Bandai Namco Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Bandai Namco reveals pre-ordered gifts for Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Like any other franchise-based games, Dragon Ball appeared in a numerous number of titles for every possible platform since 1986. Based on genres, the most Dragon Ball games are fighting, including the currently popular Dragon Ball Fighter Z, followed closely by platforms and RPG games. However, the game in this article doesn’t belong to any of those popular genres, but it is a trading card game.


Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is a strategic card battle game which features characters from across the entire Dragon Ball universe. Your goal is to collect the cards into the ultimate deck and to play through an old new Dragon Ball story. Except for deep gameplay, this game boasts with over 100 cards and 350 characters from all Dragon Ball related titles, including Dragon Ball Super, Xenoverse 2 and even Dragon Ball GT, which is now non-canon.

This game will be out in April for Nintendo Switch and PC, and Nintendo already published on Twitter what goods they will give to all the players who pre-order the game. All of you who decide to put some money in advance of the release will receive a special Hero Edition Bundle. This bundle contains a mandatory physical copy of the game, but also five Dragon Ball Super Trading Cards you can use in the actual trading card game and a DLC voucher that gives you access to 11 early character card unlocks.


Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Well yes, if you are a citizen of the United States. That’s right, this game is, for now, available only in Japan and the United States. Hopefully, it will arrive in Europe anytime soon, but our bigger concern is that this game will not become a shameless cash grab title which became pretty frequent lately.