slay opponents from start to finish, Superman is the choice. At start harass the enemy jungler and make his life hell, after that just roam and be a nuisance wherever you appear, if that’s your jam Superman is number 1 pick for you.
  • Good initiator. All 3 of his skills are good for initiating a fight, as long as you are in Flight. It is best to use Kryptonian Strength to run through the enemies’ ranks and deal quite a lot of damage to the backline.
  • High burst for a tank, if you initiate with Kryptonian Strength and hit with both attacks you can deal quite the damage. You can also initiate with Speeding Bullet and follow up with Kryptonian Strength.


  • Hard hero to play with him on the team. His gameplay is a lot different than any other hero, you’ll need some time to get used to it.
  • Hard to master. Prepare to play a large number of games before reaching the level where you can play Superman in ranked.

Kryptonian Strength is a major Superman’s tool for

In order to properly play Superman in flight mode (a more important one), one must think of him as a flying gun. In-flight mode, there are NO skill-shots in the traditional sense (check notes about “Flight” – Superman’s passive, for more info).

During the laning phase, use Kryptonian Strength whenever possible but know that it is imperative to land as many of those as possible because it has a long cooldown. Use it as harassment if you are up against lane opponent. However, when roaming/ganking, approach from behind the enemy and push him toward the ally, fall back until you enter the flight mode again and use ultimate for the additional push, retreat again and if the Kryptonian Strength is ready, use it for an additional push. Save Man of Steel for purpose of retreating. Being able to cleanse slows/control at the right moment is crucial. Learning to play Superman will take some time so, make sure to invest a lot of time before deciding to join ranked games.

There is a common notion that Superman is there to ruin someone’s game, enemy or ally. Aside from everything we already mentioned about him, while playing this champion there is one crucial aspect we must consider. The fact is, there are a lot of other champions with telegraphed abilities (an ability that marks the ground a few moments before it lands), champions like Azzen’ka, Lumia, Ignis, Maloch and others. Because we want to spend as much time as possible in Flight mode, during which all of the abilities will knockback, it is extremely important to pay attention to your allies’ actions and predict when they are casting one of those important ultimates. Because this is something that has to be considered on a case by case basis, and because of that we cannot tell you how to do it properly, instead, the only thing we can tell you is to make sure to have a lot of experience with not just Superman, but also to know other champions and how they are played in order to predict their actions.

Considering everything said in here, it is clear that Superman is a high skill champion, from movement, positioning, predictions of allied actions and much more, the number of factors influencing his gameplay is enormous. Thinking about everything may be to slow process, instead, if you want to play Superman, make sure to have so much experience that decisions become instinctual.


An ability to increase range, for a marksman of this caliber, that sort of ability is too good…

An ability to increase range, for a marksman of this caliber, that sort of ability is too good. Her lacking in the mobility department is compensated with long-range stun (which is quite useful for engaging) and increased effectiveness playing alongside ally. If the enemy team lacks mobility/is prone to kiting, then Tel’Annas’ value skyrockets.


  • All of her abilities have crowd control/slow built-in. Paired with her range, Tel’Annas can kite enemies effectively. This is also useful for chasing enemies, for you can almost make them immobilized.
  • Tons and tons of damage. With the right set of items, Tel’Annas is a fearsome foe and everyone will think twice before rushing into the enemy team with her around. She can melt even the tankiest of foes with ease.
  • Long-range abilities. All of her abilities have a longer range than most heroes so you can stay all the way back and you’ll be safe while still being actively involved in a fight.


  • Tel’Annas is squishy like most marksmen and you need to keep her safe and play carefully.
  • She has no means of escape, so you need to take the Flicker talent. This is particularly useful when the enemy team has one or two gap closers. More than that and you’ll have to rely on allies for help.

Priority for leveling skills as Tel’Annas: The Morning Star should be your first choice.

Since Tel’Annas is weak early in the game, you need to be extra careful. You can’t deal a lot of damage and you can’t tank any damage but you still have your range and that is a straw you need to hold on to. At least until you get some better items and unlock your ultimate. Stay back, all the way back to the tower and defend if you must. If you have a friend with you, be bolder and poke the enemy whenever the opportunity arises. If you are sure that you won’t be ganked (foes dead or far away from you) use your range to poke the enemy tower with Morning Star. Make sure you stay just outside the range and you can shoot the tower with it.

You can actually initiate team fights with Tel’Annas as soon as she gets her ultimate. It has an awesome range so you can hit some unaware foes with it and stun them. If your team moves up,  follow behind them if they don’t pull back. You can also let the enemy initiate and the pattern is the same. Use your ultimate, The Morning Star is your next move, and you can spam normal attacks from afar while slowing the enemy. You can use Penetrating Shot, or you can save it for running foes. If the fight is going in your favor, be more aggressive and lower the gap between yourself and their backline, so you can slow them in case they try to retreat.


The ability to generate additional gold simply by being around is often overlooked…

The ability to generate additional gold simply by being around is often overlooked. This extra gold will add up, and it can provide TeeMee’s team with a noticeable advantage. Other than that, TeeMee can zone the enemies fairly well with their Pooty Poots. This combined with Chain Lance can give their carries some extra breathing room, and if everything else fails, TeeMee can use their ultimate to save one of the allies or themselves from dying.


  • Good skirmisher. Good movement speed, damage, and stun on top of it makes Teemee great for ganks and skirmishes in general. However, you want to pair that up with someone who can reliably deliver damage like marksmen and assassins.
  • Strong bursts. Pooty Poots together with Chain Lance can produce some amazing moves, especially in the early game. Unique ultimate.
  • Resurrecting allies is a unique ability in Arena of Valor, yet it can be hit or miss. The strength of this ultimate is based on the strength of your allies, this is why you have to make sure they get strong earlier in the game.


  • Lack of consistency. Yes, Temee has good burst damage, but it needs to be charged up and cooldown, this is roughly 7-10 seconds between damage waves and it needs to be timed well.
  • Ultimate can be somewhat hard to land properly, especially with some burst heroes as enemies.
  • TeeMee relies on his team, so if they fall behind in the early game, chances are you won’t make any impact later on.

Prioritize Pooty Poots unless you have the ultimate available for taking. Pooty Poots is Teemee’s core ability for the entirety of the game and it is important to have it maxed asap.

Teemee’s passive makes him invaluable as a support in a duo lane with his team’s carry. Be aggressive early because Pooty Poots (PP) at this stage is huge. At the start choose one of two actions, one is to help your jungler with full damage Pooty Poots, or team up with allies to invade and disrupt the enemy jungler and make him work for those creeps. With level 2 you already have the potential to tower dive. One scenario is to stay in the brush, channel PP 2.5 to 3 seconds, use Chain Lance on to an enemy hero and stun him, wait a split second for PP to do its job, and retreat. This is a potent level 2 tower dive. If everything goes as planned your ally will follow up on it and create an advantage in the lane. Once Being a Bro is available, make sure to keep track of enemy damage in relation to your team’s and your own health, and use it like 1 and a half seconds before anticipating death. Make sure you take advantage of the roaming potential from increased speed, gap closing and control all packed into 1st and 2nd skill.

When engaging an enemy, start with PP and make sure to use Chain Lance at the 3rd second of the channel, because you don’t want to overlap the stuns, they should land in succession for a full 1+1.5 sec. If they overlap the difference can vary from 1.5 to 2.5 sec in total and it is roughly 40% variation in duration. Although Teemee does not seem imposing as characters like Cresht or Toro, or dangerous like Batman, the fact is if you get caught with Chain Lance and receive fully charged Pooty Poots in the face…you are as good as dead. The second part of TeeMee’s task is to be a guardian angel for his team’s squishies. Anticipate how long your ally can survive and use Being a Bro roughly 1.5 sec before you or he is about to die. Practically, land a good ultimate and see how team fights change from total loss to total domination.


He is one of those defensive supports that are supposed to keep the enemy off your back…

He is one of those defensive supports that are supposed to keep the enemy off your back. Thane has good mobility, a nice amount of crowd control and great true damage ultimate. He is also very difficult to burst down, thanks to his passive. All things considered, he can do wonders in the hands of a skilled player.


  • Exceptionally tanky character. Thane’s passive provides a massive amount of regen just when you need it, below 30% hp. This can fool people into thinking you are almost dead and will lead them to try finishing you off. It is an excellent tool for baiting.
  • Disruption. Displacing multiple enemy champions is a great way to make an impact on the game.
  • AoE damage. Thane has an ungodly amount of AoE damage, if well placed and multiple targets get hit, it can catch the enemy team off guard.


  • Disruption. Displacing enemies can have both a positive and a negative (pushing enemies outside of your team skillshots) impact on team fights. This puts pressure on your decision making, timing, and positioning.
  • Mana sustain issues. If played well you will be returning to base mostly to replenish mana, not so much health.

Prioritize Avalon’s Fury as it deals a good amount of AoE damage, knocking the enemy up and slowing them. Take the Ultimate whenever you can.

As soon as you gain level 2 start skirmishes, either in your lane or by ganking another lane. Engage combo is straightforward, Valiant Charge into Avalon’s Fury and finish it off with King’s Glory. Pay attention to heroes with high mobility such as Tulen, Aluriel, or those with Flicker talent in general, since they can blink to the side and avoid being hit by your ultimate. If you are ganking usually it is a good idea to come from behind your opponent and push them toward your ally. This is not a great idea if a said opponent is much stronger than your companion and can take him out in one combo. In that case, make sure he dies while under crowd control. It is advisable to flank an enemy when charging. The negative side of flanking is, you must pay special attention to allies’ important abilities that deal damage in a line, like Natalya’s ultimate, or an area like Azzen’Ka’s ultimate. Basically always take into consideration who your partner is.

It is important to know your strength compared to the enemies. If you are behind in farm and levels, your job excludes straight up tanking. Instead, you try to pick out targets for a single target burst and protect allies by controlling the enemy team. Options are limited because when Valiant Charge ends, you cannot afford to be in the middle of an enemy team. If, however, you are not behind and your items are properly adapted to the enemy team, things are dramatically different. Other than controlling enemies by Pushing people away, you get the option to soak up damage, slowing them down with Avalon’s Fury, then walking past them and Valiant Charge them toward your team. If done properly this can split up the enemy team for the price of you taking some damage in the process.

the joker

While playing The Clown Prince of Crime in Arena of Valor, you are guaranteed to have a good laugh…

While playing The Clown Prince of Crime in Arena of Valor, you are guaranteed to have a good laugh. He is perfect for toying with your opponents, harassing them from a safe distance, outsmarting them, and generally luring them into a trap. His Killing Joke is probably the most efficient poking ability in the game, and it is also great for clearing minion waves. His main weakness are heroes capable of dealing a lot of magical damage, but against heavy physical oriented setups, he’s almost guaranteed to have the last laugh. Use the filter at the start to find Joker’s placement in aov tier list.


  • Pick a Card, Any Card is a great escape tool against ganks. Use it after the enemy rushes you, to run away, and if you have a Canned Laughter use it to confuse the enemy and make yourself invulnerable.
  • His harass ability is the stuff of legend. Since he is pretty mobile for a marksman he can poke enemies from a safe distance with ease. Canned Laughter and the Killing Joke make it even easier.


  • Because Joker relying heavily on cooldowns, he is lacking some of the sustained damage.
  • Squishy, like most marksmen. He can’t survive an assassin or a warrior burst without some defensive items.

The Killing Joke first, it’s a basic tool for laning and poking enemies

The Killing Joke is your main ability to use in lanes. With it, you can poke enemy heroes from a safe distance and clear minion waves successfully. If the enemies are ganking you use Pick a Card, Any Card to escape, otherwise, you can use it against heroes with physical damage to trade in some damage. Joker should be always used in a lane, never in the jungle because harassing is his middle name. You can also push towers with ease after you deal with the enemy hero.

In team fights, you stay in the backline, save the Canned Laughter in case the enemy tries to rush the backline. Use auto attacks and The Killing Joke for damage. In case the enemies don’t go for the backline, feel free to use Canned Laughter as it’s a great slowing ability. Make sure to use it on squishy heroes, because it deals physical damage like all other Joker’s abilities.

Fun Fact: Batman is a direct counter to Joker!


Mage with great damage and mobility, oppressive from the first minute to the last…

Mage with great damage and mobility, oppressive from the first minute to the last. A decent range on spells and triple leap makes Tulen hard to catch. While kiting or chasing he can deliver tons of damage. Tulen’s major downside is his range. In order to maximize the damage potential, he needs to be somewhat close to the target. Obviously, this by itself is not that bad, but in practice, it can lead Tulen into overextending. If the player is a great decision-maker and keeps good track of his enemies, this won’t be much of a problem.


  • Lightning Strike makes him a really mobile hero, it has three charges and acts similar to flicker. You can use it to chase and damage your foe (it charges up Thunderclap) or run away.
  • Great pallet of complementary skills, with the ultimate being the strongest. If Thunderbird kills an enemy it activates your passive and it refreshes 80% of the cooldown, making it a great ability to finish a bunch of foes.


  • Weakness to crowd control. If the enemy hits you with stun or silence you become an easy target.
  • Tulen is super squishy while having to go into melee. The problem is if you want to be most effective you need to get into close range so you need to tread carefully.

Hold the lane using Ion Blasts. When you reach level 4 try to burst down the enemy and finish him off or at least send him to base. The best combo is to use Lightning Strike to get in melee range of the enemy, then use Ion Blasts so all three forks hit the enemy and activate your passive. After that, just use your Thunderbird to finish your foe. This is an extremely powerful burst if you hit with every skill. If the enemy survives by any chance, he will have to teleport back to base so you can push their tower.

Make sure to use every opportunity to harass an enemy champion. Getting too close is a sure way to die, therefore don’t be too eager and push for kills, instead, wait for either your team to initiate or the enemy to slip up. There is not much else to say about how to play Tulen other than these key elements:

  • Harass whenever you can
  • Be patient and wait for the good opportunity to dive and finish off the target
  • Always have at least one Lightning Strike (2nd skill) ready for an escape.


He has nice movement speed, one part reliable and one part RNG stun…

He has nice movement speed, one part reliable and one part RNG stun. Valhein is a great champion in duels and skirmishes, 1v1, 2v2 and so on. Because of this skirmish effectiveness, Valhein is great in cooperation with an ally, which makes him incredibly good for Abyssal Dragon lane.


  • No mana problems. Blue pocket glaive is in charge of resolving any potential mana issues.
  • Free skin. U think it doesn’t matter? Well, it does if u are just starting Arena of Valor you should know that if u play with a skin u get 10% extra gold, one game it’s like meh but if u plan to stay and keep playing, maining Valhein is a pretty good choice. Also, who doesn’t like free skins?
  • Versatility. Valhein is unique as you can build attack damage only or ability power only or hybrid, even the infamous jungle Valhein is a thing so you should just pick Valhein and let your imagination run wild.


  • Low defense. Once you are caught there is no way out, Valhein suffers from low defense stats and requires your allies to keep you safe at all times.
  • RNG glaives. Getting the right glaive at the right time can be pretty much game-changing, but getting the wrong one at a crucial moment can be tilting. Getting yellow to stun an enemy or even red to deal some AOE damage can make a whole game shift so pray to your RNG gods and start rolling. Item dependency.
  • Need numerous items to do some significant amount of damage.

The early game focus on farming and getting your items as fast as you can, try to avoid big fights as much as you can as you are pretty squishy early on and without any real items, you don’t do much. Play your lane primarily and punish your opponents’ mistakes with Curse of Death and some auto attacks, abuse your yellow glaive as much as you can. Your early game priority is farm farm farm and play like you are the only hero on the map. Rushing boots first can be a good decision as it boosts your kiting potential. Also, abuse your 2 skills as they both reset normal attacks, your standard combo should be -Yellow glaive – Normal attack – Curse of Death – Normal attack – Bloody Hunt – Normal attack- do that until you drive your enemy nuts. When you see a Chance do not be afraid to Curse of Death into bullet storm as kills also give gold, getting a few will only help you.

Once you get items you need to actually become a factor in the game. You should mostly play hit ‘n’ step, keep moving and keep attacking, do not stop at any moment because if you are caught you are done for. Your build here is a glass cannon, but you deal a huge amount of damage so don’t do anything funky, stand between your front liners and next to your supports and just shred enemies. You have a solid amount of armor penetration so even killing enemy tanks will not be a hard task for you, while enemy marksmen and mages you should be able to 3-4 shot and with this much attack speed u need like  2 secs tops. This build doesn’t have any real CDR so grabbing a blue buff from time to time will be really good for you. You should be able to keep your stacks at 5 all the time at this point in the game, so kiting should be no issue for you, pray to RNG gods for as many yellow glaives as you can at this point and victory should be easy to achieve.


This Warrior/Assassin is mostly played in Dark Slayer lane…

This Warrior/Assassin is mostly played in Dark Slayer lane. She features an increased melee attack range, has an interesting passive and provides one of the most potent executes in-game. Her skills are somewhat difficult to land, and her playstyle is a bit weird but fun. Her value depends to a huge degree on how good is her early game, making this hero either dominating or useless.


  • Executioner. Thanks to the ultimate true damage, its synergy with Fenrir’s Tooth, and the distance from which it can land, the potential for finishing off-targets is great.
  • Playing vs Veres, counter: Don’t get anywhere near her while under 30% of HP.
  • Strong passive provides good sustain and control immunity. However, it goes without saying one must land a few good casts, otherwise it is worthless. This is why Veres takes some time to practice.
  • Playing vs Veres, counter: most of the time it is easier to avoid passive by standing on top of her.
  • Decent control and damage. The control comes from 1st and 2nd skill is good enough for solo and skirmish fights, in team fights Veres control is just enough to pick off stray targets or assist those with more potent control. The damage part comes from consecutive passive and ultimate hits.
  • Playing vs Veres, counter: moving sideways will significantly drop chances of being hit by Serpent’s Embrace, while not fighting when below 50% HP will drop the risk of being taken down by just one long-range ability.


  • Awkward skillset. Passive is a donut-shaped skill, 1st skill is cup-shaped (reverse cone) skill that only hits with its thin edges (to stun the target it must be at almost exactly 400 range, no more or less), 2nd skill is extremely narrow and difficult to land if the target is moving sideways, and the ultimate can easily miss targets that are very close to Veres.
  • Squishy like with other Melee assassins, Veres must balance the build, to have enough damage to burst down an enemy and to have enough toughness to survive brutal melee environment in team fights. This will require careful item-build adjustment from game to game.
  • High skill requirements, a lot of practice and good internet connection. The conditions for playing Veres at a high level goes beyond what is expected for other heroes. While for other heroes it is good enough to guess the direction and maximum distance between you and target, with Veres you have to pay attention to minimum distance as well.
  • Playing vs Veres, counter: engage when she has 0 – 1 stack and stay very close/on top of her. This will negate a good portion of her power.

