Axe: Alliance Vs Empire Tips and Tricks


Nexon Company’s latest game to hit the market is Axe: Alliance vs Empire and it seems to be an ‘all-in’ project. The game has highly advanced visuals and every other part of the RPG mechanics expanded, which means more skills, more content, more everything. The Google Play rating is set at 4.3 stars from over 61 thousand votes so far, which is pretty impressive given that the game has been released this February.

Nexon Co is by no means a naive video game publisher and developer. They specialize in both PC and mobile games and have been around since 1994. The company was founded by Kim Jung Ju and Jake song in South Korea, while today they are based in Tokyo, Japan. So far they’ve published over 80 games, like Counter-Strike Online, Final Fantasy 14, Need for Speed: Edge, and many others.

Choosing the right class

This is by far one of the most important aspects of any RPG game, and you should pay special attention to read the description for every class here for they might night be so obvious like you used to. For instance, the ranger and the mage are suited for the traditional ranged combat with a single target or aoe effects. However, the not-so-obvious choices are the Titan and the Blademaster, who are focused on melee damage dealing. The Warrior and the Valkyrie are for tanking.

  • Blademaster – Melee damage dealer with a double-wielding feature. It might take some time to acquire two high-level swords later in the game, but it will be worth it. You do depend heavily on supporting players though.
  • Titan – An essential part of any high-level fight as Titan has the ability to take punishment, crowd control, and one might spec him even for decent damage. It is a hybrid class after all.
  • Archer – a standard ranged DPS with the option to spec for healing and it is advised to do so for any serious late-game effort
  • Valkyrie – is not a pure tank, although she does wear a shield. They actually lean more towards melee healers, which might be a game changer.
  • Mage – A standard ranged massive damage dealer, nothing much to say about her, except that she is the most difficult to play solo.
  • Warrior – A support class focused rather on debuffing and tanking enemies, spoiling their play and dealing decent damage along the way

How to level up fast?

People who expect to level up fast in an open world RPG game have probably never tried it before as it is well known that the more you level up the slower it becomes. And, in Axe: Alliance vs Empire there will always be more to grind, but the game is reportedly worth grinding.

All you need to do is to actually make sure your time spent playing is well invested, and so you should use the Hero’s Blessing scrolls and Hunting Experience Improvement Stat.

Hero Blessing scrolls will give you a +50% bonus experience and +50% bonus gold gained from completing quests, which are the best option for progress.

Furthermore, using equipment with the Hunting EXP Improvement stat will give a small, but constant increase in experience gain. The good thing is that it still leaves room for a Skill DMG stat, which is what you should focus all the time naturally.

How and when to use Hero’s Blessings and King’s Blessings?

Hero’s Blessings are scrolls that increase the daily quest and repeatable quest experience reward by +50%. It also increases gold gain by the same amount. The good thing about them is that they stack, so additional uses only extend the duration. However, the Hero’s Blessing scroll buff does not stack with King’s Blessing.

King’s Blessings increase the EXP boost to +200% from daily and repeatable quests, same goes for gold. It lasts for 1 hour. You can purchase 1 King’s Blessing in the shop for 60 blue diamonds, while it is also gained by other means like from event rewards and such.

Do not use Hero’s Blessings or King’s Blessings early on. Try and save all your scrolls for later, not even the mid-game. When you enter the end-game phase, have solid gear, and all you have left to do in the game is to grind and get stronger, that’s when you should use the scrolls. It is also then that the Hunting ECP bonus stat will come to shine.

Axe: Alliance vs Empire reputations

The achievement and reputation system is quite interestingly done in this game. Particular levels or tasks you perform award reputation. Reputation uses an entirely separate leveling system. There are a total of six reputation levels. Everyone offers some bonuses, like health, attack, etc… Also, reaching reputation thresholds awards precious in-game resources, resurrection scrolls, and stuff like that. So, always try to match the reputation gains you need for your goals and plan ahead to use your time in the best possible way.

Optimal Grinding

The vast majority of high-quality items will come from loot chests and the player is allowed to open one every 24 hours. Purchasing chests that award rare items may be a good investment mid-game, but for starters, you just farm steadily and open all awarded chests without spending gold or other resources.

Also, try and complete all requests in a certain area you choose. After you complete all the main story goals, there are still quests you can do when you are a bit higher in level, let’s say mid-game. So, after you get a bit stronger, you can revisit previous areas and grind them to the end. You can get high-level gear, spirit stones, and other resources.

How to dodge?

Dodge is possibly a unique feature for Axe: Alliance vs Empire, compared to other RPGs. There is a dodge button that is crucial to your survival, especially when fighting mini-bosses and bosses. When you are a target of a heavy attack you will see a red ring around you on the ground. Turn to the direction of your choice and use dodge. This is more important than dealing damage or finishing a spell because surviving longer enables you to do more in a fight and subsequently deal more damage too.