Saturday, February 23

Magic Bow Elven Basics

Blade Reborn: Magic Bow Elven

I would like to start off by saying that this is probably the most unimaginative class name that I ever saw in any RPG. Ok, now that I got that out of my system, let’s get started. From now on I will refer to Magic Bow Elven as MBE. MBE is a very interesting combination of bow and staff, so if you’re into archery and flashy spells, then this class is definitely for you. So what is MBE good for? This class will excel at dealing long range AoE damage, and that can be quite useful, both in PvE and in massive PvP battles (like Battlefield) - especially because even auto attacks with staff have a nice AoE. MBE also has, a few, very nice skills that will enhance your mobility, making it possible to hit enemies from distance and escape before they can retaliate - and this is how you should play as this class most of the time. Another interesting feature is close range ultimate with a staff (Ice Dragon) that deals huge amount damage, especially if you are standing right next to the target.


Magic Bow Elven in action

On the other hand, bow ultimate (rain of Arrows) deals massive ranged AoE, at the cost of slightly lower damage than the bow ulti.  Both, bow and staff ultimate should be used depending on a situation.