She can be played in the jungle or maybe even as support, her main position is DS lane. At start check for invading, if it’s happening, lvl up 2nd skill, help jungler if he is on your side. If the jungler is on another part of the jungle than pull the buff-monster, let it reset, and go to the lane. In lane play aggressive but safe. This may sound contradictory but it is the main reason why Veres is so difficult to play. On one hand, she is a relatively squishy assassin type while the melee range extremely dangerous. On the other hand, she needs to stay in melee range in order to activate the passive as much as possible. However, one thing going for her is the increased melee attack range, which is 400 units (same as Maloch). It is the same distance at which passive and 1st skill are most effective, which means: If you want to be an effective Veres player, keep the enemies exactly at a maximum distance of your melee attack AT ALL TIMES (be it by clever movement or by 2nd skill). Once you get used to it, everything else falls in line perfectly and this hero becomes very powerful.

In team fights, Veres’ job consists of three equally important parts. First, follow up on initiation and deal as much damage as possible with Bloody Kiss (the only proper Area DMG skill). By doing so you ensure enough life steal and movement. The second part is to pick and control stray targets with 2nd and 1st skill. And finally, third is to execute targets at less than 30% HP. Focus on these three aspects while constantly maintaining a distance of 400 (Veres’ max normal attack distance), and good performance is almost guaranteed.


He has a global range skill-shot ultimate and loads of damage mixed with some control…

He has a global range skill-shot ultimate and loads of damage mixed with some control. Yorn can be shining star provided he is protected by the team. However, when that is not the case, he can be kind of a bad pick. He is weak against mobile assassins/warriors and those are numerous. If properly executed, Yorn’s ability to have a global impact and clear waves can turn many games into his favor.


  • Yorn is a hard hitter. He can kill a hero in a burst or two, literally. Boost his damage with all offensive items and some movement.
  • He has an exceptional ability to wreck a tower quickly, so you can push a lane without any effort.
  • His ultimate can be used to deal damage or even kill an enemy hero – anywhere on the map. When the cooldown is low you can spam it every 7-8 seconds across the map. It is perfect against low health heroes running away from the fight.


  • Horrible health and armor, one of the worst in the game.
  • No escape. Yorn can’t run away from any fight, even with Flicker talent he is easy prey for enemy assassins and warriors.

Since Yorn needs a lot of gold to reach his full damage potential, you need to go in the lane solo or with a tank. Never with another AD, you will have a gold race and that’s not good for the team. Do not stray too far, only if you are sure the enemy is not covering the lane can you go far. It won’t take long for you to clear a lane or destroy a tower, Yorn is one of the best heroes for that line of work. You can’t afford to die, so never chase an enemy for a kill. If you can finish him off with your ultimate, fine, but never go after them.

Extracting the maximum from Yorn’s passive is the core of his gameplay. This means you need to place a normal attack in between every ability usage and exploit the fact that its attack range is increased (to the point you outrange the tower). This huge range increase should be your safety in team fights. Stay a little bit further behind than your basic attack range and go for the combo: Heart Shot >> Fierce Shot (enhanced normal attack) >>> Heavenly Barrage >>> Fierce Shot >>> Explosive Arrow >>> Fierce Shot. Once this rotation is done, consider going into normal attack range and start building up stacks of passive toward Fierce Shot. Outside of fights always look at the map and search for an opportunity to help allies on another part of the map with your ultimate. This is not just for the sake of being a good guy but for the sweet gold from assists or kills even. Also, if the fight has not started yet and your team is together as five, consider taking down minions in other lanes with your ultimate and using passive proc just to poke those in your lane. This will provide global pressure, your team in one lane and minions in other, all pushing forward.


Nice amount of control, great mobility, and jungle clear speed are things that put Zephys in this position…

Nice amount of control, great mobility, and jungle clear speed are things that put Zephys in this position. As his health goes down, his damage reduction goes up and it applies to both armor and magic defense. Zephys’ only weakness is against true damage, which is pretty scarce. At times it feels like he is lacking some burst, but that drawback is compensated by a good cooldown speed. Use the tier list filter at the top of the page to find Zephys placement.


  • Great mobility. Two mobility skills with low cooldown, both able to jump over the walls. Zephys can roam the map very effectively, it is only up to the player to abuse that fact.
  • An extreme threat for the backline. There is no safe distance from Zephys while on the same token his damage reduction makes him dueling powerhouse.
  • All-around hero. Aside from great mobility, Zephys have a little bit of everything in the package, decent damage, decent toughness, and decent sustain.


  • Zephys has one flaw, and that’s his mana consumption (developers acknowledged this and in-game version 17 his mana costs have been reduced). He needs that blue buff to properly utilize him. Without it, he struggles with mana a lot.
  • Falling behind is not an option for Zephys. One of his primary roles is to dive an enemy team (backline), and in order to do so, Zephys must have enough stats to both dish out and receive a decent amount of damage. If he falls behind in level (which automatically means he is lacking items) then capabilities to do his job are rapidly declining on both fronts.

You can level both of the basic abilities, depending on the situation, if you need more sustain – take Death’s Flurry. And if you need more overall damage and movement, than take Death Rift.

Though useful as laner, Zephys is exceptional in the jungle and would be a waste not to use it there. Engage fights with your ultimate (Death From Above) immediately follow through with 2nd skill (Death’s Flurry). Death Rift should be used as a tool to catch up with the escaping enemy (unless it is certain he cannot escape, in which case use it as bonus damage).

Zephys have the ability to jump over the walls with both 1st and ultimate skill and this should be taken advantage of at every opportunity.

While killing one jungle monster and it is near death, it is beneficial to save one of the mobility skills (1st/ultimate) as means to go over the wall to the next target, provided there is a wall between. This will improve the jungle clear speed of yours by a large margin.

In team, fights wait for the initiation, Use Death From Above to reach their backline, Death’s Flurry while they are in the air and finalize with Death’s Rift. Auto-attack to finish off someone if needed and then run to help your frontline. Don’t worry if you are under 50% health, that’s when you are as hard as a diamond. Keep cutting and healing with Death’s Flurry. Runaway only if you get under 20% or if you get surrounded by enemies.


He has amazing mobility and burst damage, but being squishy he is difficult to play at the maximum level…

Being melee tank is nothing special, but melee assassin, on the other hand, requires tons of practice, skill and constant need to stay ahead in farm, levels and basically all aspects of the game. This is the case with Zuka. He has amazing mobility and burst damage, but being squishy he is difficult to play at the maximum level. However, he can be extremely powerful if played by a skillful player. Zuka can be found in arena of valor tier list at the top of the page.


  • High burst damage. He deals a lot of damage in quick succession, most of his abilities empower his normal attack damage after using an ability. One good combo is all it takes.
  • Extreme mobility. All of Zukas skills have movement besides damage and effects. All of them allow you to go through walls, which makes running around the map much easier. Most enemies can’t outrun Zuka, making him a good hero to chase the enemies or run away from an unfavored fight.
  • Has no mana. His abilities rely only on cooldowns, so you don’t have to worry about spamming them all the time.


  • He is susceptible to damage and crowd control effects, and he is most useful if he gets in the middle of the enemy team. Those two do not go well together.
  • Hard to master. He really isn’t a beginner-friendly hero. Don’t expect to do anything for the first few games until you get used to his skills and movement.

Pain On A Stick should be leveled up first.

In the laning stage, Zuka can have two roles. He can clear the jungle or go for the lane. In both cases you should learn one important thing about him: never face your enemies with a head-on approach. People get fooled by Zukas looks and they forget how squishy he is. Try to flank, stay in the bushes for a surprise attack, and so forth. His abilities will help you get to the enemy fast and make sure that he doesn’t escape. The only time you are allowed to try for a head-on approach is against mages and marksmen without escape abilities. This is the right way to play Zuka even in lanes. In the jungle this becomes a much easier task, and this is why I suggest using Zuka as a jungler.

Being squishy is never a good thing in a team fight, especially if you are the one who should run into the enemy team to deal damage. Getting into the team fight is a process that needs to be considered carefully. Your job is to attack the backline and it is best if they notice you after you are on them already, cracking skulls. Stay in the back, and only after the fight starts, get into the fray. Start the engagement with Skyfall, follow it up with your normal attack (easy to forget), Pain On A Stick, normal attack again, Panda Chariot, normal attack…you get the pattern. Don’t forget to use a normal attack after you use an ability or a lot of damage goes to waste.


His main strength lies in his ability to harass his opponent from afar. He is easily able to stay at a safe distance and poke the enemy with his skills…

His main strength lies in his ability to harass his opponent from afar. He is easily able to stay at a safe distance and poke the enemy with his skills. He can also clear waves extremely well, which is very important for all mid laners. Other than that, he has very good movement speed, allowing him to roam around effectively. To top things off, his ultimate allows him to have insane burst damage potential, which makes him exceptionally deadly during team fights.


  • Good harasser. Both of Preyta’s basic abilities have a rather long-range and his basic moving speed is higher than that of other heroes. This makes Preyta good at long-range damage dealing.
  • Preyta is great at clearing waves. His first ability can almost wipe out the wave in one cast.
  • Good ultimate. The Disciple of Plague allows you to use your abilities once more, right after they went on cooldown and they are empowered. As a bonus, you deal significantly more damage, gain shield and movement speed. One of the best ultimates in the game. High movement speed. This is especially important for harassers, it makes the poking really easy.


  • No real escape mechanism. His innate movement speed is higher than that of other mages, but he is still vulnerable to assassins and warriors like any other mage. Take the Flicker talent to escape when things are about to get rough.
  • Long cooldowns and high mana consumption. Both cons can make longer engagements a bore.
  • Ultimate dependency. If your ult is on cooldown you won’t have enough firepower for steady damage output.

Since his main ability Plague Scepter can deal damage in line it is a good tool for clearing the minion waves and hitting an enemy hero in the process. His other ability Poison Gas Bomb can help you push away the aggressive enemy that got too close or position them near you for the kill. Since you’ll be much faster than the enemy for most of the game, try to stay away and poke until they flee. When the enemy goes back to the base, use their absence to damage or destroy the tower or gank side-lane.

Position yourself right in front of the biggest crowd. It doesn’t matter who engages first, only your position is important. Start by positioning yourself around 800 units (right outside the range of your basic attack) from the closest enemy. Charge up the Plague Scepter into the crowd. After that use, the Poison Gas Bomb to disrupt some of the enemies, followed by Disciple of the Plague. Repeat the first two skills quickly and start pounding the closest foe. Use your skills whenever you can, but be mindful of how you are using the Poison Gas Bomb, if one of the enemies is running away push him back into your team if some of your teammates are in trouble help them by pushing the foe away. The ability is not dealing a lot of damage, but it is a lifesaver if you know how to use it.

the flash

He’s an extremely mobile, magic damage dealing, melee assassin. His Super Speed is great for initiating fights…

He’s an extremely mobile, magic damage dealing, melee assassin. His Super Speed is great for initiating fights. On top of this, his ultimate provides a great deal of control. He can be very strong, but it all depends on the enemy team and the level of coordination of Flash’s teammates.


  • Great mobility. Super Speed is a dash ability with an extremely long-range which makes you very mobile and hard to catch.
  • Great initiation. Super Speed combined with Cyclone makes it an exceptionally potent engaging tool as both abilities make you untargetable.


  • Relatively long cooldowns. While your abilities are recharging be very careful since during that time you are most vulnerable. This makes cooldown reducing items pretty much mandatory for your build.
  • Most of his abilities are close range. You need to get up close to the enemy to utilize your full damage potential and a slight mistake can lead to your death.

With The Flash, you will mostly focus on the Dark Slayer lane. You want to clear minion waves as fast as possible and move towards the enemy jungle to create chaos for your opponents. You will want to circle between your lane, jungle and the middle lane. With your arsenal of skills, you can easily dish out some burst damage and then return to your starting position. Keep doing that until the game reaches a point where grouping and team fighting is a must.

The Flash has great team fighting and initiation abilities. You start with Super Speed into Cyclone as both skills make you untargetable. It is a great combo since reactivating Super Speed returns you to starting position and removes you from danger. Just move around the fight a little bit more and repeat. Keep using Mach Punch when safe for maximum damage efficiency.


She is a crit based marksman, reliant on early snowball and later punishing enemy team with massive AoE channeling ultimate…

She is a crit based marksman, reliant on early snowball and later punishing enemy team with massive AoE channeling ultimate. Her Barrel Bomb is good for zoning enemies but is very difficult to land consistently. She scales fairly well into the late game, but given that she severely lacks mobility, and that her ultimate requires her to stand still while channeling, it is of utmost importance to position properly during team fights if you want to emerge victoriously. You can find Wisp in AoV tier list at the top of the page.


  • Very good AoE damage and team fight potential. All of the Wisp’s abilities deal AoE damage, which makes her extremely useful in team fight stages of the game.
  • Very decent dueling potential. If you manage to stun the enemy laner with the Barrel Bomb and follow it up with Loose Cannon, you will almost certainly outduel your opponent, and most likely force him out of the lane.
  • Awesome late game. Since most of her abilities benefit from critical strikes, and all of them deal AoE damage, once you get your core critical strike items, your damage will skyrocket.


  • Most of her abilities are skill-shots. While awesome on paper, Barrel Bomb is extremely difficult to utilize properly, and very hard to land against opponents who know what they are doing.
  • Very vulnerable while channeling your ultimate, so good positioning in team fights is a must.
  • Heavily reliant on control-oriented teammates. If you want to be successful, you need to have at least a couple of control-oriented heroes in your team. It will make your skills much easier to land, and that will additionally increase your team fighting potential.
  • Fairly slow movement. So it might make escaping enemy ganks a bit difficult (especially if your Loose Cannon is on cooldown).

Most of the time, Wisp should be played in a duo lane, preferably with some control-oriented hero. Early in the game, try to coordinate CC with your teammate to hit the Barrel Roll to stun the enemy. Follow up with Loose Cannon for some free shots, and if they decide to fight back, roll another barrel as soon as the cooldown is up. You can use the Loose Cannon to clear waves fast and push your opponent to gain some free time for roams. Whenever you can, take down some of the jungle monsters with your teammate. This way you will have the level advantage, which plays a huge factor in winning the lane. Also, help your jungler with securing the Abyssal Dragon to provide the extra XP / gold for your team. Be ready to assist with invades/roams in order to help other lanes or starve the enemy. Try to keep an eye out for the enemy jungler, and be aware of his ganks.

In this stage of the game, your job is to stay in a safe spot and deal as much damage as possible to the enemies. If your team consists of several control-oriented heroes, try to coordinate with them and use Barrel Roll followed by Shock and Awe once they unleash their CC skills. Assuming that you have at least 2 critical strike items, your ultimate will dish out some serious damage to the enemies. After you finish channeling the ultimate, use the Loose Cannon to reposition yourself and start doing some splash damage to the finish of low hp targets. If it happens that the enemies engage your team first, try to get into a good position before using Shock and Awe and in general be more aware.


He’s one of those heroes that need to stay ahead to be strong…

He’s one of those heroes that need to stay ahead to be strong. Wukong gains a passive bonus to his crit chance, has great outplay-potential and strong early game. However, if he isn’t played to those strengths or even worse if he gets jumped-on early by the enemy, the chances are that his late-game will be a disaster. Picking Wukong is kind of a gamble and granted it can be a fail pick if it succeeds, it is a class act.


  • Evasive. Wukong’s abilities are unique in a way in which they all grant you some form of mobility/invisibility. You can jump from bush to bush, walk while invisible your opponents will think they are in a horror movie, and all they can do is wait for you to pick your target.
  • Strong early game. Such mobility early game and skill that grants 100 both magic armor and armor is a really strong asset early, let’s not forget 15% passive crit and great damage passive. Early game you are a force to be reckoned with, so play strong and risky.
  • Awesome ganking and outplay potential. Invisibility, jump, stun and 2nd invisibility if played correctly and in good hands, you can escape any difficult situation and I dare say, 1v5 enemy, team.


  • One role hero. For Wukong its jungle only, you can play some mid and some Dark Slayer lane but you will lag behind in items and you won’t shine. If you lock Wukong in, you are only a jungle hero and nothing else.
  • Hard mechanics. Such mobility and evasiveness have to come with a price, and that price is that it’s really hard to play Wukong to its full potential. You are gonna need time before you get used to it, even when u do there is still a lot to learn.
  • Glass cannon. Your item build is basically all damage items, you will very rarely build any defense. As the game goes as your damage increases so will your squishiness if caught in a hard stun (Veera 2nd skill for example) you are done for.

You will obviously want to play the jungle role with Wukong, you can invade starting level 1 but I wouldn’t suggest it without your team’s help. Falling behind early with Wukong is not what u want to do, it’s all about you getting an early start and constantly snowballing. Because of early crit, your jungle clear is amazing and you will not have to worry about it, also you have awesome ganking potential and you should play to your strengths. If you can start a gank with Great Sage and try to save Shadow Clone if you can in case you get counter initiated, but if you still need more damage do not be scared to use it. If not wait in a bush for an enemy to overextend and get close with Shadow Clone and auto-attack, and don’t ever forget to auto-attack in between your abilities as all of your damage comes from your passive.

Wukong is obviously not a straightforward kind of hero, go for ambushes from behind and flanks over the walls and such, your main target and priority is enemy backline (Supports, ADC’s, Mages) so try to get close and stick to them. Once you get a kill disengage, don’t get overeager wait for your cooldowns and then go again and repeat. Your standard combo should be Great Sage->Auto attack-> Shadow Clone-> Auto attack-> Monkey Buisiniss-> Auto attack-> 2nd cast from Monkey Buisniss-> Auto-attack at the end your Great Sage should come off cooldown and you see where this is going, if they are not already dead you just repeat. Early game you are not much of an objective taker, but once you get your items you can do whatever you want.


He possesses very high sustain during the laning phase, as well as high toughness, a fair amount of control, relatively good mobility and decent damage…

He possesses very high sustain during the laning phase, as well as high toughness, a fair amount of control, relatively good mobility and decent damage. At the cost of being slightly prone to kiting by a very few champs, Y’bneth is a fairly team-oriented champion, slightly less effective as a solo but certainly good enough to hold his ground.


  • Sustain and toughness. Both health and mana are being restored just by visiting the brush every 15 seconds. It may not seem as much but if you keep activating passive, there won’t be a need to for base teleport. Redwood Rush and Nature’s Realm put a shield on you, increasing the amount of damage you can take.
  • Control. Slamming enemies with Branching Out and placing them together in one place, ideal to use Nature’s Realm on all of them.
  • Mobility. If managed properly, Redwood Brush can be used multiple times for both engage and disengage.


  • Prone to kiting. Yes, Y’bneth can be a very mobile champion but in order to do so there must be multiple targets in the range of his abilities for Redwood Rush resets, and that is always an option with a relatively short range of his abilities, and the ultimate makes you immovable, which again enhance this weakness.
  • The best option for talent is Punish, yet he is not a great jungler. This one is the only talent not feeling clunky, for every other, there is something missing, while with Punish not only you can slow down the enemies but you can build Leviathan, an item that fits perfectly.

