knights chronicle fairy tail

Heroes from Fairy Tail came to Garniel at last!

Five days ago NetMarble released 1.8 Update for Knights Chronicle. The update itself brought new Adventuring Region on the World Map, new Advent Dungeon (Erza Scarlet Advent) and changed existing Bounty List in Town into Conquest Board. On Conquest Board, you can now choose one of the available missions and clear it with Heroes from […]

Hero Duke Heinrich

The Ruler of Delcart and Ice Mage from Delcart entered the fray!

On Wednesday 5th December 2018 NetMarble introduced us with another 2 Heroes – Belle and Grand Duke Heinrich. BlueMoonGame took time and tried those two in action before we placed them in our Knights Chronicle roster. Grand Duke Heinrich is a Ruler of Delcart who is known as benevolent person troubled by outgoing war with Haldrea Kingdom. […]