Bravium Needs a Hero And It’s You

Epic games are usually much better looking on bigger screens than mobile display, but Bravium from Ingame studio is an exception.

This RPG adventure defense arcade game offers an adventure with some colorful characters and mighty looking opponents. With classical art animated in the 2D scenes, Bravium is a delightful game for everyone who enjoys the hack and slash genre. Bravium is a game of heroes traveling the fantasy land and destroying creatures that enslaved it. You can play as a Viking warrior or a magician, depending on whether you prefer wielding a sword or casting magic spells.  

This is a single player game with challenging boss fights which sometimes may even seem impossible to beat like that is always the case in the fantasy genre. On one side we have a hero going on a lonely quest – that is you, and on the other are many different enemies which outnumber you. But you can upgrade the talent of your character depending on the score at the end of each level. Also, no matter who you play with, you can discover that your character carries unique magical abilities which can be of great assistance when in the tough spot.

The tutorial is really helpful and you will easily understand the mechanics of the game and the way to fight monsters coming your way. However, the game offers you to build your character through strategizing your movements. For example, you start off with a simple set of moves when attacking your opponents with a basic weapon. The next level will give you the opportunity to unlock new skills and weapons that will improve your hero’s performance.

On your adventure, you will find potions and other powerful items that you should definitely take with you. In the beginning, the slots in your inventory are scarce. But as you progress in the game, you will unlock the possibility to expand that space which you should certainly do. These items and especially potions can replenish your health, mana and even improve attack strength.

Bear in mind that this is a mobile game and as such it’s limited by the medium. Nonetheless, the developers created an appropriate gameplay that perfectly fits the environment. You move your character by tapping the screen and that will take some time to get used to if you don’t have an experience of playing mobile games. Keep an eye on your inventory to make sure you have everything you need there, as well as to make room for new items.

The fights are not hard to understand and master since your character will automatically attack the enemies approaching them. This lets you choose the abilities and items at any time during the battle that your character should use. Also, use the back step option during battles if you notice that the enemies are going too strongly at you. You may not be able to go back more than a few steps, but that can give you enough advantage to win the battle or defeat your opponent.

However, defeating your enemies won’t be enough to win the level. In order to do so, you have to destroy all the towers on your way. If you are wondering how to locate the towers, just take a look at the map and pay attention to mysterious structures there. Always play to earn three stars at the end of each level since they will allow you to upgrade your character and thus be better in battles. Stamina, intelligence, wisdom, and strength are features you can upgrade and turn your character into a powerful hero that eliminates anything they encounter on their way. But don’t spend too much on only one set of skills and abilities. The price for improvements rises with each level, so you have to be a careful spender.

On the other hand, pay attention to weapons as well since they have a crucial role in defeating the opponents as well. Also, if you use your magical abilities, you need to monitor your mana since it can easily get depleted and then you are in a big problem.

The graphics are a bit flashy which can be distracting in the beginning, but you easily get used to it during the gameplay. The music adds to the epic atmosphere, but if you want to turn it off, just go to the Pause menu.   

All in all, this was a fun game to play and one that delivered what it promised in the description. You don’t have to spend real money, although that will speed up certain improvements to your character. Don’t be surprised if the game difficulty rises substantially with each level since you can respond to that with upgrades for your character so aim for those three stars. This is a fun game to play and a perfect one for mobile devices which will certainly interest even the pickiest gamers.




All in all, this was a fun game to play and one that delivered what it promised in the description. You don’t have to spend real money, although that will speed up certain improvements to your character.

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