marvel strike force update

“Marvel Strike Force” version 1.4.2 – What’s new

Here are the latest happenings in the story of “Marvel Strike Force” and the effects they’ll have on your gameplay experience. In her efforts to save the world from Ultimus and protect the Nexus, Ms. Marvel is now officially a part of the S.T.R.I.K.E team, and she will soon be joining forces with Scarlet Witch […]

Second Annual Women in Games Mobile Awards To Be Given This September

“Women in games”, a non-profit organization for and by women involved with esports and video games of all sorts has announced a call for nominations for second annual Women in games Mobile Awards. The purpose of these awards is to draw extra attention to creative women involved in gaming; particularly those behind mobile games already […]

Fox 21 Obtained Rights for the Vampyr TV Series

Released in June this year, Vampyr definitely made quite an impression on the entertainment community. To attest to that, Fox 21 Television Studios, a production company within 20th Century Fox’s Fox Television Group, has obtained rights to turn this gaming hit into a TV series. The production company already has an impressive portfolio of award-winning […]

Marvel Strike Force Update: Nick Fury

Marvel Strike Force Update: Nick Fury Will Be with Us Soon

Since March this year, Marvel Strike Force by FoxNext has created quite an interest in the gaming community and still does so after each update. The newest ones which were confirmed via the official site and Jason Bender game’s Creative Director will certainly ease some worries and suspicions. Well, let’s start with the planned nerfs […]

A box of vintage 1999 Pokémon boosters sold for $ 56.000

Remember the original Pokémon and how different they were in their personality and design? Remember the chubby, stubborn Pikachu, the grumpy Bulbasaur who refused to evolve and Charizard that wouldn’t obey Ash? Or, to take things even further down the memory lane, remember how rare the Charizard holo card was in the original Pokémon card […]