Castle Burn got an Update

CB – Major Update

Castle Burn received a major update on the 4th of December 2018. This update brought a huge number of changes to the game, and we’ll talk in detail about all of them.

New Castle upgrade system

Now you have to manually upgrade your castle, and doing so will cost 150 Mana. You’re not required to add any cards before upgrading as adding two cards is no longer required to upgrade to next Tier. This will open up many new possibilities as your chosen cards can be in a different format than the previous 2-2-2 (2x Tier1, 2xTier 2, 2x Tier 3). We think that this change seriously changed the balanced of the game, and it’s still hard to say was it for better or worse. Also, from everything we’ve seen so far, early game rushes are now more popular than ever since anyone who invests 150 Mana to Tier up a Castle, will be left with insufficient resources to defend himself. Besides that, Castle that is upgrading won’t shoot at the enemy units, and that’s another problem. Combination of these factors has led to increased popularity of Troll Slinger, Cat Mage, Viking, and Goblin. As far as we can tell, after the update, the first two aforementioned units are the most overused units in the game. What’s concerning is that with these units majority of battles will end at Tier 1, lowering the tactical options and increasing the importance of your preferred Tier 1 unit level – it just might be the most important thing right now.

New Scouting System          

-Now you’ll basically gain free use of the Eye of Insight card, that has been removed after the update. This ability can be used 30 seconds after the start of the match and it has a 45 seconds cooldown.

-When used, this ability will remove the Fog of War revealing all units and buildings in the area. If placed on the enemy Castle, it will also reveal all of the cards that he added.

Reduced Mana Sanctum HP by 17%

Well, besides making advancement to the next Tier costly and risky, now Mana Sanctums have less HP which makes rushing strategy even better. As said before, all of the changes made will lead to a lot of battles ending quickly and with Tier 1 units, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Here you can watch a video of our YouTube contributor Buildit with Smith, that explains some of the changes made in this update, and how they affected the gameplay. 

Card Rebalancing

Castle Burn Hero NalynNalyn

– Increased Sapling Deploy Distance from 6 to 8

– Decreased Sapling Deploy Time from 0.5 seconds to 0.1 second

Nalyn was one of the more rarely seen Heroes, so giving her a slight buff does seem like a good idea.

-Tower of Doom will become visible to the opponent as soon as you begin constructing it

-Tower of Doom will have 100% HP as soon as you start constructing it

-Construction time reduced from 180 to 150 seconds

-HP reduced by 28%

This seems like a really balanced change as now the Tower of Doom can be constructed 30 seconds faster – 180 sec seemed a bit too long. I guess that full HP when you start the construction makes sense, as every player will try to destroy it as soon as he sees it being built. Decreased HP balances both of these changes. I am not sure how good of an idea it is to make it visible as soon as the construction begins, as previously this building was a good way to punish players that were too passive. However, I might be wrong on this one, and making it visible when construction begins might have a positive effect.

Castle Burn Rare Units Dragon

Increased HP by 5%

Increased Attack Damage by 25%

Decreased Attack Speed by 12%

Increased Mana Cost and Unit Capacity from 95/7 to 100/8

Well, Dragon’s breath attack will now deal noticeably more damage and will have a bit more HP, but will also cost a bit more. All in all, nice change, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Castle Burn Rare Units Dragonslayer

-Attack speed increased by 20%

Well, they did seem a bit week for Tier 3 anti-air unit. However, a 20% increase in attack speed might be a bit too much. We’ll just have to wait and see…

Castle Burn Rare Units MinotaurCastle Burn Rare Units GolemCastle Burn Rare Units Goblin TankCastle Burn Rare Units Griffin Rider

– Increased Attack Speed by 5%

Just a minor buff, most of these units had a very slow attack speed to begin with (excluding Griffin Riders) so 5% increase shouldn’t make a huge difference.

Castle Burn Legendary Units Valkyrie

– Increased Attack Range from 4 to 5

Well, I like this change but for a selfish reason as Valkyrie is one of my favorite units. All jokes aside, her range was a bit low for a Tier 3 unit, but increased above 5 might be a bit too much.


– Increased HP by 20%

Most players use their remaining Tier 3 slots for offensive cards and that’s probably the sole reason why this card was a bit underused. Now, with 20% more HP and in combo with the Tower of Doom, this card might become more popular.


-Mana Cost Increased from 45 to 50

Not sure about this one, Lupine Berserker is not that popular in higher leagues.


– Mana Cost Increased from 40 to 45

I don’t think rifleman was OP, and increasing the unit cost by 12.5% might be a bit too harsh.


– Attack Speed Decreased by 10%

Well, it did deal a bit too much damage for a Tier 2 unit, but she’s still more than capable to punish Troll Slinger spam and that’s the most common use for this unit.


Mana Cost Increased from 50 to 55

It was a bit too easy to instantly destroy a Castle with a half a dozen Rhinos (Rhino + Tactical Airship combo can work really well). For this reason, increasing a unit cost by 10% seems like a good idea.

Castle Burn Unit Cards Castle Burn Unit Cards Castle Burn Unit Cards

Decreased HP by 10%

-Attack speed of the Archer Tower was also decreased by 10%

Well, towers are not OP. However, they’re extremely effective vs Tier 1 units. So, after the update, most games end with Tier 1 combat, and that’s probably the reason for tower nerf.

Castle Burn Unit Cards

-Increased cooldown from 24 to 27 seconds

The only reason for this change would be a heavier focus on Tier 1 combat where this card is quite effective. In higher Tiers Bomb is almost useless.

Castle burn Units

Decreased Attack Speed by 2%

Really insignificant change, 2% lower attack speed is almost impossible to notice.