Battle Worlds Kronos Switch

Battle Worlds: Kronos coming to Switch this June

Battle Worlds: Kronos Switch is coming as Nintendo’s portable wonder is the first console this next-gen strategy is conquering. Battle for Kronos has been waged on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux since 2013, when the original release date for this game was, for the respective platforms. The game’s reviews are generally leaning towards the positive side and it has enjoyed commercial success, like Battle Worlds: Kronos on Steam did.

The news broke on May 24th, 2019. This classic, old school turn-based immersive strategy game Battle Worlds: Kronos is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 11, 2019. The game was particularly praised for its multiplayer allure and good faction balance. Now, the developers King Art and THQ Nordic want to adapt this strategy to the portable Switch console, and naturally, the fans are eagerly expecting some juicy upgrades, like touch screen functionality and hot seat goodness.

Battle Worlds: Kronos Nintendo Switch release date is set for June 11, 2019!


What THQ Nordic, King Art, and Nintendo confirmed so far is that the entire campaign is coming, which is roughly 60 hours of game time. The game is known to offer a significant challenge and for its particularly well-designed AI. Also, the entire array of various unit types will be ported, such as sea, ground, and air units. It is thus far unknown if it will feature any new content, faction, or units, but the retail prices announced are $29.99, €29.99, and £26.99.

Battle Worlds: Kronos Switch is already set up at the Nintendo store and is awaiting the official green light in June. The game also boasts long playtime, endless replayability, multiple combat mods, extended strategy utilities, and more… It is easy to learn and pick up, but hard to master and it will challenge the players. Nintendo Switch strategy lovers are especially in for a treat.