Welcome to the Labyrinths of Submerged Cities – Earth Atlantis Review

Game Earth Atlantis hits pretty close to home since the overall theme regards climate change that has gone out of hand very much so. Not that ours is in good shape right now, but we are trying hard to avoid making it worse. And Earth Atlantis shows precisely what that “the worst” would be if […]

Pong Pong Egg – Bouncy eggs everywhere

I had no idea what I was getting myself into with “Pong Pong Egg”. With a name like that, I was expecting… Well, an upgraded, possibly farm themed, version of “Pong”. Luckily, “Pong Pong Egg” got its inspiration somewhere else – it is a “Peggle” clone, but a cute one. Games like “Peggle”, “Papa Pear […]

Funky Bay – Farm & Adventure: Get Your Farming Gloves On

You probably remember Farmville, a Facebook game that had many glued to the screens waiting for plants bear fruits. Well, Funky Bay – Farm & Adventure is similar to that, only you can do it separately from Facebook and enjoy a private game. Developed by Sweet Dreams Play from Cyprus and published by Belka Games, […]

Bendy in Nightmare Run: A Cartoonish Game with Class

Bendy and the Ink Machine is a survival horror game released in 2017 and has already achieved cult status. The game was developed by Joey Drew Studios Inc. for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS and released in chapters. In October this year, the game will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch […]

Isle of Skye, the Award-winning Board Game, Now Available on Steam

Board games are an excellent way to spend an evening with friends, although they do have the limitation of requiring you to be in the same room and have the appropriate number of chairs around your table of appropriate size. Well, a number of board games are making the transition to digital as well, so […]