Y’bneth can be played in a solo lane or as support to a marksman. Focus on clearing the waves and make sure to enter the brush every 15 seconds. The job is simple, clear the waves, harass the opponent, once ultimate is available save it to coordinate with Jungler or Marksman and use everything to lock the enemy in place or prevent them from escaping. Engage in fights near the lane minions, as it helps you rack up Wicked Thorn stacks and make Redwood Rush occur more often. When you are the one ganking, come from behind and try to hit that 5 stacks while still behind the enemy and then use Redwood Rush to push him toward the allies. Ultimate has two major purposes, one, to increase Y’bneth toughness and two, to slow down and stun the enemies caught. Both require enemies to be hit by the seeds from the ultimate.

At this stage, Y’bnet truly shines. Two role types come to mind when considering this champion.

First, flanking the enemy team. Wait for your allies to be in position, walk/flicker into the range, use Branching Out to gather enemies in one spot, it should activate Redwood Rush (if you hit at least 3 targets), use it to push them sideways (careful not to push them away from allies or from ally ultimates like of Azzenka) and lay Ultimate on top.

Second, counter-initiation. Wait for the enemy to engage, use Branching Out to stop them from further advancement and Redwood Rush to push the enemy team away (if not enough stacks, cast one Wicked Thorn and then Redwood Rush). Once the enemy is pushed away use Ultimate and try to lock down the enemy in the most vulnerable position.


Zanis can be extremely effective if he scores some assists or kills early in the game…

He’s very much dependant on the early game. Zanis can be extremely effective if he scores some assists or kills early in the game. His first ability is a mix of Sprint and Purify, allowing him to engage or disengage with ease, while True Damage and Knockup from his ultimate are immensely helpful. However, Zanis can be prone to kiting and is relying on passive to gain necessary attack damage, which is why players really need to do well in the early game to make him efficient.


  • Split pusher – possibility to self-buff attack speed, movement speed, and damage, combined with some stacks of passive and Zanis is set to have a huge impact.
  • One-on-One– having some kills/assists in an early game, coupled with good use of an ultimate ability, Tail Sweep, and Zanis can be deadly when ambushing solo targets.
  • Aggroing opponents– because he can stick to the target and have good single target DPS, it is really important to not let him get inside your Marksman during a team fight. That is why he draws a lot of attention and by doing so opens up more space for his team to maneuver.


  • Low toughness. Zanis is a soft melee champ and that is the main issue. Going into a brawl and not having a toolkit to survive if focused, is a cause of so many bad scenarios in team fights.
  • Must have successful ganks early– Zanis depends heavily on his passive for a late game, therefore games are decided in those early ganks. It is “make or break” for him to have success in the first few times he enters the lane.

Early on, in the game, it is all about getting that level 4 Ultimate. Help your teammates only if you are absolutely sure kill or assist is imminent. At level 4, pay more attention to lanes. You need that first gank to be successful because of Zanis’s passive.  Focus on farming, get ahead in XP and gold, and gank only when success is almost guaranteed. Getting your team ahead is crucial because later on in the game they will probably face opponents in a 4v5 scenario.

Start with your Ultimate for initiation. If your teammates have some cc, use Tail Sweep for buffing your auto attack speed (abusing your ultimate true damage buff to auto-attack). If your team has no cc, then after Ultimate (Dragon’s Wraith) follow through with Blood Wyrm for a slowing effect, and then quickly Tail Sweep. Alternatively, you can use Frostbite (evolved Punish) talent for the first slow and save Blood Wyrm for escape in case the fight takes a wrong turn.

Zanis role during this period of the game is a classic warrior/assassin role. This role entails following up on initiation and while your team is dealing with the front line, you flank enemy and dive into their back line. Use Tail Sweep and Dragon Wrath combo to quickly eradicate enemy, but save Blood Wyrm if you need to chase or more importantly to remove crowd control from yourself. Take note of your ultimate (Dragon Wrath) and the fact it deals a decent amount of true damage. This is very dangerous for enemy tanks and if no squishy targets are nearby, then help your team take those big targets down. It is important to remember to use Dragon Wrath (ultimate) for gap closing and Blood Wyrm for removing cc and sticking to the target at the same time.


He’s a mobile assassin with a good burst with the ability to become untargetable while using his ultimate.

He’s a mobile assassin with a good burst with the ability to become untargetable while using his ultimate. Zill has great mobility thanks to his Wind Shift skill and Dustdevil passive. Zill’s highly effective when taking down squishy targets, but his effectiveness drops when his ultimate is on cooldown or the target has a lot of magic resist.


  • High burst damage. If you combine his abilities right, after he gets his ultimate, Zill is a foe every hero, except the tank, should fear. He can wipe any AD or mage in one quick burst.
  • Mobility. Zill has Wind Shift which resets after a few auto attacks, because of your passive. This, combined with slowing the enemy, is why Zill is so hard to escape. You can use Wind Shift to engage and disengage fights, or go over walls in the jungle.


  • Susceptible to crowd control and burst damage once his ultimate Tornado is on cooldown. Since you are extremely squishy, it won’t be hard for any enemy hero to finish you off. You need to be careful when you engage in fights without Tornado.
  • Tornado has a long cooldown. Your main source of damage, Tornado has a long basic cooldown, and that means after you shoot it out you can poke enemies, but can’t risk your neck in the middle of a team fight. Need to time yours engages correctly. If you engage randomly, you might find yourself in quite the pickle. Time your ganks right.

You should always play as the jungler, staying in lanes is just a waste of potential for Zill. He can move quickly through the jungle and after you get to level 4, he can start with ganks. Engage fights with Wind Shift and use Wind Blade right after. That should fill your passive, so hit a few auto attacks and if the enemy can escape use either Wind Shift again (should be refreshed with your passive) if the foe is really low on health, or a Tornado if he still has a significant chunk of HP. Don’t waste your ultimate on an enemy that is too strong to die. There will be better opportunities, save it. It is a very valuable ability and should be used only to secure you a kill, or to save you from being targeted.

You should never initiate a team fight. It’s all about the timing with Zill. A moment too soon and the enemies will target you, a few seconds too late and you won’t be able to help your teammates. Stay in the back or flank the enemy to attack their back line. But do that only after a few seconds, not when the fight breaks out! You’ll ensure that the enemy has no means to stop you, so it should be easy to dispatch them. Start with Wind Shift, followed by Wind Blade, and after a few auto attacks use Tornado. After the back line is dead, run into their front line and make a mess there. If you need to run away use your renewed Wind Shift to retreat. If not, use it to engage the enemies again.


A towering hulk, this centaur is a very tough tank with some mobility, but the thing separating him from the rest of the pack is the potency of his control abilities…

A towering hulk, this centaur is a very tough tank with some mobility, but the thing separating him from the rest of the pack is the potency of his control abilities. Baldum can charge and toss enemies over his head, easily separating them from the rest of the group. His second ability provide solid damage reduction, while also dealing very high damage. Baldum is an interesting Hero to play if you can consistently land his ultimate and have a very good early farm (not falling behind is very important).


  • Great setup/zoning. The Ultimate (Wild Prison), and 1st ability (Wild charge) displace or incapacitate enemies, and both are great for setting up extra CC or damage. You can easily zone enemy teams or buy time when fighting over big objectives.
  • Great TANK. If you are looking for a pure Tank and a pure frontline, you will find no better than Baldum. Your skills enable you to charge in, be in the front, and take loads of damage, if you add to that your zoning capabilities, Baldum is a tank that any 5 man lineup dreams of.
  • Additional scaling with armor. When facing against heavy physical damage oriented team, Baldum is an incredible pick for he can become a full-on Armor build.


  • Easily kited. Baldum is the up-front-and-personal type of hero, and if the enemy has ways to prevent him from reaching a target, he is rendered useless.
  • Casting a bad ultimate can even help the enemy. One example is landing it on target just before an ally uses an important ability, effectively preventing the target from receiving damage.

As versatile as he is, Baldum is probably best suited as a roamer. As a roamer focus on helping out your mid lane, as you will probably have the highest kill potential there, and to annoy the enemy jungler. Don’t start combat with Wild Charge, if it’s not necessary,  use Wild Stomp instead and keep auto-attacking, save Wild Charge for if they use Flicker or some form of mobility skill. Once you hit level 4, your standard combo should be Wild Charge into Wild Prison, since 90% slow for 1 sec is almost like stun, and should be more than enough for you to land Wild Prison on their face. Once out of the prison, finish them off with Wild Stomp.


Frost mage that can hit multiple enemies, slowing down or freezing them…

Frost mage that can hit multiple enemies, slowing down or freezing them. With a good array of offensive and control abilities, Diaochan can wreak havoc upon the enemy team while staying on relatively safe distance, behind friendly tanks. Her ultimate ability requires channeling, and it should be used in combination with Diaochan’s passive since it provides short-time immunity to damage and control effects, that effectively prevents the enemies from interrupting you while casting.


  • Diaochan can deal a lot of single target damage because her skills are complementary, and she is dealing more with every ability after the first thanks to her passive.
  • Strong ultimate. Thou this is only the case if it lands after some other ability, preferably Diamond Dust as it will lock down target forcing it to take entire punishment.
  • Great control. Every skill Diaochan uses has a control ability beside damage, Blizzard and Chilling Frost can slow, Diamond Dust freezes the enemies solid.


  • She is squishy, you need to play carefully. Slow the incoming enemies, freeze them and try to use your ulti if you can’t run. 600 armor could save you.
  • Weak early game wave clear. She lacks in power to quickly clear the minions, so she is forced to either kill minions under her tower (it is difficult to last hit there) or to spend both charges of Diamond Dust, which she needs if the jungler is about to come help in lane.
  • Her ultimate Blizzard can be canceled with stun. This poses as weakness to control effects.

Take Chilling Frost as a solo laner. Try to harass the enemy whenever you can while killing minions with your normal attack. When you get the second skill to try to predict the enemy and cast it to close behind him. Spike him first with Chilling Frost and then use Diamond Dust to freeze him. You should have enough time to cast Chilling Frost again after the freeze ends. With Blizzard on the end of that combo, you become really deadly. Never stay too far in the lane, especially if you are going solo since you have no running skills.

You need to stay in the back of every team fight. You should use the Chilling Frost and Diamond Dust on the enemy front laners, and position yourself on the back for the ulti as well. Do not try to get in the center of the fight and cast the Blizzard thinking you are invulnerable, foes will melt you down maybe even before you cast them. A safe distance is a key here, you don’t need to target every foe. This is also useful if your team backs up a bit, your enemies will run straight into your ulti and probably won’t have time to interrupt it.


The arch-mage is a perfect mix of zone control, huge damage, safety and also some playmaking potential…

The arch-mage is a perfect mix of zone control, huge damage, safety and also some playmaking potential with his ultimate ability to teleport enemies back to the original location. While most players take D’Arcy to the lane, he can actually shine in the jungle, where he can take full advantage of his passive. His ganks are extremely potent, because the combo of Skill 1 and the ultimate is very hard to avoid for most heroes.


  • Safety. Ability to become untargetable for a 1 sec on relatively short cooldown while being a range hero… no-one can ask for more.
  • Creativity. The ultimate with its double teleport capability (for both you and the enemy), have potentially an endless number of ways you can use and abuse. Confusing the enemy is so easy with D’Arcy.
  • Strong in both solo and team situations. D’Arcy’s skill-set is amazing for dueling. The incredible thing is, his ultimate opens up even more options in team-fights. I simply cannot recommend one playstyle over the other because of how good he is in both scenarios.


  • Targeting high mobility champions. Champions like Raz, Tulen, Lauriel, and others with mobility option on short cooldown, can be challenging to hit with his 2nd ability (even with ultimate for that matter) because both of those abilities have a delay (1.25 sec for 2nd and 0.5 sec for ultimate) which leaves a certain timeframe for escape.
  • Roaming potential. Not only does he needs to use 2nd skill twice (which means he waits for an entire cooldown), but he lacks clear mobility skills and his base movement speed is just 360. This makes D’Arcy a very slow champion so others can out-rotate/roam him.
  • Mana-starved. Though his passive is refunding 20% of lost mana, there are clear issues with it. Most of the time minion waves will be cleared by the time the energy bar is at 50-60%. If the enemy plays smart and not allow D’Arcy to hit him, the only other option remains a jungle monster or a blue buff… and we all know how sensitive junglers are about their precious creeps.

Prioritize Dimensional Cube, unless you are targeted often by highly mobile assassins, in which case having Dimensional Walk ready more often is preferential.

Hitting the enemy champion is not just important for the sake of harass, but also you need to fill the energy bar as often as possible. Failing to do so will lead to severe mana issues. Either that or steal the blue buff. D’Arcy gank and/or ability to work in a team is great, but his roaming potential is weak. Because of this, we must focus on our close surroundings, ignoring side-lanes at the start. The top priority objectives are 1. Clearing Minion waves, 2. Helping in jungle skirmishes, 3. Abyssal Dragon, 4. Roaming Sidelanes. A potentially good solution for ganking a side-lane is for jungler to cover the middle-lane. This is particularly effective in combination with Kil’Groth where D’Arcy’s strong gank replaces Kil’Groth’s weak one, and D’Arcy’s absence from lane will quench Kil’Groths dire thirst for the farm, hitting two birds with one stone.

The reason his ganks are so effective is the ability to prevent an enemy from escaping (with his ultimate), while at the same time dish out tons of damage.

The primary D’Arcy’s role here is to harass, zone and control the enemy by using Dimensional Cube (2ndskill). Save Dimensional Walk in case an enemy assassin try to dive you, but if he reveals himself by attacking someone else, make him pay by zapping him with an enhanced normal attack from this skill. All the while looking for the opportunity to connect ultimate onto the enemy squishy part of the team (and execute it in the manner described in Play Sample at the start of this guide).


Playing Florentino sometimes feel like dancing around your target, however, don’t let this feeling fool you…

Playing Florentino sometimes feel like dancing around your target, however, don’t let this feeling fool you. He might be dancing around and collecting flowers, but Florentino is also packing tons of damage and he’s always ready to unleash his devastating abilities on an unsuspecting enemy. Florentino can be very effective, and hard to deal with, when played in DS lane.


  • Duelist. A great deal of single target damage combined with several sources of control (70% slow for 0.5 sec from passive, 0,75-sec stun from Blossom, and 0,75 sec from 2nd cast of Tripple Threat – knock-up), add some true damage to the list and you get the champion that can take almost any other in straight-up duel (provided the player is of sufficient skill caliber).
  • Great at taking down objectives such as Abyssal Dragon, Dark Slayer or Towers. When taking down these objectives, the use of Blossom, and collecting flowers is unhindered, enabling the damage to skyrocket.
  • Elusive. It is very difficult to land a skillshot on him. By enhancing the normal attack range, enabling to charge at the target and move at increased movement speed after he finishes the charge (while also being immune to control), Florentino is an extremely difficult target to land some of the narrow type skillshot.


  • Difficulty. If you can reliably hit ultimate, then Blossom, then picks up at least 2 flowers, while in between every flower you land one Tripple Threat charge and one normal attack, and to do this extremely quickly and reliably during the pressure of team fights… then this weakness won’t bother you. Everyone else should know that Florentino is not an easy champion to pull-off. No matter how talented you are, practice this champ a lot before joining ranked matches.
  • Disengage. Once engaged in combat (usually started with ultimate), Florentino has no real ways to escape. The only tool available to do so is Gentleman’s Duel but we also need that to land on target as many times as possible (both for increasing chance of victory as well as bonus attack damage gained).
  • Squishy. Other than health gain and immunity to control after landing Lunge, Florentino has no meaningful defensive tool to speak of, and being melee assassin, that puts him in a tight spot… to dive into the middle of things, but to survive.

While being decent jungler, Florentino is, after all, best suited for Dark Slayer lane. Grab one of the small jungle creeps as it is a safe experience. During the early stage of the game, try to single out the enemy and duel him, but only do so once you have insight into an enemy jungler’s location. If you win the duel and kill or push the enemy out of the lane, turn your focus on objectives like Dragon or Tower, those should be your next targets. Your meta-objective in this stage is to create an advantage in lvls/items, prioritize this above all.

You must be aware of incoming fights so you can prepare by carefully positioning yourself at the flank of the enemy team. Lurk there until the initiation is underway and follow it up with your own onto enemy squishy. It is important to choose the target with no mobility or that has already used its cooldown. Otherwise with Flicker + escape skill, and you will have no means of catching up to them. Avoid jumping into the middle of a fight, you are melee squishy assassin, side-effects will take you out.


An extremely mobile marksman with the ability to deal a good deal of true damage and jump in-and-out of fights…

An extremely mobile marksman with the ability to deal a good deal of true damage and jump in-and-out of fights. He should be played more like mage/assassin since Hayate’s value lies in chipping away at enemy tanks or finishing off/cleaning up the team-fights. Hayate, is a very interesting character if you are a fan of mobility, hit-and-run tactics, and kiting the opponent.


  • Strong harassment. Long-range and low cooldown of Shuriken Toss, ability to pierce, apply on-hit effects and rapid activation of the passive. Hayate is good at maintaining the long-range/poking from distance.
  • Escape mechanisms, good mobility. Shadowstep (s2), Kunai Blitz (ultimate) and Flicker. To sum up, there are 3 escape tools at Hayate disposal. Make sure to use them, because as much as we count those as strength, the punishment for not using one in time is severe.
  • Good roaming potential. One Shuriken Toss and few normal attacks and the waves are cleared. Add low cooldown onto his Shadowstep, and Hayate is equipped for roaming like few Arena of Valor heroes are.


  • Incredibly squishy. Hayate’s both base and per-level stats are just horrible. Even in the early game while the enemies are weak, being hit by anything will bring Hayate to his knees. This only gets exaggerated in the late game.
  • Susceptible to control. Hayate relies on dancing around the enemy for safety, and if need be to dive-in by casting the ultimate. If any hard control land on him, both of these aspects get disrupted.
  • One trick pony. Hayate has basically one real strength, harass, and it is done by one skill, Shuriken Toss. It makes Hayate highly predictable, which makes baiting this hero an easy thing to do.

Shuriken Toss is the core of Hayate’s gameplay, allowing to harass and quick activation of the passive.

While there is a notion Hayate is a good jungler, and I agree that fully stacked Scorching Wind is a perfect fit, the fact remains his passive is great at clearing waves by damaging multiple targets at the same time (especially if they are in line). Hayate’s job is simple and repetitive, clear minion waves, harass whenever it is safe and assist jungler in taking objectives or even ganking.

It comes down to:

  • Being aggressive in using the First skill’s long-range.
  • Harass the enemy from outside every chance you got, because entering his range (or he closes the distance to you), and Hayate is as good as dead. Basically, always stay at slightly longer than the maximum normal attack range.
  • Avoid using Shadowstep aggressively except you are absolutely safe (you outnumber the enemies, or they are near death).
  • Use ultimate as an additional escape tool, unless enemies are under control and you are safe to escape once the channel is finished. If you get too aggressive, remember Hayate is one of the squishiest champions in the game and also the ultimate can be interrupted, meaning the prepared enemies will have no trouble disposing of you.

Note: The way Hayate should be played in lane is somewhat similar to the playstyle of midlaners, fast wave clear and quickly move to the sidelanes or some other objective.

