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Xiaomi Pocophone F1 – best bang for the buck


It’s been a while since Xiaomi’s announcement has become relatively predictable, but they managed to take us by surprise with the new Poco sub-brand. It sounds like a marketing experiment – deliver flagship specs at cutthroat prices. If you feel a strange familiarity about this, that’s not strange since OnePlus is going the same way. […]

Towerfall – another cult classic came to the new platform (Switch)

towerfall review

You guys must remember Matt Thompson of “Matt makes games” fame, right? His first project, Towerfall, is a strange exception from the stories of successful games, since it started its life on the ill-fated Ouya console, an Android-based Kickstarter supported device that is already forgotten by many, though it seemed to be a truly revolutionary […]

Fortnite and Sony – Crossplay is finally here

Fortnite and Sony

The times, they are changing, dare I say, finally. It all started innocently enough, with “Fortnite”, one of the most popular games of our time, being ported to Nintendo Switch. One thing that the players worldwide noticed right away was that they were able to connect their Xbox accounts to the Switch and vice versa, […]

Creative Destruction – Battle Royale with a twist

creative destruction

Titan Studio brings us “Creative Destruction”, a game that is part Rules of Survival, part Fortnite, part PUBG, and all fun. In case this initial description wasn’t enough to get you interested, hear me out, and stop me if something about this concept sounds remotely familiar: your aim is to be the last one standing […]

What’s new in IOS12?

ios 12 apple

Apple has finally introduced the grouped notifications feature that groups five or more notifications from a single app into one. If that is not good enough for you, there is a new, Instant Tuning feature which makes it possible not only to turn off notifications from a selected app, but also to have them delivered […]

The end of the road for Telltale Games

telltale games

What do Batman, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead have in common? They were all video game titles developed and made by Telltale Games, a studio that seemed to be doing quite well (they were reportedly the studio selected to create a Stranger Things game, among other well recognized intellectual properties from the pop […]

Pac-man Championship Edition DX – Pac-man evolved

pac man championship deluxe

There are some companies that seem to derive great pleasure from selling their user base the same titles over and over again (I’m looking at you, Nintendo and your Switch online library of NES titles), while some really try and go the extra mile in an attempt to bring something fresh with each new generation […]

Phantomgate just might be the mobile JRPG of your dreams


There is a good reason why gamers make a distinction between regular RPG titles and JRPG ones. To someone with the right sensibility, JRPGs can satisfy a need that other games simply cannot, a need for an atmospheric game that is equal parts exciting, deep and fun. Such games are rare no matter the medium, […]