CS:GO Free To Play

CS:GO Goes Battle Royale and It’s Free to Play

Launched just a few days ago, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s battle royale mode Danger Zone has been the talk of the town ever since. First of all, it reached an impressive number of players on Steam with 747,896 on December 8 which was pretty close to the all-time peak of 850,485 in 2016. Currently, the number is in decline keeping it steady at 400,000 – 500,000 players. Of course, another strong peak is expected in January since this is a traditionally best month for the game when it comes to player count.

One of the big reasons why this is happening may be the fact that CS:GO is free to play now. But also, let’s not forget that this is a six years old game belonging to the franchise that is almost twenty years old. So the fanbase this game has is pretty big and loyal which also contributed to the high number of players so fast.

Danger Zone is still not polished enough but it’s clearly CS’s way of showing Fortnite and PUBG that there is still enough life in old hits. And if the developer Hidden Path Entertainment improves this battle royal mode, these other and newer games may be in trouble.

Unfortunately, not everyone was excited for CS:GO becoming free-to-play. Namely, more than 18,000 players gave negative reviews on Steam in just one day because they had to pay for the game, and now it’s free. Just to help you make a comparison, these negative reviews in one day are much more than CS:GO got in a month since 2013 when the reviews were introduced to Steam.

CS:GO Battle Royale

Of course, the majority of reviews deals with the game being free to play and not so much with the Danger Zone. Part of the players hopes to receive some kind of reward for paying for the game other than the loyalty badge awarded to them on Thursday when the game went to being free. There is also quite a number of reviews pointing out the unfairness of change to the Prime status. Before, Prime was reserved for players who added their real phone numbers and achieved Rank 21. Now, anyone who had the copy of CS:GO before the transfer to free to play was automatically promoted to Prime.

However, there are positive reviews as well and the high number of players says that people like this Danger Zone, as well as the idea of CS:GO being free. And it seems that Fortnite and PUBG might gain some impressive competition, as well.