Atlus Releasing HD Remaster of the Alliance Alive on Nintendo Switch

Back in 2017, FuRyu published Alliance Alive in Japan and Atlus did the same worldwide a year later for Nintendo 3DS. Now, this Japanese RPG is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC this fall in Japan as reported by Gematsu. The game will be out as The Alliance Alive HD Remaster considering that it will get a bit of makeover. And on Monday, March 11, NIS America (currently showing ‘Access Denied’) will announce the game for the West.

The Alliance Alive was developed by Cattle Call which has extensive experience in developing games for consoles like The Legend of Legacy, Final Fantasy and SaGa. The game revolves around the group of characters who for the resistance against Daemons who invaded humanity. This invasion led to the creation of energy called Dark Current which almost destroyed the humankind. Now, Dark Current divided the world into zones each ruled by Daemon rulers. A resistance group Night Crows made up of nine main characters of the game is on the quest to free the humanity from Daemon overlords.

The game was set to succeed from the start considering the talented people from the Japanese game development who were on the team. Most of the staff previously worked on The Legend of Legacy also developed by Cattle Call and published in 2015. This included game director Masataka Matsuura, designer Kyoji Koizumi best known for SaGa series, art director Masayo Asano, and character design artist Ryo Hirao. Music was composed by Masashi Hamauzu who worked on the score for Final Fantasy series, as well as The Legend of Legacy. The script was written by Yoshitaka Murayama whose writing score includes Suikoden series which he also co-created.  

The Alliance Alive

Those who love Japanese RPG will enjoy playing the Alliance Alive since it shows off the best elements of this genre like turn-based battles and navigation via maps. The game was developed first as an idea to be a sequel to highly popular The Legend of Legacy, but then Matsuura decided that the story they want to tell would be much better as an original title. Although the game was primarily developed by Cattle Call, some additional design was done by Grezzo who also worked on The Legend of Legacy.  

There is a lot of exploration in the game, interconnected storylines and a good deal of strategizing. Since one of the goals is to unite the guilds in order to save the world, the players will engage in a lot of battles and will have to carefully plan their moves in order to win. The Alliance Alive was also completely localized for Western release in 2018 which included both North America and Europe. For many, this game is a fine example of JRPG which shows off excellent role-playing mechanics and satisfies the nostalgia of fans.

New and high-definition remaster of the Alliance Alive will be out this fall in Japan and on March 11 we will hopefully hear more about the western edition from NIS America if the reports are true.