My Museum Story - Lara Croft

My Museum Story: A Lara Croft for Kids

If you are looking for a light game that won’t take much of your time, then My Museum Story by ZiMAD right up your alley. Released for iOS and Android devices, the game is a mix of match-3, adventure, and puzzle in which you will search for ancient treasures and artifacts of glorious civilizations. The […]

one hour one life

Leave a heritage for future generations in One Hour, One Life

Have you ever wondered what our purpose on this planet is? Of course you have as has everyone, and like anyone, you’ve probably come to the same conclusion. “We’re never going to find the answer, so we can just stop asking. Probably.” With that in mind, you start focusing on the good things in life, […]


Build Your Mayan Civilization in Tentlan

Tentlan is a browser-based real-time strategy developed by German studio Lionmoon founded by Irina Romanova and Jose Portoles in 2012. As veterans in the gaming industry, the pair wanted to create games that deliver free-to-play which is fair and not affecting the gameplay. And with Tentlan they certainly accomplished these principles. The plot takes place […]

Dust and Salt - Battle for Murk

Play Your Story in Dust and Salt: Battle for Murk

I appreciate the effort and work of indie studios because they really have to put themselves out there and find a perfect way to make a game with a tight budget. Sometimes, it’s not more than ten people, although it can be less than five, as well. The enthusiasm and talent present in the indie […]

Beyblade Burst Rivals

Beyblade Burst Rivals

For all of you that feel a nostalgia outburst upon hearing the words “Let’em rip!”, we’ve got some good news. Beyblade is still alive and well, being the favorite hobby for some new kids on the block. The latest addition to the Beyblade series is Beyblade Burst, with brand new whirligigs and characters. Now, Beyblade […]

Death Invasion - Survival

It’s Zombie Hunting Season in Death Invasion: Survival

While believing that – if you played one zombie game, it’s as though you played them all – does have exceptions to that rule, unfortunately, Death Invasion: Survival is not one of them. Developed by Gun Battle & Zombie Shooters Games Inc, the game carries a familiar gameplay with an unimaginative narrative. There isn’t much […]

Build Your Cloud City in Big Company: Skytopia

Published at the beginning of August, Big Company: Skytopia is a simulation that lets you build your own city in the sky.   Developed by Goodgame Studios, the game is available for iOS and Android systems and will have you working hand in hand with famous scientists in order to build Skytopia. The most brilliant […]