Cognitive benefits of playing online games

Cognitive benefits of playing online games

There was a time when parents used to encourage their children to play physical games. Online games were abhorred to the core because they were taken as a mere addictive source of entertainment with no benefits whatsoever.

However, today, extensive research works have proved otherwise. There are undeniable signs that online games play a crucial role in improving cognitive skills, especially in children. Better cognitive skills mean that kids are not only going to excel in their academic careers but also do well in their professional and personal life.

Here is the list of cognitive benefits that are the direct outcome of online games:

1. Enhances concentration power

While playing a video game, you can’t afford to lose your focus. The minute your attention is diverted to somewhere else, you pay the price in the form of ending up as a loser.

What’s more, online games are getting more competitive nowadays. Meaning, the margin of losing your focus is even narrower, and the players will have to be always on their toes. Researchers have found that playing video games triggers a change in your brain activity, and after one hour of playing, the gamer tends to focus better.


2. You get better at decision making

It is no rocket science that better decisions lead us towards a good life, while bad decisions influence our life negatively. So is the case with games. The decision making has to be spot on if a player has to survive in the given conditions provided in the game.

Gamers are constantly challenged to make quick decisions. It is more accurate for strategy and shooting games where a specific time limit is given to undertake actions. It all reflects in real life. When these events are repeated time, and again, children make peace with unfamiliar circumstances and don’t panic in the face of complicated situations.

3. Improves memory

There are games which have a lot to do with your memory. In such games, players have to bring their auditory and visual memory into play to win games. You have to remember different keys to play different games and insert codes to avail of various powers. All these exercises do a world of good to improve your memory.

In 2015, the Journal of Neuroscience found in an experiment that people who indulged in gaming performed better in memory-oriented tasks. Does your family have a weak memory? Involve everybody and consider playing family games.

4. Helps to overcome dyslexia

Dyslexia could have many origins, but one of them is undoubtedly the problem of visual attention. Games are very effective in boosting visual attention, especially action games.

In 2013, Cell published a study that stated that games could be a better alternative than the courses specifically designed for dyslexic kids. The same research further found that kids aging from 7 to 13 years read faster after playing certain video games.

One reason, why games do better than traditional treatment is that they are more fun and engage kids, unlike anything else. So, if your child has a hard time to keep up with the attention while reading, you should introduce him to the online gaming platforms like Unlimited Gamez Mo.

5. Enables you to multitask effectively

The majority of the games require us to do multiple things at the same time. We have to keep an eye on the ammunition left, timer, energy level, and events of the game. That’s how we are mentally occupied.

On the same token, we are also physically very active. Moving joystick or having a go at the keys. A single wrong push of the button means we are out of the game. The level of multitasking keeps getting competitive as you proceed further into a game.

The number of rounds you have cleared or your high score are directly reflective of how good you are at multitasking. Nobody can deny that be it personal or professional life; proficiency in multitasking is such a massive bonus.

6. Slows down the mental decline

In normal circumstances, our mind loses its luster as we grow old. The sharpness you have in your twenties may cease to exist when you turn fifty plus. Creative faculty, abstract reasoning, memory and other features of your mind go through a decline with age.

However, online games can offer an effective hedge against this process. In other words, they can keep your mind younger when you are physically aging. In accordance with the study, published in the Greater Good Magazine, computerized games have a lasting effect on our minds.

Meaning, when we stop playing games does not mean that we are back to square one. The cognitive benefits stay intact for long. To sum up, if you have played the video at a young age, the odds are that you will not have to face obstacles remembering names of distant relatives in the evening of your life.

7. Mind becomes flexible

Games are all about surprises. Now and then you are posed with a new challenge that you never expected. In order to win a game, you have to switch from one scenario to another. This is the hallmark of a top-notch game that lets you settle and keeps testing your mental capacity thoroughly before declaring you as a winner.

This somehow makes our minds more adoptive about things around us in real life. We are not caught napping when something happens out of the blue.

8. Develops spatial skills

Spatial skills are about drawing the right conclusion from whatever little information you have available. For example, if you are asked to jump from a specific place in a game, you have to assist the condition and make it a perfect jump without having the right measurement of the jumping distance.

In the real world, we are all likely to face such awkward situations when we have to take faultless decisions based on little information or guidance. Greenfield research also confirms that online games are capable of improving spatial skills in girls and boys equally.

Final thoughts

Researches have proved that calling video games a waste of time is an outdated thing now. If you can teach children to maintain balance, then they have so much to benefit from online games. Which online game do you enjoy playing the most? Let us know in the comment section.

Source: Engadget