The backpack is the place where all items are stored and through it, you will be able to access and use most of the upgrades in Blade Reborn. In this article, we’ll talk about the basics of equipment and upgrading.


  1. Helm
  2. Necklace
  3. Armor
  4. Ring
  5. Boots
  6. Gloves
  7. Primary Weapon
  8. Side Weapon

ITEM QUALITY: Blade Reborn currently has four tiers of item quality.

-BASIC ITEMS (TIER I): Starting items that will be quickly replaced by higher Tier items. You should smelt any newly acquired basic items because they are a good source of Dim Essence.

-MAGIC ITEMS (TIER II): You will gain items of this Tier relatively quick. The equipment will mostly consist of magic items up to a ~40th level, so consider 1-2 Tier Up upgrades for them.

-RARE ITEMS (TIER III): Rare equipment is a high tier equipment, and these items will be your bread and butter throughout the mid-game. When compared to the magic items, the rare equipment will provide ~5-6 times more might and also one or two special attributes so consider upgrading it as soon as possible. Your character will probably gain one or two pieces of rare equipment between levels 30-40, but after that, it will become more common. The best way to get a few pieces of high tier equipment early on is to invest some diamonds in a daily treasure reward to gain a guaranteed high tier treasure, but do note that every next guaranteed drop will require you to buy more random stuff. The other way is farming for equipment shards and the most common way to gain those is through Elite Instances located in the Adventure Tab. You will need 20 of the same shards to synthesize (create) one piece of equipment.

-LEGENDARY ITEMS (TIER IV): Legendary items are the most powerful, end game items. They are also harder to obtain than the rare ones but if you get lucky you might get the first legendary one by approximately level 45. Besides having higher attributes than the rare equipment, legendary ones can have very powerful special attributes, that increase one of your attributes by a certain percentage (10% or even more), and at higher levels, this kind of scaling is more beneficial than fixed value increment. Legendary equipment can be obtained in the same way as the rare equipment.


  • Wings (Unlocked after completing chapter 2)
  • Spirit Armor (unlocked after finishing chapter 10)

RUNES: Runes are independent upgrade category. First rune slot will be unlocked at level 17.

GEMS: This upgrade will become available after completing chapter 9.   


  • Fortify
  • Refine (Unlocked after completing instance 2-4)
  • Temper (Unlocked after completing instance 3-5)
  • Tier Up (Unlocked after completing instance 4 in chapter 4)
  • Gem (Unlocked Gem after completing instance 9-4)