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Lenovo K5 Play: Will it Play?

Lenovo is a company whose forte is delivering excellent mid-range phones, often offering alternative versions for their mainline products. They did it again with the K series. Simultaneously with the Lenovo K5, the company launched the K5 Play variant, which looks identical but works on different hardware. Oppo did the similar thing with the Oppo […]

Xiaomi Mi7 – The Affordable Powerhouse

Xiaomi is one of the companies whose every action is thoughtful and considers the activities of their rival companies and all other factors that might affect their business. That’s probably the reason their products are so popular all over the continent. The factor that gives Xiaomi the upper hand over the competitors is the fact […]

Nokia 10

Since their big comeback to the mobile scene, Nokia has been doing their best to make it count in the smartphone industry. Except for the Lumia series, the company launched several dedicated phones, among them Nokia 2, Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 8. Another in Nokia series, Nokia 9 is about to launch by […]

Ulefone T2 Pro: Bang For Buck Gaming?

Ulefone is Chinese phone and accessories manufacturer, mostly known for its Armor and Power mobile phone series, mid-range devices with enduring battery power. However, their T series is meant to be a flagship phone, with immense performances and top-notch design (both metaphorically and literally). The latest phone in the series, Ulefone T2 Pro was announced […]

GameSir F1 Joystick Grip – Bring Your Mobile Gaming Skills to whole Another Level

GameSir is a gaming company whose forte is making gaming controllers for all platforms, mobile or desktop alike. Their newest product for mobile phones is simply called the F1 Joystick Grip, and it looks and feels very peculiar, mostly because of the addition of an analog joystick to the usual handle shape. F1 is not […]


In times not so far away, the mention of wireless audio would make a wave of shudder among hi-fi nerds. Introduction of wireless Bluetooth connection at first gave a headache to music lovers all around, both metaphorically and literally, due to the noise and distortion that were absent in wire-connected headphones. With the introduction of […]