In team fights the situation is similar, with the exception that it is even more dangerous because of multiple threats. Any single hard control ability (stun, knock up), and Hayate is dead. In team fights, this is even more exaggerated because there are now 5 enemies (not 1-2 like in laning) waiting for your every mistake. The two main ways of conducting in fights are the harass or perfect timing of the ultimate. I recommend the first, but if you have the opening, either your team controls the enemy or the enemy is in a bad position. Hayate’s ultimate is an ultra-high risk – high reward skill. Besides this, just keep dancing around the enemy team, stay at maximum range and poke/harass with Shuriken Toss and normal attacks in between those. That is it about Hayate, but if you want to know more about other Arena of Valor (AoV) champions, check out our Heroes section where you can find other Arena of Valor guides, tips, tricks, and stats.


The combination of extremely high burst damage and mobility enables Kriknak to quickly zip through the jungle camps and, at the same time, be deadly when ganking…

The combination of extremely high burst damage and mobility enables Kriknak to quickly zip through the jungle camps and, at the same time, be deadly when ganking. If provided by a decent amount of assistance from teammates during the early game farm and gank plays, this bug can become almost unstoppable.


  • Mobility. Drone Drop and Horn Rush offer some great mobility at really low cost, even its cooldowns are low. You can use both skills to maneuver around the map, when you are leaving the base as well as in team fights.
  • High Burst. Once you get used to playing Kriknak and master him, you will find his skills really easy to execute. If executed correctly you will deal some great amount of damage in a really short period of time. With your Mark of Horror dealing % based damage even tanks can succumb to burst.
  • Versatile. While for other Arena of Valor heroes being Versatile means different playstyle for Kriknak it only applies to his item build. The only must is some armor penetration, but you can build him like a tank or bruiser or assassin so you fit in most compositions.


  • Predictable. While your combo is really easy to execute it is also really easy to predict, you have only 1 attack pattern that’s good and that is it, more skilled opponents will expect it most of the time. So take care, you won’t be able to fool enemies every time with the same trick.
  • Burstable. While your burst is really good and among the top of burst combos, it requires a lot of commitment, and when you commit you can easily be turned on and squshed like a bug so take extra care maybe even save Horn Rush to escape.

Kriknak is an Assasin/Warrior and as such he is best suited for Jungle role. With Kriknak you should start your normal jungle route (blue to red) and only gank when you hit level 4 because Kirknak pre level 4 has bad initiation tools, you will need Drone Drop to start a gank and Horn Rush to finish enemy heroes off. Kriknak has low CDs and high mobility so you want to move around the map at all times and look for ganks, don’t be afraid to invade the enemy jungle or to gank a 2 man lane because you are tankier and more mobile than most. Your standard rotation should be Drone Drop>>Auto Attack>>Terrifying Plague>> Auto attack>>Horn Rush>>Auto attack, if executed correctly you should be able to finish off most of the enemies if not just rotate out of combat for a few seconds and repeat.

With Kriknak you will want to take over the initiative but not the initiation. Leave that to your main tank. As soon as the enemy team spends some of the major abilities, jump on the enemy mid laner or marksmen and do the combo. If the combo is successful and the enemy is dead, assist your tanks, if they are dead and it’s too dangerous, rotate out, try not to get controlled before your CDs are back up and then go for round 2.


Murad has a somewhat slow early game but he quickly picks up the pace as the game goes on…

He is an assassin you don’t want to mess with. Murad has a somewhat slow early game but he quickly picks up the pace as the game goes on. If there is one thing that makes this hero stand out from the rest then that is his ultimate with a ridiculously low cooldown. Although his ultimate requires unsealing (read more on it in the guide), he can be a ton of fun to play, if you master his skill set. Murad is one of the squishier heroes, but fortunately, he has very high mobility and two abilities that make him untargetable, and mastering the use of these skills is required for playing an effective Murad.


  • Good Mobility. Thorn of Times gives Murad two leaps, also when reactivated for the 3rd time it returns you to your starting location. It gives Murad with the highly required stealth initiation and fear factor at all times.
  • Evasive. Murad’s Another Dimension and Temporal Turbulence both make him untargetable for a short duration of time. You can either evade skill shots or take tower/minion aggro off yourself.


  • Glass cannon. For Murad to be really effective you need to build a lot of damage items, which leaves no room for any tanky builds. If you are ever caught without any escape mechanism or stunned in between your combo you are an easy target for the enemy.
  • Requires unsealing. Murad is the only hero with both mechanics, it will take some time to master and get used to. Also, you will never be able to engage head-on, instead, you have to unlock your ultimate on jungle creeps or on whatever is nearby at the moment.

You want to play the jungle role, in no other role he can compare in usefulness to that one of jungling. Start the normal route from the top of the map (Sage buff) to the bottom (Abyssal Drake lane) and after hitting level 4 you can consider ganking. You may wanna look for ganks even after you clear the Sage buff side since Thorn of Time offers an easy stun, but don’t be too greedy about it unless the situation is good for you. After hitting level 4 you should keep farming the jungle and keep rotating, in the early game you will mostly want to counter gank the enemy jungler so try to read your opponent’s moves and keep farming, so you can stay ahead for as long as u can. Look for objectives and if you have your ultimate unlocked and you see a chance go for the kill. Remember to let the small jungle creeps live (in close proximity to the lane you are about to gank), in order to unseal the ultimate.

When the game heats up and reaches the point of team fighting Murad turns into a poke master. You will want to unlock your Temporal Turbulence on a jungle creep/lane minion then use Thorn of Time to get close to the enemy and then use your ultimate to deal as much damage as you can. Keep repeating the action until you make enemies recall or until you kill someone. After your 1st combo, your teammates will want to jump in but that still isn’t your call to make. Just wait for your ultimate cooldown and repeat. Try to land Another Dimension before Temporal Turbulence since it reduces the armor of anyone that’s inside, but don’t be too greedy because if your Thorn of Time goes on cooldown you are done for.


Quillen is a very versatile character that has almost everything – mobility, reduction of enemy damage, invisibility, healing regen, and built-in crit…

Quillen is a very versatile character that has almost everything – mobility, reduction of enemy damage, invisibility, healing regen, and built-in crit. However, there are some problems, Mobility skills have a short-range, invisibility is not complete because of the blinking light that reveals his location, reduction of enemy damage is available only against one target. With all that being said, Quillen is still awesome at one job… taking care of enemy squishy characters.


  • Good jungle clear speed. Having no mana or resource of any kind, coupled with good single target damage, makes Quillen effective jungle farmer.
  • Decent finisher. Jumping from stealth onto enemies’ backs and pumping out increased damage is what makes this hero good at finishing a weakened opponent. However, sometimes it feels as if he is not rewarded for attacking from behind, but rather penalized for attacking from the front.
  • Decent mobility. Both 2nd skill and ultimate can be used to quickly move across the map, but the downside is, he needs those ready for team fights.


  • Extremely weak if he falls behind in farming. As for melee assassin that needs to jump in, execute the enemy and run away, Quillen must be able to do it reliably and quickly and that cannot be done while being behind in the item department.
  • Weak against enemies packing half decent toughness/sustain. The champions able to withstand punishment and not turning and running away (in which case Quillen actually becomes dangerous) are in a great position to punish this overzealous assassin.
  • Prone to kiting/control. If unable to land Decimate on target he is engaged with, he can be easily taken out.
  • Can only mark one target with Decimate. When out of stealth and engaged in combat, he is susceptible to the damage of all those other, unmarked, champions. Considering how fragile he is, even damage from opposing tanks can be detrimental.
  • Underwhelming ultimate. Not much to say here, there is stealth, and yeah it can be useful. There is some moderate health regeneration involved and some half-decent movement. But honestly, there are tons and tons of regular champion skills more potent than this.

Focus leveling Mutilate, it’s a higher damage skill.

Because of good single target damage, Quillen is best suited for a jungle role, so start from Red buff, following that gank a middle lane (but be safe, do not die under any circumstance) and move on to the blue buff. It is important to play as aggressively as possible and not die at all.

Once level 4, use ultimate to sneak behind enemy involved in combat with an ally but be aware not to use it too late as he only enters stealth upon finishing charge/dash part of the ultimate, make that happen while you are out of enemy sight.

The simple way of describing how effective Quillen is: play like a backstabbing coward. In essence, avoid starting fights, let your allies take front-load of damage and control.

In meantime prepare to flank, use assassinate (make sure to finish the charge outside of the enemy sight, so they don’t get vision on you), get close to squishy target lacking mobility, or someone with small amount of HP, use Decimate (aim to land behind the target) immediately followed by Mutilate. If the target is dead, all abilities reset and you can use Assassinate to either move to the next target and repeat the process, or fall-back if your HP is low.

In case the first target survives the initial burst, you are in a dire situation and unless you can finish off that target retreat and wait for 1st and 2nd skill to reset.


Jungler or Marksman no matter the role, Violet is always going to be popular due to her high range, damage and ability to snipe the enemy backline…

Jungler or Marksman no matter the role, Violet is always going to be popular due to her high range, damage and ability to snipe the enemy backline without getting too far forward or having to go through tanks. By now most people learned how dangerous she is, but, even with that knowledge, she is still very difficult to deal with it.


  • Good Mobility. Tactical Fire enables Violet to move around the battlefield while keeping enemies under pressure.
  • Good burst damage when near a full build. Claves Sancti, Slikk’s Sting, Omni Arms and the short cooldown on Tactical Fire, make enhanced attack deadly, at the same time increasing her safety.
  • Long range harass, comes in a package with piercing attack/wave clear.


  • Almost everything positive and strong about Violet is tied to Tactical Fire, making her vulnerable in short periods when on cooldown, which puts pressure on how and when you use this ability.
  • It takes time to master positioning and repositioning. You have to do it all the time and make the piercing attack hit multiple targets.
  • Vulnerable to hard crowd control abilities like stuns or immobilization.

Tactical Fire is a top priority skill, core damage and movement ability for Violet. Take Concussive Rounds when you can, for it adds the ability to poke the enemy and still have mobility from Tactical Fire at ready.

In laning, focus on harassing and use Tactical Fire to end up just outside the enemies’ range, land an enhanced attack and fall back to a more safe position. If you manage to whittle down the enemy, don’t try to kill him at all costs, pay attention to where other enemy champions are, jungler especially, and only pursue a kill if it is perfectly safe to use Tactical Fire as a gap closer. If you tumble forward and there is an additional enemy in the brush, you are probably dead. Always keep an eye on your jungler. If he initiates a fight, be there immediately to follow up with damage, this is especially easy with Violet. Also, if there is a signal that an ally jungler is coming to your lane, make sure to not push too hard, save mana, and make the enemy move closer to the center.

Dancing around the effective enemy range is what Violet is about. This stands for team fights also, but it may not be so simple. The effective enemy range takes into account how dangerous this ability is, combined with the possibility of Flicker, or some other form of a gap closer. For example, if enemy Mina has Flicker and her ultimate is ready, she may wait for you to use Tactical Fire, immediately Flicker toward you, hook you in, and a second after, use her ultimate to taunt you. This makes the enemy effective range oscillate, the moment they use some major gap closer the effective range is shorter, and back up again once it is ready to use. Consider landing Tactical Fire close enough to attack, but far enough to be safe (you just used your only mobility). The safe spot is closer when the enemy has major cc/mobility on cooldown, and try to hit several enemies from that position. This is a lot of requirements for one position, and yet you need to deal with them every few seconds if you want to be good as Violet. The only advice I can give you here is: if you want to play this champ, make sure you know what others can do, dance around that and play this Pistol Lady A LOT… Make it part of your instinct, because thinking is too slow for her.


He is average at everything and can be played in a number of different ways, but he doesn’t excel in any role…

Volkath is the Jack of all traders but master of none. He is average at everything and can be played in a number of different ways, but he doesn’t excel in any role. In lanes you should actually focus on the opponent and try to push him out of the lane. Volkath can be good in the right hands, that can take advantage of his versatile skill set.


  • Jack of all trades. His main advantage is adaptability to the team. You need a jungler, he can fill in the junglers boots, assassin – checked, bruiser – checked and he can even fit the tank shoes.
  • Great initiator.  Due to Execution, he can close the gap quickly, and the ability has a low cooldown. Also, his ultimate will guarantee nothing will stop you from reaching the desired hero. Except for death.
  • Invulnerability. His ultimate is the only ability in the game that gives you a God mode for so long. If you use it right, the enemy team will waste a ton of abilities on you, wasting them in the process and peeling pressure off your team.


  • No escape. He doesn’t have any reliable escape mechanism except the Flicker which can help you in the short term. The other one is Ultimate, but if you are using it to run away, you are not using it right. This may sound like the silly advice, but if you get ganked don’t try to run, try to take some of your adversaries with you into the inevitable doom (pun intended).
  • Master of none. His first advantage is his main weakness. He can play any role average or little above the average but that’s it. Whatever role you pick for him, you will find a few other heroes doing it better.
  • Heavy reliance on the ultimate. His ultimate is legendary, but it has a monstrous cooldown. Without ultimate his chance of survival is really thin if you are not using some defensive builds.

Execution is the core of the Black Apostate, it deals solid damage and enables you to quickly close the gap between you and the enemy. Also excellent for jungling.

He really fits the jungling role much better, but he’s not too shabby in the lane if you play it right. Play as safe as possible, at least until you get your ultimate. Afterward, you can relax a bit and engage in fights more freely. Volkath’s point is not to clear the minions, but to harass his laning opponent whenever possible with Execution. Do not try to engage if you haven’t hit the Execution. If you did, close the gap, 1-2 auto-attacks, and finish it off with Death Sweep and a few more auto-attacks. If you want just a quick burst-and-run then just use Execution twice, one auto-attack, Death Sweep and runoff. Be mindful that Volkath can’t run away, ALWAYS have this in mind when you engage in fights.

Now, this is where things become fun. There are a few ways you can play depending on the builds you have chosen. Jungler is played like most other melee assassins. Pick the right time, leap into the backline and try to wreck the marksman/mage. If the fight goes wrong, only disengage if you are sure you can run away. In most cases you won’t be able to do this, so turn on your ultimate as soon as you engage, and when things get rough turn on God mode and pull down as many of them with you as you can. The other role would be a kamikaze bruiser that leaps in with Execution, turn on the ultimate, start slamming and don’t forget to use the Death Sweep right after your first auto-attack where you will Mark every enemy. It will stun them, and stun causes confusion. They will try to dispatch you quickly afterward, so you need to have a finger prepared to click on that ulti again and enter God mode. At least for long enough to inflict some more chaos and to absorb all of the enemy’s abilities that won’t hurt your teammates.


Similar to Max, Xeniel is less of a fighter and more of a control/support kind of guy.

Similar to Max, Xeniel is less of a fighter and more of a control/support kind of guy. Heals, stuns, and solid burst damage are the reason why you’re a a constant threat to the enemies when playing Xeniel, and a force to be reckoned with. However, the most important aspect of his skill set is the global ultimate. Being able to push one lane, then jump to aid an ally on the other part of the map, is what makes Xeniel an extremely proficient split pusher.


  • Constant map presence. Xeniel has one of the most unique and strongest ultimates in the game. Angelic Splendor can take you anywhere on the map and lets you provide protection and support to your allies, playing as Xeniel gives you the ability of constant threat even if you don’t use it enemies always have to consider Xeniel showing up and that kind of fear factor is great in any game.
  • Great at taking objectives. Having this kind of ultimate allows you to be that +1 extra guy at all times, be it a dragon, tower or a Dark Slayer you will always be there to support your team and fasten up the process. Split push. Again ultimate, having this kind of ultimate doesn’t require from you at all to be in combat or to stick with your teammates.
  • Splitting the enemy apart. Play your lane, make an enemy 1v1 you and then just fly over to the other side for a great 5v4 scenario in which you win most of the time.


  • Takes constant map awareness to be a good Xeniel. Having this strong of a weapon is a double-edged blade. If used incorrectly it can lead to some very bad engages in which you will not be a winner, not using it at all is also not good enough. So pick your battles carefully and be a threat at all times.
  • Prone to hard CC. Without auto attacks, you are not that much of a threat, and it’s easy to get controlled and kited as Xeniel. Your job is to stay amidst everything and you are gonna get hit by every passing ability that comes your way if you are caught out of position. You are not that hard to burst so take care of how you engage and when is the right moment to disengage.
  • Not enough health before 4-5 items completed.

As Xeniel you can basically fill three roles, a jungler, support or Dark Slayer one. Prefer Jungler as the lvl advantage will give you an edge in confrontation, plus, Punish fits into his skill set. Bare in mind Xeniel clearing speed is not the greatest, so you have to be as efficient as possible. Use Malleus to engage onto enemy/jump over the walls, and not for damage (added dmg is fine, but the utility is extremely important). Remember you don’t need ultimate to gank the lane, Xeniel’s ganks are just as potent without it, the ultimate only provide more opportunities to do counter-ganking.

The early game starts slow, no need to rush things. Abuse your enemy with Divine Protection and 3rd hit from Holy Brand. Stay on your lane and try to make the laning phase lasts as long as you can. You are almost ungankable with Xeniel, keep minions somewhere in the middle of the lane or at your side of the map and you are untouchable. After hitting level 4 keep your eyes constantly open and watch your teammates HP bars. If you wanna learn how to read the map and when is the right time to engage, Xeniel is a perfect choice as those two things are a must for him.

Even though you are tanky you shouldn’t play Xeniel as a first tank. You are more of a bruiser type of hero with great supporting skills. Playing Xeniel allows you and your team to only pick a fight that you want and makes your enemy play by your rules, always focus on getting the numbers advantage with your ultimate and abuse your global presence. Once the battle starts, try to jump on the enemy backline with Malleus, your passive Holy Brand and 1st Ability Divine Protection offer you a great burst (no one ever expects it) and you can easily 1v1 any backliner be it mage, support or an ADC.


A warrior/assassin that packs solid damage, while also having some control and mobility.

A warrior/assassin that packs solid damage, while also having some control and mobility. When playing this hero a lot depends on your ability to utilize her combos… and she does have a huge number of skill-combinations. Quick reaction, good creativity, and some practice are a recommended to efficiently play Yena, since she has a skill skill requirement.


  • Versatility. With one stance provide mobility – zoning, the other one allows for some strong damage and control. By constantly changing between them Yena has all the tools in the toolbox.
  • Strong Wave clear once ultimate becomes available. Thou she is a melee hero, two of her skills deal a lot of damage on a relatively long range.
  • High skill ceiling. No matter how skilled someone is, there is always something to improve when playing Yena. If you are looking to buy a hero to invest yourself, this one seems worth the time.


  • Minimal skill requirement. While the skill ceiling is high, Yena’s skill and focus requirements are above average. Spend some time practicing before entering Ranked games.
  • Weak early game. Before reaching level 4, Yena is very weak, missing like 2/3rd of her toolkit and with it a lot of damage and control. Farm with Skill 2 and Normal Attacks have your Skill 1 ready for disengage.
  • While combined stances provide Yena with everything needed, both styles by themselves have some glaring weaknesses. Half Moon is lacking damage, especially before level 4, and Full Moon abilities are slow to land and easily avoidable.

