Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile will have a soft launch this October

Black Desert Mobile is having a soft launch next week as Pearl Abyss is doing right by its word. Soft-launch phase for Android is said to begin on October 24th, 2019, on Google Play and the first countries announced to get the chance to access it will be Canada, Ireland, Chile, Malaysia, Sweden, Turkey, and Australia. As the pre-registration process is already ongoing, other countries will follow soon we hope.

Black Desert Mobile Gameplay

Black Desert Online is a fantasy MMO RPG that has achieved great success as a sandbox-type game for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It was released for PC first, in 2015, and hasn’t slowed down so far, gathering quite the following right from the start. In its first three years, the game has reached a pool of 10 million registered players worldwide, and by 2019, this number has increased to over 18 million, while the game’s total revenue surpassed $1B.

The next logical step for Pearl Abyss, the game’s developers, was to bring it to mobile platforms and so they announced it earlier this year. Thus they have begun a period of adaptation and in a relatively short time span managed to do it. Black Desert is a game that is very demanding in terms of visual supporting hardware. In that sense, it separates itself from many other MMOs that are built to be accessible on as many devices as possible, with below-average quality. Thus, it was very interesting for the fans to see in which direction this adaptation was to go.

Black Desert Mobile Gameplay

Also, the game boasts an enormous range of high-quality content, from quests, the setting, and the storyline to characters, classes, skills, and everything in between. Thus, Pearl Abyss has decided to make the game highly customizable in order to adapt it successfully to mobile devices, which are by default weaker than PC or consoles in terms of hardware power, and they have solved this problem in the following way…

Black Desert Mobile will use a unique combat system that is action-based but will allow deep customization for mobile users:

Combat – Explore an in-depth combat system that lets players experience the same core gameplay of the original game on their mobile phones. The multiplayer social factor is also present as the players cooperate with each other to complete quests and dungeons and even fight Guild Wars

Customization – Detailed character customization system, which is a trademark of this game, is also present in this mobile version as the players can choose between five character classes, each with their distinct skill set allowing further customization

Black Desert Mobile Gameplay

In the past few months, the total pool of Black Desert players has surpassed 20 million, and now that the mobile version gets its soft launch, the community is expected to grow even further. The players will have access to it, starting on October 24’s release date for Black Desert Mobile which, according to official sources, has already gotten over 10 million pre-registers in East Asia alone.