January Update Featured Castle Burn

Castle Burn Update 23/01/2019


-Reset of all current progress in Mist Rock campaign

-Can choose only 1 Hero (no longer 3)

-Because of that Hero selection have been removed

-Sorceress health and damage reduced by 10% (only in Mist Rock campaign)

-Dragon health and damage reduced by 15% (only in Mist Rock campaign)

-Cards that will appear in next wave are now visible, so it’s possible to plan ahead

-Tower cards are now available in Mist Rock campaign

-Card deploy limits have been introduced – this means that only a certain amount of the same units can be deployed, often ranging from 2 to 6

-The cooldown for Return command has been reduced from 20 to 10 seconds


NOTE: All new cards are currently in pre-release, available in casual and friendly matches for anyone.


Castle Burn PaladinPaladin


The Paladin is a new Tier 3 Rare card that will have a unique role. Namely, he’ll be a tank (high health unit) that will also heal a hero each time he strikes an enemy. However, in order for healing to take effect, a hero must be close to a Paladin (within radius 7). The amount of damage healed is equal to the damage dealt by the Paladin.

Builder's Hammer Castle BurnBuilder’s Hammer

Builder’s Hammer is one of the two new “Artifact” cards. It’s a Tier 1 Artifact card that will provide automatic repair for all buildings. Because of high cost (80 currently), Builder’s Hammer currently is useful in longer matches with a lot of back and forth action. It can also be great in matches that go into overtime since in Burning mode your Castle will be much more durable thanks to the auto repair.

Bloodgem Ring Castle BurnBloodgem Ring

Bloodgem Ring is the second Artifact card. This one is Tier 3 (currently costs 80 and takes 30 seconds to add) and it will increase the maximum health of your Hero. Bloodgem Ring will also grant a special ability that grants healing to your Hero. This healing will activate each time a Hero deals damage – the amount of HP healed is equal to 50% damage dealt, the ability will be applied to all damage dealt by normal attacks, as well as special abilities.


-Castle upgrade cost from Tier 2 to Tier 3 reduced from 150 to 125 Mana

– Card Crafting and Transmuting are now available at the Card management screen. You may go to the Card Crafting menu after selecting a Card.