Arena of Valor AoV Yena laning basics:

  • Start from the Red buff and immediately gank the mid. Gank doesn’t have to be successful, chunking enemies health is enough. Don’t commit too hard, the point here is to create a small advantage in favor of your midlaner.
  • Clear rest of the jungle until you are level 4. At this stage gank Mid- and Drake- lane. Try creating an advantage in order to push for Dragon.
  • It is important to note, the majority of Yena’s damage comes from her abilities, more so than from her normal attacks. Thus it is extremely important that once you get the ultimate, keep rotating stances. Cooldowns from one stance are independent of the cooldowns of other stances.


  • It is crucial to reach level 4 as soon as possible. Before that moment Yena lacks a huge portion of her damage/control/wave clear.
  • Before level 4 do not engage in duels. Instead, from the distance farm with Skill 2, and if safe farm with normal attacks. The goal here is safety and experience.
  • Yena comes online at level 4 and, among other stuff, her dueling power skyrockets. When aggressive, start in Dual Wield (Half Moon) stance, throw-in spinning sickle, jump in with the first charge of skill 1, connect 5 normal attacks (use the second charge of skill 1 to stay in range), swap stance and if you are on top of the enemy, use skill 2 to push him away. Follow it up with Skill 1 (release before fully charged if he’s about to escape). Then use the second charge of skill 2 and change stance back to Dual Wield. Rinse and repeat.

Yena’s can serve two purposes in team fights:

  • Pressuring the backline.
  • Flank the enemy team and wait for the initiation in the Dual Wield stance.
  • Once the fight started, use Skill 2 on their squishy and Skill 1 to quickly get close to them, land series of normal attacks and Punish (if you are jungler) to slow him down. Use the second charge of Skill 1 to stay in range (Flicker if needs be, that is if you are laner), change to Single Weapon stance and immediately cast Skill 1. If it hits the enemy, great, but the main reason we use it at this moment is to reduce the incoming damage (at this moment it is almost certain they will turn to deal with you).
  • At this stage while in Single Weapon Stance, use skill 2 to their front line more toward your team, thus causing a disruption in their line-up.
  • Front Line wave-clear and control. This one is simple, by standing up-front and landing Skill 1 in Single Weapon stance, assisted with Skill 2 in Dual Wield stance, Yena can halt the progress of most enemy teams, thus providing more time for the team to gather/revive/split-push, and so on.


A strong support/tank with the ability to absorb loads of damage, control the enemy, initiate or disengage fights, traverse the map, chase down opponents and so much more…

A strong support/tank with the ability to absorb loads of damage, control the enemy, initiate or disengage fights, traverse the map, chase down opponents and so much more. Even his damage dealing isn’t really bad for a hero of his role, especially when S1 lands a moment before ally attack/skill hits the target. Overall, Zip is a great asset to any team, but he requires some creativity, good decision making, and a good read of the enemy position. With the current skill set, The Speed Demon is a very interesting hero.


  • Engage and Disengage. Zip is probably the best one to engage, or to retreat, from the combat. Simply because he can suck-in his team and use the ultimate, knock-up enemies and then unload his own team on top.
  • Powerful control. Just with S1, Zip already has enough. Add to that the extreme potential of the ultimate to bounce against the walls and hit the same target multiple times, and you have one powerful control-hero.
  • Ally control. There aren’t many heroes able to control the positioning of ally members. As the mether of fact, there are none released before zipping. This is a unique feature and it will guarantee the high spot across the various Arena of Valor Tier Lists.


  • It is difficult to predict where are you going to end up when using the ultimate. Every millisecond of Zip Roll! is sort of gamble. It could go massively good, or massively bad.
  • Destroyed towers count as an obstacle, thus Zipp will bounce off of them. This is a huge problem because the tower is a small target and there is almost no way to predict which way you ‘l go from there.

Spam S1. Try using it onto the enemy hero, or the minion in his vicinity. Try timing it just before ally kills the minion, thus transferring damage to the opponent. Keep S2 at ready for the case your marksman gets in danger, avoid wasting its cooldown. Once the ultimate is available, quickly eliminate the minion wave and use S2 to pick up lane partner, then use the ultimate to roam to mid-lane. If everything goes according to plan, mid-laner will be one thankful player.

There is a huge number of ways you can play Zip in team fights. By not covering every possible way, let me lay down the main goals. Harass, Protect, Initiate and Disengage. Same as with laning, spam S1 whenever the enemy is near enough. When using S2+Ultimate combo to engage, make sure to pick up relevant allies.

Engaging at a close distance, pick up ONLY bruisers/tanks, avoid marksmen and mages. You don’t want to endanger squishes by moving them into the line of fire, especially when the distance is short and they can move as close as they want to. However, if you go for long-distance engage, then pick everyone up, otherwise, you split your own team in two, which is not a good idea. The most important aspect of this hero is the fact he can bring the team together in a most literal way. Have this in mind and some of those games lost due to lack of teamwork, might not be lost.


Powerful mage, that is very good at dealing with clumped up enemies, while also having some control abilities…

Powerful mage, that is very good at dealing with clumped up enemies, while also having some control abilities. The downside of this hero is the lack of any sort of mobility and sustains, so he can be quickly dealt with, if you isolate him from the rest of his team. The best way to deal with Azzen’ka is to spread out, negating him the opportunity to hit multiple heroes at once.


  • Strong AoE. All 3 of his skills are effective AoE abilities that work differently, so you can choose which one to use.
  • Team fighter. Especially important when there are more opponents, so his Dust Devil has someone to bounce off.
  • Long Range. All three abilities have ways to influence combat without him being near danger.


  • Weak Survivability. No inherent survival skills and weak defensive stats.
  • Weak One vs One. Without additional opponents for Dust Devil to bounce off and return to the original target, you will lose damage from the second bounce, as well as potential Sand Trap trigger.
  • No mobility. He is weak versus various champions who can avoid your skills, either by having high mobility or tankiness, or versus high burst champs who can engage Azzen’Ka during his cooldown period.

Keep the distance between your champ and the opponent. If he is far away, on the other side of minions, harass him by using Dust Devil as soon as he gets near one of his minions. If he is aggressive and looking to engage you, prevent that by placing a Sand Punch in front of him. Whatever the case, you do not want to have an enemy in your face or be open to his burst toolkit. The goal here is to be on full health mid-game, while he is dropped to at least below 50% from all the Dust Devil spam. If there are no minions or champions near your target, refrain from casting Dust Devil as you may lose just enough time and allow the opponent to close the distance.

Keep in mind that in a team fight, as well as in laning phase, you want to keep your distance. There is absolutely no need for you to get close to the front of the battle. Start team fights with Sand Wraith and aim to tag as many opponents as possible. Follow through with Sand punch and Dust Devil for additional cc and burst of damage. Try to stay alive so you can cast multiple rotations of your 1st and 2nd ability, and if possible even your ultimate for the second time.

Engage: Sand Wraith can be a good way to initiate fights. Slowing down a large number of opponents can produce an opening for some of your teammates to land those important skill shots, and/or even use it as a sort of poke ability.

Disengage: Sand Punch placed at the feet of an approaching enemy can be a good deterrence for them. Most will side-step and lose enough time so you or your teammate can safely escape. Note, if the enemy already has two stacks of Sand Trap, you can even cast Dust Devil to petrify him and deal additional damage. Sand Wraith can be used to slow down approaching champions.


She might not be able to initiate the team fights, but she can definitely finish them…

She might not be able to initiate the team fights, but she can definitely finish them. This made her popular and for good reason. Butterly will reset cooldowns of all of her skills whenever she scores a kill or assists. Combine that with Backstab, that is great at finishing off low health characters and you have a hero that can quickly assassinate wounded enemy and move on to the next target. Everyone knows what she can do and the majority of players will do whatever it takes to counter her strengths. She is particularly effective in lower brackets, up to the gold league (it takes some team coordination in order to prevent her from taking over the fight).


  • Skills have no mana cost. That means you can spam your skills freely and never have to worry about mana. It reduces the possibility of downtime.
  • Butterfly is a burst damage dealing,  real assassin, hero. Get in for the kill and move on to the next target instantly.
  • Her ultimate even choose the right target ( the one with the lowest health) for you.


  • No escape ability. If the fight is not going in your favor, well, tough luck. You are going to die. There is no running away with Butterfly.
  • Limited chase potential. After you use the ultimate, if the enemy is out of range there is no way to catch up. You will have to take care when comboing your ultimate with Whirlwind.

Butterfly should never stay in lanes. She is an excellent jungler and a poor laner, so the choice is obvious. Take Punish talent and go to the jungle. Because she doesn’t have to worry about mana you should spam your skills all the time while you are jungling, as it will speed up the farming a lot. When you get to level 4, go and gank the lanes using your ultimate as an opener. Follow up by slowing the enemy with Whirlwind and Propel Sword for faster normal attacks to chop the enemy quicker.

Like most other assassins you should never initiate fights. Stay back in the brush and, when the fight begins, target the enemy marksmen and mages. Be cautious if you are using your ultimate to initiate fights if you are not careful it could teleport you near their tanks or warriors with less health and then you are in a pickle. Either aim your ultimate on the very edge, or target manually. After killing your first enemy keep spamming your skills and attacks for chain kills. Chain of attacks is always the same, ultimate to get into your target, Whirlwind to slow them down, and Propel Sword to chop off your opponents.


A mid lane mage with global ultimate. She is very weak against high mobility heroes like Tulen, Lauriel and so on…

A mid lane mage with global ultimate. She is very weak against high mobility heroes like Tulen, Lauriel and so on. Ultimate is her main tool that aside from damage and stun, also provides a vision over the enemy characters for the duration of the spell. At the cost of requiring some protection, Ilumia offers a good amount of damage and utility.


  • Global ultimate is her main selling point. For this reason, paying attention to the minimap has an added dimension/importance. Tipping the scales in your team’s favor while at the same time harassing someone on the other side of the map is extremely useful.
  • Good harass/poke. Her passive (Goddess) turns relatively harmless spells into a force to be reckoned with.
  • Nice disruption – more so than control, her abilities provide short duration cc which does have its value.


  • Lack of mobility makes her easy pickings for most decent junglers. Being a squishy champ and not having any sustainability adds even more danger of being ganked or even straight up pushed away from lane if you expose yourself even for a second.
  • It can be a real drag sometimes having to pay attention at what stage your passive is, plus while Divine Light itself works with auto-targeting – proc from the passive does not. So, if you are not directing it manually it will shoot in the direction your champ is facing, and you have to do it manually every 2-3 seconds… As I said, it is a real drag sometimes.

Keep your distance from the enemy and use passive procs to harass at all times. The only exception to the rule is: all enemy champions are visible on another part of the map, and the one standing in your lane is not posing any real threat. Do not cross the center of the map, even the center is too dangerous for Ilumia. As soon as the ultimate is obtained, look for an opportunity to help your teammates in other lanes. Do not just spam the ultimate, but look for an ongoing fight and provide that small push to tip the scales in your team’s favor.

Because of many glaring weaknesses, Ilumia must pay special attention to positioning, as well as minimap “events”. Your main job is again to harass/poke with enhanced Divine Light and, if lucky, it will provide an opening for your team to single someone out and deal with him. The other thing you need to worry about is how to pick a moment to cast your ultimate, and it is really something because if cast half a second too early or too late it has the potential to be the most useless spell in the game. But cast it at the right time and see your team swoop in and wipe the enemy from the face of a battlefield. The moment your team casts some of the major crowd control abilities, for example, Grakk’s ultimate, land the Cataclysm and with 2 seconds delay it will affect them at just the right time to prolong the time enemy is disabled. It can be useful to land it during the fight itself as it will likely force the enemy to move and lose precious time. One thing to note, if the enemy is clumped together it may be difficult for all of them to dodge as the surface covered with Glyphs will be huge.


This mid lane/support crazy clown is damage and healing machine (if only those damned team-mates would stay still for a sec)…

This mid lane/support crazy clown is damage and healing machine (if only those damned team-mates would stay still for a sec). Apart from that, there is nothing else in his skill-set, no mobility, no control. So, with this character you get a strange combination of damage dealing and healing, but without any means of escaping or ability to catch fleeing enemies, and this makes Mganga dependant on the rest of the team.


  • Team fighter both abilities are AoE. Two of those can heal your team and do damage to your foes, and there is always pressure present among enemies from having a high number of Voodoo Marks.
  • Highly versatile champion in terms of going offensive or defensive. Damage output playing against Mganga forces you to be very cautious, as he can turn the tide of the battle at any second.
  • His damage can be deceptive, subtle, and at the specific moment have massive bursting power. Sustain-built in heal, items Orb of the Magi, Virtue’s necklace and/or Rhea’s Blessing are all factors contributing to Mganga’s incredible staying power.


  • Squishy. If Mganga is to be effective he needs cooldown reduction and ability power from items, so there isn’t much room for defensive stats. This means talent choices must be compensating like flicker and maybe sprint.
  • Positioning. Anyone playing Mganga must be master of positioning, to be in range of an enemy team, to be behind his own team, to be close enough to land skills, and to be far enough so his “squishiness” does not become more hindering than it already is, and all that while keeping up a barrage of attacks and skill shots landing left and right.

It is important not to go too close to your challenger, stay at range and if he shows signs of aggression, land Toxic in front of his feet and adds some auto attacks on top of that. Sustain your self via Fortunate Gift and if you have to, use ultimate (but before that add some stacks to yourself). Mganga is a nasty champion to play against as his damage ramps up over a short time, so once he is engaged it is not clear to the attacker what to expect from the trade. Often enough people get surprised by the intensity of this clown’s damage and/or heal… make good use of this kind of surprise.

Mganga excels in team fights when there is enough crowd control in his team’s toolkit and he is safe to stack up 5 stacks, use Detonation, and restack Marks again. To add to the complexity of playing this champion, at all times you will have to decide to heal or to damage. This added complexity can be negative, but if you relish more options you will enjoy this clown’s playstyle.


Great hero, with very powerful control abilities. Omega can quickly initiate a fight by closing the distance and stunning the enemies…

Great hero, with very powerful control abilities. Omega can quickly initiate a fight by closing the distance and stunning the enemies. With solid survivability and complete skill set focused on control abilities, Omega is very good at setting-up kills to his teammates, and isolating enemies that venture forward, ahead of their team. In short, if you like stunning, knocking back, and throwing enemy heroes in the air, you will enjoy playing Omega.


  • Good skirmisher. Easy to land medium cooldown control abilities have great use in 2v2, 3v3 skirmishes.
  • Tower destroyer. Omega’s passive is what makes him so good at taking towers down. This proves to be a great asset when in a side lane and the enemy team have to deal with you otherwise towers get obliterated.
  • Off-the-charts control. With his ultimate being reworked to include knockback, Omega’s ability to control the enemy champion or team has skyrocketed.


  • Damage falls off when abilities are on cooldown. Inconsistent in fights depending on the state of cooldowns at the start.
  • Tanky but not a tank. Even if built like a tank,  he falls flat when compared to other tanks in terms of taking hits and presence, at least. his base defensive stats are just weak.
  • Somewhat unreliable ultimate-knockback. It depends on the positioning of both Omega and his opponent.

Go for duo lane, preferably with someone who deals physical damage and is a strong pusher. You want to have as much time on towers as possible. In lane, if you have a teammate, stay in the brush and wait, play the zoning game. Your job is to control during skirmishes. Use Guardian Mode for speed up, engage the enemy, preferably squishy, and knock him up. Follow up with Crash Mode to prolong the disable on the enemy and if you are above level 4 move behind the target and use Exterminate, once it starts knocking back the enemy, stick to him and try to lad as many of them as possible. Once the ultimate is over, 1st and 2nd skill should be ready to use. If there are no opportunities in your lane, then move to other lanes and take the ganking role. This can be of huge importance because of how effective Omega’s ganks are. Because Disrupt is so good with Omega, this opens some new avenues for skirmishes, ganks and even team fights, depending on how tower dives are executed and how often they are attempted. This is especially difficult in pug games, where you must ensure good communication and coordination with your team. This is the reason why most people should still use Flicker as it is a safer option.

In team fights, aim to crowd control isolated targets with Guardian Mode while having Crash Mode ready for stunning multiple enemies. This means you are waging war on two fronts in a gameplay sense. One is to lock the enemy for execution and the other is to keep the rest of the enemy team away from the carries. The emphasis on this choice is even larger with regard to his ultimate. On one hand, if you opt for a more defensive style, then save the ultimate as disengage tool, one that prevents an enemy from reaching your damage dealers. On the other hand, if you choose to be more offense-oriented, try to flank the enemy team and push the key target toward the ally team.


Peura is almost completely focused on supporting the rest of her team, and can’t do much on her own…

A support hero with powerful heal and very potent ultimate. Peura is almost completely focused on supporting the rest of her team, and can’t do much on her own. However, properly timing her powerful healing ability, in combination with the ultimate that can slow and stun enemies, can easily turn the tide of those very important team battles. All in all, a very interesting hero if you like to be a team player.


  • Great team fight. Heals, AoE armor, damage, and stun. It all adds up to a great team fighter. Peura has everything that a hero needs and if left untouched can turn fights easily in your favor.
  • Peura is not a solo laner nor a jungler nor can she handle the 1v1 at Dark Slayer, but when it comes to raw supporting there is no better.
  • Very strong heal combined with buffs from her ultimate gives makes her more of a support than any other. TeeMee is maybe the only competition in this department.


  • Relies heavily on teammates. As you are a great team fighter and great at supporting heroes, you need someone to fight with and someone to support. In 1v1 any enemy beats you easily, without your team you are nothing and that locks you in a stick to your friends’ position.
  • Squishy hero with no mobility skills. While you provide great support to your allies, Peura itself is pretty weak and immobile.
  • Bait support with low defense stats. Peura is a hero that needs to be focused, you cannot leave her unattended otherwise you lose in so many ways. So you will mostly be focused on sight and not having any solid defense stats leaves you naked.

Playing Peura early game stay on your lane and provide support to your marksman but if the situation allows it roam from lane to lane and heal your allies, you can get pretty big advantage for your team that way, that once that your mid didn’t go to base because of your heal could be crucial so keep your options always open. If you are caught in the river just run you are no match for anyone in a single battle. Stick to your allies and provide support and that’s your moto basically through the whole game.

This is a moment where Peura has to shine the most. Stick between your front liners and your marksmen and use heal anytime it’s available. Don’t throw your stun just to stun people, keep it off CD save it if your ADC needs to gain some ground against chasing the enemy or if you are playing against an enemy with channeling ability. For ultimate the best option is to use it from a bush but that won’t be the case in a lot of situations, if you can use it to its full potential it can serve almost as a taunt. Once you start channeling everyone will focus on target you, so you can use it to take some aggro off your teammates but know what happens after that is probably death. You are a defensive type of support and play it only that way.


A disruptive melee bruiser, Skud has good control, mobility and sustain.

A disruptive melee bruiser, Skud has good control, mobility and sustain. He can be particularly deadly against low mobility squishy enemies, that venture to far from the rest of the team. In organized teams, Skud is a solid addition, that excels in skirmishes and team fights alike. However, he comes with a number of flaws but the most glaring one is the inability to specialize. His skill set is not fit for tanking or damage dealing instead, he is a mix of both and maxing one will make him mediocre in the other area.


