Gwent Featured

Gwent is coming to iOS this fall

Gwent pre-order for iOS just opened as CD Project Red ports The Witcher Card Game to the iTunes App Store in October. The Polish celebrated studio is doing the publishing for their own projects quite successfully and have thus far shown a tremendous initiative with their upcoming, highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077. In the meantime, they […]

Death Stranding

Another trailer for Death Stranding is here

Death Stranding Briefing trailer just dropped, with over 7 minutes of the upcoming game’s main characters talking about the main plot, and we still don’t know anything about the game really. All jokes aside, we are given a first-class look at the relationship between the characters, particularly Norman Reedus’ Sam Porter Bridges and the Character […]

Exit the Gungeon Featured

Exit the Gungeon will debut on Apple Arcade

Exit the Gungeon, a dungeon-climber sequel to Enter the Gungeon, is climbing its way to Apple Arcade soon. The upcoming game looks like an even more hectic, action-packed, shooting extravaganza experience than its predecessor, while both games will undoubtedly be viable as an alternative to adrenaline shots. However, thus far only the sequel is coming […]

Disney sells FoxNext

Disney selling FoxNext?

FoxNext, Disney’s gaming division which brought us, Marvel Strike Force, is reportedly in plans for a sale, while Disney’s CEO, Mr. Robert Iger, says he wishes to exit the games industry entirely. This game developing studio was created in 2017, as an arm of 21st Century Fox, and were focused on location-based entertainment, VR, and […]

Resident Evil Project Resistance

The first trailer is here for Resident Evil Project Resistance

Resident Evil Project Resistance first trailer just dropped showing what the new game has in store for all diehard fans out there. The cinematic trailer shows insanely good action, with a familiar vibe of the old games, and reveals that the Tyrant, who debuted in Resident Evil 2 Remake, is back. The upcoming release is […]

Apple iPhone 11 Launches Today

iPhone 11 Launches today – get the link to Watch Live Stream of the unveiling event

iPhone 11 launched today and the official unveiling event begins at 10 A.M. sharp PTD. The link for the live stream of the event and the specifications for the device disclosed so far are coming below. The unveiling is being held at the Steve Jobs Theater, located in Cupertino, as this should put all of […]