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The cheapest PvP build in OSRS


PvP is a staple feature in most MMO’s. It allows the players to compete against each other for the prestige of various rewards as well as high rankings. Part of it is bragging rights, but there’s something a little intoxicating about seeing how your gear fares with other players. At any rate, in OSRS, even […]

Best Apps to Track Smartphone of Your Child

Smartphone Tracing Apps

For parents, it is vital to monitor the smartphone of their child. It is necessary to save them from harmful threats. Numerous tracking apps are available for parents. Remember, children are not comfortable in sharing social media activities, messages, and location. With these apps, tracking your child`s iPhone and Android devices can be an easy […]

How Is CSGO Rating Calculated?

CS: GO Rankings

If you are an avid online gamer, chances are, you have already heard of CS: GO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is a competitive multiplayer game, so it is pretty much understandable why a lot of people are concerned about their ratings. After all, these are more than just numbers. They speak about one’s expertise […]

Explore a magical Ghibli-inspired world in puzzle-platformer Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne iOS

The iOS version of Forgotton Anne, ThroughLine Games’ acclaimed puzzle-platformer, is now available for download. This Ghibli-like adventure tells the tale of the Forgotlings; household objects come to life that wish to return home to their owners. Just from the screenshots included here, you can probably tell that the team has taken some inspiration from […]

You can now pre-order the gorgeous and affecting puzzle-platformer Forgotten Anne

Forgotton Anne pre order available

Forgotten Anne, ThroughLine Games’ acclaimed puzzle-platformer, is now available for pre-order on the App Store. It offers a hand-drawn, Ghibli-like adventure through a magical world of sentient objects, from missing socks to discarded lamps. The vivid detail packed into every inch of the game’s world is truly something to behold, with its designers drawing inspiration […]

SRPG Mobile Game Yokai: Spirits Hunt – Pre-Registration is Open!

Yokai-Spirit Hunt

Cube Magic Inc. has announced the Global Pre-registration for Yokai: Spirits Hunt. It takes ink paintings and transforms them into a classic collectible card game that meets strategy role-playing game you don’t want to miss. With a combination of compelling stories and various immortal spirits-a.k.a Yokai-based on the Chinese mythology, players will follow the protagonist […]

Pre-registration for Talking Tom Hero Dash is now open

Talking Tom Hero Dash

Talking Tom and Friends, the smash-hit global sensation, is set to receive a superhero makeover with Talking Tom Hero Dash, an action-packed endless runner which has just entered pre-registration. Talking Tom Hero Dash sees Talking Tom and his friends take up the role of caped crusaders when a villainous rabble of raccoons decide to run […]

RAID: Shadow Legends – Beginner’s Guide

Raid Shadow Legends Beginners Guide

Plarium’s RAID: Shadow Legends is the latest big-name entry in the increasingly popular MMORPG mobile scene, holding a rating of 4.7 on the App Store so far. The title has been praised for its accessibility, graphics and variety of characters on offer. However, as is common with most role-playing titles, we understand that players may be initially daunted […]

Vote your favorite Game of the Year from the Game Award List

The Game Awards 2018

As you already know, Game of the Year Awards is starting in 3 days. The whole year comes down to this moment, the developers are eagerly expecting to see if their game will rise above the others and skyrocket the reputation of the studio, as well as the game itself. (Rise in sales number is […]

Lu Bu Hero Guide in 60 sec

Lu Bu the Great Warlord is a warrior specialized in chasing and controlling the enemies. His toolkit makes him very mobile and hard to pin down. Take Flicker or Heal as your talent and set arcanas like this: Onslaught to red, Assassinate to purple and Skewer to green arcana slots. Start your build with Spear […]