  • Decent sustain. With his passive ability, Anabolic Rage, Skud heals himself enough to stay in lane longer than usual.
  • Good skirmisher. His innate tankiness, Furious Charge and an ultimate which disrupts the enemy team plus refreshes your Furious Charge makes him a good initiator. Be sure to make the most of it.
  • Burst combo. If played as solo laner, built and executed properly, Skud will surprise most squishy enemies.


  • Susceptible to crowd control. Being a control hero himself, he can get in trouble against other heroes with crowd control, it’s a matter of who – gets – who first. That’s one of the reasons you need a tanky build.
  • Weak 1v1. Although he feels like the bruiser, Skud can’t do much alone instead, you need allies to fill in the gap he is missing.
  • Falling behind in farm/levels. Skud’s basic job description is to charge in, stay a little and charge out. In order to do so and survive, Skud must be, if not ahead than at least equal in power.

Most of the time, Skud is played in a duo lane (Support, however with the buffed Power Glove it started to be seen as top lane bruiser). Make the best out of your Furious Charge. Turn on the Power Glove and rush-in to pummel your enemy. It’s getting easier to gank when you unlock the Wild Beast Fury. If your marksman follows up, you can easily pick off any target, it will be stunned long enough. If you play solo, attack pattern is the same (thou build would be more offense stat-based), you just need to be extra careful.

The important thing to know is that Skud works best if he initiates the fights, and the fighting starts with his crowd control abilities, and immediately run to the brush to get out of sight and re-engage once the cooldowns are up. Get into the enemy team with Furious Charge, then push them into your team with Wild Best Fury. Use another Furious Charge to make even more rattle. Lastly, use the Power Glove to hit foes with low hp or squishy ones. You are vulnerable to crowd control yourself so watch out, if the fight doesn’t start well push the enemies away with ultimate and run for a refill. Better to stay alive and start the fight again then to open it up by dying.


One of the toughest Arena of Valor Heroes around, that also has good mobility and great control…

One of the toughest Arena of Valor Heroes around, that also has good mobility and great control. Toro lacks some damage, but he makes up for it with one of the best passives in the game. Whit properly used passive, Toro can tank many control abilities. Now, when we combine that with the ability to quickly close the distance to the target, throw it into the air, and slow everyone around him by stomping the ground and you have a serious amount of control on a very tanky, hard to kill, hero. Toro is great fun to play, and when you completely understand his package, you can become quite successful with this cow.


  • Super tanky. Toro is one of the champions with the highest amount of constitution. His innate ability to absorb damage, combined with his passive, enhanced with a few defensive items and you are a perfect tank.
  • Superb initiator. Your ultimate – Cracked Earth is perfect for initiating fights. Even without it, Bull Rush is an excellent skill for initiation. Since you should always be in front, make sure you bring the fight to the enemy and make them fight on your own terms.
  • His passive makes him immune to crowd control abilities for the majority of the time. (While you are using abilities you are immune) great synergy combined with long casting times of Toro’s abilities.


  • Long cooldowns. Make the most out of your abilities or you and your allies will be in a lot of trouble. Don’t rely on normal attacks as they are slow and weak.
  • Lacking Solo power. Toro can BULLy (see what I did the?!) opponent, but he is lacking damage to execute upon opportunity he creates. Because of this don’t try to be too cool, instead, help allies score some kills.

Make sure to have a laning partner, Toro is relatively useless solo as the damage is very weak. Try to go with a marksman. Use the Bull Rush + Battlecry combo whenever you can to knock up and damage the enemy. When you get to level 4 coordinate with your laning partner and dive the enemy with Cracked Earth, just a bit behind them. It’s a reflex to run backward, and that’s where you get them. When Cracked Earth ends use Battlecry, and afterward Bull Rush to cc the enemy once again.

You are the main initiator of a team fights, surprise the enemy team with Bull Rush than cast Cracked Earth right into the core of their team. At this stage, you are about to get punished so use Battle Cry to absorb some damage as well the continuation of Toro’s passive, and if you have some cooldown reduction speed already built than Bull Rush should be ready to use again and depending on situation development retreat back or re-engage. This chain casting of abilities is the major reason behind The Aegis being the first item. Having a lot more armor, reducing the attack speed of those attacking you and with 20% cooldown reduction Toro can dramatically increase his passive uptime, which in turn additionally increases damage reduction as well as it allows to soak some of the opposing team’s control. Also, this is the reason why Gilded Greaves are not built (no point in resistance when you are immune to control most of the time) so either Sonic Boots or Flashy Boots, depending on what you want to emphasize, toughness or control.


The strong point of this hero is a cooldown reduction of all of her abilities if she kills an enemy hero, or assists her ally…

The strong point of this hero is a cooldown reduction of all of her abilities if she kills an enemy hero, or assists her ally. However, if she can’t get any kills or assists, Veera is in trouble. She is good against single targets, but with more enemies involved she has to rely on her teammates and that makes her a liability. In order to get the most out of Veera you’ll need a lot of farm, good ganks, and help from from the rest of the team with getting those, extremely important, kills and assists.


  • Just one targeting ability. Veera’s ultimate Inferno Bats and Mesmerize are auto-locked and they target an enemy automatically.
  • Her third ability Hell Bat has a long-range and wide area of impact so it is also easy to hit. This makes her the easiest mage to play with.
  • Good burst damage. Her combo is easy to hit. You start with Mesmerize to stun the target, then use Inferno Bats to damage your foe and lower his magic defense and finish with Hell Bat. Awesome combo. Low cooldowns. Veeras abilities have a low cooldown on higher levels if you lower it with items you can almost spam the combo. Watch out for mana though.


  • No means of escape. Veera doesn’t have any ability to help her escape, she needs some kind of escape talent. The only way to run is to hit the enemy with Mesmerize if it’s not on cooldown and try to run away.
  • Extremely squishy.
  • She has a low constitution, combined with no escape ability this makes Veera a top priority target for enemy assassins and warriors.

In lanes try to stay back and fire Hell Bat to clear the waves and poke the enemy. When you get Mesmerize your poking power grows, even more so with Infernal Bats. Mesmerize the enemy and follow with Inferno Bats and Hell Bat. This could outright kill your enemy or maim him so hard he has to teleport back to base, giving you enough time for objective or gank. Veera is a solid harasser if you are careful enough, especially if you have a friend to help you in the lane. Her ganks with Mesmerize are very effective because of how reliable is her single target control.

You need to stay all the way back in team fights, at the very edge between an enemy and your ability range. Keep spamming your abilities except for Mesmerize, save it for the enemy heroes who try to dive you (or squishy ally), or if you are chasing a fleeing enemy. Hell Bat is your main ability in terms of damage to multiple heroes, combined with cooldown items you’ll have around 4-second cooldown so spam it whenever you can. Try to lower enemy magic resistance with Inferno Bats prior to damaging them with Hell Bat. It works like a charm.


A control based warrior, particularly focused on initiating fights. Wiro’s ability to resurrect, adds an element of uncertainty to every battle…

A control based warrior, particularly focused on initiating fights. Wiro’s ability to resurrect, adds an element of uncertainty to every battle. There are players out there that can make Wiro work and dominate with him, however, his mechanics are somewhat unreliable. His passive provides strength and some safety from death, but if the enemy manages to kill Wiro, the penalty is two-fold. This makes Wiro extremely risk-unfriendly hero. There is no doubt that with a lot of practice and in the hands of a good player, Wiro can bring some value to the table.


  • Strong wave clear. 212 Pummel is enhancing normal attacks in two ways, by increasing damage and by making it AoE (area of effect). This comes as a bonus to already potent AoE arsenal in 2nd skill and ultimate. Focus on killing minions. Only harass the enemy if he/she comes into melee range. If it’s safe, push the minions away from your tower
  • Playing against Wiro: Avoid standing in the middle of minions, and try to kill them in a quick burst. Calculate how much swings Wiro made and use the mobility to disengage before the third one knock-you-up.
  • Lots of Control. All three abilities can control targets, making Wiro one of the most disruptive champions in the game. Ensure a few things, land the third enhanced attack onto an enemy, use 2nd skill so it pushes the target up against the wall. Start charging 212 Landslide while in the brush.
  • Playing against Wiro: Stay away from the walls and try to save one interrupt/control for when Wiro start to channel.
  • Good initiator. This requires one thing and that is fully charged ultimate to land on a few targets. Make one of two things happen, either charge-up the ult while in the brush before an enemy interrupts it, or charge the ultimate while outside of the range, release it and use Flicker before the animation ends to enter the range.
  • Playing against Wiro: As a team, always note where is Wiro located on the map, if you can see him suspect of every brush, and if you see him charge the ultimate have control ability ready to interrupt. Also, try to get across the wall or force him to use flicker in any way as Wiro needs Flicker for good initiation and not having it will mess up his plans.


  • Susceptible to control. Both 2nd skill and ultimate are interruptible by enemy control. The 2nd skill is also the only mobility, and with it out of the way Wiro becomes kitable, thus, even more, increasing his vulnerability to control.
  • Normal-attack based melee warrior. These types of champions are always difficult to balance. On the one hand, you need damage in order to quickly dispose of the target as you don’t have unlimited time. On the other hand, you need toughness in order to survive long enough. Having a balanced item build is incredibly important, yet it acts as a moving target, it depends on the enemy composition.
  • No real escape tool. It can be said 212 Maelstrom can get you away from danger, this is only the case in an open field where there is not a single obstacle, otherwise, it will collide with the wall/tower/remanents of the destroyed tower and so on. Also, Maelstrom will not get you across the wall, which is of huge importance when running away.

Wiro can be played in Dark Slayer lane or as support. The build we are featuring is made for DS lane. Thanks to his passive, at lvl 1 Wiro has more armor, magic res and as bonus ability to resurrect. All this makes him extremely potent lvl 1 warrior. Use it to your advantage, at start pick 212 Pummel and if there is no invade from enemies, destroy the minion wave to quickly get to lvl 2. At this point, play safe and try to bait the enemy to engage you within the relative vicinity of your tower, try to get behind him and use 212 Maelstrom to push him toward the tower so he takes few shots. Other than that try using combo of 2x Enhanced normal attack into Maelstrom into knock up from a third normal attack (it will take few games to get used to this combo). Once ultimate is available if the enemy has hard control abilities that can stun/knock-up/pushback, go into the brush to charge up the ult before coming out to release it (can be useful to enter the brush few times in advance, in order create an illusion of you visiting the brush for no apparent reason).

The most important thing in team-fights when playing Wiro is the effectiveness of his ultimate. To ensure landing it properly practice using Flicker in the time between releasing the charge and actual damage (there is roughly less than half a second time to execute this, so good reaction and connection speed are in order). The other way to initiate fights is by channeling ult from the brush. That is fairly unreliable as it requires the enemy team to get close, which is not something we can depend upon. Past the initiating fights, Wiro’s job is to try and lockdown, or at least push away, those trying to engage upon ally squishy heroes. Always try to be positioned in such a way you can angle 212 Maelstrom to push enemy against the wall or tower (destroyed towers count as well).

wonder woman

Wonder Woman is a very strong early game warrior, that is able to duel and prevail against most level 1 characters.

Wonder Woman is a very strong early game warrior, that is able to duel and prevail against most level 1 characters. Her Ultimate has immense potential and can turn the tide of the battle. However, there are two problems with this character. Firstly, the player must become comfortable with her second ability, and the way it works, in order to use it to a full extent. Secondly, her ultimate has a lot of potentials, but the opportunities to capitalize on that potential are very rare. So, if you can consistently be “in the zone”, then Wonder Woman can do great things, otherwise, there is a number of champions that are easier to handle and more fun to play with.


  • Engage and Disengage. Some are good at engaging, some at disengaging, but Wonder Woman is good at both. You can go in with Laso of Truth or disengage with it depending on the situation you are in, even if things look dire you can still use Bracelet of Submission and get that sweet 80% movement speed to either chase down an enemy or escape from a fight.
  • Control. Every one of her skills either slows or stuns for a short duration, with Bracelet of Submission being the best at it. You can easily cc more than one enemy in a team fight, and give your team an edge with some 3-4 man stuns.
  • Good damage as a tank. All of your skills deal a good amount of damage and they all scale really nicely with AD, with some of them even dealing % based damage. After getting an item or two you are really gonna get your damage numbers through the roof, you will be even able to compare it to the Mage’s or ADC’s damage.


  • All skill shot abilities. Your abilities are either narrow or have a high positioning requirement, as such it will require a lot of time and patience to master.
  • Wonder Woman is a hero with a high skill cap so you are gonna enjoy every moment you spend playing and learning, but will come with its share of troubles.

On Level 1, Wonder Woman is stronger than most heroes. Her Sword and Shield skill gives a significant advantage, Shield provides damage reduction, Sword provides double damage. Harass your opponent with Sword and Shield. Best way to use this in close combat is using Sword and Shield combined with normal attacks, which will trigger your passive. If playing solo lane against two enemies, play safely, you’re not that strong, farm and wait for help. When playing against a range hero, wait for the second level where Lasso of Truth comes into play. Heart of Incubus as the first item is quite rewarding. Makes you farm faster and enemies run even faster.

Your place is on the front lines. As a firm initiator sometimes your team will wait for you to begin the fight. If jumping into the enemy lines, try landing Bracelet of Submission on as many enemies as you can, follow up with Sword and Shield for damage reduction. The best option is to burst down the nearest high damage hero on the enemy team. If you’re late for the team fight, using Bracelet of Submission for disengage or re-engage is equally good. Use Lasso of Truth for denying escape for low HP enemy heroes.


Has an interesting skill set, some mobility, decent toughness, great short-range AoE control, and great long-range poke/control…

Has an interesting skill set, some mobility, decent toughness, great short-range AoE control, and great long-range poke/control. All of those elements are great, but the entire skill set is lacking some synergies. Gildur is very good at poking the enemies (for which he need lots of AP/damage), but his ultimate is short-range and requires from him to get close to the enemy team, almost in melee range (for which he needs lots of tankiness). Long-range (2nd skill) has a slight delay and activates on impact (it can be avoided and activated by anything that stands in front of an enemy like a minion/creep). Ultimate has to be channeled and can be interrupted with any kind of long-range knock-up, stun or similar effect.


  • Good initiator. Can set up a team fight, durability and skillset make Gildur perfect for the job. Being careful about the fact the ultimate can be interrupted is recommended. So try to target those champions that can interrupt you, like long-range control champions like Diao Chan, Tel’Annas and so on.
  • Excellent laner and a harasser. Gildur’s second skill – Extravagant has a long-range, nice magic damage and it stuns which makes it a good tool for lane pushing and harassment.
  • Poke damage can be exceptional, especially if Gildur is few levels ahead.


  • Too item dependant. Without them, Gildur is not as durable and can hardly survive a team fight. That means you can’t die early in the game because your gold loss at the beginning of the game can lead to a loss.
  • Like most mages, Gildur has a mana problem. He needs a blue buff all the time, otherwise, he can’t spam as much and his harassing ability diminishes by a large margin.

Like I said above, Gildur is an excellent hero for laning. Poke your enemies with Extravagant all the time, and when you unlock your first skill you can use it to poke even more. That will often make your enemies go to the base to heal or just outright kill them, so you can push lanes without any problems. It’s even better if you are alone since Gildur needs a lot of gold because he is an item, dependent hero.

Gildur is an outstanding initiator. First, you poke the enemies with Extravagant, then you use Siege to rush into the enemies, and use Indulgence to stun them for 3.5 seconds. Try to focus the enemy hero with stun abilities so you don’t get interrupted. If you execute it right this combo will lead to a win in every team fight if your team is capable of dealing damage. And of course, if the enemy team isn’t filled with heroes who are able to disrupt you.


Overall he has decent damage, great control and a good amount of health…

Overall he has decent damage, great control and a good amount of health. Grakk may not be the most picked/banned in Pro-games, but in the solo queue, the value of hooking one champion, or potentially trapping the entire team in his ultimate can decide team fights. The key to playing a good Grakk is learning how to make a skill shot with Devil’s Chain and hook the enemy, followed by his ultimate. Grakk’s hook can be used to pull in enemies that are hiding under the tower, separate them from teammates, drag them into bush from stealth, and it’s just a tons of fun to use.


  • Excellent tank, a lot of health if you can use the Devils Chain right since every kill or assist boosts your health permanently by 125. Build him up with some defensive items and you are golden.
  • Powerful Control abilities. All of Grakk’s abilities have some kind of control effect. He can make a real difference on the battlefield if they are used well, Devils chain being the main ability. It can secure you an easy kill and leave the enemy team crippled. The earthquake can make sure that all enemy heroes close to you can’t run away easily.
  • Zone control. The extreme range of Devil’s Chain with proper positioning and good planning Grakk has a large radius of influence, and this can be used to zone out the opponents. If you pull the right enemy, you’ll leave the enemy team 4 vs 5, so it ensures a victory most of the time.


  • Grakks main ability Devil’s Hook is a skill shot. Most of your gameplay depends on it, so you need to maximize your skill with it or you won’t do much. You could say he needs some time to be mastered, simply because of the hook.
  • Although he is a control tank he is susceptible to control effects himself. Especially if you are channeling ultimate, you don’t want to get interrupted.

Grakk can hold the lane against 2 heroes with ease. Stay near your tower, as soon as anyone gets greedy and in the range of your hook just pull them in tower’s range and use Earthquake after. That way you make sure he can’t run away, with your slow and damage + tower damage. Try to move left and right to find the right spot so you don’t pull the enemy minion. If you can pull off the hook enemies will start running away as soon as they see you, so try to predict their movement. If you got a buddy in the lane, even better. Stay with ones that pack a punch. You’ll be unstoppable if you play right. Don’t try to be a hero early on and run into a group, you got some health at the beginning but not enough to hold out long.

He is a control freak and should be used as one. Before the fight begins, try to pull in one of the enemy heroes (a squishy one would be perfect) into your team and get rid of him. If they go after you to save their buddy use the ultimate and make a real party where no one can leave. Make sure to use Earthquake after the ultimate so the enemies that survived can’t run away easily, and the ones that try can be brought back with your hook again. If you die, no worries, you took one for the team, there is no running away with Grakk.


The infamous AoE machine, with the ultimate that provides him damage reduction against both physical and magical attacks (increased armor and magic defense)…

The infamous AoE machine, with the ultimate that provides him damage reduction against both physical and magical attacks (increased armor and magic defense). All Jinnar’s skills deal AoE damage, making him great at clearing waves of minions, and dealing with clumped up enemy heroes. However, this hero lacks control abilities, and has to rely on teammates to prevent enemies from escaping. Jinnar really shines in team fights in tight places, like narrow passages in the jungle.


  • Great AOE. If your team needs someone that can deal a HUGE amount of damage in clumped spaces Jinnar is definitely a pick for you. All skills deal a nice amount of AOE damage and in some cases can clean up almost entire 5 man team (barely any champion is capable of such feat).
  • Good Late game. Jinnar’s abilities scale really nicely and if u add that his abilities all deal AOE damage the longer the game goes more damage you can dish out.


