Heroic Magic Solo and Guild event Alay'na

Broodling Solo and Azuhul the Foul Guild Event

Welcome to our overview of the two Heroic Magic Duel events! Here we will talk about the main features of both events and we will also offer some tips on how to get the most out of them. Let’s get started!

Heroes Magic Duel Broodling Azuhul Offspring – Solo Event

First and foremost, this Heroes Magic Duel event is centered around Alay’na Hero so upgrading her as much as you can is mandatory. This solo event consists of 82, progressively tougher battles against Broodlings (Giant Spiders) that has to be destroyed to progress to the next battle. Note that you’ll most likely need level 10 Alay’na in order to finish all the battles, but even if your hero isn’t anywhere near this level, it would be a good idea to still take part in it and collect all the rewards that you can, because the same event will probably run again in a few weeks.

Heroic Broodling Spider Solo Event

To enter any of the battles you’ll need Solo Torches – some will be awarded for free once you enter the event for the first time, while additional three torches can be claimed for free every 4 hours. Besides that, torches can be also bought for gems at the cost of three torches for 50 gems (or more, the price will increase for every additional purchase, but it will also reset every time you get a ‘free torch’).

Alay’na Hero Packs are available at the store and I would recommend buying at least Tier 1 pack because it only costs 10 Gems to get: 10 Alay’na shards, 1 Random Hero Shard, 1 Statue Spell card, 50 Hero Essence, 3 Solo Torches, and 5 Spell runes.

Tier 2 Pack cost 50 Gems: 40 Alay’na shards, 1 Random Hero Shard, 2 Statue Spell card, 1 Giant Growth Spell card, 200 Hero Essence 3 Solo Torches and 10 Spell runes.

NOTE: If you’re low on Heroes Magic Duel Solo Torches, it is better to buy Tier 1 Alay’na pack and get 3 Torches and everything else that goes with it than to spend 25 gems only to get 3 torches. Also, buying Tier 2 (3 torches + everything else) pack is a much better idea than paying 50 gems to get 3 torches only.

When it comes to rewards, they’re unlocked upon reaching one of the milestones (there’s a dozen or so of those), and they mostly consist of Alay’na shards, her spell shards, hero essence and guild torches (that can be used in the other event). I would recommend using these rewards immediately to level up your Alay’na, because battles will be much easier if you that.

Heroic Magic Duel Alay'na Tier 1

Why is it important to level up Alay’na?

First of all, Alay’na has additional two passive abilities that are only active during this event.  These are Bonus Damage and Smash Damage.

–    Bonus damage will increase the damage of all your minions by x1.2 (Alay’na level 1) up to x5.00 (Alay’na level 10).

–    Splash Damage: Magical Rhino will charge forward at the beginning of the battle dealing huge damage to the Giant Spider – 20,000 damage (Alayna level 1) up to 6,800,000 (Alayna level 10). NOTE: High level Alayna (5+) can breeze through first 30 battles or so without spawning even 1 minion – her Splash damage is so high that it will destroy giant spiders by itself.

As you can see, upgrading Alay’na is absolutely necessary in order to progress in this event, so raise level her up as soon as resources become available.


During Heroes Magic Duel Broodling Event you gain the ability to use 3 scrolls: Scorching Ray, Freeze Breath, and Dispelling Winds.

–    Scorching Ray: Line of fire will destroy all spiders and spider eggs in all lanes.

–    Freeze Breath: Removes all acid pools (in all lanes) and freezes small and giant spiders.

–    Dispelling Winds: Removes all cobwebs and speeds up your minions (in every lane and all of them)

Every player will gain for free a few scrolls (I think it was 3) upon entering the event. Additional one free scroll can be claimed every 4 hours, and it’s also possible to buy 3 scrolls for 20 gems – the price will increase with each additional purchase, but it will also reset back to 20 every 3-4 hours (once you collect the free scroll).

Saying that scrolls are helpful in Heroes Magic Duel Broodling event is an understatement, as they can be really helpful – especially Freeze Breath and Dispelling Winds that can remove those annoying acid pools and cobwebs that can’t be removed in any other way. Because of that, scrolls should be used only when necessary and I would recommend everyone not to ‘waste’ them in easier battles that can be won without them.

Heroic Magic Duel Guild Event

Heroes Magic Duel Azuhul The Foul – Guild Event

In this event, you will, together with other guild members, fight a series of increasingly difficult battles against Giant Spiders. In order to participate, you’ll need 1 Guild Torch per battle that can be obtained by completing milestones in Heroes Magic Duel Solo Event. Unlike the Solo event, this one has several unique features.


Here you can chat and coordinate your attacks with other guild members. This is very important because you don’t want to have two or more people fighting in the Raid at the same time. Why not, you might ask? Well, let’s presume that Spider is left on 100k points, and two people enter the raid at approximately the same time and both of them deal 100k or more points of damage…. The point is that the Raid instance could be completed if only one person entered the battle and your Guild has just wasted one (or more) Guild Torch(es).

Heroic Magic Duel Shrine of Blessing

Shrine of Blessings

In this building, every guild member can donate either gold or gems and that way the whole guild will gain one of the blessings that will buff up their minions, portals, etc.

Gold Upgrades

–    Minion Ferocity – Increased Guild Minions attack damage

–    Minion Vitality – Increased Guild Minions health

–    Minion Frenzy  – increased Guild minions attack speed

–    Bolster Defence – Increased  Portal health for all Guild members

NOTE: I would suggest prioritizing Minion Ferocity and Minion Frenzy because the main goal here is to deal as much as damage as possible in a limited amount of time.

Gem Upgrades

–    Guild Smash – Increased Hero Smash damage for all Guild members

–    Midas Touch – bonus gold for each battle

–    Flash Draw – Draw cards quicker

–    Extends the clock to get more attacks in and deal more damage

Guild Hall

In this building, you can see a leaderboard for your guild members contributions in four categories: Gem, Gold, Damage, and Guild Torches used.


Rewards in the Heroes Magic duel Guild event consist of minion Cards, Ferrums, and Mega Runes. First unlockable minion cards are those of lower-tier minions, but it’s possible to obtain some higher tier ones by completing more difficult raids.

Mega Runes are (for me at least) the most appealing part of this event, because those are required for upgrading higher tier units, and should be useful for pretty much anyone.


I like this event, even though Alay’na isn’t currently my number one hero, there’s still a lot of rewards that can be useful to anyone. I particularly enjoyed the guild event, coordination with other players and, of course, guild event rewards.

I hope you enjoyed our Heroes Magic Duel Broodling Solo and Azhul the Foul Guild event overview. Feel free to post a comment as we greatly appreciate all feedback from our readers.