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Guess who’s on the cover of the new NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20

Yesterday, on July 1st, NBA 2K20 unveiled the athletes that will grace the covers of their upcoming editions. As many NBA fans might have guessed or hoped for, Anthony Davis will again appear on the standard edition. However, the Legend Edition cover will be presented by non-other than Dwyane Wade, who is closing his NBA […]

Multiplayer Trailer just dropped for Dr. Mario World

DR Mario World Multiplayer

Dr. Mario World Switch and Android release date is set for July 10, 2019, and it aims to connect and delight a wide audience. With its set of features, it will offer a quick multiplayer online fun experience for your social media friends or if you own a Nintendo Switch, you can play on both […]


Dota Underlords Early Review

Dota Underlords mobile game beta has been going on for quite some time now, with a major patch dropping in every day pretty much. The game features all of the original licensed heroes from Defense of the Ancients, as well as items, mechanics, hero talents, animations, and visuals. It is aiming to satisfy the need […]

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall – available for pre-order on both iOS and Android

Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall pre-order

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall mobile game was just unveiled by Gaea, HBO, and Behaviour Interactive. It is an upcoming strategy RPG that features collectible characters and brings new content separate from the TV show. Its narrative is set Beyond the Wall, several decades before the events in the TV series Game of Thrones. […]

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Review

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Review

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game has by now managed to spread into every corner of the gaming world and the first reviews are slowly emerging online. Often dubbed as the ‘Pokémon Go of the Potterverse’, the game is naturally being compared to the previous AR sales explosion that took the world by storm three […]

Samsung Galaxy A90 specs leaked

Samsung A90 Leaked Specifications

Samsung Galaxy A90 specifications just leaked a few days ago and they have confirmed what everyone was hoping for – flagship sailing in! Snapdragon 855, triple rear cam, and a 5G Variant are just the tip of the iceberg, and like Titanic, the leak is real according to most online sources. However, this spec leak […]

Pokémon Masters scheduled for release this summer on mobiles

Pokemon Masters

Pokémon Masters mobile game exciting details were just unveiled as this new adventure is arriving on mobile phones in the summer of 2019. This upcoming release has been announced by DeNa in correlation with the Pokémon Company as a strategy and battle mobile game, but with features, we’ve never seen before. The two companies promise […]

Pre-registration is now available for NetEase’s Super Mecha Champions Action Mobile Game

Super Mecha Champions Pre-registration

Super Mecha Champions mobile game just became available for a global pre-registration. This means that the release date is not far. If you were among the few who have tried the beta test version of the game, which was available from March 21st to March 31st, then you might share everyone’s opinion about it. People […]

Terraria launching on Switch today!

Terraria Nintendo Switch

Terraria Switch release date is today, 27th of June! So, Terrarians rejoice as Terraria download enters Nintendo Store beginning today. Now, the actual price is still not disclosed, but for Nintendo 3DS it was $19.99, so it will undoubtedly be somewhere along those lines for Switch. Now, since the game has already conquered PC, Terraria […]