  • Low range. While Jinnar’s spells do deal a good amount of AOE damage with nice scaling and low CD’s, you do lack a lot of in the range department. All of Jinnar’s skills require you to go in deep and commit really hard and that can cost you your life in many situations. Good decision making is really important here.
  • Item dependency. All of your abilities rely heavily on AP and you are forced to go all-in for it. However, the problem is you also need tankines, and building items for one make u lacking in other, you will see yourself torn between what item build to go. Read the game really well and calculate what is best for you for every individual matchup.
  • No real CC. Jinnar’s only crowd control is his 2nd ability and it’s a weak 2 second slow, it also requires you to get fairly close to your enemies. So if you want to get your slow on enemies it requires you to get out of position which is not good at all.

In the laning phase it’s like hero description says, Harass! With Force Orbs and Resonance you have great wave clear and Harass potential, wait for ultimate before you start rotating. When you get to lvl 4 provide support to the lane that is pushed to the tower and try to get ally ahead. Your ganking potential is low because you lack any real CC, but you should able to get your enemies low enough to push a tower or get an objective.

In team fights, Jinnar must pick a good moment, go as deep as possible, and unleash the arsenal. It would be best if you could get your Comet to proc before you use your ultimate (since it procs Comet immediately) and 2 Comet procs are no joke, wait for enemies to drop some CC and then go in. Once you go in and use your skills if the enemies turn on you use Arctic Orb and you should have your spells off cd. If you live to do rotations like this even if you die you will be top damage dealer in your team. Also with this build Sage buff is a must.


A mage that is really good in mid lane, highly mobile, and can be also quite tanky with the certain builds…

A mage that is really good in mid lane, highly mobile, and can be also quite tanky with the certain builds. This is highly uncommon for a mage, but, at the same time, it makes Lauriel somewhat hard to gank. When playing this character decision making on when to engage and when to stay back is very important. Being aggressive is a good thing, but playing too aggressively can quickly backfire, so having ability to quickly assess the situation and correctly respond to it will serve you well when playing Lauriel.


  • Mobile. As for most of the assassins, high mobility is a must, and that is the case with Lauriel. Blink has a low cooldown and combined with your item build and CDR from Smite you will have good chasing potential as well as a good escape mechanism, you will also be pretty evasive for enemies’ skill shots. It will require some time to master.
  • Sustain. Lauriel’s passive ability Divine Punishment in combination with 1 item ( Rhea’s Blessing would be the best choice ) offers great healing. This is crucial in team fights, in order to back up her very dangerous position in fights (close to the melee range).
  • High Damage. All of Lauriel’s abilities deal damage, if executed correctly no enemy hero should be able to tank through it. If you add your really low CD’s to that you will see the great damage potential that Lauriel has.


  • Weak control. Your only control ability is slow from your passive, and you need 4 stacks to proc it, so you will require a little bit heavier control from your teammates.
  • Susceptible to burst. if you can’t fly around the battlefield and if you are caught in a stun or outside of your Smite zone – you are done for. You will need to work on your Arcane Orb timing for that not to happen, and a slight misstep or if you miss your timing it could cost you your life.
  • Bad scaling. Unlike other mages, Lauriel really doesn’t scale well with AP. What she lacks in AP she will make up with CDR in items, but it would still be easier to one-shot people instead of having to kite and apply stacks and everything for a kill.

Take The Wheel at level 1 and start maxing it immediately.

You will need some time to start dealing damage and actually being useful in the game, so I suggest starting it slowly. Take the middle lane and stick to it, only follow the rotations from your jungler. In the lane, you will want to throw out The Wheel anytime it’s off cooldown if your enemy has no control abilities or anything that would put you in danger use Blink into them. That way you will proc your passive, deal a solid amount of damage and heal, you win trades that way easily. Also if enemies have a few stacks of your passive try to use it as a fake, it seems like they always forget how much you can heal so abuse that fact and bait them into charging and use your arsenal one more time. Try to out-sustain and out-poke your opponent.

When you fight you will want to find yourself in the middle of everything, but don’t be too hasty, wait for enemies to use their stuns and silences and then rush in. Start with Smite and rotate your skills all around, at this point you will have 40% CDR and with CDR Smite provides you should have an ability to use at all times. Try to land The Wheel on as many enemies as you can, so you can max out Divine Punishment stack potential, fly around with Blink as much as possible to evade enemies’ skill shots and you will do great. Try not to leave Smite zone, if you do your damage will fall greatly. Pick a target in the zone every time and focus on them.

lu bu

Lu Bu is a high mobility warrior with good sustain and damage…

Lu Bu is a high mobility warrior with good sustain and damage. However, Lu Bu does lack in crowd control department and that’s one of the reasons why this hero is difficult to play. Besides that, having a good phone, great connection, fast fingers and a lot of practice, can be really beneficial when playing this hero. Lu Bu is great at dueling and taking objectives, and if that’s what your team needs, to go for it. All in all, Lu Bu has a lot of potential, but he is a highly demanding champion.


  • Team fights. Lu Bu being able to dish out decent damage while moving fast and exerting decent control over his opponents makes him desirable in every team fight, fitting into almost every composition.
  • 1v1 Once mastered, not too far behind and with properly timed Conqueror, Lu Bu can stand toe to toe with almost any champion in the game.
  • Versatile. By swapping items in the build to adapt to the enemy and their builds, you can take almost any path in the game, from the pure tank to damage dealer. Fast jungle clear speed. This means he can gank lanes more often which in turn snowballs your laners ahead of their opponents.


  • Susceptible to crowd control. Almost all damage and utility require him to be in melee range and being able to hit the targets. If controlled well by his opponent, his usefulness falls rapidly.
  • It takes time to master. Ebb and flow of his offense and disengage, of his auto-attack implementation between skills, proper ultimate timing, having a sense of how much burst an enemy can dish out… these are just some aspects of game Lu Bu players have to master before being comfortable in what they can do with this champion.
  • Require perfect off-game setup. If you have any technical difficulty, bad internet connection, device or something similar, just skip playing Lu Bu because micromanagement of his abilities and normal attack is off the charts.

Prioritize Red Stallion, this is his only movement ability so reducing its cooldown has huge importance. Conqueror comes as top priority whenever you can take it.

Start with Red golem buff and try ganking mid-lane immediately, coordinate with your mid-lane and at least try to burn enemy Flicker (If you do so, follow up with another gank within the next minute or so). Later on in the game, help a midlaner grab the Blue buff, it is much more beneficial to them than to Lu Bu. If you have conqueror ready, don’t use it unless there is a need for damage or survivability… if you are ganking and outnumbering the enemy, save it for some better situation.

Team fights as Lu Bu: Mid to end game, flank the enemy team, engage their marksman or mage, use Impale at every opportunity. Be as unpredictable as you can in your movement/avoiding skill shots and hard cc. The key moment is to recognize when to engage and when to disengage, as you’ll use Red Stallion for both. Also, remember not to fight in the middle of the front line, Lu Bu has a certain amount of endurance, but when faced against multiple sources of damage and control, he’s finished in a few seconds. Instead, fight at the edges of the combat, dancing away from the enemy tanks/control champions, and more toward an enemy squishy.


Tanky support that can buff single ally with lowest health, can shield allies, knock up and debuff enemies.

Tanky support that can buff single ally with lowest health, can shield allies, knock up and debuff enemies. Finally, he can also engage and disengage from fights with the very long-range ultimate. Although he’s lacking some damage and personal safety, Lumburr still provides a great deal of utility for his team, and that’s always useful.


  • Great asset to his allies, providing shields armor and magic res, while at the same time reducing enemy damage.
  • Great initiation built into his ultimate. It can be used to disengage if your team needs it, the usefulness of this spell is undeniable.
  • Mobility and/or crowd control are part of every Lumburr’s skill.


  • If you fall behind, diving the enemy can be extremely risky.
  • Solo laning. Not that Lumburr is weak in a solo lane, but if you plan to play him at his full potential, you’ll need some high damage champion beside you. Assisting those kinds of champs is what makes Lumburr shine.
  • Ultimate can be difficult to land. It has a charge-up time and can be interrupted. If interrupted it will not go on cooldown, you ‘l just need to charge it again.

Prioritize Rampage if you have an ally in the lane. If solo in lane, go for Shattered Earth for better trading power. Goes without saying when ultimate is available, take it.

In solo lanes make sure to hit Shattered Earth early in exchange, preferably before the enemy does his thing. Use Rampage to close the gap and knock enemy up If your jungler is coming to gank, otherwise save it for disengage. If being pushed back under tower use ultimate to clear the minions, don’t let the enemy have free time on your tower. Don’t chase for kills, if it comes to you, great, but don’t play for it. You need to get out of laning phase not too far behind, so playing safe is a way to get there. If in a duo lane, stay at your marksman’s side and look for pre-emptive Shattered Earth. Be in your marksman range for quick Rampage, preferably landing it on both enemies and allies. It is important to cast your ultimate before the fight balance gets one-sided, either initiate with it or use when the enemy is under cc or have no time to move away. The rest is clean up. If you have the opportunity to roam, grab it. It is always good for a teammate in that lane to feel someone has his back.

Team fights should start with your ultimate, either by splitting enemies apart or by knocking them up. Walk into Shattered Earth distance and preferably land it on high damage dealers. Now comes the difficult part of playing Lumburr, living up to the potential of a Rampage. To land it on allies for a shield and knock the enemy up at the same time, requires some good anticipation and awareness of both your and enemy team positions. Remember not to go alone, the majority of Lumburr’s toolkit is about helping others and this makes him very desirable in teams but not so much if he goes solo and pretends to split push, clear waves or duel.


A good wave clear, good movement speed and long-range ultimate, are the main advantages of this hero…

A good wave clear, good movement speed and long-range ultimate, are the main advantages of this hero. Kahlii suffers from somewhat weird design. Her ultimate is her strongest asset and yet, more often than not, at least half of it will go to waste, since almost every player is smart enough to get out of the AoE. On the other hand, she has a very strong normal attack, but Khalii is so squishy and can’t really afford to get too close in team fights.


  • Great wave clear. Between Eternal Blame and normal attacks piercing the target, minion waves last no more than a few seconds.
  • Fast movement. The last rank of Incorporeal when combined with Frosty’s Revenge and Zweihander can enable you to play Kahlii without boots. Buying boots will help you zip around the map and help other lanes.
  • Safety is in the distance when team fighting. Using Eternal Blame for slowing/zoning effect on the enemy and channeling Grievance on the enemy team, this is the majority of your task in team fights and it can be done from a great range. However, you can disregard safety and move in closer to add more damage in the form of normal attacks.


  • Dueling power is low. Kahlii’s role is to clear the wave and deal damage in team fight from a distance, but when in a 1v1 situation Kahlii toolkit is limited.
  • Landing a good ultimate. This can be challenging when facing enemy teams with high mobility and even the regular teams if you or your opponent are not in a good position.
  • Unreliable toolkit. Ultimate is hard to land, Eternal Blame is placed on the ground with a small amount of slow and easily avoidable, and Incorporeal providing bonuses and defense only in small amounts. This leaves only normal attacks as a reliable source of damage and to land them you need to get close to the fight and disregard safety.

Kahlii’s laning is somewhat different than that of other mages. If the main strength and main weakness are taken into consideration (strong wave clear, good movement and weak dueling power) this leaves one obvious laning pattern. Start level 1 with Soul Summoning, and combine it with piercing normal attacks to hit minions in a line. At this point, you are level 2 and the first minion wave is dead. Roam to the other lanes and assist them in overpowering the opposition, but don’t overstay your welcome, make sure you fall back before the next minion wave crashes on the tower in mid lane. Rarely any of AoV heroes have the range of Kahlii’s ultimate, therefore use it to harass from afar. Show them they’re not completely safe behind the tower.

Note: if ultimate is down, be sure to use normal attacks as they deal a substantial amount of damage and make sure to have Incorporeal up.

Frosty’s Revenge is your first item for several reasons. First of all, it increases your already high movement speed and therefore roaming potential. Slowing effects combined with Soul Summoning provide for a good zoning tool. If you manage to hit the enemy with the first few spirits of your ultimate, it will be much easier to land the rest of them. In team fights, it comes down to the same principles as in the laning phase, except it is more dangerous. Land ultimate from afar, place Soul Summoning to slow opponents down and keep normal attacks going while maintaining shield from Spiritual Blessing.


A tanky bruiser, very durable with larger attack range compared to the other melee characters…

A tanky bruiser, very durable with larger attack range compared to the other melee characters. While his team is preparing for a fight, Maloch can stay in vicinity and farm jungle or some other objectives while, at the same time, keeping an eye on the front line and engaging the enemy, if the need arises. Well equipped to deal with most situations, Maloch is not difficult to play nor to dependant on others, making him a strong pick against almost every composition.


  • Good initiator. Maloch can initiate fights easily with Shock. Use it to slow the enemies and knock them. Make sure that your allies are following, or you will die easily and often.
  • Excellent AoE damage. All of Maloch abilities are AOE, and he can deal solid damage even with his basic attacks after the Cleave hits an enemy. The more, the merrier is his proverb.
  • No mana. Maloch’s abilities cost no mana, and that means one less thing to worry about during the game.


  • No escape. The only escape tool Maloch has is the Shock, and it has a long cooldown time, so if you waste it you won’t be able to initiate again for quite a while.
  • Unreliable ultimate. Shock, his ultimate can be interrupted and most foes know this. Besides, the ultimate has almost 2 seconds delay after it is cast, so enemies have more than enough time to leave the area.

Since Maloch have a better range than all of the melee heroes, you want to harass them and push them out of the lane. Use Cleave to initiate, and if he stays for the fight use Souleater, don’t waste it otherwise. Trade a few blows, and you’ll end up with the same health you started with, while they should be down by a chunk. Rinse and repeat until you push them out or kill them. However, if you end up against the ranged hero he will be a huge nuisance. Try to switch lanes if this occurs, or at least wait for minions to come near your tower, clear it and in downtime take some of the jungle monsters.

Maloch’s main role is to initiate team fights, but make sure the team is on the same page with you. Preferably hide in the bushes and cast it from there, because it is easily interrupted. After the initiation, use Cleave and Souleater right after. Try to stand in the biggest crowd while doing this. Then pummel as many foes as you can with your basic attacks for better healing and, of course, to maximize your damage output. Since there is no way you can run from the fight, stay and pray.


She is a solo lane bruiser, able to dish out some decent damage while simultaneously regenerating her own health through life steal…

She is a solo lane bruiser, able to dish out some decent damage while simultaneously regenerating her own health through life steal. Although she’s lacking in the control department, Marja has off-the-charts sustain damage. The ability to become temporary untargetable while also gaining speed boost makes her great at chasing down enemies, as well as disengaging from unfavorable fights.


  • Sustain. Of all Arena of Valor heroes, Marja has the highest sustain. Without any items, she can reach insane magic and normal attack life steal. You can take most trades in lane and not be afraid as you can heal rather easily, while your opponents will have to recall back and heal at the fountain.
  • Unique ultimate. Marja ultimate is like a better version of Arctic Orb, for 2 seconds you are invulnerable and you can cast abilities, talents, items. It even removes any movement impairing effect you had on yourself and clear the tower’s agro. Overall a really great ability.
  • No mana & Good AOE. You don’t have to worry about that annoying blue bar above your hero, you almost don’t have to worry about the green one too ( you basically don’t need fountain unless you die ). . You have great wave clear and your damage skyrockets when you fight in clustered spots, low cooldown’s and good AOE is Marja’s way of handling things so try to abuse that to its limits.


  • Bad scaling. When compared to other mages Marja doesn’t get that much from stacking AP, you will have to find another way to scale up and advance through the game as you will always lack a bit in the damage department.
  • Lack of good CC. You might have a whole bunch of slows but you lack a solid stun ability, you will find that really lacking when chasing down a bit more mobile heroes and in laning phase.
  • Countered by one item. if enemies build Tome of the Reaper or Curse of Death, the biggest part of your hero (Sustain) falls down by 50% and it’s never fun when that happens to you.

Play Marja as DS laner. You could manage somehow on Mid lane, but there are much better options for it. With Marja your playstyle is really simple, you will want to bully out and out-sustain your opponent. You probably won’t be able to make some good plays or get a 1v1 kill, but you should be able to make them go to base a few times while you take objectives or gank mid-lane. Try to hit them with Dark Pulse and when they are slowed get in range for Soul Devourer, and keep repeating that until you make them recall. If your opponent rotates, follow up. If you are full HP and enemy is low at the tower, don’t be afraid to dive if the ultimate is ready, it will reset its agro.

Here comes the hard part, you want to stay on the outskirts of combat and cast Dark Pulse until you see a chance to get yourself in between enemy backline and frontline. Once you see that chance get in and use Soul Devourer into Ghostwalk and chase enemy backline. If you attract the attention it’s good, if not it’s also good. You will have time to use Soul Devourer into Dark Pulse again, you should score a kill that way and from that point on its just about survival, and then your great sustain comes into play.


Great bruiser and a 1v1 laner with an ultimate that lets him target enemy heroes anywhere on the map and fly to them…

Great bruiser and a 1v1 laner with an ultimate that lets him target enemy heroes anywhere on the map and fly to them. It all adds up to the role of great Dark Slayer laner. You can push towers, be a nuisance, and at the same time, quickly join team fights when necessary. Max’s effectiveness depends on good map awareness and the team’s ability to exploit global pressure.


  • Split Pusher. Max can easily farm away and join the team fight by using Liftoff. Even if you don’t use it, just having Max in your team is enough of a fear factor that your enemies will have to be on guard constantly.
  • Global Information. Liftoff gives unobstructed vision, doesn’t matter where the enemy is located or if they have some kind of ability that grants invisibility, you will still be able to see them.
  • Hard to get rid of. Once Max sticks to someone, the only way to get rid of him is to kill him, but with his skill arsenal that might prove pretty difficult. Once you get a chance, glue yourself to the enemy ADC and bash him until one of you dies.


  • Early game. You are not really that good at 1v1 and your diving capabilities are low. You need the game to go late for you to reach your full potential.
  • Low damage. Max’s 2nd ability deals no damage, even though his other skills have some good scaling you still need to build at least some damage. And forcing a hero into a talent or an item is never a good thing.
  • Lacking control. There is nothing Max can do if the enemy attacks ally carry, outside of damage which is definitely not burst type.

Take Dark Slayer lane since you are dependent on gaining levels and items. You don’t have any burst damage but once you get Heart of Incubus you should try to bully your enemy a little. In lane, Smooth Moves and Bionic Blender can be used for effective escapes If ganked. On your fourth level, you can use Liftoff just to reveal the enemy for your team, it is not necessary for you to join the fight, only using Liftoff is enough to get an assist, using it a few times just to get some easy gold can get you ahead of the enemy laner. Keep in mind that enemy can see the mark on the target you are ramming. When you have Mantle of Ra and Gilded Greaves your game begins.

While you are split pushing, keep an eye on the minimap for potential team fights. Liftoff is one of the best single target engage skills in the game. Your job is quite straightforward, mark a high damage carry in the enemy team and stay on him. You don’t have AOE control skills so you can’t actually help your back line, nor zone the enemy. You are actually a bully swinging your arms around and killing cheerleaders. When you land from Liftoff you activate the magnetic force field (Static Shock applying aura) with 350 unit range. This synergizes insanely well with Spear of Longinus.


A marksman, ideally played in the jungle, relatively decent in all areas…

A marksman, ideally played in the jungle, relatively decent in all areas. Moren has some mobility, some sustain, good control, and above-average toughness when compared to the other marksmen (but it requires Moren to stay in firing range for a long period of time in order to stack-up passive). Moren can be very effective against slow melee characters that are prone to kite, and/or have only one engage tool.


  • One vs One. Strong in this department thanks to the combination of Precision, his passive, and Tactical Maneuver. A combination of life steal and armor/magic resistance buffs gives this hero great sustain and dueling power.
  • Kiting potential is strong with this hero. Impact Barrage knockback is relatively easy to land, combined with Magnetic Storm for an additional 1.5-sec stun and 50% slow. That paired with the movement speed increase from Tactical Maneuver makes this dwarf difficult to deal with, especially if you are a melee champ or lacking in the mobility department.
  • Team Fights. Moren being resilient can be a deterring factor, when they (the enemy team) decide who to focus in team fights. However, if you get focused, being prepared to use knockback and Magnetic Storm is mandatory, while also aggressively using Tactical Maneuver and auto-attacking. “Damned if they engage you, damned if they don’t!”- is the goal here.


  • Being stunned or in other ways, auto-attack disabled, Moren loses even more than other Marksman heroes, as his toughness kicks in only after a few auto attacks. For the same reason, he is vulnerable to burst dmg early in the fight.
  • If you fall behind in gear or levels, it is extremely difficult to have a positive impact on team fights, or in duels for that matter. Aggressive gameplay needed in order to get everything out of Tactical Maneuver and Precision is not an option, as it would put you in a high-risk low-reward situation.

Focus on Tactical Maneuver as your core ability and level it up first. Impact Barrage is there just for knockback, so feel free to keep it on a low priority in leveling. Magnetic Storm should be taken immediately as it is a great team fighting tool. Magnetic Storm >>> Tactical Maneuver >>> Impact Barrage.

If you can get away with equal exchanges in the lane, take them and then rely on your passive for getting your health back up. Keep in mind Moren wants to have prolonged fights and, if possible, to enter exchanges while having as many Tactical Maneuver stacks up as possible. Getting kills is not a must, because having an opponent return to base is enough and you should be happy with those. If you grabbed the Punish talent, make sure that in the downtime you clear the jungle camps in order to gain additional XP and gold, as well as the option to life steal instead of returning to base and losing valuable time. If you are a jungler, keep in mind you can be an effective ganker even at level 2, coming from behind in a lane and using Impact Barrage to push the target toward your turret or in range of a teammate. Note that Impact Barrage can be used on jungle minions, but don’t let those hit you too much. Use it when your hp goes under 90%.

Avoid engaging champions with a lot of crowd control and damage. Champions like Grakk and Aleister are extremely dangerous for Moren, being able to pull him in tower range or stun and damage him for a prolonged period of time, neutralizing most of his strengths. The same goes for fed champions with a heavy burst toolkit. For others, you should evaluate the situation from one moment to another, and decide accordingly if you will chase for a kill or disengage and fall back. Consider throwing Magnetic Storm behind the enemy and then Impact Barrage him into it, stunning him for 1.5 sec, which should provide you with enough time to change the balance of a fight to your advantage. It serves well if you want to disengage too

Moren is played a little bit more aggressively than other Marksmen due to the range and defensive options in form of a stacking buff for armor and magic resistance maintained by the continual usage of Tactical Maneuver. Ultimate can be used to help contain enemies, and Impact Barrage for saving squishy range champions from persistent melee bruising. Engaging in a pincer movement can enable you to send the unsuspecting enemy into the hands of your warriors and control mages. Although this sounds cool, it is also a very dangerous move, as you can be easily singled out and dealt with.


Very good mobility and control, able to dish out lots of AoE as well as single-target damage…

Very good mobility and control, able to dish out lots of AoE as well as single-target damage. Ormarr has high item dependency, especially in the early game. Once team fights are on the way he needs to be equipped and equipped well. Falling behind is not an option for Ormarr, otherwise, in the team fights, he will be easily taken out.


  • Ganks are simple and effective. Ormarr’s mobility, very good control and decent damage are a good fit for almost every combo.
  • Thrives in team fights with at least 3 clumped up the opponent. Both Ultimate and fully stacked Swagger relish on the opportunity to hit multiple targets.
  • Good team fighter. Ormarr’s task in team fights is to choose, control and deal damage to the target for execution and his toolkit is perfect to do just that.


  • Falling behind early means his effectiveness in team fights will be very limited.
  • Not enough defensive tools. Considering Ormarr has to dive in and use his offensive toolkit, his item build needs to cover the weakness in the defense department so he cannot afford to enhance his strong side.
  • Difficult to land Swagger against careful range opponent without the use of Unstoppable.

Early on Ormarr is all about breakpoints and timing fights around them. While waiting for the first breakpoint, level 2, build up Swagger stacks to the red phase. Once you reach 2nd level engage the enemy with Unstoppable, Normal attack, then Swagger for stun and again Normal attack. After this, you should fall back and again start building Swagger stacks up. This is the time to plan ahead, look for the lane you are going to gank and take the defensive item for that lane. Even tier 1 armor/magic resistance is important for Ormarr, sticking power depends on the ability to tank enemy harassment as much as possible. From this point onward Ormarr’s role is to roam, gank and assist all lanes.

If playing jungle, the difference is you build Leviathan first and pay special attention to the amount of Mana you have and visit Sage Golem accordingly as you spend a lot on a jungle clear. Start jungle from Might Golem, go for ganks in the mid lane or at least harass and move on to take Sage Golem. From this point onward visit lanes as often as possible, abuse how good Ormarr is in skirmishes/ganks.

In team fights, Ormarr’s role is to enable lockdown on the primary target and take the pressure off from ally main damage dealers. You do that not by starting fights but by following up on your main tank initiation, pick a target in the range of your team carries and make sure to stick to it by first knocking it up with Unstoppable then following up with Swagger and while those are on cooldown use Walking Tall. Do not underestimate and/or ignore the power of your normal attacks, those can proc Gut Punch and its damage and control strength can make a difference in executing the enemy. Maybe not so much for damage, but when you provide 1 second of free damage on a target for your marksman or mage… games have been won/lost on less than that. Also, pay attention to the current state of your health compared to enemies. If lower than 50-60% have Unstoppable ready to disengage. It is better if you can escape, at the same time knock up the enemy and wait for its cooldown so you can re-engage. This is the second part of the team fights for Ormarr… constant engaging, stun/slow, disengage and re-engage. You need to make those moments count, so do not engage if it won’t buy time for your team to do their job.


Depending on the type of ground he is standing on, Riktor’s skillset changes…

Depending on the type of ground he is standing on, Riktor’s skillset changes. The ability to gain additional movement speed, knock-up or damage reduction, adds a lot of versatility and opens up several different tactics when playing this assassin. Combine that with on-demand immunity and true damage from the ultimate and you have all the necessary to deal with most situations. Riktor requires a certain level of skill and game knowledge to be played effectively, but he’s an interesting hero to play once you get the hang of it. So, yes Riktor requires good decision making but he can also fit in many different team compositions.


  • Great dueling powerhouse. Combination of invincibility, true damage, and versatility of Riktor’s passive, these are enough to make this champion top pick for dueling.
  • Immunity on demand. There is no shortage of situations where being able to clear debuffs and gain invincibility for 0.75 seconds is a great asset.
  • High ceiling. Good Retaliate timing and position management to take advantage of buffs from passive can take Riktor to incredible highs, able to deal with almost any champion or situation.


  • High skill cap. In order to properly execute everything needed to master this champion will require a lot from the player. From great reaction time to an insane amount of planning and godlike awareness, you need everything if Riktor is the champion of choice.
  • Bad skill synergy. For starters, Riktor’s ultimate has great potential with strong AD-build, however, if built AD then he can’t survive long enough for its main damage to activate. And second, Retaliate is core ability, has a long cooldown and two charges. All of this is increasing the value of Cooldown Speed stat however, Jungle Strike, if used properly, will have almost no value from that stat.
  • Lack of sustain. Not only there is no sustain built-in Riktor’s skillset, but because you can’t build Riktor’s as pure damage you can’t rely on Life steal, but also, because he is not that great as a pure tank then defensive items like Gaia’ and Crimson banner are less effective. Overall, with Riktor player must find a balance but the problem is then he is not capitalizing on any of his strengths.

Engage the enemy at the level one while under the brush-buff, rarely anyone can ignore it. Once you reach LVL 2, wait for Retaliate to stack up 2 charges. Classic skirmish looks like this: get Brush-buff, Jungle Strike the enemy champion and use Retaliate immediately after land a few normal attacks. At this stage, you have one more charge of Retaliate (use it as soon as 3-sec cooldown expires), land one more normal attack and then use Jungle Strike to fall back (unless the enemy gets so low you can execute him safely, in which case you should proceed to do just that). Once the ultimate is available, just use it as soon as you charge in, rest is the same. As for taking jungle monsters, at this stage try to steal the monster enemy is trying to take down, being potent duel champion, the enemy will have to either retreat or gamble on it with you having a good chance to take it from under his nose.

In team fights, Riktors playstyle is almost identical to the laning phase with a few key differences. The damage potential of his ultimate is much higher, however, so is the danger of him being taken out while trying to apply 5 stacks of debuffs onto an enemy team. Important to note, no matter how tanky is Riktor’s build, he will not be a good tank and so it is very important to not engage enemy team before the main ally tank does exactly that. Once the engagement is on the way, follow the same pattern as in laning phase, Jungle Strike > Mark of the Hunter > Retaliate > normal attack > Jungle Strike > Retaliate > Jungle Strike away from the fight. Try to stick to the priority target, do as much damage as possible and immediately fall back.


If left unchecked Rourke can easily reach the point where he’s able to roam the map and easily dispose of the opposition…

A versatile marksman/bruiser hybrid, best suited for the jungle. If left unchecked Rourke can easily reach the point where he’s able to roam the map and easily dispose of the opposition. His ganks are sudden and deadly to his enemies, while Rourke himself often leaves the scene of battle almost unscathed.


  • Durable. His ultimate ( Determination ) offers some great defensive stats. A shield that recharges when you damage an enemy and gives crowd control immunity, which makes Rourke a pretty tanky Hero, and if things get too hairy you can still just Bolt out.
  • Versatile. Rourke fits into every role (except support) and that is what makes him great. You can just pick Rourke and fit into any composition.
  • High Burst. Rourke maybe doesn’t attack fast but he does hit hard. Charged Shot followed by a few auto attacks can deal some serious damage, and as a bonus – it is really easy to execute.


  • Needs to go deep to excel. All of Rourke’s abilities require you to get in your enemies’ faces, so if you make a mistake, enemies can turn on you and burst you quickly.
  • Minions and Heroes block auto attacks. Unlike most marksmen, Rourke is a pretty straightforward kind of hero. When attacking, your shots will hit the first enemy on its path, and as such will require some extra focus on positioning.
  • If your Bolt (2nd Ability) bumps into someone, it’s animation gets stopped.

Laning: As Rourke, you will want to start Sage buff side for extra cooldown reduction or even consider invading since your level 1 is better than most of the junglers. Upon hitting level 2 your ganking potential increases somewhat, but you shouldn’t bother too much unless you have a really good opportunity. Most of the time focus on your farm, getting your levels, staying ahead of the enemy jungler. After hitting level 4 and getting your ultimate you should switch your focus to ganking and getting objectives, with Determination up you are a force to be reckoned with. Start with your Ultimate then use Charged Shot and Bolt in for the stun, if you execute your combo correctly you should be able to kill pretty much anything, and with a skill set such as this you should also be able to walk out unharmed.

Team fights: Team fighting for Rourke is the most difficult part of his gameplay. You are a Warrior but you can’t really tank, you are a Marksman but not really an ADC, so you should focus mostly on flanking and splitting the enemy up. You should come from the side and split the enemy team, use your ultimate and start rushing into enemy heroes – be it mage, support or ADC you are bound to kill one of them just choose a target and stick to it, and if your team does their part of the play you will probably stay alive. When Determination is over you are at your weakest, so enemies will look to turn on you, at that moment try to Bolt out of the sandwich you are in so you can re-engage when the time is right.


One of the best warriors in the game…

One of the best warriors in the game. Ryoma has a very long range for a melee champion, and his high burst damage, that also provides a life steal, is the main reason why this hero is a popular choice in all leagues. Besides that, Ryoma also has some, limited, control ability, and that can always come in handy.


  • A good range for a warrior. All of his abilities have a good range, and even his passive Naginatajutsu has a good range. That’s what separates him from the other warriors.
  • No mana and low cooldowns. All of Ryoma’s skills are free of mana consumption, so that’s one less thing to worry about while having the tools ready every few seconds.
  • Excellent harassment. All of his abilities hit every enemy in a line. That makes Ryoma an excellent poking hero and a harasser. He can hit a hero through the minion wave, and the pressure he makes is constant. He can push lanes and towers with ease.


  • His abilities have a relatively long cooldown, so you need to make the most of them. You can’t miss a lot, or you’ll become a burden to your team instead of great addition.
  • It will take you a while to learn how to position yourself and make the most of your skills.

It could be played as jungler but the best position for him is Dark Slayer lane. Use your Wailing Blade combined with Naganatajutsu to harass the opponent as soon as he gets in range. Save Pinwheel for safety reasons and at the same time try to land it on the enemy. In case you can take out an opponent with Wailing Blade > Spectral Ire > Naginatajutsu, in that case, it is ok to use Pinwheel as an engage tool (by casting it backward). Managing cooldowns is crucial when playing Ryoma. Be aggressive in positioning if all of your cooldowns are ready, and defensive if there are some missing. The good thing is Ryoma’s cooldowns are all short.

Wait for someone to engage, never do it yourself. Whether your team is one engaging or being engaged upon, stun and damage foes with Wailing Blade, use Spectral Ire to damage most foes and auto-attack with passive on, but keep Pinwheel for safety reasons. If there is the slightest chance you are in a pickle, use Pinwheel immediately (even preemptive, if possible).


It is a very mobile Jungler/ADC with fast attack speed and long-range skill-shot stun…

It is a very mobile Jungler/ADC with fast attack speed and long-range skill-shot stun. Slimz needs time to scale and if he falls behind he becomes a spear thrower that can only poke enemies from distance, and let’s face it, no one likes to be a Slimz spear thrower anyway. Staying ahead at all times and successfully ganking is imperative, and if managed well Slimz will definitely become a dangerous rabbit.


  • High burst damage and very fast jungle clear. Slimz is one of the fastest junglers, which enables him to have more time to gank or invade the enemy.
  • Good mobility. All 3 of his skills have a way of granting him extra mobility which makes him hard to catch and difficult to run away from.
  • Decent ganking and roaming potential. If you manage to land a Flying spear from a brush, it is fairly easy to finish off the enemy with assistance from your teammate.


  • Each of his abilities gives him a certain buff, and while he has those he is insanely good, but as soon as his buffs wear off, he is pretty easy to take down.
  • His entire ganking potential revolves around hitting the enemy with a Flying Spear. If he misses it, there is nothing preventing the enemy from escaping his ganks.
  • He does not have any dueling power early on, so he is very vulnerable to the enemy invades.

Slimz’s toolkit allows for extremely fast jungle clear, so use that to your advantage. You should be able to clear the entire side of your jungle with enough time remaining to gank some of the lanes or kill the Abyssal Dragon. However, be very careful if you decide to go for level 4 dragon since any interference from enemies could turn fatal for you. Also note that early in the game, your dueling potential is very “slim”, so if the enemy decides to invade you, either ask for teammates’ help or counter-invade the enemy jungle.

Always go in the duo lane, preferably with some tanky hero with hard to land skill shots like Grakk or Gildur. Stunning the enemy with the spear will make it very easy for your ally to land their skill shots and devastate the opposition. Generally, throw Flying Spear from the brush, followed by  Leap of Vitality and then hit the enemy as many times as possible while your buffs are active. It should force the enemy to retreat most of the time. Also, your passive allows you to clear waves fast enough to have spare time for roaming and helping teammates with objectives.

Once this stage of the game starts, you have two important tasks to keep in mind. One – initiating the fight with spear stun on key enemy heroes. Two – flanking the enemy team and disposing of one of their back liners. Since during your ultimate, you are extremely mobile, use it to your advantage to kite anyone who sets their sights on you, or chase low hp targets if the pressure is elsewhere. Don’t forget that during ultimate you can shred through tanks very quickly, so use it to your advantage. If you are forced to retreat, keep in mind that every time you hit an enemy with a spear you get a burst of speed, so combined with Leap of Vitality you can use it as an escape tool.


Taara has some control and mobility, that can be used to either catch the fleeing enemies or escape from harm…

A bit weak before level, with a clunky passive. Taara has some control and mobility, that can be used to either catch the fleeing enemies or escape from harm. She also has some AoE damage, but the true strength of this hero is her ability to regenerate lost health. Taara has a weak early game, so getting to level 4 as soon as possible is a top priority.


  • Exceptional sustain. Once level 4 is reached and your ultimate is ready, returning to base becomes obsolete for Taara.
  • Full tank-build Taara is one of the toughest heroes in Arena of Valor.
  • Good gap closer. Colossal Smash slowing effect has a rough range of 400 combined with an ability range of 700, which makes engaging onto the enemy squishies rather easy.


  • Weak until level 4. No tanky stats from items and no ultimate puts Taara in the bottom of the tier list early on.
  • Countered by certain items: Curse of Death, Tome of the Reaper and Fenrir’s Tooth can destroy most of Taara strengths.

Taara’s early game is extremely weak, there is no sustain and there are no items. The reason why I mention this is the synergy between tanky items and strong defensive abilities like Steeled Focus. When combined, one increases the value of the other. When there are none, Taara can be easily dealt with. This puts pressure on getting to level 4 asap. Once you’re level 4, be it jungle or lane, you should start entering exchanges with opponents, even if it costs you more because Steeled Focus will bring you back up. Constantly be aware of enemy item builds. When you see Curse of Death, avoid using ultimate when attacked by that champion. If they have Fenrir’s Tooth start using your ultimate a bit earlier so you don’t fall under the 50% threshold. Otherwise, make sure to roam between the lanes and help others. If a teammate is in position to tower dive an opponent and you have ult ready, do it, but make sure you pull the tower aggro and heal up early (70%hp).

In case of full-blown 5v5, your job is to know the relationship between the enemy front line and your back line, and calculate if you can make a difference by slowing opponents down. If you find it to be unlikely (for example Thane’s charge cannot be interrupted so your effect is non-existent) then you should engage on to the enemy backline and deny them the time to follow up on their tank’s initiation. If the fight is spread over a large area and is basically several skirmishes at once, then you focus on slowing down targets that are in the range of your main damage dealers and act as their support.

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